New Moon in Sagittarius, 18th December, 2017~ P.S, I LOVE YOU~~

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” ~~Henry David Thoreau

The Galactic Center is abuzz with electric activity with a whiff of REVOLUTION. We are confronted with themes of understanding the healing journey, both individual and collective, and with how we view expansion and at what costs do we want to expand?

Much has been spoken of Saturn in Capricorn, so for now let me quote from one of my previous MUSELETTERS~~

“The GALACTIC CENTER is a ginormous BLACK HOLE and the INFRARED energy released by this celestial giant is known to affect human mind and all life and beings on earth. The GC helps you PURGE, it helps you to subtract yourself from negative patterns. This is connected to the MULADHARA CHAKRA and helps the turnaround of the kundalini. This infrared energy releases turbulence in the mind, past life memories and destructive patterns which must be corrected and worked through.

But look here at what Lynn Koiner has to say about the GC.

Purely scientific research has been conducted with the Remote Viewers who worked for the government. It showed that, within a 2-hour window, when the earth was blocking the Galactic Center, psychic ability dramatically increased. The only possible reason for this was concluded that the “intense noise” coming from the Galactic Center was being blocked. ~~lynnkoiner

I was indeed trying to understand why Lynn feels this acceleration of psychic phenomenon due to the blocking of the GC. She has detailed her views in her website, do check out for a different view on the matter. I have tried to do many MEDITATION EXPERIMENTS with this theory and if you want my two bit, drop me an email.

With the NM in SAG, there is a TRINE to URANUS, a SQUARE to CHIRON and a SEMI SQUARE to JUPITER. There is a STELLIUM in SAGITTARIUS and also there is the KALASARPA YOGA which is in effect according to Vedic Astrology – all these potentials fecund with life and meaning, floating around for us to make use of them.

SATURN CONJUNCT the GALACTIC CENTER happened on the 15th of November till the 24th of the month and guess when this happened last? 30 years ago! Where were you? What were you up to when SATURN last came in contact with this mysterious BLACK VOID of creation. I don’t even remember it, but I was there and some key scenarios of my life were playing out, wounds of which I carried for a very, very long time and whatever vestige may have been left over is now fully erased and cleansed as SATURN contacted this COSMIC YONI. An insurgence of intuitive insights!

In 1781, when the GALACTIC CENTER was at 22-23° Sag,  Uranus was discovered and this NM in SAG, URANUS makes a harmonious TRINE ASPECT to the lunation! You know that COSMIC RAYS constantly bombard the Earth, right? What is happening to all that energy?

The centre of our galaxy is home to many objects capable of producing cosmic rays of high energy, including, in particular, a supernova remnant, a pulsar wind nebula, and a compact cluster of massive stars. However, “the supermassive black hole located at the center of the Galaxy, called Sgr A, is the most plausible source of the PeV protons”, says Felix Aharonian (MPIK, Heidelberg and DIAS, Dublin), adding that, “several possible acceleration regions can be considered, either in the immediate vicinity of the black hole, or further away, where a fraction of the material falling into the black hole is ejected back into the environment, thereby initiating the acceleration of particles”. ~~in5d

Right now we are being INUNDATED with these COSMIC ENERGIES which SATURN, the LORD OF KARMA is bringing to our 3D world. Philip Sedgwick says of the GC, “it enables us to have an upgrade in our spiritual evolution”…

BPHS 92.5. Amongst these Gandantas the last 6 Ghatikas of Jyeshtha and first 8 Ghatikas of Mula are known, as Abhukta Mula.

Gand means a knot. Anta means the end. Gandanta means the knot at the end. A well-tied knot is that it is very difficult to unravel. The more you try to untie the knot, the tighter it becomes. Gandanta represents a knot within ourselves, a deep issue, which we are trying to reconcile with. When planets are placed in these positions, then they face uncertainty as they try to unravel the secret knot that will take them on to the next level. These issues make themselves felt in the life of the individual, through personal relationships, traumatic events or inner struggles. ~~Komilla

Jyeshtha-Moola is termed as Pitr gandanta (danger to father) and SATURN has been CONJUNCT this point now and has been for sometime and SATURN is considered to be the FATHER and represents anything to do with senior males or institutions we see in the world. Do you see where I am going with this?

A few spiritual figures born in Ketu ruled Moola Nakshatras as this FIRE and KETU mix give rise to HIGHER ASPIRATIONS of the INITIATE. KETU or the SOUTH NODE of the MOON is associated with SPIRITUALITY.

Paramhamsa Yogananda–Magha.(he was the direct disciple of YUKTESHWAR GIRI and BABAJI is his PARAMGURU, all discussed below)

Jiddu Krishnamurti–Mula.

Mystic poet Kabir–Mula.

Dalai Lama–Magha/Mula.

The MATRIMANDIR in AUROVILLE is a direct symbol of the GALACTIC CENTER!

The four main pillars that support the structure of Matrimandir, and carry the Inner Chamber, have been set at the four main directions of the compass. These four pillars are symbolic of the four aspects of the mother as described by Sri Aurobindo, and are named after these four aspects.

Four great Aspects of the Mother, four of her leading Powers and Personalities have stood in front in her guidance of this Universe and in her dealings with the terrestrial play…~ SRI AUROBINDO

SATURN is now UNRAVELING the karmic knots, so we, as a collective can finally shake off the shackles and move the F on. Life is like a FRACTAL a never-ending pattern. Imagine INFINITELY COMPLEX PATTERNS that self replicate and are always self-similar across various scales which creates a REPETITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP.

FRACTALS might look like chaos, but they are far from it. They are intricately complicated displays of the INTELLIGENT DESIGN. You can see FRACTALS everywhere. Just look around. The trees you see, are fractals. The rivers that flow, the coastlines, mountains, hurricanes, clouds, shells are some examples. Our life in 3D consists of such feedback loops. Can you decode them?

Use energized crystals like citrine, Azurite, Ruby, Sodalite, Obsidian, Labradorite for the NM ritual. Definitely journal and try AUTOMATIC WRITING. I have seen this work well with Mercury Retro. And Merc here is a part of the STELLIUM in the fire sign of SAG. Mercury makes an INFERIOR CONJUNCTION to the SUN and this adds to this introspective journey. This moment in time is about clearing stagnant energies to make way for 2018. A new cycle of SATURN and a new moment in time.

Yet, nothing is ever NEW, is it? Life or reality is cyclical.

The Galactic Center is the point around which our whole galaxy, The Milky Way turns. It was discovered in Feb 1974, fittingly with the North Node at 27° Sagittarius and Saturn at the South Node. The Galactic centre moves like a fixed star at the rate of precession through the zodiac at 1° every 72 years, forward in the tropical zodiac(as the Aries point moves backward) and is currently at 26°59′ Sagittarius. At this centre is a super massive black hole, a galactic gravitational centre, a huge cosmic womb of sorts. What we know of black holes is that they are massive forces of energy sucking in everything around them, yet full of power, potential and creation. The core and key of the birth of the galaxy itself.  It is as big as 4 million suns. It is 25,000 light years away. To give you an idea of how far away that is, Alpha Centauri our closest star is 4.3 light years away, with mega giant star Betelgeuse 642 light years away.~~CIA

This meeting of SATURN with the COSMIC YONI is symbolic of the women’s movements everywhere. Yes, SATURN is now finally giving us his payoffs. Any planet placed in the Gandanta point will face issues in regard to its house rulerships and significations; SO SATURN has faced and made us face the music.

Lilith in Capricorn will bring about WOMB ENERGY with potency and SATURN can either create or destroy here. How far off are you from the final balance coming up in 2020? There is a possibility of WOMB HEALING now with this NM in SAG, especially as SATURN takes his YONI WISDOM he picked up from the GC to Lilith.

The path of Tantra is the path of WOMB AWAKENING which is possible with the GC energy. Awaken the FEMININE CHRIST as taught by the Magdalene and Sophia consciousness. There is evidence that the FIRST TANTRICKAS/SHAMANS of the WORLD were female.

Saturn has now made his way towards the end of the quest in Sag and this point either you are wincing in pain or you are riding a high; if you have managed to stay in the middle, then you my friend deserve a huge hug from me.

Furthermore, all the visible planets in the sky are now under the transformational influence of the shadow serpent,  Kala Sarpa Yoga – The Serpent of Time.  When the moon is in it’s dark half, all the planets are enclosed between Rahu, the serpent’s head, and Ketu, the tail. Kala Sarpa Yoga causes an acceleration of karma that can shift mass consciousness, often by challenging social norms. The onslaught of sexual misconduct charges in media and politics has magnified under its pressure, as it pushes for higher consciousness in personal and political power dynamics. Kala Sarpa Yoga has been activated since mid-September and will continue through January of 2018. ~~AnandaShree Vedic Astrology

The thing is that when so much of restructuring happens, then there is always CHAOS and URANUS is this electrical charge. It is now almost ready to leave fiery ARIES to enter TAURUS in May.

In the dark of the New Moon, expanded visions and wisdom anoint our Soul, especially this time!!! This one is conjunct the Galactic Center, the center of our Galaxy, 26 Sagittarius! The Galactic Center, GC, is a place of huge significance. It ties us with Souls or Beings beyond our wildest imaginings! We may dream or have insights, but more likely impressions that we don’t entirely understand yet feel are important, compelled by, point a direction. We are inclined to be more inclusive, to let go of the daily fraught, raise our sights higher. We see what surrounds us with greater comprehension. ~~santabarbaraastrologer

Believe me when I say this, that the Teachers and the MASTERS are watching over us, watching the SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION of humanity and how it connects to the larger GALACTIC THEME. We are a part of numerous galaxies and Universes, yes, uncountable Multiverses stacked on each other and the structure just continues in unbelievably myriad ways.

That is the beauty of life, therein lies the magick that we humans seek. When we look up at the sky and see the star studded arrangement above, our hearts do skip a beat. There is something larger than what we perceive. There is magick that we do not see, there is music we do not hear. But it exists.

I have been feeling such energies pretty much this whole year. Such abstract connections, such random memories that never happened, such dreams that seemed even more real than reality…it was all a part of this year. Yes there was unbelievable pain, but there also was untold growth and depth cultivation.

I feel his presence deeply now and HE is one of the AVATARS who gave the world KRIYA YOGA. He is known as BABAJI and today I will reveal to you my deep, deep connection to BABAJI. He has been my spiritual mentor and guide since I was born. I grew up listening to my grandmother talk about him as she was initiated into KRIYAYOGA by Bhupendranath Sanyal Mahasaya whose guru was LAHIRI MAHASAYA. He was given the esoteric KRIYAYOGA by MAHAVATAR BABAJI.

I grew up with KRIYAYOGA and since I grew up in the days before the smart phone, sometimes, I found myself staring at BABAJI’S image my grandmother kept in the room. I stared at him from the moment I began to actually perceive the world around me and I remember many psychic exchanges from that time. Maybe some other time, but the point is that I feel that BABAJI is very close now to the 3D world. He is ALWAYS working towards guiding the 3D world into 5D awareness, but right now with the GALACTIC CENTER activation, we, the people can access these energies.

This SAG STELLIUM looks like a string of pearls with Mercury at 15 degrees. Venus is next at 21, then Moon/Sun 26 and Saturn at the final Sag degree 29! It’s a cosmic mala of knowledge and wisdom, the cosmic japamala!

Venus features quite prominently in the astro. She squares CHIRON and then TRINES URANUS. Depending on how your natal chart gets activated, you might feel this URANIAN SUDDENNESS which might upset you at a soul level. CHIRONIC WOUNDS are DEEP, so create that SACRED SPACE for this to play out.

Now listen there is a TRINE of the NM to URANUS and look what it just did. I began to look for more occult info on the GALACTIC CENTER and you know what popped up? A site which quotes from DAVID FRAWLEY, the eminent American Vedic scholar and guess who he was speaking about. Let me give you the quote first from

We have an important identification of the “grand center” as Vishnunabhi or Brahma, the seat of creative power. Vishnunabhi is the navel of the Hindu god Vishnu, the emanation point of the cosmos, and modern Vedic scholar David Frawley identifies Vishnunabhi with the Galactic Center.

In his 1990 book Astrology of the Seers he writes, “The galactic center is called ‘Brahma,’ the creative force, or ‘Vishnunabhi,’ the navel of Vishnu. From the galactic sun emanates the light which determines the life and intelligence on Earth . Without mincing words, it is clear that the ancient Vedic skywatchers were aware of the Galactic Center, and, indeed, considered it to be the center and source of creative power in the universe. Again, as I’ve argued for the ancient Mayan skywatchers, recognizing the Galactic Center as an important place along the Milky Way is completely within the possibility of naked eye observation (although that may not have been the only method used).

YUKTESHWAR GIRI was initiated by the same LAHIRI MAHASAYA I just introduced in the paras above who was initiated into KRIYAYOGA by BABAJI!

This little bit of freaky Googling that I just experienced is probably the URANUS trine. TRINES with a MAVERICK planet like URANUS to the NM is capable of bringing us such magick; but TRINES are NOT ALWAYS AWESOME. Quoting below from another Museletter.

URANUS may shake up and challenge the outdated thought patterns we have held on to. Yes this dynamic aspect can leave us agitated and impatient, because we never know what we get with eccentric URANUS, even when the formation is a supposed harmonious TRINE. TRINES are not always good. ~Tinaheals

TRINES open a FLOODGATE of energy and it is up to you what you let in. With the NM in SAG with a hardaspect to CHIRON, there is a possibility of our vulnerabilities being exposed and it might get too much to handle, if, if, if, we are unaware of the power of VISHNUNAVI. But when we are aware of who VISHNU or the ultimate PURUSHA is, then we might be able to tune into higher vibes and 5D frequencies coming to us from the Himalayas.

And BABAJI is bringing in this energy from the VISHNUNAVI. One piece of advice for you- HONOR YOUR TRUTH!

Frawley places the sidereal location for the Galactic Center at 6° 40’ Sagittarius in Vedic Astrology which corresponds to 28° Sagittarius in WESTERN ASTROLOGY and SATURN is leaving into CAP from this point. The SOLSTICE is upon us! Truly interestimes times we live in.

The skies above are surely busy. JUPITER and MARS are CONJUNCT in SCORPIO and are aspecting the NODES, which is all about karmic release and karmic integration.

The TAROT CARD for MARS in SCORPIO is the FIVE OF CUPS. With this, there is a possibility of LOSS, SADNESS, disappointment and suffering. JUPITER expands whatever energies it touches, so this sense of sorrow can be magnified. Look at the COSMIC DOWNLOADS coming to upgrade your DNA from the GALACTIC CENTER if you feel abject and desperate.

In HINDU MYTHOLOGY, this is the point where the ASURAS stole the SOMA from the DEVAS. Soma being the elixir of life or the “Inner Elixir” – the highly refined essence of self, our “true nature”, expressing the profound truth of eternal being.

The concept of the “Golden Elixir” and the archetypal human mythology of the
INITIATE WHO CREATES inner alchemy can be found in the Daoist, Buddhist, Vedic, Greek, Latin mythologies to name a few.

There are hundreds of known names for the “elixir”, found in various cultures and at various times in history, in the extensive sense comprising: the Philosopher’s Stone (legendary alchemical symbol), Cintamani (the equivalent of the Philosopher’s Stone in Buddhism and Hinduism), Amrit Ras (or Amrita, the Indian name for “immortality juice”), Maha Ras (“the great juice”), Soma Ras (“juice of Soma”), Haoma (the version of Soma in Zoroastrianism), Hum (the Middle Persian form of Soma and Haoma) and many more.

What does the STOLEN SOMA represent? The ASURAS are our lower iddhis and the Devas are the higher vibrations. When the ANIMAL SELF or ID steals this INNER ALCHEMY, there is much chaos because the higher aspirations tend to get stiffed.

So are you going to let the SOMA be stolen by your lower energies. Do you want to be hijacked by your ID? If not, then be ready to align with the COSMIC MULTIVERSAL BEINGS like BABAJI. Balance yourself with this chant. Listen to invoke BABAJI.







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