Full SuperMoon in Gemini; 3/4th December~ Is it too much to ask?

“I feel as if I were a piece in a game of chess, when my opponent says of it: That piece cannot be moved.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

2017 is wrapping up and how does that feel? This is the LAsT SUPERMOON of 2017. Look up at the sky, take a deep breath and BRING YOUR AWARENESS WITHIN. What do you feel? What has changed? What have you experienced? Are you ready to let go and move on? I know I am.

Since Mercury moved into its Shadow period before the retro, think it was the 22nd of November, I have felt like this immobile piece of chess on a random board, surrounded by other abstract, absurd pieces. But I can’t move. Can’t go left or right. I’m stuck and screaming, but no one is listening.

Yes, this is how many of us are feeling as the Moon shines its light in the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, GEMINI, which is the place of all duality. Gemini, the MUTABLE AIR SIGN produces a CONSTANT FLUX. They are so versatile and vibrant, but this sign cannot stay away from movement, because that is how they gather a huge field of expression for life’s dualities to find expression. The SOUL explores RELATING/RELATEDNESS through Gemini and finding the MAJJHIM PATH, as outlined by Buddha can be a great boon to the Gemini. Always find the MIDDLE POINT without vacillating between the polarities.

Oh, this is a SUPERMOON guys. A Super Moon is closest to the earth so, it looks HUGE from earth. There could be flooding and earthquakes, also our emotions could be super heightened and we may be very moody. But MERC RETRO is not all bad news. In fact, this energy is one of introversion, which is as needed as extroversion. Remember the INHALATION is as important as the EXHALATION. Complimentary processes.

The conflicting energies could add to frustration and the Gemini ambivalence adds to this. Gemini is not two-faced. They just exist within both the paradigms and can slip from one to the other without necessary malice. The Gemini can be superficial and talk ten to a dozen, but deep within, the Gemini is trying to explore and understand the binaries. If not this, then what? If not him, then her?

Mercury the exoteric ruler of Gemini communicates in a multi-faceted manner. His versatility is channeled specially for outward reward and often dissipates into restlessness. Esoteric ruler Venus loves and appreciates the intangible side of life, when in Gemini, and usually disliked being touched {tangible}. It bestows love for the path (chosen goal). Here we find feelings for ideation. ~~ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY

Venus will enter Sagittarius on Friday, Dec 1st till the 24th and affairs of love and finances should lighten up. Her time in deep and transformational Scorpio is up and Venus in Sag expresses herself with much more flair and style and philosophy. MERCURY does not do well in SAG, but here VENUS, who is the esoteric/SOUL ruler of GEMINI is creating her alchemy by exploring UNION/COMMUNION within the tormented two-sidedness of Gemini. Mercury is the exoteric ruler who feels challenged here, but Venus has her arsenal to dispel the disharmony. Here Venus is the AGENT OF HARMONY. It would be wise to invoke Venus during this FM if you feel unsafe.

SATURN is CONJUNCT the GALACTIC CENTER or the Ganda Moola Nakshatra which is ruled by Mercury and Ketu. SATURN will be leaving SAG on Dec, 20th and he will not be back here for another thirty years. This is one of the last energy exchange between SATURN and the GAND MULA NAKSHATRA or the GALACTIC CENTER.

When SATURN leaves SAG, you will get an idea of how you have managed to assimilate and integrate SATURN’S lessons through whichever house of your natal chart he was traversing. For mine it was my fourth house of family from my Virgo Ascendant and now SATURN enters my fifth, which is one of the most difficult for Saturn’s energies to work through. Oh, SATURN does reward you for the tasks executed. Wait for your reward!

There is a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT happening with the NM in SAG, two weeks later, but these energies can very well be felt. The Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre/ MOOLA GANDATA NAKSHATRA(in Sagittarius) align on the Galactic Plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. During this Alignment, our astrological GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – a tetrahedron of energy formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the MOOLA GANDA NAKSHATRA is being activated combining these energies. Sirius is the Dog star or the star of Initiation. Alcyone, the major star of the Pleiades cluster brings in healing to earth and 3D. This will bring in 5D energies. More on that in the next piece.

“The Pleiades’ role, then, is to help seekers become consciously aware of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom, which is why their etheric, astral and mental bodies must be purified before being able to integrate with that spiritual realm. The Pleiades represent a spiritual “station” where the Perfect Model within seekers is energized and comes alive on earth.” Plotinus.

Ethereal NEPTUNE, the planet named after the GOD OF THE SEAS is known as VARUNA in VEDIC ASTROLOGY. He is a big player with this lunation, so expect to be infused with mystical vibes, mystery and magick or sink away to oblivion with drugs and alcohol. The MUTABLE-T-SQUARE in the skies between the SUN/MOON and NEPTUNE will be highlighting our emotional body and how we experience the mystical in the world. It also speaks of our ADDICTIONS.

Are comfortable with INTUITION? Are we open to it? Do we hide away? All this interaction happens at 11 degrees, the MASTER TWINFLAME NUMBER.  This is about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Neptune also rules PARALLEL DIMENSIONS, EXTRA TERRESTRIALS, the myths of Shamballa and Atlantis and gives us a taste of transcendence. Do not work with the RATIONAL MIND(MERCURY) when Neptune is in question.

The NEPTUNE/JUPITER TRINE, both at 11 degrees will expand our spiritual energies and aspirations. Neptune can also be escapist attitudes in the lower vibrations, so just be mindful. If you are escaping with drugs, then maybe you suddenly meet someone with loads of stash, since TRINES often bring good lucky breaks; but then you might land up doing so much that you overdose or after that if Saturn comes cracking down, then there will be much to lose. TRINES can sometimes be an overkill and throw you off balance with much to deal with later on.

The Healing modalities I use with Neptune include aromatherapy, essential oils, Bach flower essences, and hydrotherapy. Crystals and stones useful for attuning with its energies are aquamarine, tanzanite, and lapis lazuli. Book your own which I will energize this FM.

The curtain-raiser act of this FM is MERC STATIONING RETRO at 29 of SAG. There is a powerful CONJUNCTION between SATURN and MERCURY which sets the tone for this whole period, although it is exact on the 27th of Nov. MERCURY is the exoteric ruler of GEMINI and during this lunation, the HOUSE RULER is RETRO, signifying that there will be a sense of feeling inadequate and there will be communication mishaps a galore.

A CONJUNCTION happens when two planets lie on each other, give or take a few degrees and this signifies that the energies are merging and blending with one another. CONJUNCTIONS are harmonious conversations that enmesh both disparate themes and bring them to a wonderful synthesis. This conversation will be about COMMUNICATING with MASCULINE PATRIARCHAL TYPES, this could be about STRUCTURES and how we can use communication(SOCIAL MEDIA) to better things, this could be about how COMMUNICATIONS NOW NEEDS TO BE SERIOUS if we are to bring change in our 3D world. Saturn says, Enough callousness already. Be responsible!

GEMINI is my 10th house of prestige, power, self respect, knowledge, dignity and elevation in society. It deals with foreign travels and highlights my professional life. This FM brings to illumination such themes which will be put to test to be restructured due to the Mercury retrograde. What themes will be highlighted for you?

The SUN/MOON/GEMINI and SAG are the main players of this lunation and NEPTUNE lingers provoking and activating so much of the astro.

Mercury spends this 10 days slowing in preparation for it’s December 2nd retrograde station. Not only does Mercury’s apparent motion slow, the normally swift planet also spends the decan in conjunction with Saturn, the planet explicitly associated with leaden immobility.  ~AUSTIN COPPOCK

PATIENCE and HARD-WORK are the keywords for this Mercury retrograde and the FM in Gemini. Shani/Saturn is known as MAHAKAL or the LORD OF TIME. How we conceptualize time, how we use time, how we experience time will all be relevant themes.

If things are hard this lunation, you can invoke Shani as the Lord of time and chant the SHANI MAHAMRITYUNJAYA JAAP. I will be sending out healing chants for all, so let me know if you want to be included in the ceremony.

Traditionalist Saturn can seem a slowcoach and stickler, patient for detail and long-winded bureaucracy, whilst Gemini’s ruler Mercury likes shortcuts and tweets to get the message across. And therein lays the dilemma: how to keep information, travel and ideas all flowing at a speed that satisfies both parties, i.e. the wise old Saturnian AND the Mercurial youth (or, in Jungian parlance, find a way to mediate between the Senex and the Puer). ~~CIA

This FM in Gemini is about us speaking our truth, as an individual, as well as a collective. After all we are a hive mind and reality is far more complex than what it appears. Stay aligned with the authentic within. Touch base with your INTEGRITY(SATURN).

As a ritual, I would suggest that you really do some self inquiry. Ramana Maharshi, one of the greatest yogis from India spoke of self inquiry as a way of enlightenment or Moksha. Carl Gustav Jung described Shri Ramana Maharishi to be a “modern Indian Prophet who exemplified so impressively the problem of psychic transformation”.

The quintessence of his teachings lie in this small book which is titled as WHO AM I? This book is a collection of 28 questions as asked by one of the disciples of Sri Raman Maharshi. After a series of questions we come to the answer of Who Am I?’ I am pure Awareness. This Awareness is by its very nature Being-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda). See is you can work with the set of self inquiry questions. I can tell you one thing, it will definitely open up a new and deep spiritual vista. See if it can help you tune into another frequency. Use journaling. One primary reason I suggest this path of self inquiry is because GEMINI is a mental, intellectual sign and this path stimulates the intellect. Be mindful of your SELF TALK. If you need help with this method, please email me.

The SABIAN SYMBOL for 11 degrees of GEMINI is, “A new path of realism in experience”…Newly Opened Lands Offer The Pioneer New Opportunities For Experience.

This speaks of a NEW BEGINNING. yes once again a RESTART. What is NEW within you? What is NEW without? Any new love? Any new opportunities? What does your SOUL hunger for in the Gemini duality? Are you ready to open upto the broad Sag outlook? Do you want to be somewhere else? With someone else? Doing something different like painting or sculpting? Is there a NEW REALITY that beckons to you?

Work with Ramana Maharshi’s WHO AM I? And watch another level of refinement regarding identity awareness emerge.

Much love~~








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