Healing with Tinaheals~~Daily Museletter~~25/11

I will not be writing my heart out guys. I have a magickal spread in front of me and I will be live soon on Youtube with the reading. I have loads of other work to do as well, a baby, animals to look after, you get the gist.

But I love what I do so much, so nothing else matters, right? Imagine to love what you do so much that no matter how enervated you are, you still want to continue, because that is what you do organically, because that is your soft spot.

The MOON in AQUARIUS gives me the pangs of the 11th house, COMMUNITY, so here I am to give back to the community I consider to be my spiritual family. Aquarius likes all things innovative, so I have innovated with the spread. Changed my usual setup and it’s exciting yes.

Moon goes void of course, so hibernate within. Let that internal soup start churning. The soup has everything- emotions, thoughts, hurt, pain, everything within you. Churn that internal soup which might be a challenge as you can become a needy thing who cannot operate with logic. Yes the AQUARIAN MOON opposes CERES, the asteroid of mother and family. We want to be nurtured but no matter how hard one tries to please us we need more and more and more. Basically  we want to cling on now.

MOON in AQUARIUS SQUARES VENUS IN SCORPIO, an APPLYING ASPECT, makes us insecure, jealous, spiteful, vengeful. We might give into loose disconnected dehumanized sex. Our emotional health could suffer. This makes me moody and melancholic.

The MOON SEXTILE MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS brings some relief from the communication faux paus, although Mercury is in its station period, about to go retrograde. Yes, communication malfunctions are happening, but wait till Merc is retro in Sag for us to fully understand the karmic implications of this retrograde cycle that will conclude 2017. And with a bang!

Freeflowing ideas can be a thing if you allow. ALLOW right. Have you noticed how everything is about ALLOWING. When we allow ourselves an action or a thought, we integrate with it better. It becomes intimate. The journey of allowing I mean. Writers can celebrate and stop procrastinating and start typing. No more social media wanderings. Study hard for your tests, it will help you, this energy or prepare for that interview.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS IN ARIES can drop sudden people in your lap. Literally like cardboard figures. You may find it hard to recalibrate. I know I did. Been meeting some of the most interesting people I have ever met. All online too, doing such special things. Each a seeker of great magnitude. Inspiring.

MERC CONJUNCT SATURN, an APPLYING ASPECT pretty much sets the mood of the weekend. Our thoughts have structure, they have solidity, they have a foundation. This is amazing for those engineering, medical types. Cram in those hours. Conjunct planets work so very synergetically because a conjunction happens when two bodies are practically on each other. It is a cosmic kiss. A kiss between our communicative prowess and the structures we impose upon ourselves.

VENUS IN SCORPIO TRINE CHIRON IN PISCES makes us soft and opened. Venus gives Chiron the energy to conduct the healing in your psyche. Venus may even let you heal with sensuality and sexuality. If you are in need to heal from sexual trauma, this is perfect for that.

Be careful with your cars, tempers, lust and greed as MARS IN LIBRA OPPOSES URANUS. This could give you a swift kick up your butt, but it will be for your good. Do not let toxic masculinity oppose any brilliant idea you might have. Do not get caught by stale rhetoric.

MARS is on the 22ND DEGREE OF LIBRA and the part of Body in question is the Renal veins.

The Sabian Symbol: A child giving birds a drink at a fountain.

Do not give in to cruelty when peace is an answer. Listen to your gentle heart. Be like the child and feed the ducks.





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