Full Moon in Cancer, 1/2nd January, 2018~ She’s just tryna find love out there, And she cries…I NEED YOU~~~

A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories. ~~Honore de Balzac

January 2018 begins with a CARDINAL FULL MOON at 11 Cancer 37 / 11 Capricorn 37 axis and ends with a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 31st, at 11 degrees and what an ILLUMINATING way to begin the new year!!! The energies are reflective that open up spaces for deeper awareness and intuition. With this WATER ACTIVATION we can now swim in compassionate, nostalgic, emotional seas of Cancer.

According to Bailey, Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce, the first human incarnations occurred in the sign of Cancer— the sign that represents the Cosmic Mother. ~~Lynn Koiner

The FIRST MOON of a year is always known as the WOLF MOON, the WOLF is a very powerful spiritual totem and symbolizes INTUITIVE AWARENESS.

The wolf offers some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals. The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, and awareness of the importance of social connections. This animal can also symbolize fear of being threatened and lack of trust. When the wolf shows up in your life, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.~~ .spiritanimal.info


In EXOTERIC understanding the MOON rules CANCER, so she is back home. Saturn is home. Mars is home. Neptune is home, so there is a lot of mutual receptivity between the energies and this should be synthesizing ill effects. More coming up…

Cancer is the sign of the (COSMIC)MOTHER and under the luminous skies of the Cancer FM, we will be concerned with our home, our hearth and we will crave safety and security. Do you remember the time you kept your head on your mother’s lap and everything felt right. You felt loved, you felt safe. That is the feeling this astro is instigating within you. The COSMIC MOTHER is taking you in her lap. Let all your fears, pain and suffering dissipate.

Father-Mother spin a web whose upper end is fastened to Spirit (Purusha), the light of the one Darkness, and the lower one to Matter (Prakriti) its (the Spirit’s) shadowy end; and this web is the Universe spun out of the two substances made in one, which is Swâbhâvat. ~~HPB

I want to snuggle with my baby under a duvet and never wake up from that coziness. Ah! Do you feel like being home? Do you miss home and the people you consider family? It’s never too late…pick up that phone. CANCER is my twelfth house in my SOLAR chart, so I feel very spiritual charged as well.

The Ancient Wisdom Teachings tell us that Cancer is “the Gate in”. It is the place where the Soul takes its first physical incarnation for a particular cycle of evolutionary unfoldment. The purpose of an incarnation taken with Cancer rising has a great deal to do with the anchoring of foundations, a firm base upon which future incarnations may be built. Eventually the experiences of these incarnations synthesize and culminate when we reach “the Gate out” through Cancer’s polarity sign, Capricorn. ~~ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY

CANCER is the SOULar mother and is all about birthing, nurturing, mothering. Cancerians are tremendously EMOTIONAL and they understand and interpret life through complex, psychic feelings. You have to let a Cancer explore the world through feelings. They are not as wishy-washy as their Water Sign counter part Pisces and neither are they as sexually charged and gritty as Scorpio, Cancerians are the ones who will stand by you and protect you and nurture you like none other.

Their EMOTIONAL BODY is rooted in the SOLAR PLEXUS, which is why, Cancerians may sometimes be prejudiced and biased about their personal loss or gain, triumph or defeat

Therefore, a Cancerian, caught in the lower vibrations can be harmful, abusive and power hungry. Think Cercei Lannister. I would say she is a Cancer Ascendant and probably Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer.

Cancer is the only sign which is visited by its RULER, the Moon every month, however, the esoteric ruler of this sign is NEPTUNE. Glorious, spiritual NEPTUNE, the higher OCTAVE of VENUS. To break out of the BIOLOGICAL KARMA, Cancerians need to bathe in the spiritual vibs of their ESOTERIC RULER and there is a possibility of that during this FM because of a GRAND TRINE formation. Read on…

Look up at the pale Moon above. La Luna is the stuff that the 3D Cancerian “skin” is made of. The pale, transparent Moon shines its light on all and illuminates herself for all to see. But she stands in all her nakedness. Cancerians sometimes feel EXPOSED, NAKED, VULNERABLE. Feel your emotions light up in your body as the CANCER FM rays penetrate each cell of your being.

They are so integrated with their ANCESTRAL/MOTHER/FAMILY history and their past looms heavily for them. Sometimes, they can take this past obsession to a new degree, as they can create false memories about their life, mother and childhood and perpetuate a cycle of suffering on themselves. Healing for them must occur at a CELLULAR LEVEL.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” ~~ Eckhart Tolle,

The image and concept of the MOTHER is very very crucial to the psyche of the Cancerians. If a man has his MARS in CANCER, he usually enjoys his wife’s pregnancy and wants multiple children. Although this is a bad position for Mars and in its lower vibrations, this can be the abuse of Priests and caretakers. But if this energy is channelized, then MARS in CANCER men are usually some of the best fathers.

And loads of men with mommy issues also have Cancer feature prominently in their charts. Moon in Cancer, 4th house, whoa! They also love huge breasts! No kidding, Cancer men love them and many Cancerian women have a nice set of voluptuous breasts and love breastplay.

Not really surprising when you know that Cancer rules chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal. Let’s speak briefly about ANGELINA JOLIE, a CANCER ASCENDANT, Venus in Cancer and rules IC; the MOON being the chart ruler decided to have her breasts SURGICALLY REMOVED! Why? Because the GENETIC MEMORIES of her ancestors and her DNA from the mother’s line made her fearful of getting breast cancer.

Genetic studies had pointed that JOLIE has 87% chances of getting breast cancer, but she decided to go through with the procedure by the time she was 37.

“My mother fought cancer during almost a decade and died at the age of 56. She lived long enough to know and to hold her first grandchildren. But my other children won’t ever have the chance to know her and to feel how lovely and sweet she was (…) I can say to my children they don’t need to face the fear of losing me to breast cancer.” ~~Jolie

The quote above shows you how Cancerians, traumatized and stigmatized by their LUNAR HER-STORIES(histories), consciously try to rectify their situation, even if that entails something as severe as removal of the breasts. Her fears and insecurities over her mom suffering and dying, resulted in her decision to do away with the physical object that brought on the trauma, the breasts in this case. And this is a RADICAL STANCE.

In choosing to refrain from letting her mother’s story take place again in her life, she tried to FREE herself from her family’s history. This makes me think that her becoming a mom actually triggered these insecurities even more. It was her fear of her biological karma that drove her to this point. She decided to make the past, an important part of her present. Was it the right move? Whatever it was, it was not a very spiritual move, but it is her journey and her journey alone…we are just observers in the matrix.

Enough of breasts…lol!

This FM in Cancer is asking of us to let go of such ancestral mother-related fears and insecurities. This FM is asking us to love ourselves like a mother would love her child. After all think about this, we create ourselves everyday and in that sense we are mothering/nurturing ourselves all the time. So ask yourself this question under the light of this FM- Am I the kind of mother that I needed? And this is not about your children only, it is also about you being the best MOTHER to yourself. No excuses.

2018 adds up to 11, which is a MASTER TWINFLAME NUMBER!

Chaldean Numerology depicts 11 as ‘A Lion Muzzled -A Clenched Fist.’

This master number that can remain divided and teaches us UNITY. Because nothing is truly separate from anything. Everything is INTERCONNECTED.

Affirmation for 11: Virtue~~~“May the plumb-thumb rule always be in the middle and not lean towards the ends.” ~Nostradamus

INTUITIVE AWARENESS will be the operate key word for this lunation. Get out your sage, your crystals, your pendulum and tarot cards. Work with your INNER GUIDE on that night. Tune into the INNER SILENCE. After which you shall invoke the GREAT YONI or the COSMIC WOMB!

Do not let hypersensitivity get to you. Do not let fluctuating moods spoil the beginning of 2018. Do not let your fears crowd your cellular memory. Now is the time to JUST BE and feel at HOME.

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. ~Matsuo Basho

Sublime, isn’t it?

We can feel elevated this FM in Cancer because the energies provide fodder for transcendence from the pits of hell. There is a GRAND TRINE at play in the skies between the FM and Neptune in Pisces which is exact and this is POWERFUL WATER ACTIVATION. Mars n Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio are members of this alignment which is again just pure water energy- the elixir of life! This screams to me of PSYCHIC WORK. Seances, Spirit Divination, Tarot, Meditation, and such occult practices are favored as pursuits. Develop your 6TH SENSE or ESP. Consult with me for more on this.

There is an OPPOSITION in the sky which is between the MOON and VENUS in CAPRICORN. The Sun and Saturn are there too adding to the gravity and detachment. This OPPOSITION is a standoff between total immersion into cellular emotions and viewing things from an objective view point.

VENUS is what we love and she opposes this emotional ESP vibe we are getting. We might feel dissatisfaction in relationships and feel disconnected. VENUS/SATURN/SUN in CAP want things to be long term. There must be structure, there must be boundaries. But La Luna has other plans. She is riding the psychic water energy with her placements and aspects with the water elements. She is the HIGH PRIESTESS, but VENUS in CAPRICORN is the EMPRESS dressed as the DEVIL!

The Empress is a little uncomfortable in this position. She very much appreciates the physical, but without love attached, it can feel sort of vulgar. Venus in Capricorn, or the Empress in the Devil’s clothing is a time of creative intensity and physical manifestation. ~thetarotroom

There is a SEXTILE between VENUS in CAPRICORN and MARS in SCORIO, which is amazing for sex and passion, eye gazing and deep kissing. Although here MARS in SCORPIO has to work hard to pleasure VENUS in CAPRICORN. She is not easy to please here. VENUS wants STABILITY and hardcore MATERIAL WEALTH in CAPRICORN, but MARS in SCORPIO is all about wild passionate erotica, of course much, much more. But this is a huge aspect of this placement.

Sex is an all-consuming fascination for people having Mars in Scorpio. Strictly speaking, they are the sexiest Lovers in the Zodiac—or at least the Lovers for whom sex has the deepest significance. ~~goodgollyastrology

Homer speaks of Aphrodite, Venus’ predecessor: “There is nothing among the blessed gods or among mortal men that has escaped [her].” That is the power of VENUS, but in Capricorn she wants to be PRAGMATIC, she wants the Amex black CC, the Lamborghini or whatever she fancies; a hugely ostentatious lifestyle. I have known Venus in Cap girls to seek sugar daddies. They often educate themselves and establish a business through this avenue. Venus here is money-smarts and she wants it bigger and better.

Be mindful of this bit of erotic astro news and make sure to tune into your FEELINGS and emotions. Bathe naked in the moonlight and VISUALIZE yourself giving birth to all life. Can you do that? I think you can.

When Cancer enters the Spiritual Path, Neptune helps the individual to go beyond the solar plexus by dissolving the attachments symbolized by its House position. In “going beyond,” Cancer is able to tap into Cosmic or Universal Consciousness— the level of consciousness where all things are known. We are all aspects of the Absolute, the Ultimate Consciousness, so there it is only logical that the Higher Self retains that from which it is made. ~~Lynn Koiner

Let the GRAND KITE formation in the skies take our mundane 3D consciousness and spiral it up to the COSMIC HIGHER DIMENSIONS.


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Image Two Women, 1960, Vittorio De Sica’s masterpiece which is hailed as a staple of Italian neorealist cinema.


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