Daily Astro Museletter from Astrotina~~28/10/2017

How is the witching season treating you? Have you embraced the inner witch or are you still trying to burn her?

There is a lot of friction in the air and we are being pulled in two different directions with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio. These energies are extremely polarised and not in the Leo/Aquarius way, but in a destructive, painful and severe way.

Feelings of inadequacy can arise as the Moon conjuncts the SOUTH NODE in Aquarius and opposes the NORTH NODE in Leo. Do you feel all weird and angst-ridden? Unable to express what’s biting you? Right now you might feel like staying with what’s familiar, but we have to keep pushing ourselves to get out of our comfort zones. This antsy feeling too shall pass when the NEW MOON passes Leo and sets things to rest with the NORTH NODE positioned there.

The MOON is in it’s QUARTER STAGE and that signifies, CRISES in action. The Karmic broth is boiling and this moon stage is the ADJUSTMENT POINT. Do not push anything.

The North Node is asking us collectively to embrace our FUTURE, become more AUTHENTIC in our lives and speak our truths and the South Node is asking us to expunge all that junk we have accumulated as a collective through many lives. My love, it is time to let go of what does not serve you, even if large groups of people around you think it is fine.

If your heart says it is not fine, then walk away. Do not become cold and detached with the pain, that is the lower side of Aquarius, but work through and heal that pain. Heal that pain? How? The first step is by acknowledging it exists. The pain, the shadow, the unbelievable suffering, it’s all a part of this 3D LIFE. You cannot ignore them, you have to make peace with them. You have to let go of old programming that might keep you in a timeloop where you experience the same destructive experiences over and over again.

Just keep in mind, we are instruments of infinity. We are INFINITY! You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the whole freaking ocean in a drop my love. What do you fear? Why do you feel inadequate?

I spoke of the extremely potent and fated Venus square Pluto dance which is a KARMIC marker for soul relationships. The Aquarius Moon also has a conversation with Venus, then lights up the South Node. This energy syncs up to bring someone from the past back into your life. This could be a potential love interest or a creative collaborator.

I know people are walking back into my life, people from the past, people, I thought I would never hear from and I know this is happening to others too. There is something so karmic about this as the South Node is involved. South Node stuff is pure past life stuff. It might be that you are scrolling down your newsfeed and then bam, right there…you see him.

During one such transit in 2015, I added someone from my past life to my FB and I have seen it happen with many people. You might be particularly drawn to someone and if this is the case, then try to explore why. This person could be a past life connection. You know with me, I have felt this immense connection maybe twice in my life and both times, nothing happened. Maybe because these connections are not meant for this incarnation.

There is a change in your love life that is coming up with the FM in Taurus as Venus and Uranus oppose each other. This again is freaking karmic. This Venus/Pluto dance might conjure your soulmate and you might be forced to make some changes to your daily life.

If you are paired, there could be tension. Solve it in the bedroom. Use this innovative and quirky energy to explore sexual avenues you might not have thought of previously. Speak to your partner with honesty and remember you do not own anyone. Experience each moment as if it is your last.

The Sun is in Scorpio right now, on the 6TH DEGREE OF SCORPIO, to be precise. But we all know that. 😉 This energy is passionate and intense, but can be very SECRETIVE.

The Part of Body associated with this degree is the Right epididymus, uterine cavity and the Sabian Symbol is ~ A gold rush tears men away from their native soil.

KEYNOTE: The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.

But we are witnessing the ramifications of COLONIAL IMPERIALISM. Do we really want to go down that road again?

This is a very fertile period to get pregnant. A special note to all my Leo ladies, with Jupiter in your fourth, you could get pregnant. Just be mindful. I am Leo energy all the way…Sun/Merc/Sat stellium…hahahahaa


I will be live for the FM in Taurus~~~












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