Super- Blue- Blood Moon Eclipse, 31st January, 2018~~It’s always raining…But she keeps on praying…Oh, sunny days…

It’s SUNNY DAYS that we all want, especially as there is such an intense lunation in the sign of LEO which is RULED by the SUN, the very HEART OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. Sunny days are here, lifting the fog of lies, deceit and treachery…sunny days to frolic in the Sun with open hair…ah, for a beautiful sunny day…

LEO explores the CONSCIOUSNESS OF CREATION, all things fifth house and is the CORE of IDENTITY CONSTRUCTION. As LEO is known for her ATTACHMENT, her polar opposite AQUARIUS is known for DETACHMENT. And once again in 2018, the eclipses happen mostly in this axis, except for one in Cancer, so the focus is very much these two signs.

On Jan 31st, 2018, the Universe hands us a WILD CARD! This allows us to access some hardcore cosmic fairy-dust energies which can help birth a new us during the magic intuitiveness of this Supermoon which also happens to be a blue and a red moon.

A super, blue, blood moon is creating ripples in the space/time continuum. It is directly affecting our consciousness and upgrading us for spiritual evolution. If only we ALLOW…

A supermoon occurs when the moon’s perigee — the point in its orbit that it is nearest to the earth and it coincides with a full moon. The moon orbits our planet on an elliptical path, so sometimes she gets very close to the earth and during this time, she appears gigantic or “super.”

A blue moon is just a name for when two full moon occur within the same calendar month. So there should be, on average, one full moon a month. However, once every 2.7 years there’s a month with an extra fully lit luna. This is where the saying, “once in a blue moon,” comes from as blue moons don’t happen all that often.

The first full moon already took place on the night of January 1 and the universe is gifting us a second on the last day of the month.

Now why is there the word blood in the mix?

During a total lunar eclipse the earth is in between the sun and the moon, this means the moon is not receiving direct sunlight from the sun. Instead the only light you see is refracted through earth’s atmosphere, giving it a red tinge. Because of this colorful effect people sometimes call a lunar eclipse a blood moon.

Okay now that we have discussed the Science behind the phenomenon, let us now look at the psychic, spiritual implications of such a lunation.

Now remember the WILD CARD bit? Think of yourself now as the Screenwriter of your own life. You have got all the plots and twists in your mind, you have written it to perfection, everything is as planned, but on the day of the shoot, the director decides to scrap your whole work and make you rewrite it. Yes you had a grip on the plot, but one more time cruel destiny has made the Universe rip up your plans and your heart and throw it in the garbage bin.

What do you do? Do you mope? Do you rush to smoke a joint? Do you curse God? Maybe you do all of it and then realize the futility of a human trying to speak with God. It just does not work that way. Yes, Moses saw the burning bush, but no raging fire in your heart will magically appear in front and make all the problems go away. There is no escape. You have to sit the fuck down and write those scenes again. And start from scratch. Think of this lunation to be one such rewrite.

Count yourself blessed if the script you have been writing gets approve by the higher ups, the spiritual mafia, but do not fret for long if they decide to delete everything.

Understand the basics. When energy like this streams down from the cosmos, if what you have been planning falls to shit, then this was not the right plan. If a relationship bites the dust, then do not mummify yourself trying to resurrect it. Think of the death card, the tarot card of Scorpio. Think of what needs to die and let it die. What needs to go, let it go. And appreciate what stays. Because that is the soul contract in front of you.

You know when I hear of these words like BLUE or RED/BLOOD Moon, I not only see colours, I see FREQUENCY. I see the commingling and intertwining of disparate energies that begin to interact and play with one another in the hologram we live in.

LEO rules the Heart and Spinal Column, so pay attention to your heart chakra and if you have heart ailments then get a specialist to look into it. The SPINAL COLUMN supports your physical body, so try to meditate and feel any aches and pains. Do you feel supported by the Universe? If not, then why not? Ask these questions unabashedly of yourself.

The energy of Leo can be used to support magical work for the performing arts and courage; especially related to public speaking as well as fertility and childbirth. Leo also supports healing magic aimed at the spine, upper back and heart. ~~witchipedia

For witches and magicians, for divinators and sorceresses, this Super/Blue/Blood Moon eclipse will open a portal of magic and alchemy. In fact, if you bring awareness of the frequencies and vibes flooding in from 5D and above, you will be able to work through and integrate much of the pain, shame and judgement that is holding you back. This lunation is PURE POTENT MAGICK! The stuff of which legends are made of. Be very MINDFUL of what alchemy you decide to create with this energy.

Ask anything of the Moon this January 31st and you shall RECEIVE. Try it. I know I will. There is so much to do, so many miles to go before I sleep that sometimes the tedium of life gets to me. I want things to change, not just for me, for everyone out there. I imagine a world where we all are free, happy and cared for and, and, and, we also care…for all life and for earth herself.

Look at what is out there…is this the world you want?

It is a fetishistic consumeristic society which is a system of exploitation and repression, a system of lies and deceit. Whether you believe that the AGE OF AQUARIUS is upon us or not it does not matter. The point here is that with SOCIAL MEDIA, people are waking the fuck up to the atrocities taking place.

Something wonderful is happening. People are relation. Not by their skin colour or by their nationality, but this related-ness is coming out of shared interests. People are now truly understanding and exploring the human condition in their own ways and connecting to their SPIRITUAL TRIBE.

Things are now slowly changing and with heavy weights like PLUTO/SATURN/LILITH in CAPRICORN and URANUS soon to enter TAURUS, reality as we know it will shift. JUPITER will also move into his own sign of SAGITTARIUS by the end of 2018 and the NEW DAWN that was whispering at our doors, can now finally assert her existence. I do speak regularly about the YIN ELEMENT of 2018, the shift from YANG to the more intuitive and compassionate female energy. This shift will be MONUMENTAL or shall I say FREAKING EPIC! Shit just got real….

This type of eclipse and supermoon has not happened in the sign of LEO for hundreds of years. I think a lot of us with heavy placements in Leo have a karmic role to play in this game and in the development of the logos of the solar system. Somehow the emphasis will be on your personal planets that are housed in Leo and also the house it is.

As Leo is ruled by the Sun, the Soul purpose of a person with Leo on the ascendant is intimately related to the Spiritual purpose for the solar system. This is first and foremost, the evolution of consciousness.  ~~EA

If Leo is your second, then understand with this eclipse, your resources will undergo a complete change. If you have been doing patchwork on your financial health, then it is now time that the flimsy bandage will be ripped off by the Universe and you will be left with a raw, gaping wound. But if you have been the proverbial ant, then this lunation will illuminate super support in all your endeavors, signed and sealed- THE UNIVERSE, bitches. REJOICE!

Now in February, there is no FULL MOON…more on that coming up in the next piece which is what makes this avatar of La Luna so very special. She is shining in all her majesty before she keeps her fecund powers to herself this whole of Feb.

A FULL MOON is like a pregnant woman, radiating powerful creative energies as she nurtures life within her. The light she holds this night will be emblematic of holding the collective UNCONSCIOUS of humanity in her womb. She disperses with her alchemy and her magick, she even sings her wisdom for those who will listen. I can hear her even when I sit and type in my room while she glows outside, pregnant with SOLAR LIGHT. The perfect balance of YIN/YANG! Ah, the serenity of a Full Moon!

The ECLIPSES on the LEO/AQUARIUS polarities have started us on a deep transformative journey. The journey of self actualization and then finally becoming the Bodhisattva to return to suffering to impart the wisdom of the Ancients back to the people. Each and every human must be free from the wheel of karma and suffering! Bodhisattvas put an end to this misery.

Leo is about the INDIVIDUAL SELF and AQUARIUS is about the COMMUNITY, the COLLECTIVE. Now where do you stand in your personal journey? How does it relate to the public narrative? Is it in harmony? Is there chaos in finding balance between these concepts? If so, then you are still to learn the lessons from this eclipse series. The lessons will keep coming till 2019 Jan, but INTEGRATION will continue. Be braced for a lengthy ride. BTW did I tell you, there are no short cuts!

LUNAR ECLIPSES highlight issues with MOTHERHOOD and your own MOTHER. No matter what goes down, remember to be YOU, for that is the spirit of the Aquarius season. The whole MOTHER-related issues become more prominent as there is a CONJUNCTION between the MOON and CERES RX at 11 degrees of LEO. The number is also such a key player in the 2018 dynamics.

11 is the MASTER TWINFLAME NUMBER, so there is that crazy romantic vibe, but then with Leo, there is always love and romance.

Moon conjunct or quincunx Ceres is super-mum, the ultimate in matriarchs, the Queen of Pentacles and the Empress archetype. This does not necessarily mean he or she is particularly maternal however. For even if they do happen to spawn many children they Moon conjunct Ceres can actually be quite distant and not that physically affectionate or close to their offspring. They mother their friends on the one hand, but may not be friends with their children at all. Their parenting style is a practical, material care that demands respect. They rule their house very much like the Queen Bee and expect their children to defer to their authority. ~~DARKSTAR ASTROLOGY

So UNCONSCIOUS debris that has to do with nurture received(or not) as a child from the mother may come to surface. If your mom has been cold, you may be playing out the same vicious cycle with your daughter. There may be jealousy and other power dynamics that appear in your relationship. Or maybe you finally see how toxic your relationship with your mother has become. Maybe you realize you are never there for your mom or she is never there for you. Or is this playing out with your daughter?

Remember CERES was CONJUNCT the NORTH NODE in LEO on December 2nd, 2017 and January 16th, 2018. Information from then might come up for you to deal with. There could be much INNER CHILD WORK that needs to be done during this time and speaking of children, you do know that LEO is all about children. That means, LEO is all about being the child. And you know what is a synchronicity on steroids?

The SABIAN SYMBOL for 11 degrees of LEO where all this action is taking place happens to be-  CHILDREN PLAY ON A SWING HANGING FROM THE BRANCHES OF A HUGE OAK TREE.

Children are new seeds and the ancient OAK tree is emblematic of tradition. But children are always asking questions and making decisions themselves, even if it hurts  them in the short term. When a child swings on the Oak tree, he feels safe, because the branches of the tree are sturdy. But a child is still a child and at any time, she may lose concentration and fall down. She may get hurt, but this will develop a new found wisdom in the child. She will now know that falling down hurts and will always take precaution by being vigilant while swinging on the branches.

CAPRICORN always puts an emphasis on TRADITION. So know where you come from, for only then can you appreciate where you are going. And life is not a destination, it is a journey. If anything, the long duration of the dance of planets puts things in perspective. The planets will not stop journeying through the different houses as different seasons approach. They are not going to “settle-down”, like we humans seem to want to do. In some ways, we are like the Oak, we want to stay stationary and root.

The point is, let us be involved in the SPONTANEOUS ACTIVITY OF THE INNOCENT MIND. Allow the child in you to come out and play.

Leo is also found on the Fifth Ray of the Concrete Mind. Thus Leo is also very strongly related to Venus, the planetary ruler of that Ray. ~~EA

VENUS is in an OPPOSITION to the LEO SUPERMOON and this might cause emotional upsets to your relationships and one more time, the energy of CERES is multiplied as VENUS just had a OPPOSITION or a tense conversation with the asteroid Goddess. This can make us feel unloved, old and unattractive, especially if mothers try to compete with their daughters.

Any unhealthy vibe will be brought to awareness and work has to be put in. The soul never stops growing, no matter how lazy we become in 3d. The Sun is also conjunct Venus and Juno, which is in opposition to the Moon. Do you see how the SACRED FEMININE is expressing herself through conflicting energies this lunation? The Moon/Venus/Ceres and Juno- seriously, we have some hardcore energies right here. Get me a blankie and my baby!

The GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE which happened in August over America will see a rebirth of its energies. It will now be asked of you to either assimilate or let go of issues and concepts from back then. In some cases, even people.

There is a T CROSS in the skies as these energies take center stage and it needs exposition. You know that AQUARIUS is activated, but so is SCORPIO and so is LEO, bringing to head some really FIXED, stubborn energies for us to work through as TAURUS being the fulcrum.

JUPITER is speaking with NEPTUNE and CHIRON, in a GRAND TRINE and we can expect some salve for our tormented souls. It might come to us as a smile, a tune or even a memory, so tune in. Augment that healing, really FLOW with it.

If possible find three candles of GOLD, YELLOW and ORANGE. Write what you let go in the orange candle. Write your dreams in the Gold and in the yellow, carve out a mantra. You can use any mantra or switchword.

I have my own crystal store where I energize and put spells on them for you, so get your own Peridot, Diamond, opal, ruby, amber, topaz. Wear gold earrings if you are going out, it’ll surely make your man notice, especially if his VENUS is in Leo.

Use Bay, chamomile, marigold, mistletoe, saffron, sunflower, willow in edibles and in your altar. You may use BAY LEAVES as a substitute for sage. Burn them and feel the cleansing vibe.

The TAROT MEDITATION will be based on the card STRENGTH or in the THOTH TAROT, it is called LUST. According to this deck, the 2nd DECAN of LEO is ruled by JUPITER and the TAROT CARD for this is VICTORY or SIX OF WANDS. Opens up possibilities of all types of victories- spiritual, mental, physical, even financial. There is also a BALANCE of energies, because the STRIFE of the FIVE OF WANDS has now actualized as GROWTH and TRIUMPH.


I leave you with these immortal words of HPB from my favourite piece of work by her, THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE…

Before the Soul can hear, the image (man) has to become as deaf to roarings as to whispers, to cries of bellowing elephants as to the silvery buzzing of the golden fire-fly. Before the soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the Silent Speaker be united just as the form to which the clay is modeled, is first united with the potter’s mind. For then the soul will hear, and will remember. And then to the inner ear will speak — The Voice of the Silence…HPB







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