The Last Mercury Retro of 2017~~Meditation on ANTAHKARANA~~

MERCURY is the PSYCHOPOMP of the ROMANS. What is a psychopomp?

A PSYCHOPOMP is a GOD or a spirit or a demon who does the job of helping the souls pass over from the 3D reality to the etheric Netherworld. The word is derived from the Greek word “psuchopompos”, meaning “guide of souls”. Reminds me of YAMA DEVA of Indian mythology.

MERCURY is a naughty little sprite and he uses many tricks from his arsenal to work his way through human consciousness. And to be a pain in the ass for us all, he keeps going retro three to sometimes four times a year. And our pathetic little lives fall apart! MERCURY does not really go retro, but from the earth-centric view, due to rotation, we view MERC as going backwards in the sky and presto, we have a recipe for disaster in our modern technocratic world.

MERCURY of the ROMANS is based on the Greek god Hermes, but we see his prototype in the Etruscan god Turms as well. MERCURY guided the dead to Avernus, a crater in Italy which was said to be the entrance to the Roman underworld. Heavy job there, I tell you!

This is the basic story of MERCURY and this is his task to COMMUNICATE the COSMIC CODES and help us pivot the 3D world, so when he turns retrograde, these messages seem muddled up and they confuse us.

MERCURY also has a URANIAN EFFECT. It shocks us during retrogrades and brings forth information from the UNCONSCIOUS to help heal and integrate 3D lessons.

Mercury is truly the ~messenger of the Gods~. Its association with the fourth level of manifestation – the Buddhic plane – brings it into contact with the intuitive nature, and thus with the birthing of new archetypes into the consciousness of humanity {Uranus}. This connection is expressed through esoteric astrology by Mercury’s rulership of Aries on the Soul level and Uranus’s rulership of Aries on the Hierarchical, or most collective originating level.~~ ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY

In ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, MERCURY is of great importance as it represents the MIND(HIGHER THOUGHT) as an ILLUMINATING FACTOR of human experience. MERCURY helps us with HIGHER MIND FUNCTIONING which gives us our distinct HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS.

MERCURY also conducts ETHERIC and PSYCHIC ENERGY from the higher dimensions and makes it available for us to use and integrate. Now when the PSYCHOPOMP goes retro, it usually means that this quality of MERC channeling higher dimensional energies becomes way more potent. Now MERC functions WITHIN and there is a chance of highlighting the UNCONSCIOUS SPACE WITHIN.

Let me show you another POV on MERC RETRO

Many years ago I worked with an Ericksonian hypnotherapist who used the technique of unexpected mispronunciation (often of their name) to pull people up short and take them by surprise, inducing a moment where their ‘everyday’ consciousness was interrupted and a brief state was born into which he could then insert a hypnotic suggestion. Retrograde Mercury acts in much the same way. It suddenly presents us with the unexpected in the context of everyday life, lifting us out of the semi-conscious state in which we often pass our time. At that moment a new suggestion can be made by the cosmos. Seeds for the growth of a different perspective can be planted. If, however, we respond to this moment by frantically trying to return to the ordered world we thought we knew, a moment of creation and awakening can be lost forever.

MERC RETRO is not as horrible as popular culture makes it out to be. Yes there are malfunctions, yes tech can be disruptive, yes emails may not go through, but at the end of it is an overabundance of psychic energy guiding us and helping us make sense of the supposed frustrations.

According to ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, with MERCURY in question, we are involved with three signs- GEMINI, VIRGO and ARIES, because MERC is the soul ruler of ARIES.

You know the GEMINI DUALITY we experience is also a vibration of MERCURY in the 3D realm. That is how MERCURY operates through the personality. The Jungian MASKS we wear, they are different manifestations of Mercury. COMMUNICATION has to be dualistic. I mean think about it. That is how the SYNTHESIS, ANTITHESIS and the SYNTHESIS occurs.

When we talk of the TRINITY which is referred to as the HEGELIAN DIALECT, although the term was coined by KANT is a dialectic method of historical and philosophical progress that postulates (1) a beginning proposition called a thesis, (2) a negation of that thesis called the antithesis, and (3) a synthesis whereby the two conflicting ideas are reconciled to form a new proposition.

Garble? Simply put, you scream, “I love marijuana,” and someone right next to you starts spewing hateful rhetoric and then suddenly a third friend pops up with a joint and lights it. Then you both take a puff and come to an understanding whether marijuana is awesome or not. Got it?

This is mostly how we interact with the world and with people and we develop PERSONAS that play at different points of this spectrum. Sometimes we provide the THESIS and we face the ANTITHESIS. Sometimes there is no SYNTHESIS, and the persona adapts and journeys through the human condition with wounds and scars.

The persona, for Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, was the social face the individual presented to the world—”a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual”.~~WIKI

But when MERCURY goes retro or if we tune into the higher vibes of the PSYCHOPOMP, then we can begin to find a THEME OF RELATEDNESS with the world around us. We relate with Mercury. There is an integration of the different PERSONAS within.

Aries SUN/MOON/ASC must use the energy of their SOUL RULER to find answers to the questions posed by the psychopomp while they journey to their end. The end is metaphoric of course. For every second, something is ending within our mental confines.

Have you seen how millions of NEURONS are fired as we perceive a thought. Those NEURONS firing is the job of MERCURY and while retrograde, they may fire even more. Therefore the question of SHOCK and the connection with URANUS previously explained. ARIES is linking the interaction between MERC and URANUS with their rulerships, both exo and eso.

In ARIES, MERCURY brings together SPIRIT and MATTER to begin the travel around the Zodiac wheel. It all begins with PSYCHIC COMMUNICATION as MERC is this sign’s SOUL RULER/ESOTERIC RULER.

With GEMINI, we see MERCURY express itself more on the 3D level by combining the SOUL COMMUNICATION with BODY TALK. In VIRGO, MERC brings the energies of the MOTHER/CHILD; and in Scorpio, as the Word made flesh.

This MOTHER/CHILD relates to the SECOND and THIRD LOGOS of BLAVATSKY or HPB as I call her. “In Esoteric philosophy, the Logos is simply an abstract term,” writes Madame Blavatsky.”

THE SECOND LOGOS is the Manifested Logos. It manifests through and as the Third Logos. In “Transactions,” HPB speaks of it as “the Universal and Intelligent Soul, Divine Ideation, where every prototype and plan already exists.


THE THIRD LOGOS is referred to variously as the Seven Rays, the Seven Creative Powers, or the Seven Logoi. The Second Logos contains in itself the Third Logos and manifests through and as this Third Logos, as was mentioned a moment ago and they crete the FIRST HIERARCHY!

This is the task of MERCURY, to start the wheel of COMMUNICATION between the HIERARCHIES to start a manvantara or wheel of samsara. The UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATIVE ENERGY is MERC.

MERCURY is an agent in the exchange of energies through the Rainbow Bridge or Antahkarana.

“The Antahkarana is not only the bridge between the different fragments of ourselves, it is the bridge between the worlds: planetary, systemic, and galactic. The key to the formation of the Mayavirupa is found in the right comprehension of the creation of the Antahkarana. It is important to remember that as these bridges are built the vitalizing process goes on. It is not simply a question of building a bridge; it is through that bridge that the stimulus from the higher levels takes place.” ~ Benjamin Creme

There could be messages that MERCURY brings to you during his retrogradation, especially if you have this planet retrograde in your natal chart. Even otherwise. Be mindful of what you speak internally and how you communicate your thoughts externally.

There is a CONJUNCTION of MERC with SATURN as he turns retrograde on DEC 2 at 28 degrees of SAGITTARIUS. Please check my previous Museletter for much clarity on this. Whatever SATURN touches, he restricts. Because that is how he helps us create boundaries. We do need them; to work and live in this 3D world. So, there is a sense of the scene moving in a SLOWMO. Everything is stretched and moves so slowly that we might want to down that bottle of wine at 11 am. But there is more…

What is the PSYCHOPOMP upto?

Remember that GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE in LEO? On the 24th of Aug? Yes that same one happened in 28 of Leo, so after eclipses, the degrees remain active and can channel heavy energies. And it is in fellow sister sign of SAG, so this activates the ECLIPSE DEGREE once again bringing into question all that we have sown from that time. It is harvest time. What did you sow back then? Can you remember?

Also MERC is in his DETRIMENT in SAG, translates to MERC not being happy here. How the heck is a planet not happy? We create astroessence by anthropomorphism of the cosmic elements. Look at our myths, look how the skies reflect back our little tales we tell ourselves. I has to be a simulation, right?

So like us humans, planets are also uncomfortable in certain signs. Just like us. As above, so below and this unease of the PSYCHOPOMP adds to the suddenness and bizarre-ness of this retro. This can be seriously challenging for some of us, especially if we are caught in REDUNDANT UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHT PATTERNS that are actually stabbing our poor little souls to death. We need to break out of it and we can do it now.

Of course travel will be bothersome. Loads of cancellations. Yes loads. I am having my share.

Of course to stay away from this usual mundane 3D crap, you can tune into the HIGHER ENERGIES/Psychic energies from MERCURY and we can meditate upon the ANTAHKARANA. Look up the SYMBOL. MEDITATE ON IT.

“The body of light is a spiritual term for the non-physical body associated with enlightenment. It is known by many names in different spiritual traditions, such as “the resurrection body” and “the glorified body” in Christianity, “the most sacred body” (wujud al-aqdas) and “supracelestial body” (jism asli haqiqi) in Sufism, “the diamond body” in Taoism and Vajrayana, “the light body” or “rainbow body” in Tibetan Buddhism, “the body of bliss” in Kriya Yoga, and “the immortal body” (soma athanaton) in Hermeticism.” ~Iona Miller~ The ANTAHKARANA~


History. Legacy. Abundance.

There is a FULL MOON in GEMINI and the Gemini/Sagittarius and the corresponding Virgo/Pisces degrees have been associated with extraordinary wealth!! Believe you me!

But before you go booking that cruise, let me burst that bubble. No harm done yet. This is probably SPIRITUAL or a reward with your COMMUNICATIVE POWERS. Yes it can bring wealth, but somehow I feel that is not the case here.

The stream will always be perfect inits beauty and in its movement. It is us who built bridges on them to watch the movement of time through the waters. After all, we were created in the waters of space.

Like NARAYANA, who is also known as VSHNU, moves over the INFINITE WATERS OF ABSTRACT SPACE/TIME and that is how the UNIVERSE FLUTTERED into being. Like the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly.

In the opening of the Book of Genesis in the Bible where it talks about the “Spirit of God” moving over “the waters of the deep” before the world came into being, is like NARAYANA, who cyclically creates the Universe after the Maha-Pralaya. NARAYANA, the frequency.

Just PONDER on these thoughts and you will see that this retrograde can definitely be put to good use. Slay it my love. I think DREAM WORK will be very potent and I will be doing DREAM WORK SESSIONS. Let me know if you are interested.








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