Healing with Tinaheals~~ Daily Museletter~~30/11~~

I think as I write this, the Moon may have already made her way into Taurus, the sign of the Bull. She was in Aries for the last two days and your inner emotions may have been more demanding and you might have felt a cosmic push to move. You may have felt more frustrated, ready to forge ahead, disappointed if things did not go your way, but now things seem a little less turbulent. You might have started something new, at least had new ideas.

Venus ruled Taurus is earthy and grounded, maybe lazy and self centered, but there is an innate pleasing vibe about Taurus. They want to procure the world, even you in it. The Aries impatience can be very taxing on the psyche.

There was also an Opposition between the Moon and Mars, but it is now separating. This might have added to the general impulsiveness and desperation. If you have kept anything suppressed, expect an outburst. You might have experienced it already.

The angst is exacerbated when the MOON made a TRINE with URANUS. I feel this is more about upsetting the mental status quo, sometimes for the best. URANUS may shake up and challenge the outdated thought patterns we have held on to. Yes this dynamic aspect can leave us agitated and impatient, because we never know what we get with eccentric URANUS, even when the formation is a supposed harmonious TRINE. TRINES are not always good.

The Moon is 135 to 180 degrees ahead of the Sun and this phase if called the GIBBOUS MOON. This speaks of self improvement and where we see ourselves in the future. Time to see why and what we are pursuing and how that lends meaning to our lives.

The MOON in ARIES TRINE MERCURY, an APPLYING ASPECT which will help writers, speakers, data and content creators. The MOON is now able to express her softness with mental clarity. The Moon often signifies our romantic interests, so this could help seal the deal with a conversation straight from the heart. It could even help you clear foggy issues in the past. Social Media companies do so well with this kind of synergistic flow of Merc/Moon. You can check the FB Newsfeed for clarification. Read the updates and you will see what I mean.

MOON in ARIES will QUINCUNX VENUS in Scorpio in her last degrees. This tells me that you might be giving away too much in love. It could also be with money. You need to sit down and connect to who you are, what you want and what you give. Ask yourself, does all this giving make me happy? Or is it just making you bitter and resentful. Because when you actually come to terms with this feeling of being used, you might be colossally disappointed. So its best to find balance before any extremes can take over our being.

VENUS enters SAGITTARIUS tomorrow and then she has a very harmonious CONJUNCTION with the SUN which becomes exact on the 9th of Dec, but this is already an APPLYING ORB ASPECT. The SUN lights up our interests in love and ways to relate. There is more tact and diplomacy with this. Creative aspects will be heightened, including finding creative(VENUS) Solutions(SUN).

This aspect also works with the synergy of the MOON/MERC TRINE, I just spoke of. If possible, plan an outing with your friends or family. Take your partner out for stargazing and a picnic. The Moon is already so luminous and big. It is a SUPERMOON after-all, on the 4th. You can feel the energies surely.

The VENUS TRINE CHIRON has also been like floodgates opening, for me and my fellow seekers. CHIRON has been one of the primary areas of my research these last few months. I have been working with CHIRON RETURN and essential CHIRON in PISCES INTEGRATION WORK. I can tell you it has been a wild ride with this centaur. Duality, duality, duality…both CHIRON and PISCES. Do you know that the Beetles are a product of CHIRON in PISCES. I am gathering data from people about their CHIRON EXPERIENCES, so if you want to be included in the study, send us an email.

When Chiron is in Pisces…forms disintegrate, the past is dissolved and our separateness is relinquished so that a new and more inclusive cycle of life can begin, hopefully accompanied by the wisdom of the previous cycle…– Melanie Reinhart

VENUS is on the 30TH DEGREE OF SCORPIO and the Part of Body associated with this degree are the Nasal muscles.

The Sabian Symbol is The Halloween jester.

This fascinating symbol has far ranging implications for issues of worth, possessions and authority. Think about what it means to you and think of what humor means to you.







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