Healing with Tinaheals~~Daily Museletter~~26/11

The MOON is in PISCES. It is my favorite placement of the Moon. Yes, I am biased as when I was born, the Moon was in 11 degrees of Pisces.

The SABIAN SYMBOL for this degree of PISCES is MEN TRAVELING A NARROW PATH, SEEKING ILLUMINATION. The Pisces Moon(emotional self) is of the highest spiritual vibrations.

Pisces is the 12th house. The house of spirituality, death, dissolution, transcendence and metempsychosis. Pisces echoes of different dimensions and if you know a Pisces, you know they do not live in our world. Right?

They are drifters of inter dimensional space/time. Pisces is the end of the Zodiac wheel where the light finds itself. Light explores the light of 3D existence and explores it in the most profound manner in Pisces.

The ESOTERIC RULER of PISCES is PLUTO, who rules SCORPIO. So, PISCES is very similar in resonance with Scorpio. Ultimately making it a sign of death and transformation. It is in PISCES, we have to kill the murky 3d desires which keep us changed to flesh and blood.

The Bodhisattva also decides to reincarnate. But her reason is very different. She steps into the Samsara TO RESCUE other swimmers. She cares not for the pleasures of flesh. It is these pleasures of the flesh that Scorpio must conquer.

In Pisces, it is more the preconceived spiritual death. You die in Pisces to become a Bodhisattva. The waters of Pisces becomes the BAPTISM of a new life of spirit.

PISCES needs SOUL CENTEREDNESS and when the MOON lights up this sign, our emotional body becomes even more emotional. We are ready to look at the mystical side of life and NEPTUNE has just stationed direct.

This MOON is that much more potent. It is rich with symbols and synchronicity. It is full of hopes and wishes. The energy is sensitive, may get hyper sensitive with this. We can find compassion if we wish.

However, make sure you do not go martyring yourself with this energy. Do not be self sacrificial either. Be gentle and soft. If you are using drugs to escape, then this can really pull the carpet over your head. Just be practical.

Sag, Scorp and Pisces are the predominant signs in question today. FIRE and WATER are the stronger elements. Do not make steam for a fog. If you make steam, make sure to harness that steam and propel yourself to another level of conscious awareness.

The MOON is a CRESCENT BTW now and it is so beautiful. This Moon fires up our desires and makes us feel ready for just about anything. This is also a spiritual phase of the Moon. Shiva has the crescent on his hair and the MOON during ID is also a crescent shape.

The MOON TRINE JUPITER and CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE. Both are usually harmonious. The TRINE energy is more volatile and it can be felt as very impactual, so the best thing to do is find balance. Balance is the keyword whenever JUPITER is in question. Maybe JUPITER in this TRINE FORMATION may open the floodgates of emotions for you. Maybe you can spiral into anxiety or depression. Be confident, from within. Do not exaggerate.

The CONJUNCTION in PISCES between La Luna and NEPTUNE speaks of a spiritual reseeding or a kind of spiritual revival. The spiritual vibes of NEPTUNE are now penetrating our emotional self in its very own sign in its station phase. I explained how a planet is so powerful while it is in station right?

But if we give into the PISCES lower vibes, then we could be easily fooled or led astray. it is good to be open and vulnerable, but not with someone who will abuse that power over us. Some PISCES people I have worked with, in bad relationships, they have developed the strongest Stockholm syndrome than any other sign. They will stand up for their abusers like no one else. They are deluding themselves that this man is doing the right thing, because deep down they are so insecure. If you meet someone, it might not be forever and you might fall into an illusive trap. Dreams hold sway over our reality with this conjunction.

The SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE is adding to the DECEPTION COMPONENT in the air. Do we really know what is going on? Do we really feel those feelings? Are we truly expressing our spiritual side? This is perfect for PLR therapy and dream journaling.

I just took on two new students today for lifecoaching and it seems that they both want to work with dreams. Pisces Sun ans Ascendant. Suddenly I have had an influx of SCORPIO/PISCES clients.

VENUS is on the 25TH DEGREE OF SCORPIO and the Parts here are Coccyx, Fallopian tubes.

The Sabian Symbol is An x ray.

I think this speaks of transparency.

Are you being less than transparent?

Is someone else keeping secrets?

Ask Neptune to lift the fog.







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