A deep CHIRONIC NEW MOON in PISCES, 17TH/18TH MARCH 2018, a COUNTDOWN to the EQUINOX: Made it way past broken hearts, Won’t YOU stay a while?


“Life is a field of cosmic consciousness, expressing itself in million ways in space-time through quantum entanglement” ~~ Amit Ray

PISCES brought about JESUS CHRIST and brought ideas like love and compassion into the mainstream when he declared, “A new commandment I give you that you love one another.” LOVE is the main vibe of PISCES. Preternatural, otherworldly love!

There is such DUALITY associated with this MUTABLE SIGN and its GLYPH is two fishes swimming away in opposite directions. This has a profound GNOSTIC MEANING: “they represent the two souls of the primordial Elohim submerged within the deep waters of Mother-Night.”

The TWO FISH are the SHIVA/SHAKTI aspect or the MALE/FEMALE, YIN/YANG polarities that create Universes through SEXUAL ALCHEMY or TRANSCENDENTAL MAITHUNA! They also symbolize ISIS and OSIRIS. Is it difficult to explain the PISCEAN ENERGY.

What is the ELOHIM?

HPB says of the ELOHIM~~


The Elôhîm, far from being supreme, or even exalted powers in Nature, are only lower Angels. This was the teaching of the Gnostics, the most philosophical of all the early Christian Churches. They taught that the imperfections of the world were due to the imperfection of its Architects or Builders—the imperfect, and therefore inferior, Angels. The Hebrew Elôhîm correspond to the Prajâpatis of the Hindus, and it is shown elsewhere from the Esoteric interpretation of the Purânas that the Prajâpatis were the fashioners of man’s material and astral form only: that they could not give him intelligence or reason, and therefore in symbolical language they “failed to create man.” But, not to repeat what the reader can find elsewhere in this work, his attention needs only to be called to the fact that “creation” in this passage is not the Primary Creation, and that the Elôhîm are not “God,” nor even the higher Planetary Spirits, but the Architects of this visible physical planet and of man’s material body, or encasement.

In PISCES, the ELOHIM embark on the waters of space to undertake creation. The Elôhîm are not one, nor two, nor even a trinity, but a Host—the army of the creative powers.

So what mystical, obscure, miraculous ART will you let the ELOHIM of your being create? You feel the pulse of creativity within. I know I do and I know you do too.

BONDAGE or SHIBARI meditation works as it can bring about a MINDFULNESS around themes of captivity or restriction. This is an energy every PISCEAN needs to work through. There is much more you can do…but first….

Let’s discuss the GEOMAGNETIC SOLAR storm that is in action, with huge solar flares, bombarding the earth and our DNA as I type. But do not let that scare you. After all what are you, but energy? Everything is energy? Energy does not die, it only transforms. Magic right? No Science!

Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac gives us this feeling of becoming one with creation and losing our individual identities so forged in iron. It is time to hide away that iron mask you have been wearing. You know wearing it for too long will change the shape of your face forever?

This energy bombardment is just what we need…we are being blessed with a photonic surcharge to help us remember. Yes you may be extremely SENSITIVE, but try to remember…Remember what? The fact that we are here to guide each other home. Where home? Out beyond the SOLAR SYSTEM? Inexplicable really…this must be intuited.

…fuck no…out beyond Orion! If you could see in the etheric realm, you will notice how this impacts your ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD! There are GATEWAYS opening up….time to replenish our souls. Have you been as thirsty as I have?

There will be “spooky action at a distance…” and much DISCOMFORT before we can make way to RELEASE the unwanted. PSYCHIC DREAMS keep me awake these days. Sounds and smells float by from parallel dimensions. Do not moan and groan if they trouble you or dredge up old stuff from the soup of your psyche. Just watch and feel! No inhibitions. Visualize yourself as the air in your body. Can you CIRCULATE freely through it? Meditate on this.

Ultra-high photonic charging frequency winds are ELECTRIFYING  and helping Crystalline our DNA. This brings us closer to CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS or KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS. But before that, there is work to be done and this time you have to pull the trigger and destroy the ILLUSION. So, so, so…

Are you ready to traverse these, no matter how treacherous the journey maybe or how perilous the path gets? Remember that this is not the time for a pity party. No wallowing in guilt and shame. Drop those toxic mechanisms. In fact drop all isms. Just swim in the paradoxical Piscean oceans of consciousness. PARADOX is synonymous to PISCES. Two fishes swimming away into two different directions. How very ironic!

In GREEK MYTH, these fish represent the two fish that Aphrodite and her son Eros turned into, to escape Typhon. They are tied together so they don’t lose each other as they flee. Another story says that the constellation is not two fish at all, but the skeleton of the sea monster that Perseus slew to save the Princess Andromeda. ~~WITCHIPEDIA

Paradoxical Pisces!!!!

To bring to light this Pisces paradox, I have to quote  Friedrich Nietzsche, “Is man merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake of man?” Pisces plays with PARADOXES. It is after all the ARCHETYPE OF THE MYSTIC!

Another Piscean quote comes to mind, You are never too old to become younger!” ~~ Mae West. That my peeps, is so PISCEAN!

Immersion in these mystical seas will take us to dimensions we create with our minds and imaginations. Immerse yourself fully…One last time before FIRE burns away all the compassion and psychic awareness to thrust us into yang mode or ACTION. Things are VEILED right now. But clarity is not far behind.

This talk I recently heard kinda cemented the idea in my mind that each and every archetype of the 11 signs preceding this sign, exists within it. All the 11 archetypes of the 11 signs are enmeshed in this 12th sign of mystifying proportions. Now is the time to dream, evaluate our soul lessons and experience the mystical. Try SOUL IMMERSION! But do not become an EMOTIONAL SPONGE, like I do sometimes.
PISCES is of the WATER ELEMENT. She is FEMININE and her time of day is DARK NIGHT! There is tremendous EMPATHY, COMPASSION and INTUITIVE AWARENESS with this energy. PISCES is a MUTABLE SIGN, which means that they can be impressionable and easily controlled and manipulated.
If you have any personal planets in Pisces, then you might have observed how they express their energies in rather nebulous and ethereal ways. They can be obtuse and diaphanous. But there is massive psychic energy overload. Things from other worlds may come into your focus. Not to be puzzled by it, just fine tune your antenna.
Try to draw out an ICOSAHEDRON or stare at it because this shape is associated with the WATER ELEMENT in PISCES.
There is ORDER in chaos, whether we are woke enough to perceive it and during this PISCES NEW MOON, there is definitely a motif of things wrapping up. Pisces is the last sign and the degree on which the FM goes exact is 27 degrees. Two degrees more and the ZODIAC ends! Do you now see how something or somethings are ENDING and rightfully so. This is the oracular DECAN 3 of Pisces.
Pisces Decan 3 is ruled by Mars (Scorpio triplicity) in both systems. This is the zone of the impossible, for here we have aeronautical fishes! The sun flies through this decan from March 11 – 20. This zone is totally dominated by the visionary, high-flying, mythical horse Pegasus, after that there is a lizard, a swan and a star measurer. ~~MARINA, DARKSTAR ASTROLOGY
This is not your laid back metaphysical PISCES! This decan speaks of an electrifying MYSTIC ARCHETYPE. In the lower vibrations, this speaks of manipulation and deceit. Phony gurus too.
HEALING is the keyword of this lunation as this happens under the watchful gaze of CHIRON who is one degree away. Chiron is journeying through PISCES from 2010 and this is all about a SPIRITUAL RECALIBRATION. CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER in the mystical and spiritual sign of PISCES, bringing cleansing of toxic religious systems and our understanding of how we are controlled by religion. It is now time to detoxify the PINEAL GLAND. DECALCIFY IT!
Oh….This is the last FM before CHIRON’S INGRESS into ARIES!
Supranatural Pisces is an otherworldly energy and CHIRON here has to heal such interdimentional gargantuan spiritual wounds and they are not necessarily only from this lifetime. Chiron in Pisces happens once every 51 years and if your personal planets are being triggered, then you will feel it very heavily and also you will be given the tools to heal and find atonement.
CHIRON is also ready to leave PISCES and now it is time, during this NM, to find where the pain which was unbearable has managed to find some relief. CHIRON always gives you the salve. I know he gave me my slave as this heavy CHIRON, NEPTUNE and the recent stellium in Pisces has all activated my MOON! And looking at all the pain that was dug up, I felt the necessity to heal myself. And heal you!
Remember CHIRON will retrograde back into PISCES again in 2019 and this will once again bring these issues to the forefront. So don’t do a shoddy job of the cleaning of the wounds. Make sure you clean them and dress them or else they will fester. I know sometimes this drama is more than what you subscribed to, but fear not, you have made it. Why fret?
There is support from JUPITER in SCORPIO who just turned retro and will be in that motion till July. All the benefic energies of JUPITER is internalized and is helping us with INNER ALCHEMY and reconnect with our SOUL/TWINFLAME/SOUL GROUP.
Jupiter, the GURU is helping you realize that there are no boundaries- no pain, no pleasure. Everything is one. Can you imagine this concept? The MOON in Pisces is BTW, the ULTIMATE HEALER. PISCES is the OCEAN OF PURE POTENTIALITY! Healing potentiality!
The TRINE between JUPITER in SCORPIO RETRO with the SUN/MOON and CHIRON is happening in the 29th degree. THE CRITICAL DEGREE! The CRITICAL DEGREES, i.e the 29th degree, the planets in it and the angle reveals much about our TRUE POTENTIAL. Yes they can frustrate us, but that can be used as steam to power the automaton of your consciousness.
The sense of individual and collective frustration will definitely make itself felt.
When there is so much going on in Hermetical Pisces, it is always important to listen to your GUT INSTINCT. And the Pisces GUT INSTINCT differs from the more raw and primal Scorpionic. Here, the instinct of your GUT is spiritual, the higher resonance of the primacy of Scorpio.
NEPTUNE and JUPITER are in a harmonious TRINE which can give us the impetus to view things with a wide angle lens. Here we experience spiritual expansion and epiphanies, but if hard aspected this can mean ESCAPISM, the very requiem to our dreams. PLUTO in CAPRICORN is also speaking in harmony to this NM bringing about SUPPORT while we allow the REGENERATION PROCESS TO KICK OFF.
BTW HUGE NEWSFLASH- According to ALICE BAILEY, PLUTO is the esoteric ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is in Scorpio, ruled by PLUTO! Jupiter was the older ruler of Pisces and now it is Neptune’s domain!
Tell me that by now you are confounded by the synchronicity! This stuff cannot be real. This has to be a projection! The hologram cannot throw such clues??? Life is so shrouded in mystery.
There is a certain chaotic energy which is making itself felt as MARS is about to enter CAPRICORN where he will meet PLUTO/SATURN! There will be trying times ahead, to put it mildly. MARS in CAP will be SQUARING the NM in Pisces as he is about to end his sojourn in Sag where he is the wild adventurer and explorer seeking HIGHER TRUTH as SAGITTARIUS is all about that very thing.
Now MARS demands of you, WHAT IS YOUR HIGHER TRUTH? Do you even have one? Do you think it is important to have one? There may be conflict as you try to harmonize your truth and your spiritual resonance. MARS wants you to raise your vibration.
Recently he was CONJUNCT VESTA, the steroid of the home and the hearth. MARS has now had a better chance to balance the yin/yang polarities and through this SQUARE, he now demands the truth. This may be felt as turbulence for some, but with MARS’ INGRESS into CAPRICORN to meet the biggies like PLUTO and SATURN, now is the time to ALLOW the higher frequencies of MARS to guide you.
But remember that in the world of duality, it is important to stay away from the negative vibe which can be possessiveness, jealousy, dominance, war, rape and all such gut wrenching atrocities. But MARS has had the chance to heal as he recently had a SQUARE with CHIRON. Although SQUARES are tense aspects, there is tremendous force that comes with a square to bring TRANSFORMATION!
SQUARES happen when two planets are 90 degrees and three signs apart. This is almost like a tug of war energy. MARS and CHIRON are facing off to bring awareness of healing or of the process of healing. CHIRON wants the hurt masculine to heal. But the square indicates that the masculine is resisting. Patriarchy has fed us enough BS to keep the vicious cycle going.
I have to discuss the CAPRICORNIAN DRAMA that although is just the backdrop of this lunation, is bringing some serious KARMIC ENERGIES at play. Think of the SATURN, LILITH and PLUTO CONJUNCTION in CAP.
Lilith is at the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto which is an interesting Ménage à trois!
There is also a QUINCUNX and SEMI SEXTILE that Lilith is forming with the SOUTH NODE and NORTH NODE, sextile Neptune in Pisces and square the Venus/Mercury conjunction in Aries. This activates so much! The people and situations in your life right now may appear surreal, but very familiar. There is always going to be a sense of Deja Vu with this energy. This is about your DOWNLOADING the NEW CODES. Do it!
If MARS is making you feel angry, then just wait for the SQUARE energy to wind up and when MARS moves into CAPRICORN, we can get to some serious hard work. Back breaking sometimes, but it will pay off in the end. Everything is leading up to the SPRING EQUINOX which happens on the 20th and we are in a fresh new ARIES energy. But for now, bring your awareness back to PISCES and the CHIRONIC NM in this sign of dissolving everything. EQUINOX is a BALANCE and this is where your INTERNAL JOURNEY should be headed. The path of balance.
When MARS makes HARD ASPECTS in the heavens, it is time for the issues that are hurting the DIVINE MASCULINE to surface to be healed. Men are hurting and it is time to heal them in whatever way we can. This is amplified as MARS goes OUT OF BOUNDS immediately after this NM in PISCES and when a planet is OUB, it is volatile, sudden and disruptive.
Remember you create your reality. The dimension and the reality you are witnessing is the one you have decided to OBSERVE. PISCES hates being the OBSERVER. That is more the AQUARIAN. Pisces wants SOUL COMMUNION.
Interestingly, PETER DINKLAGE who plays TYRIAN LANNISTER in GOT is born with his ASCENDANT in the 3rd DECAN of PISCES. He definitely has this surcharged, magnetic mystical Piscean prowess!
Feet, toes are ruled by Pisces and so is your pineal gland! DECALCIFY the damn thing! Lol!
There is a very dangerous aspect with the FIXED STAR SCHEAT…

Chiron is conjunct fixed star Scheat at 29°38′ Pisces. This notorious star is associated with extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning. Scheat is also associated with catastrophes such as floods, shipwreck, mining accidents and airplane accidents. New moon conjunct Chiron will expose your deepest wound and Mars will bring back the pain due to some crisis or conflict. Mars square Chiron also suggests wounding by war, fire, cuts, weapons, violence and sexual violence or sexual problems like frigidity, impotency and other sexual dysfunctions. However, positive aspects to Uranus will bring unexpected opportunities for learning and development. Rapid change, new discoveries, sexual adventures, insights and higher self-awareness will help heal your pain. ~~ASTROLOGY KING

Kinda scary right? So SUICIDE WATCH would be a good thing to do. Support a local organization or help out someone who maybe suicidal. It could be online as well. Just try to find a FB friend to cheer on that day.

The New Moon is also conjunct the asteroid Nemesis, who punished hubris to restore cosmic order. Alex Miller, Alex’s Asteroid Astrology,  considers her astrological role:

“Nemesis represents the vagaries of Fate, self-undoing, reversal of fortune, and any person or thing which holds us back, prevents our will, denies goals, or punishes our actions. Additionally, there can be issues with assigning blame, scapegoating, or finding fault.”

If you get caught in the VICTIM/SAVIOR dynamics, then it is time to unplug. BIG TIME!

I will be doing a SPECIAL ANGEL MEDITATION where I will be invoking MUMIAH, one of the 72 ANGELS of GOD.


The 7th verse of Psalm 116:  Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee

 MUMIAH’S attribute is designed by the Omega, which symbolizes the end of all things…NOW refresh your mind about what I said regarding THINGS WRAPPING UP! See how the piece fits in the jigsaw. RECHARGE your SPIRITUAL BATTERIES. Time to look at the mystical side of life. What lies beyond our normal understanding?

The Sabian Symbol for the 27th degree of Pisces is: “The Harvest Moon Illumines a Clear Autumnal Sky.”

In his commentary on the Symbol, astrologer Dane Rudhyar gave it the keynote, “The light of fulfillment that blesses work well done.” He elaborated, “The time has come to reap not only what we have sown, but also cultivated – or failed to cultivate.”

There is so much you can see when the skies are clear. The stars twinkle above.  promise of AS ABOVE, SO BELOW playing out as consciousness becomes the OBSERVER and decides to see whether the atom decides to be a wave or a particle. With the wave function, there is INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, but as soon as the wave becomes a particle, a FIXED POINT in the SPACE/TIME curvature takes shape and the SOUL begins to experience the world as they decide to observe it. How sublime is this!!

The clear skies illuminated by the MOON, also symbolizes DARK MATTER and how it is the binding agent that keeps the UNIVERSE together. Otherwise it would have EXPANDED into NOTHINGNESS!

According to GNOSTIC TEACHINGS and also the BHAKTI TRADITION states that SPIRITUAL WORK must be carried on through CHANTING and VOCALIZING for at least an hour a day. You can use mantras or the letter I which will activate your PINEAL GLAND.

Use AMETHYST and CORAL. Get your own from me which will be fine tuned to your energy field.

With such psychic energies at work, let me remind you that I LOVE YOU and when your eyes fall on these words we will be connected. Quantum entanglement!

A little verse that slipped out of my mind…oops…

My dreams dissipate
On the shadows of your presence.
I loved with all ferocity.
My heart beats with alacrity
 At the thought of the first kiss between us.
I am more than my wounded heart.
I am more than my broken love.
I am an eternity frozen in time.
I am an infinity,
Infinitely expanding on the shores of infinity.
Unafraid to listen to my bleeding heart.
I do not back down now.
Stare love in the eyes.
An act of sweet surrender.
I will not give up on our love.
As vast as the deep blue skies.



And another one~~~









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