New Moon in Scorpio, 18/19th November, 2017~~Whatever happens, whatever happened, We are deathless~~

NM in ScorpioI get a feeling of deja vu as my fingers scurry along the keyboard. There is so much psychic energy out there and occasionally I catch glimpses of it and [According to Austin Coppock], those touched by this Scorpio New Moon will ‘feel much of that what others refuse to and are open to states which most repress. As a result, they have an emotional range that many lack and are often quite sensitive, with many evidencing intuitive and psychic ability.’ I gave up repressing long ago. I surrendered and made friends with my demons. Now they even party with me.

This is the third time I am beginning this article and hope to finish this time. My system has crashed, I mean HAD crashed since I penned the last Museletter on the 11/11/2017. This has probably been the longest I have not updated my blog. I know how some of you wait for my two bits. Haha! Listen, will you celebrate with me? My computer is on, but yesterday I lost about 400 gigs of my work. Yes reformatted, just like that.

Why am I blabbing about this shit? Listen love, the sky full of stars never lie. This NM which was exact as my data was being deleted in on my THIRD freaking house of COMMUNICATION. Hello??!! This is the Universe literally pulling a RESTART GIG on me when I am least prepared. Least prepared? What kind of an astrologer are you? Gets me thinking…Yes it was on my third house of communication, yes, it had to somehow be REBORN. We are talking Scorpio here bitches. So I knew that an ENDING is lurking somewhere, but, but, but….how on Earth can I be prepared to lose all this work? All this data? Look how archetypal astrology is based on rock solid grounds. Nothing escapes a NM in Scorpio in your third house Tina….you have to RESTART. And here I am…a smile on my lips and hope in my heart that I can start from where I left off. Oh, no, not from where I left off…this is a new start. Right here. Right now.

Call me the CONJUNCTION BABE right now. I have some four hardcore conjunctions going on in my progressed chart. Imagine that and yes, Mercury, the Moon, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus are all players. Look what a game it has been.

I think it was Annie Witake from Astrology Questions and Answers who called her piece, New Moon in Scorpio: a meditation on darkness, power and poetry. I think it was so apt. It has been an intense meditation since Scorpio energies took center stage and yes, it has been so much about these three- DARKNESS, POWER and POETRY. I sat with the DARK ONE, the DARK GODDESS(she has many names) in my heart, in my womb and in my soul. I sat there and thought of how nothing is permanent and how power can be taken from us in a jiffy.

I thought of poetry, Rumi, Gibran, Tagore…the usuals and then I thought of my poetry. Not just the ones I write, but the poetry within me and Scorpio is all about that POETRY. That internal poetry my love. Do you feel the cadence of the words that create this harmony? Yes you are in harmony, no matter what Jupiter in Scorpio has dug up and expanded for you. Yes, you are in harmony, no matter what fetishes and deep urges Venus has shown you. Yes, you are in harmony, no matter how Uranus might bring his fiery bolt of electricity to bring down that status quo. That safe place. The cadence must dissipate and the chaotic experiences must seep in. This is your soul contract. This is the meditation on the internal poetry.

Another interesting aspect is that this NM in Scorpio reactivates the ECLIPSE DEGREES, yes, the same one…THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE. Every seed you have sown in August will bear fruit now my love in the shape of ideas, people, experiences and pain. Pain is an intrinsic part of growth and you will feel this acute understanding in some way during this lunation. This is your trigger point. Watch what happens. Works best if you know your natal chart.

You know when we get trapped into lower vibrations of the Scorpio vibe we experience FEAR, yes, fear in totality. Look at the fear based society we live in and this is exacerbated by a square that is exact today, the 19th as I type. This is the shit that can bring war my love. Attacks, rapes, assaults with rifles and what not. Shit. I have been feeling this so acutely.

This SQUARE is between Pluto and Mars, the TWO COSMIC AGGRESSORS and both the RULERS OF SCORPIO. There is a sense of ruthlessness, obsessiveness and megalomaniacal hegemony. This is a full on belligerent and antagonistic vibe if you drop into that resonance. Back away. My hope lies with Mars being in Libra, the sign of diplomacy and non violence. Now let’s get back to my story.

Listen, it never works to take away a writer’s computer. It just breaks her heart. I need to write, you know. So without a computer, I almost stopped writing, but then I suddenly remembered that yes, there is something called a paper and a pen and I actually know cursive. Haha! So I started writing short poems and stray thoughts. It took me back to time when I would write poems for my friends, family and lovers. I have stopped that. Blame the computer. What else. So much freaking interactivity with a digital space that who cares about mundane short poems of love and revolution. Venus and Uranus.

Uranus is bringing on the GREAT AWAKENING by being QUINCUNX the NM in Scorpio and this is the kind of aspect that catches you totally unaware, like my dear data transiting in the Bardo Stages. Better pull out my copy of the Bardo Thodol.

New moon quincunx Uranus can make it hard to settle and relax as your intuition senses change or some drama on the way. A build up of energy in your system can feel exciting but also a little scary. Pressure to change can come from someone or something with power over you. An unexpected event, accident or change may force you to change your routine, behavior or plans. ~~Astrology King

You know how we can use this Mars Square Pluto energy. Of course by working out, like those beefy dudes at the gym or we can now SUPER AGGRESSIVELY rebirth ourselves and at least become the EAGLE. SCORPIO has three stages remember? The Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix. Which one do you want to be this NM? Obstacles will dance on your path now. The energy is volatile, but it is fertile with potential. The New Chapter is waiting to be written. Start now. Look at me, I am starting too. And so what if you got deep throated? You know how sperm is so protein rich bringing home the philosophical and spiritual point that this world is steeped in duality. I mean it is duality, a play of the binaries.

Relationships are so important to the human, isn’t it? All we do is think about someone we can love, we can hold, we can kiss. But then what?? What lies next?? Now Pluto is again bringing his chemical death to relationships by being CONJUNCT Juno. Now Mars, you know, the God of war and all will be squaring these two bringing our wounds out in the open so we can throw salt on them. No kidding. That is what it might feel like.

Alchemists(even wannabe ones) can now rejoice. This is the season of alchemy. Turn that base material into gold. What base metals? :O Look within and meditate. You will know what needs recycling. After all, this season is all about recycling. I mean isn’t recycling the modern form of alchemy in the physical world. Yes, it is. In this day of waste and over consumption, you have recycle.

The internal poetry gets heightened by the Venus/ Neptune TRINE and the water element is heightened again bringing to our focus intuition and empathy. Venus is in Scorpio and Neptune is about to go direct in Pisces, next week and magick can happen! Not that it is not happening now. But if you have felt the spiritual vibes of Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, then you know what I am talking about.

The Sabian Symbol for the 27th degree of Scorpio is: “A military band marches noisily through the city streets.

This sort of vibes that WAR ASPECT between Mars and Pluto. The SQUARE that is now exact. Please do not go to war. There is no glorification of violence.

This could speak of CULTURAL PRIDE or NATIONAL PRIDE, but remember you are a denizen of Earth first. Remember that real pride comes not from any march or overt displays of masculinity. Pride becomes love and compassion when we actually take the concept of pride and put it through the Scorpio shredder. This is what is left of PRIDE- LOVE.

Metaphors, signs, symbols are not only important to tantrics and shamans, they actually explain reality better than linear concepts do. You think your mind is a computer? No it is a paradoxically rich fertile Universe. Look around you. Reality is PARADOXICAL. It is a dance of duality. How can you make sense of this existence if you think in a linear fashion. Think of the Buddhist riddle- “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without it.” There, you have it…you are the UNIVERSE.




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