New Moon in Capricorn, 16th/17th January, 2018~~If it’s meant to be, it’ll be, it’ll be…Baby, just let it be~~

“Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is foreseeing. It is looking at the night and seeing the day. Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full.” ~~RUMI

You don’t need to be a poet to be moved by the Moon. You don’t need to compose music to sing of her ethereal beauty, even when she is not visible to us humans. Look up at the darkness where the NM in CAPRICORN holds a silent promise of renewal and gives us a push to leave behind our mark in this world. Hold onto prudence, discipline, dedicated work and accomplish the impossible.

Feel HER ENERGY VIBRATE. “Watch me grow, watch me blossom”, whispers La Luna and as she swells in size and luminosity, like a pregnant belly; so do the seeds we have sown in her dark phase take shape in the concrete world.

CAPRICORN is known as MAKARA in VEDIC ASTROLOGY. MAKARA also means a mythical creature like a CROCODILE. It also has a MACROCOSMIC intepretation.

Makara is the tenth sign and the term “Dasadisa” generally used by Samskrt writers to denote the faces or sides of the universe. The sign in question is intended to represent the faces of the universe and indicates that the figure of the universe is bounded by Pentagons. If we take the pentagons as regular pentagons (on the presumption or supposition that the universe is symmetrically constructed) the figure of the material universe will, of course, be a Dodecahedron, the geometrical model imitated by the Demiurgus in constructing the material universe. ~~Subba Row

With the mantra, I BUILD…look to this NM in CAP as a time when you really take all your ideas, start moving and building with them in 3d. Think of what you want your legacy to be? TEN OF CUPS kinda energy. Really go deep and visualize. That is how you manifest under this CAP NM.

Jan 16 is a new Moon in Capricorn that begins the month of the Water Ox according to CHINESE ASTROLOGY. Ox is hard working, dependable, and values integrity of character. Ox month is the final month of the Chinese lunar year the lunar cycle, so there is an additional focus on work, work, work…

The NEW MOON has a huge effect on the endocrinology of our bodies and is very connected to our emotions and feelings.The Moon rules silver, the stomach, the digestive system, food, and cooking. It also influence waters and stimulates the creatures that live in it. The NM acts as a magnet to attract your deepest unconscious desires. Listen to what comes to you from within this NM, as so much energy is being sent forth for us humans to receive. Gigantic growth and expansion of both 3d and 5d energies!

This might mean additional responsibilities, but in the long haul, this hard work and determination will certainly pay off.

CAPRICORN rules the knees, joints, backbone, spinal muscles, patella, bones, tendons and ligaments, skin, hair, spleen, the organ of balance. Therefore look at all the parts being activated by the MOON and CAPRICORN and piece your story together. There are some powerful breath meditation techniques you can use like BRAMARI which can really help you feel grounded. Silver is also sacred to Capricorn.

Wear BLACK and INDIGO BLUE and use crystals like BLACK ONYX and BLUE SAPPHIRE or NEELAM in SANSKRIT to work with this energy. Saging is always a good idea during the new moons. Set your intentions for how you want Saturn’s time in Cap to be. Create the story of your existence.

As the curtain rises to the finale of the show in Capricorn, we have SIX luminaries ready to perform for us. And this is RARE. Even to have FOUR bodies in a sign is rare, so SIX is def special. The question is what do we choose? A tragedy? A comedy? A tragi-comedy? What do you want to sink your teeth into?

Many astrologers consider Capricorn to be the most enigmatic and mysterious sign of the zodiac. All of the cardinal signs indicate seats of power and in a creature with the forelimbs of a goat attached to the tail of a fish, the abyss of the ocean is combined with mountainous terrain. This represents a ‘cross of matter’ between the psyche and its manifestation in the material, drawing the soul out of its collective stupor to confront the challenges of reality and individualism. The ocean, besides symbolising primordial roots, relates to instinctive wisdom, secrets, and knowledge that lies buried within the depths of consciousness. Capricorn, bearing only the tail of an aquatic creature, keeps a head that is free from impressionable thought – at a rational level Capricorns are affected only by what they can define through logic and reasoned assessment, but unconsciously, spiritually and emotionally they draw from the deep.

This NM in CAP happens on the 26th degree of CAPRICORN and the SABIAN SYMBOL for this is- A water sprite! The Zeitgeist or SPIRIT of the AGE! It is not the past, it is not the future. It s the SPIRIT OF NOW. The water spirit has no shadows, so there is a possibility of shaking off spiritual shackles and build a more evolved us.

This WATER SPIRIT also speaks of water activation. The MOON rules all the water bodies on earth and there is now quite a bit of energy in the water signs. Neptune in Pisces. Chiron in Pisces. Mars and Jupiter CONJUNCT, tied in a SEXTILE to all the planets in CAPRICORN and most of the party is happening in that very sign which is the CROSSOVER sign between SPIRIT AND MATTER!

This water spirit of the SABIAN SYMBOL also points to our inner awakening of compassion and intuition and a focus towards feminine energies. This symbol of the WATER SPIRIT actually reminds me of GANGA or the sacred Goddess who became the holy Ganges. She used to flow in heaven but was brought to earth by the tremendous spiritual practices and sadhana of Bhagirath. Ganga purified the earth by her presence and helped his Ancestors evolve spiritually to a higher dimension. That is the symbolic power of the SPIRIT OF THE WATER, which is the SABIAN SYMBOL for 26 CAP.

Ganga is the liberating supreme consciousness or pure chitshakti and help us ASCEND with a LIGHT-BODY-VEHICLE or the MERKABA. WATER ENERGY ACTIVATES THE MERKABA. Water has many forms unknown to us. Plasma can also be considered as a kind of water or liquid.

Read some words of love and devotions by a seventeenth century poet Jagannatha who write the Ganga Lahiri…

“I come to you as a child to his mother,I come as an orphan to you, moist with love.
I come without refuge to you, giver of sacred rest.
I come a fallen man to you, uplifter of all.
I come undone by disease to you, the perfect physician.
I come, my heart dry with thirst, to you, ocean of sweet wine.
Do with me whatever you will…

Can you surrender to the NM which holds a sacred WATER SPIRIT, just like Ganga? She is the GREAT COSMIC MOTHER.

Ancient Arabic astrology says Capricorn is “of cold and dry nature (earthly). Its angel holds the keys of day and night.” (Mystical Astrology According to Ibn ‘Arabi) This refers to Capricorn’s connection to careful timing, to the regular cycles of growth and decay and ability to persevere regardless. You are the ‘night sign’ of Saturn and the parts of the body Capricorn rules are knees, bones, joints, skin and cutaneous system. Maintaining mental and physical flexibility is your key to good health.

Expect things to be dry, cold and brittle. You must be a MASTER OF PATIENCE to play chess with SATURN whose superpower is CONTRACTION. Remember without contraction, there would be no boundaries. And we do need these boundaries to wORK through 3d. Watch out for what happens with GOVERNMENT, INSTITUTIONS, politicians, rulers and DICTATORS. They will certainly be in the news.

You have to be responsible, for you will be held accountable. You have to be a realist, for romantic, rosy-colored glasses will be yanked off by the harsh taskmaster. Will you persevere in the cold? Yes there is much ambition and a desire to build/possess, yet, there is also warmth and beauty, the kind associated with the yoni and women. Venus and Hestia!

The Twinflame energy is glistening to life as this NM CAPRICORN, is CONJUNCT VENUS & HESTIA, the Goddess of myth, spirituality; virginal, she is the asteroid goddess of the hearth and home.

In astrology, the asteroid Hestia represents “woman as sister”. Her placement shows where we concentrate our energies for making a home, as well as a place of spirituality. For those who are drawn to a spiritual life, Vesta can show them a direction in which that spirituality may best manifest. ~~Michael A. Starsheen

CAPRICORN is all about BUILDING. And it is now time to build on your ideas, concretise your abstract dreams. CAPRICORN is a solid earth, FATHER sign and can hold structure, give form.

Cancer is considered the sign of the mother, Capricorn is the sign of the father. Seasonally, we may think of the solid, watchful father standing in wait on the barren winter earth for the seed of new life to be borne of the mother. Since the Moon in Capricorn is acting in relation to its opposite complement, her action is in a sense dependent on this context – she is not acting grandiosely, not able to embrace the full lushness of life on earth, but instead nurturing something small and as yet invisible with the faith that, in time, it will grow. ~~ElsaElsa

This is the energy and the vibe you need to be tuning in on this NM. ALIGN to your truth! Continue to tread tirelessly on your path. You’ve already set out for unknown destinations, haven’t you? Just keep going. Even if you fall flat on your face. After all that is a foot forward.

Hestia is all about the Hearth & home. This is again WOMB ENERGY which focuses upon the INNER SELF, and brings to light our NEEDS/WANTS- spiritual and physical.

Themes of COMMITMENT, SELF SACRIFICE, HARD WORK, IMPERSONAL REFLECTIONS will be highlighted during this serious lunation as both Hestia and Capricorn reflect these same principles. This is a double reinforcement of these ideas and concepts.

James Hillman looked to Hestia as the silent, mythic, archetypal presence behind psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis. Given the premise within my original doctoral thesis positing image = psyche = horoscope, it makes perfect sense to me, that if, as Hillman has noted, that Hestia indeed governs “the inner psychic structure,” ~~Judith Harte, Ph.D., M.F.T.

This NM in Cap, expect the Universal energies in the form of planets ignite your INNER PSYCHIC STRUCTURE. What is this Psychic Structure? Well, your PERSONALITY is based on it and it can be termed as the boundaries of your MIND/THOUGHT SPACE.

Psychic structure can be seen, then, simply as the structuralization of the substrate or consciousness, the ground of experience of the self, under the impact or imprint of the organized systems of images. Image is a content of organized memory, but structures the substrate of the self in the present. ~~The Point of Existence

Hestia may have been all about home and hearth, but she was a symbol of sexual sovereignty of the female. The word VIRGIN of course has been distorted. So the theme of feminine sexual emancipation may be in focus.

Some people may feel very heavy, heavy like lead, unable to move. Lead is the metal associated with the sign of the SEA-GOAT. Not having loads of energy is classic SATURN in CAP for you. I know loads of people have not been able to continue with their physical exercises during this time. But it is a very good idea to keep at it. Saturn likes that “keep-at-it” energy and one day you will suddenly realize your body has become more flexible, more supple and then your commitment becomes stronger.

The Moon is considered to be in DETRIMENT in CAPRICORN, which is astro-speak for a planet unable to express its energies without obstacles. It means that the vibe and pull of the planet is not as strong. But is it always about strength? Maybe we do need to reign in on our emotions(MOON) and not express our deepest feelings under this CAP NM. Maybe it is time to grasp things from a more Saturnian POV. Maybe it is time to OBSERVE and not necessarily REACT. Yes every actions has an equal and opposite reaction, which is why we need to be doubly careful of what we put out there. Because whatever we put out, comes back to us.

The NM and VENUS CONJUNCTION will bring much harmony into personal and interpersonal spaces. It is time to get over codependent relationships and understand that interpersonal relationships, change dynamically through life and experiences. Interpersonal relationships offer space and also offer the promise of holding sacred space. They foster emotional closeness and that is what we need this NM. To really be close to another person. To be really intimate, not just physically, intimate in every way possible. VENUS CONJUNCT the NM will help you explore this intimacy, so make the best of it. It is in my fifth house of romance, so who knows what it might bring me?

The other aspect this NM makes is a HARD SQUARE to the revolutionary URANUS in the last legs of ARIES! Be careful of accidents. Fights and squabbles. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Always the key move with URANUS. Just be open to SUDDEN CHANGE. No questions asked. By the time it is Jan 17th, the MOON will be in AQUARIUS which is RULED by URANUS and certain SOUL LESSONS from this NM in Cap will become clearer than ever before. I can see it with my own eyes…the fog is lifting. The veil of ignorance is lifting!

Relationships can be challenging.

New moon and Venus square Uranus can challenge stable love relationships through unexpected urges or events. An increased need for freedom and excitement can test your patience. If you have felt smothered, confined or bored, you may lash out in anger that would cause regret and disgrace due to fixed star Terebellum. ~~Astrologyking

Terebellum rules three inches below the right knee in the human body.

Terebellum is found on the hindquarter of the horse part of the archer. Robson says “It gives a fortune but with regret and disgrace, cunning, a mercenary nature and repulsiveness.” The spelling of Terebellum is actually an ancient typo. But it means ‘Earth War’ in Latin. This star speaks of the need to come back down to earth and not lose touch with it. ~~Darkstar Astrology

If such feelings of stagnation occurs in your relationship, it might be a good time to work on your sacred sexuality and sacred intimate spaces to bring balance. If there is something you want to explore, this NM might be the right time. In fact this Capricorn energy can bring forth themes of submission and domination in the collective psyche. MARS QUINCUNX URANUS is adding fuel to fire when it comes to our sexual drive and S&M tendencies. If you feel jealous or resentful, it might be wise to consult with a facilitator you resonate with. If you want to experience these emotions during sex, then you definitely need to open communication with your partner.

The NM and VENUS SEXTILE MARS which is excellent for expressing our sexual needs through our emotional body. In sexual encounters, it does not have to be forever, just keep in mind, that a moment can literally last forever. Sexual exploration can bring couples close.

No matter what you do, be MATURE about it.

In Babylonian mythology the sign of CAPRICORN is linked with Ea, ‘antelope of the ocean’ who brought knowledge and wisdom to mankind and was never subject to fits of emotional disturbance or angry wrath, unlike the other early gods. Almost like PROMETHEUS. But EA was the very symbol of SATURN or the WISE OLD SAGE. The MASTER understands human suffering, but he has chosen to rise above all pain and suffering. He is in samadhi.

It would be worthwhile to meditate and at least try to intellectually grasp the idea of SAMAMDHI. Use whatever you really like to do and get into samadhi. Yes even sex.

Real religion has to be rooted in the earth. Yes, real religion also has to rise towards the sun. It is like a lotus flower — rooted in the mud and rising towards the sun. The lotus has to be freed from the mud, but the mud has not to be condemned at all, because the mud is the nourishment. Your sex energy is the nourishment for your SAMADHI. It is out of the mud of sex that the lotus of SAMADHI IS going to bloom. Never repress it! Never be against it; rather, go deep into it with great clarity, with great love. Go like an explorer. Search all the nooks and comers of your sexuality, and you will be surprised and enriched and benefited.~~OSHO










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