The Astrosignature of Today~~Daily Museletter~~1/12~~

Today is the first day of the last month of 2017 and the MOON is in 13 degrees of Taurus. The number thirteen has strong feminine vibrations, it is after all the number of the Goddess. It became evil under patriarchy and fear vibrations got attached to it in a mass scale. When the MOON(FEMININE) is in TAURUS(EARTH/FEMININE) in the 13th DEGREE(FEMININE), then there is a triple Goddess signature. A very deep day to invoke the Goddess which is what I have been doing all morning and then suddenly a mantra written by Guru Gobind Singh, which has changed my life came to me in a chanted version on Youtube randomly.

Since then I started chanting it and my 3d world melted away. I will make a video on the chant to introduce it to you. It changed my life and is one of my most effective tools for an instant understanding of the abstract idea of the Godhead. It’s philosophy is so elevated that it can immediately create INNER ALCHEMY. Get in touch if you want to know more about it and start the practice.

With Mercury in retro motion, well almost, we can now slow down with our lives, at least a tiny bit. Think of that Zen proverb. It goes something like this…You can only see your reflection in still waters. STILLNESS may be a good thing to cultivate in these times. STILLNESS and SILENCE. Can you imagine a life without movement or speech and sound? Will it not drive us crazy?

But the Universe now has had enough with all this movement. The earth has gone through so many changes in this year alone and so much purging, that I think it might be a good time to just reflect on our individual and collective choices. Where do we stand? As 2017 wraps up, who are we?

MARS is applying a SEXTILE to SATURN and that is a very harmonious conversation between action and structure. Movement and karmic retribution. A balance can be achieved between the two powerful YANG ENERGIES. SEXTILES happen 60 degrees and two signs apart and provide a smooth flowing of planetary energies. There is an easy mellifluous touch to this energy and I can already feel it as it is applying in the heavens.

JUPITER and NEPTUNE are such strong influences on this FM in Gemini. JUPITER is applying a TRINE to NEPTUNE. Whoa! Artistic expressions can find expansion. Sounded nice. Yes if you have an inner artist, then let her sing or dance or paint or do whatever she wants to do. It is one of those days. But this could also bring a stress on RELIGIONS and this may cause friction. NEPTUNE can delude, I know you have heard that like a billion times. But hey, ask me. Strong NEPTUNE here. Anyway now…

Oh, oh, I picked the RELIGIOUS FACTORS CARD yesterday during my live broadcast on FB. Uncanny the messages are sometimes, I tell you.

Some of the people I work with are still trying to bring their life to some sort of semblance after the MARS/URANUS shocking conversation in the heavens. If MARS is afflicted, or in hard aspect, then you might have felt it too. This was sudden and unexpected. BTW MARS and URANUS are both used in sexual astrology. URANUS often denotes homosexuality and MARS is about what we ACT and achieve. Some coming out stories? Some more self acceptance. The more, the better.

VENUS moves into SAG today. Do you feel the change? Oh this could bring a foreign lover into question or you might be attracted to someone online from some crazy, exotic place.

VENUS is on the 1ST DEGREE OF SAGITTARIUS and the Part of Body in question is the Pelvic bone.


KEYNOTE: The will to reaffirm the value of the struggle upon which civilization and group-achievements are founded.

There is a common heritage in question here. A group. A collective sharing ancestors and war stories. Soldiers are usually from the same country. VENUS here can do some ANCESTRAL HEALING, so work with this energy today.

Be mindful of the NEPTUNE SQUARE to both the SUN and MOON during this lunation. I will be live that day hopefully to appease NEPTUNE or VARUNA from the RIGVEDAS.

Oh, BTW, VESTA in 8 degrees of SCORPIO is sizzling up our sexual appetites BUT some of us are repressing the crap out of those feelings. VESTA gives you focus to work, yes, the SCORPIO FOCUS here and you can complete whatever has been piling up. The MERC RETRO will add to this FINISHING UP theme. Do not suppress any sexual urges, work with them. What you run away from follows you. Fins a coach you can work with.

VESTA is on 8TH DEGREE OF SCORPIO and the body parts are Scrotum, left Fallopian tube that are ruled by this degree.

The Sabian Symbol: The moon shining across a lake.

I was speaking about still waters…remember. Synchronicity!

I suggest you watch your reflection and see what the light of the Gemini Full Moon reveals for you. Do not judge that reflection. Tell her, I AM SORRY. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.




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