Healing with Tinaheals~~Daily Museletter~~24/11~~

Your pain is valid, it is real, no matter what anyone says. I do not know why I just wrote that. I think it is because Neptune is speaking, yes, it is direct. What conversation is Neptune having with you?

Check where Pisces is in your Natal chart and see the degree. See what house it is. If it is your seventh house like mine, then it might bring a focus on your relationships. I can say that that department in my life has had such epiphanies that I have only Neptune to thank for that.

The Moon is now in Aquarius, so be prepared to feel light and breezy. Be prepared to feel compassion for the people to bring innovation into our collective lives. Yes, you can do it. No matter what you do. You can help people feel good. Just step outside smiling today and see how the world responds.

Aquarius is often times labelled as cold and detached, but I think that is unfair. The Aquarius has one of the most noble hearts I have known and it cries out to help people. But it is not the same empathic vibe as a Pisces or a Cancer. This is more the scientific eye. More the cool workings of an analytical mind with a penchant for truth.

Aquarius likes the truth, no matter what it is. It hates to be told lies. See how this energy vibes for your emotional self. If you have a Cancer Moon or Pisces Moon and feel too emotional, then this energy when it touches your progressed Moon might help you calm down and finally be objective. Aquarius has this really intellectual vibe and a nose for getting to the truth, so pursue your emotional truth today.

For instance, if this transiting Moon is touching upon your other natal planets, then you might feel those themes being felt more acutely by your emotional body, but with a discerning element.

If this Moon falls on your natal Venus, then you might be able to bring some solid logic to your finances or a relationship issue may be solved. But if you have an Aquarius Sun/Moon/As, then you will feel this emotional upliftment immediately. So will other air and fire signs.

Did you make use of the waxing phase of the Moon to put your plans into motion? I am trying so hard to get my IP(Intellectual Property- Tinaheals) going. There is so much I want to do, but things are moving so slowly.

Aquarius is my sixth house from Ascendant and that makes it my HEALTH house, my day to day work life, my routines and all that. This should help me streamline my day to day life a bit more. I have no planets in my 6th house, so there is nothing there. But if you have many planets where the Moon is transiting, then these energies will be felt more by you.

The daily work is also indicated by your 10th house. The 6th house also explains the conditions in which you have to execute your work and how the people close to you react. Does your boss like you? Your colleagues and associates?

Now study the sign that is on the cusp of your 6th and you will know your physical stamina and what sickness or illnesses may afflict you. The 6th also deals with all your 3d world struggles. So, all in all, it is a very important house and has many lessons to teach. There, that was a small discussion on the sixth.

The three Signs in focus are SAGITTARIUS, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS. I love these energies so much. My partner is Aquarius Sun and my baby is Sagittarius Sun and he is a Scorpio As. The Aquarius and Sagittarius energies blend so well together. Sag can melt the Aquarius detachment. if you are a Sag/Aqua mix, then you are like a supreme coolio and people just love you. You are the cool philosophical quirky popular person that everyone wants to be seen with. Lucky you!

The SUN in SAG is SEXTILE the MOON in AQUARIUS, so there is a tremendous harmonious flow to the collective. Sextiles are two signs away and 60 degrees apart and the energy blends so well. And we are already speaking of such lovely SAG/QUA energies.

The EARTH ELEMENT is weak, so there may be a lack of grounding. Raw tourmaline and salt therapy is what I would suggest and lavender essential oil. I have been burning it in my diffuser and it has really inspired me today.

The MOON in AQUARIUS OPPOSES the NORTH NODE in LEO, an APPLYING ASPECT! This is quite a challenge I am afraid, especially if your natal planets are being triggered. The NN is the reason we have incarnated and the Moon is our emotional self, so here this suggests that there is OPPOSITION from our internal mechanics to follow and complete what we have incarnated on this plane to do. The NN teaches you NEW THINGS and today you might be telling yourself not to go after something or someone new because you feel fear. Yes the NN also speaks of unconditional fear, inexplicable fear. Make sure to drink lots of water, ground yourself and do awareness meditation. The AQUARIUS MOON is exceptionally good for AWARENESS MEDITATION. I do GUIDED AWARENESS MEDITATION SESSIONS over skype and in person, also for groups, so email me if you want me to guide you.

Balancing this energy is the MOON CONJUNCT the SOUTH NODE in AQUARIUS. Remember CONJUNCTIONS happen when two planets lie on top of each other, give or take a few degrees. The SN is about our PREVIOUS KARMAS from other incarnations and what we have already mastered. So SN issues will always feel familiar. My SN or KETU is in PISCES and spiritual, mystical witchery is familiar territory. What this CONJUNCTION is bringing to us is a harmonious flow of our past life knowledge to our emotional being. The emotional self is easily assimilating all this karmic information and we are synthesizing solutions accordingly. Very good to balance the NN opposition. But this on a lower vibe may compel us to stick with the known and the familiar.

VENUS IN SCORPIO TRINE CHIRON IN PISCES, applying aspect and this brings to us healing if we know how to use the TRINE energy. TRINES are not always happy and pretty, because there is a surcharge of energy with this one. Venus is the planet of love and finances and Chiron is the wounded healer who failed to heal himself but sacrificially gave up his immortality to heal.

Chiron is also our vulnerabilities and insecurities. Yes we get the energy to heal those with Chiron, but before we heal them, we may be confronted with such a powerful force from within that might shatter our perceptions.

There is an ominous overture to VENUS IN SCORPIO ON THIS DEGREE.

VENUS is on the 22ND DEGREE OF SCORPIO and the part of Body in question here is the Ethmoid bone.

Sabian Symbol: Hunters starting out for ducks.

There is a predatory nature to Venus in this degree. Venus in Vedic astrology is a malefic BTW and brings woes and downfalls if ill aspected.

What are you hunting? Why do you need to hunt?

Is someone hunting you?


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