Before I begin the discussion, let us MEDITATE on the KEYWORDS of AQUARIUS “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty humanity.”

But do not for one moment think that Aquarius, THE water bearer HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH DEAR OLD H2O, this is the WATERS OF PRIMORDIAL CHAOS.

This is the FOHATIC ELECTRICITY OF LIFE, the two waves of the glyph of this 11th sign. The waves of FOHAT or the electricity of life is carried by the SINE and COSINE waves, also symbolizing duality.

WTF is FOHAT? Check out this definition.

…the active (male) potency of the Shakti (female reproductive power) in nature. The essence of cosmic electricity. An occult Tibetan term for Daiviprakriti, primordial light: and in the universe of manifestation the ever-present electrical energy and ceaseless destructive and formative power. Esoterically, it is the same, Fohat being the universal propelling Vital Force, at once the propeller and the resultant.” ~~HPB

Still confused?

AQUARIUS is the energy of FOHAT which is the ACTIVE FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE or simply UNIVERSAL ELECTRICITY. Thereby the energy of the Aquarian is stunning sometimes. Shocking even. Just like Uranus!

Aquarius wants to share, wants to grow and wants the best for everyone. A socialist paradise? An Utopia? We can make it happen by willing it collectively. Think of the work of ELLEN DEGENERES. She has her SUN there and think of the queen of American TV TALK, OPRAH WINFREY. Think of her last speech at the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS…you will get a brief idea of the ethos of Aquarius.

Now back to the NEW MOON ON STEROIDS and the SOLAR ECLIPSE…this happens only in 20 years BTW, this no FULL MOON in FEB thing, so it is kinda special.

Eclipses are all about energy portals opening. Sometimes, good things(energies) come out of these portals and sometimes, ugly ones. If you tune into the shadow side of Aquarius, then you might be feeling like the Pariah, the outcast, the Underdog, the rebel without a cause: there is alienation, dehumanization and total impersonal-ness that can cloud your compassion and close the heart chakra.

The eclipse is on the retrograde SOUTH NODES. NODES always move retro BTW. The SN is all about PURGING and releasing karma of many lives into some thankless pit of hell. Ketu or the SN is all about lessening energies it touches, like an unmended pocket would keep losing coins. This will serve us well if we decide to tune out of the Aquarius shadow of Godliness and its subdivided toxicity, then we can soak up what the overflowing cup of karma in the NN is serving up.

The last Lunar Eclipse in Leo at the very end of January once again made us commit to our artistry. No matter what it is. And here comes the solitary solar eclipse to play us the requiem for our dream.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. This eclipse is like a reset button that can help you reboot if correctly used. And it can be used very efficiently, since it is not a total eclipse, most of the Sun will still be visible, but make no mistakes- cosmic gamma rays are bombarding the earth every moment helping the ascension process and when an eclipse hits, even if partial, can cause a shitstorm of energy backlash that can have us all reeling. This is after all TRANSMUTING our ELECTROMAGNETIC SIGNATURE.

But honestly everything seems to be in harmony as there seems to be no challenges to this New MOON ON STEROIDS AKA the SOLAR ECLIPSE because there are no major disruptive planetary activity in the skies above, except a SQUARE TO JUPITER!

The ECLIPSE is CONJUNCT MERCURY which is great for communication and short distance movement, studying hard for some exams or preparing for an interview especially about news and information. You can even find some issue that deal with your siblings or neighbors suddenly finds a resolution.

CONJUNCTIONS are very positive usually and allow both the energies of the corresponding planets to merge. The SOLAR ECLIPSE will bring to light some unresolved problems where this is happening in your natal chart. Which house of course. And you might be able to resolve whatever has been bothering you for a while if you can communicate it effectively.

There is a lack of empathy with the sign of Aquarius which is being heightened and also Mercury is not known for feelings which adds to the detached and cold vibe. Saturn is also the ruler of Aquarius adding to the brrrrrr….

Think of FOHAT, the electric current of life…it can melt away any coldness that can numb your soul.

Fohat, in its various manifestations, is the mysterious link between Mind and Matter, the animating principle electrifying every atom into life.” ~~HPB

Ignite the FOHATIC ELECTRICITY and release some this coldness through communication, that is by writing or blogging, then you might find compassion in your own words.

Look at how much is happening in the sign of AQUARIUS? There are FIVE HEAVENLY BODIES THERE- The SOUTH NODE, Mercury, JUNO, the Moon and the SUN. They are all within an orb of 2 degrees.

I have discussed the SN stuff and Merc too. But what of JUNO, the jealous wife of JUPITER? Now listen, JUPITER is a huge player here…more later…but since JUNO is involved, I sense marriage will come up for inspection. All things to do with the institution of marriage. The good shit and the ugly shit too!

At a deeper level, Demetra George suggests asteroid Juno symbolizes the mystical union, or state of spiritual consciousness you can reach when you transcend your ego. Overcoming separateness through union and becoming one with the universe.

“Juno symbolizes the yearning for full mystic union that is emotionally, sexually, and psychologically fulfilling…In the horoscope, Juno represents the emotional and psychological needs that motivate us to seek marital union” ~~ASTROLOGY KING

The desire to marry comes from the DESPERATE WANT to FEEL at ONE with someone, but what of the alchemical INTERNAL MARRIAGE? The kind of marriage that leads to SACRED SELF REGENERATION!

Let us explore the ESOTERIC SIDE of AQUARIUS~~

One thing to always keep in mind is the fact that AQUARIUS deals with KNOWLEDGE OR VIDYA and is the archetype of the REVOLUTIONARY. This can lead to becoming a rebel without a cause, but the spirit of revolution is definitely needed to bring down old, defunct structures and systems. Otherwise how will there ever be growth? Of the spiritual kind?

In the VEDIC SYSTEM of thought, there is the path to SELF REALISATION through the intellect and JNANAMARGA is thaat path. There is probably no sign better suited to AQUARIUS than the JNANA MARGA.

Jnana is knowledge, and refers to any cognitive event that is correct and true over time. It particularly refers to knowledge inseparable from the total experience of its object, especially about reality (non-theistic schools) or supreme being (theistic schools). In Hinduism, it is knowledge which gives Moksha, or spiritual release while alive (jivanmukti) or after death (videhamukti). According to Bimal Matilal, jnana yoga in Advaita Vedanta connotes both primary and secondary sense of its meaning, that is “self-consciousness, awareness” in the absolute sense and relative “intellectual understanding” respectively.

According to Jones and Ryan, jnana in jnana yoga context is better understood as “realization or gnosis”, referring to a “path of study” wherein one knows the unity between self and ultimate reality called Brahman in Hinduism. This explanation is found in the ancient Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. ~~WIKI

The SOLAR ECLIPSE in AQUARIUS is opening the portal of JNANA or GNOSIS to flood the 3D world. Something that has been hidden in the deepest crevices of our minds will be figured out by INTELLECTUAL PERSPICACITY.

The task of this intellectual vibe is to bring us closer to MOKSHA.

The chapter 4 of the Bhagavad Gita is dedicated to the general exposition of jnana yoga, while chapters 7 and 16 discuss its theological and axiological aspects. Krishna says that jñāna is the purest, and a discovery of one’s Atman:

Truly, there is nothing here as pure as knowledge. In time, he who is perfected in yoga finds that in his own Atman.— Bhagavad Gita 4.38,

AQUARIUS can be perfect in this YOGA. If you feel detached or cold, then you might want to work with the wisdom of the BHAGAVAT GITA. You can start by reading it yourself or find a teacher. I do have special GITA WORKSHOPS, so feel free to email.

AQUARIUS is ruled by SATURN and URANUS on the mundane 3D level. They hold sway over the PERSONALITY. But JUPITER is the ESOTERIC RULER of this sign, connecting them to SAGITTARIUS who is ruled by the same planet too.

This SOLAR ECLIPSE is SEXTILE URANUS, the ruler of AQUARIUS! This is quite the crazy energy floodgate opening. Think of strange people. I instantly thought of Dr. Strange, my ideal date for the Valentine’s day, but seriously…think of weird situations, abrupt encounters and bizarre conversation that can give you a dose of something special, but it can disappear from your life as suddenly as it came. The best lesson with URANUS is the adaptation to sudden change. But do listen to whatever strikes your conscious mind, because they are messages your unconscious will send as sudden epiphanies. BTW, ALEISTER CROWLEY had the SUN SEXTILE URANUS in his natal chart and we all know how whacked out his shit was when it was introduced to the eyes of the uninitiated!

URANIUM and LEAD are the minerals that this sign rules. You know how VOLATILE URANIUM can be! And how dangerously radioactive!

The gems you can use for activating this ELECTRICAL LIFEFORCE are SAPPHIRE and the BLACK PEARL! Use YELLOW and VIOLET for COLOUR THERAPY.

You can call upon the ANIMAL TOTEMS of the EAGLE and the PEACOCK for any protection or Divination work. Some say that the sign of AQUARIUS is connected to BLACK MOON LILITH who has just moved into SAGITTARIUS as I type. Think of this as a mad-ass synchronicity, because I told you how JUPITER links these two fire and air signs.

And BLACK MOON LILITH brings a dose of raw, primal feminine power into the adventurous Sag, then what do you think can transpire? POWERFUL SEXUAL EROTIC MYSTICISM! Wild adventures!

But remember MOON OPPOSITE BML can be INHIBITED and unsure. Doubts can creep up to destroy us as the Moon comes in contact with this raw pussy power of BML who is not some timid energy. She is linked to LUCIFER, the light bringer who wanted to be equal in heaven for which he was cast down to live in hell. He paid heavily for his rebellion and so did Lilith considering how scary her reputation has become in this era. She is a demoness and supposedly eats babies! She does nothing of this sort. She challenges humans to embrace the wild side of the feminine experience. After all, we are ONE CONSCIOUSNESS having diverse experiences. But this will see the surcharge of feminine leaders and voices, especially in teaching and spirituality.

The sign of Aquarius governs the calves. Brazilians call the calves ventre das pernas, “womb of the legs,” and they are not mistaken, for the calves are certainly a marvelous magnetic womb. The energies that rise from the earth (after passing through the bottom of the feet) reach the calves in their ascending path and there meet the energies that descend from above, from the sky of Uranus. The energies that ascend and those that descend, when they meet, magnetize the calves intensely; that is why the latter are really charged with eroticism. ~~Samael Aun Weor

Try a calf massage and then lovemaking. Make this a balance of the intellect and other things. Involve the intellect during this SOLAR ECLIPSE and you will see how things fall into place. Think before you blindly follow and think before you speak. Think of your affiliations and think of where you are headed. I told you, journal or blog. And try to INNOVATE. Step aside from boring conventions and really let the spirit of INNOVATION enter your being. How can you do things differently? How can you change in tiny steps? Approach lovemaking with a completely different angle and see genius take shape.

The TAROT CARD for the sign of AQUARIUS is the STAR!


Think of what happens when you look up at the sky full of stars! They provide inspiration, don’t they? Stars take us away from the world of the mundane to a more profound cosmic truth. Stars glimmer in our hearts as well and if you think of them when you are hopeless, you will begin to feel hope again. Stars are a miracle! Stars are magick!

Let me know if you found magick under the SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius? I know I will…




















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