Daily Astro Museletter from Astrotina~~

Today is one of those OBSESSIVE days with Venus in Libra SQUARING Pluto in Cap. Today you will not be happy with small talk and shallow intimacy. Even if you are in a relationship, you might want to go really deep. You are CRAVING for something/someone and you cannot quite put a finger to it. For all you guys who are already obsessed with a particular person, this aspect can take your obsession to new depths, so be cautious of what you desire. Fated soulmates/twinflames might interact in some way, even if it is through telepathy. I have seen this happening a lot recently. People are tuning into each other’s energy fields and that is lit AF!

The signs that are centre-stage are LIBRA, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS, a crazy water/air blend; the fire energy is weak and so is earth. Intellectual energy is vibing everywhere, use it.

The Moon is now in Aquarius and this means we can stand at a vantage point, separate from all the emotional stuff brewing inside our minds and hearts. We can now apply a degree of logic to our emotions. This Aquarius Moon is great for collaboration with large groups of people or any other community activity. Using Facebook today, you can network and share ideas with large groups. So get out there. BTW, the archetype of this energy is the HUMANITARIAN.

The Moon in Aquarius is SQUARING Uranus in Aries and this can bring about sudden, abrupt issues that you might have to deal with. Remember to use your analytical mind, not your emotional body with this energy. Emotions are rampant anyway with so much water being activated and of course the fated Venus/Pluto dance. Walk away from any conflicts as they can escalate.

Mercury in Scorpio is SEXTILE Pluto in Cap and this can bring about deep thinking and introspection especially with things hidden and distorted. Gain clarity before you make a move.

The Aquarius Moon is also SEMISQUARE Saturn, the very ruler of Aquarius. This means that we could feel tense, antsy, unable to find expression, unable to be vocal about our emotional needs, unable to find peace. There could be awkwardness if you decide to have a heart to heart, so best is you wait.

The Moon in Aquarius also SEMISQUARES Chiron in Pisces, so bring all those issues that are surfacing in our conscious and unconscious to Chiron for healing. Apply the salve of patience and feel the pulse of the Universe. Try to connect with SPIRIT through meditation.

After all these slightly iffy energies, let me tell you about the sexy side of it all. The Aquarius Moon(not really known for wild passion) trines Venus in Libra. Do you see the DOMINANCE of air element? With this trine you can expect to want love, romance, intellectual conversations and quirky sex. If you are thinking of going pastel with your hair, this aspect could bring the results you want. Get that piercing. I might. Lol!

For those with a quick temper, keep it in check love as Moon semisquares Mars, things might flare up. Be considerate and kind. Let that car go ahead. Do not cut people off the road. Control your road rage. If Mars is afflicted in your natal chart, then there might be a price to pay. But this volatile energy is great for training or martial arts. Channel that Chi my love.

Mars in Libra is on the 4TH DEGREE OF LIBRA and the part of Body associated with this degree is the Kidney surface and the Sabian Symbol is ~~~ A group around a campfire.

KEYNOTE: The necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths illumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values.

So use this Mars energy to RECREATE the REALITY you want to live in, the one you want your child to live in and remember we do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children. A new vista awaits you my love…







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