Drowning in the Piscean Seas~~KARMIC LOVE takes shape~~~

It’s the 1st of March. Once again, there will be a DOUBLE FULL MOON on this month and we stress on VIRGO!

Two of my favorite signs are strong today and there is a gust of surcharged electricity coming from fiery yang Leo which is merging with the deep, blue, crystalline seas of intuitive Pisces. Yes I am biased. My Sun and Moon signs after all.

The energy is sensual. The energy bristles with the latest VENUS/PLUTO SEXTILE which is about a karmic love story of many incarnations.

But before the astro inputs, let me digress….

These words came pouring out of me…

Today has been a rather exceptional day. In so many ways. I was not sure of what to feel as this event was drawing near. I felt confused, troubled that an idea I had, had turned on its head and is now a chimeric cacophony of my discordant dreams.

It that even a legit sentence? What is causing this rather diaphanous feeling of floating and eating information from another Universe. A Universe where you exist with me. A Universe where we sit sipping a warm cuppa tea, holding hands, kissing passionately while the fertile Moon turned a burnt shade of copper.

The moment was ethereal. Your presence even more so. You shone like a diamond. It’s you radiance that almost blinded me. Why can I not see your face?

Is it because your face is the last face I will see? The eclipse has opened up doorways to phantoms from other holographic simulations. They do the danse macabre. It is scary, but sensual at the same time.

The moment of suspension in my hands. The moment your breath is constricted under my pussy. The moment when I am lying on top of you. That moment came to live. I saw the hologram as it dashed into existence only to be blown away into nothingness.

That moment of breathlessness. An infinity frozen in the catastrophic cataclysm of time cycles. That liberated feeling. The freedom of free will and the understanding of the play of destiny, within the framework of existence. A song of pathos. A memory floating away into oblivion.

The hologram has birthed a new you. I now see the pain in your eyes. The wait has been harder for you than me, my Beloved. Yet again, you are in my arms. Frozen cold and dead to the touch, you wake up with a kiss from Snow White’s ghost. Phantoms of the past dance and sing. Songs of never-neverland.

The End….

Venus in Pisces has me feeling very erotic. Such a deep longing to merge in sacred union! And she is on the 23rd degree! That is my number!


That was something I wrote on my way to the studio to shoot some more episodes of my Show. I don’t know which tune it was, but there was a tune playing in my head. It lingered on and caressed my senses to a heightened awareness of LOVE.

The LOVE that is all around which we sometimes experience as romantic love. But just look at LOVE without the romance angle. It is relationships that corrupt this concept. Why? Because of our expectations. We expect every single thing from another human being without ever totally committing to do the same.

Do you see relationships working out?

The Pisces energy is very romantic. After all, Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is the higher octave of VENUS, the GODDESS of love and money.


Do you feel the romance stirring deep within? It could also be because the MOON is in LEO, the house of romance and creativity. LEO, the 5th house which deals with our love interest. Not the one we will marry, but our romances before we settle down. That is the 5th house.

Do you know that when the MOON is in LEO, it is the best time to glam up and go out for that date with that special one. Today is so very suited to romantic endeavors and if that is not your thing, let us this as a creative fuel to birth some spectacular piece of art.

The LEO MOON is also CONJUNCT the NORTH NODE which is our purpose in life. My purpose in life is to love and today I created love, made love, expressed love, sang love, danced love, ate love and lived love.

There is a dreaminess in the air anyways with so many planets swimming in the deep seas of Pisces. Yesterday VENUS SEXTILED PLUTO and what can I say…this is a karmic love story coming to life.

Fated encounters…so very fated that when you both come face to face, everything stills right down. You can hear their breath. You can see colors in their smile. Savants do that type of thing. And with her TRINE to JUPITER in SCORPIO, this sexual intensity can electrify your mind, body, soul.

Sadly society asks you to suppress your deep feelings. Remember the MOON is your FEELING BODY and you cannot ignore her. The MOON in LEO makes a tense SQUARE to JUPITER in SCORPIO.

Here JUPITER is touching base with VENUS in a harmonious way and with the MOON, he is in disharmony. And SCORPIO brings this deep sexual energy which is being dispersed through the collective by the square and by the trine.

TRINES can be problematic…too much of a good thing. Floodgates can crash open and this may have to do with sexual feelings; coming out, expressing your deep needs and touching base with your body.

If you feel unloved, start by loving and accepting your body.

Do not feel awkward with this as you might because the MOON SESQUISQUARES SATURN and this does bring in a sense of restriction and awkwardness. Just do not allow negativity to cloud this LEO MOON which will soon slip into VIRGO and become full. Pregnant. There is something so erotic about being naked under the moonlight.

Look at your lover. Do not turn away. Do not hide under any false pretenses. Shed the mask and stand in your raw nakedness.

Oh the crazy thing is that the MOON is now in 23 degrees of LEO and I am born on the 23rd, so this is a number very close to my vibration. That is a tiny bit of synchronicity!

And the NUMBER ELEVEN- Why is it following me everywhere?

Do you know that this year is an 11 and all this FM in VIRGO is one of the THREE FULL MOONS OF 2018 that have taken place in the 11 degrees!!! FREAKY AF!

What are the odds that the NUMBER 11 will play out like this! And this is a strong message for humanity to wake up to LOVE. Find your lover, find your tribe, find your animals, but first of all, find yourself.

Of course there is no literally FINDING YOURSELF, it is more a stage of self discovery. One day you will think, “Oh, I did that…I’m pretty awesome…” And all the self hatred and doubts will fade away. It is important that you know that you are doing the best you can. We are usually exceptionally hard on ourselves and this actually does not help the world at large.

With mass amounts of people who loathe themselves, we can only expect violence, war, shootings, propaganda…It is everywhere. There is no place to run.

I was worried about the MARS SQUARE MERCURY which exacted today, but thankfully this energy worked in reconnecting me to an old friend. Someone who is important to me and had disappeared. This Venus/ Pluto always brings in old connections. From past lives.

According to Marina of Darkstar Astrology, this full moon will bring up “up themes of the victim/savior archetype since it falls on the fixed star Zosma found on the flank of the lion’s [Leo] back. Unusual for restrained Virgo energy this star brings a lion’s bite to the full moon. The mystique continues with the fact the full moon is also opposite Neptune, which makes those martyr tendencies more likely to emerge at this full moon. There is also a sadomasochistic element here too which might come out in news headlines around this time. Look out for bondage-style fashion and love/hate imagery in the media.”

Bondage can be healing. Shibari is an art and a meditation, one of my personal favorites!

“Meditation is a means of transforming the mind…techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.” – The Buddhist Centre

Sometimes through bondage one realizes the importance of freedom and there is much to be had when you relinquish control. This is the subtlety to this space.

The SUN is CONJUNCT my natal MOON at 11 degrees of Pisces and shadowy information is leaking from parallel dimensions. I found myself crying. Actually I cried yesterday for a while and felt the catharsis, but today, it was like another storm that had welled up inside. The SUN will also be CONJUNCTING NEPTUNE soon…the aspect is applying. This is great for ROLE PLAYING and for fantasy improvs.

It works superbly for writers, musicians and occultists to name a few.

Focus on the NOW. Focus on the MOON above. La Luna is already a picture of perfection. And SATURN, also involved in a TRINE with her WILL BRING WITH HIM, A DOSE OF SERIOUSNESS. Why so serious?

This will make us swim in the compassionate and empathic seas of mutable Pisces and the FM in VIRO opposite the PISCES STELLIUM will be fodder and requiem for our dreams.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the 11 DEGREES OF PISCES is – MEN SEEKING ILLUMINATION! The archetype of the seeker IS activated as the YANG/YIN, transiting SUN/natal MOON make music on the 11th degree. And what a symphony! Makes me want to merge in sacred union with the Divine Masculine!

But one cannot escape…that is so freaking Pisces, I tell you….

MERCURY in PISCES can read your thoughts. Seriously…there is such a force of psychic energy today. I felt it during one consultation I had today. It was so much easier to drift off into different worlds and realities.

Doing R&D for my makeup brand kept me focused to this world. Tomorrow I am off for an adventure and loads of live shows for you guys. BTW, I discovered that makeup was used by prostitutes and decent women stayed away from it until the 1900s. My father was never keen that I apply makeup. Again this is something patriarchy has stolen from us. Our right to look the way we want to. We do not dress up for the gaze of men, we are also humans. We also need color. Makes me want to call the SCARLET RED, A WHORE RED! My partner walked away from the room….hahahahaha

Don’t forget to book your sessions…

Oh Chiron is in Pisces…but more on that soon…

MERCURY will CONJUNCT CHIRON soon and this can bring up old trauma from your childhood and it will have to do with some type of communication error. Try to resolve it with honest dialogue.


Below is a piece on Pisces stuff that was happening as we started 2017. Revisit.




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