Venus in Aries, 6th March 2018 and the general Astro vibe~~ I want something just like this~~

According to Buddha…

Everything is the vibration of spirit consciousness condensed into electromagnetic images. The essence of those images cannot be severed by a sword, nor burned, nor drowned, nor suffer pain of any sort. It is not born nor does it die. It only passes through a few changes.

This HOLOGRAM we live in has no death of energy…it just transforms. Energy does not die. Once condensed into the physical from the spiritual realm, energy takes forms and starts to experience this 3D. And infinite dimensions of the Hologram.

All I wanted to do during the Pisces season was go stargazing. Just go up to the rooftop and stare at the stars with my grandfather’s telescope. Yes, it still works and is vintage. Astronomy actually led me to astrology. I was so fascinated by the sky full of stars that when I discovered that these stars speak to us, that was it…that is how I began to study my first textbook of astrology. That was like a gazillion years ago…

Back to VENUS moving into Aries. MERCURY as usual beats her there. Well after all the power of communication will have to be adjusted to the firecracker speed of Aries. Here we were communicating through surreal oeuvres of inter dimensional Pisces, but the filter has now been burnt by fiery and impatient ARIES.

It is all about ME, the INDIVIDUAL. ARIES is ruled by MARS, the masculine polarity of VENUS. It is the first sign where SPIRIT LEARNS HOW TO START WITH THE IMPULSE TO CREATE on this physical realm. The ZODIAC WHEEL is a representation of the wheel of samsara. There is another wheel too- WHEEL OF FORTUNE in TAROT which speaks of KARMA TAKING ITS TOLL. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

VENUS forms the basis of the UNCONSCIOUS. She is the WOMB of creation where the MALE(MARS) lays is spiritual seed! She also describes the relativity of our deep psychological processes. The peak experiences of bliss and desire are expressions of the feminine.  She helps us open up the LIBIDO!

MARS is dangerous. It is Nocturnal, diabolical, masculine, maleficent, hot. MARS deals with the PUBLIC SECTOR, even prostitution, war, destruction, infections and it rules the HEAD.


Let me give you a poem to understand this VENUS IN ARIES energy~

And then the day came,
when the risk
to remain tight
in a bud
was more painful
than the risk
it took
to Blossom. Anais Nin

VENUS in this placement takes risks. She likes risks…so what are you willing to risk today? Think long and hard over this.

Interestingly enough, La Luna is in SCORPIO, the other sign ruled by MARS. Argghhhh!

Lol! The thing with MOON in SCORPIO men is that they can be DANGEROUS. Secretive. Covert. Manipulative. In the lower vibrations and I have seen with my experience that most men with this placement and even women, have had a very POSSESSIVE and manipulative, even obsessive maybe, MOTHER. Yes your MOON in SCORPIO man may have very well learnt all this from his mommy dear. But if he is tuning into the higher vibes, then he is the TRUE INITIATE. Remember the three archetypes of SCORPIO? If not, watch my videos about Scorpio Moons and you will know more.

BTW, a word of caution…

THE DEGREE that the Moon stands in SCORPIO is the 2nd one and after meditating on the SABIAN SYMBOL, I have to say this, that there is pain and sadness, misery and desperation with this energy.

Sabian Symbol: A broken bottle and spilled perfume.

Did the bottle fall out of your hands? Or was it out of your control? Did you purposely drop it? Do you realize now that the bottle is broken for good and can never be fixed. On top of that, PERFUME floats away. Yes, the smell lingers for a while, but eventually all we are left with is NOTHING. Empty space. The smell is there, in your memory. Stored away, but for now, it is gone…Do you see where I am going with this? Time to develop your EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT!

Remember we are officially moving into HIGHER FREQUENCIES and what ever remains of this DEATH/DYING timeline must also perish. This is inevitable. Yes, there is pain, but what is wrong with pain? Pain is your friend as much as your teacher and lover…;)

LET YOUR FEARS COLLAPSE! Negative experiences are needed too, because nothing is purely good or evil. Everything has dualistic energies that is displayed in 3D. Take the EVOLUTION OF OUR BRAINS for instance. What would we do without intelligence? But do you know that there is also a downside to this evolution? Schizophrenia is likely a side effect of our brain’s complex evolution. There! You have it….

There are NEW WAVES OF ENERGIES. Do not OBSERVE THEM TO LABEL THEM. JUST BE in the moment. That is the key to alchemy in the most simplistic terms.

MARS is on the 24th degree of SAGITTARIUS again fueling our tempers and creating strife and violence. Just don’t give into this energy. Use it to fuel your fire of creativity in any and everything you do.

Sabian Symbol: A bluebird standing at the door of the house

This degree relates a lot to IMMIGRATION, because the bluebird is expectant to see what lies inside. There could be abundance. This is how immigrants feel. THERE COULD BE DANGER, BUT THERE IS HOPE.

You know SAGITTARIUS has to do with all things foreign and foreigners.

VENUS and MARS the male/female polarities are now once again in TWO FIRE SIGNS- ARIES and SAGITTARIUS. It is ADVENTURE TIME again. Shake off from the Piscean slumber and awaken to initiate something new. Ask yourself this ARIES SEASON- WHAT IS THE ONE NEW THING I HAVE STARTED? It can be anything. Just go out there and do something new.

With all this energy in Pisces, and the presence if CHIRON and NEPTUNE in there has really awakened a new paradigm of consciousness for me. I am sure, for you as well. And I have done much writing and journaling on Twinflames as well.

Everything is foggy about this romanticized idea on the twinflame. Can there be an ABSOLUTE TRUTH when it comes to such great cosmic mysteries which is why the HIGHEST TEACHING is SILENCE?

No matter how hard we try to understand and comprehend, sometimes with elaborate ideas, sometimes with perceptual knowledge, sometimes from hearsay, we can never quite get at the crux of it. It is elusive. Twinflames and sacred union. It can lead to a lot of heartbreaks and disillusionment.

Please remember, when I talk to you about Twinflames, I am sharing my collected wisdom over the years on this topic which is so close to my heart. There is no hard and fast rule to find your Twinflame. This is not instant coffee. I understand how badly you might want to meet that person, but believe me, thinking that X or Y is your TWINFLAME out of the blue will only result in deep disappointment.

Which is why so many of you feel betrayed, because you have thought that the person in question was your Twinflame, but it turned out to be a nightmare. For one, I never told you it will be easy. For fuck’s sake, how can it be easy? Is anything easy? Look how difficult it is to bring up a child in this world which is like the basis of life and our world. Because without humans there will be no OBSERVERS and without Observers there is no REALITY!

Pisces TEACHES US A WHOLE LOT about trauma. Just see where it is placed in  your chart, then piece the story in your mind. For me Pisces is the 7th house of relationships, so there…I have always had trauma in that department. And there has been much soul growth too, but my heart has still not found what I am looking for and that can be traumatic. That hankering for something that is as absurd as reality itself!


I think my Moon and 7th house being activated by so much in Pisces has made me truly crave for a soul penetrative experience and yet, I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions due to all the creative energy welling up inside. I look back at the month and see how emotional I have been. Yet, this time I did not run away, but faced all of them.

There was also much physical pain I had to deal with this Virgo Full Moon on my Ascendant/Mars and Venus. Due to long hours of writing my right arm was swollen. It took me two days to correct the imbalance. No medicines. No doctors. Just my own energy tapping into the hologram. Yes there is still pain, but I am here writing once again. And this is not something I can stop. Started the finger exercises. Did this VIRGO FM bring your awareness to some imbalance in your body? Correct it now, the energies will support you. Use EFT and the whisper this mantra to your body. I’M SORRY. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU!

Now bringing the BLACK MOON LILITH aspect of the FULL MOON IN VIRGO. Lilith and the MOON are having a harmonious conversation and this could mean that finally we decide to look at the LILITH ARCHETYPE with respect, because every single archetype is as old as time itself and deserves respect! Let the so called FALLEN WOMEN rise again. There is no reason for hating women who choose not to subordinate themselves to patriarchal toxic mores and customs. She becomes the witch, the whore, the slut. Because she chooses independence?

Always be mindful of which WOOLF you are feeding inside?

And always remember that there is NO QUICK FIX to healing. This is an intrepid journey we have to undertake constantly to remove all the accumulated toxicity. Wash away FEAR! Let the magickal healing begin…

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