Full Blue Moon in Libra, 31st March 2018; Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, No you can’t amuse me, so leave you must~~

“I used to advertise my loyalty and I don’t believe there is a single person I loved that I didn’t eventually betray.”
― Albert Camus, The Fall

The general energies are turbulent surely if I go by the emails and texts I am getting, with the CARDINAL T SQUARE intensifying the skies above, but there is also a deep sense of betrayal lurking in the collective consciousness triggering individuals to act with hatred and violence.  This FM is not called BLUE because of her color,  but it is from the word belewe, ‘to betray’. Although LIBRA is the sign of BALANCE and FAIRNESS, of peace and justice. Look at the glyph- the SCALES OF JUSTICE! It looks like the GREEK LETTER OMEGA. Interestingly, this is the ONLY GLYPH that is not living. It is a material object, so there is a certain coldness about LIBRA. But they are the DIPLOMATS and they abhor injustice. Libra is the point of balance in the zodiac, the place where neither spirit nor matter dominates.

Even the tarot card of Libra is JUSTICE, even though she may be BLINDFOLDED. JUSTICE IS BLIND and impartial. But still this Blue/FM has the smell of deceit and deception. We feel betrayed. Look at how the kids marched to “save their lives,” in America. They feel let down. By the establishment. By authority. By their school and by rep tapism. We all feel that betrayal….

Which is why I picked the quote of Camus from the fall which is a profound philosophical novel and one of my favorites. Now there MERCURY is OPPOSING my natal PLUTO, so I hope this piece will bring some of those transformative energies for you to use.

Set in Amsterdam, The Fall consists of a series of dramatic monologues by the self-proclaimed “judge-penitent” Jean-Baptiste Clamence, as he reflects upon his life to a stranger. In what amounts to a confession, Clamence tells of his success as a wealthy Parisian defense lawyer who was highly respected by his colleagues; his crisis, and his ultimate “fall” from grace, was meant to invoke, in secular terms, The Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden. The Fall explores themes of innocence, imprisonment, non-existence, and truth. In a eulogy to Albert Camus, existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre described the novel as “perhaps the most beautiful and the least understood” of Camus’ books.~~Wiki

This FALL from the GARDEN OF EDEN may be a prominent theme for this FM/BM in Libra.

With CAMUS, there was always the exploration of the possibility that LIFE IS MEANINGLESS and sometimes, it can appear so, but we have to use self assertion and action, no matter what. We see this play out in all of Camus works and this is what needs to play out in our lives. Even in our darkest despair when all meaning is lost, we have to CONTINUE ON. Yes, the show must go on….

If your life feels meaningless, then pause for a second. Try and understand what MEANING means to you and why your life must adhere to your understanding and expectation!

I know it sounds harsh, but sometimes, there is meaning in just a sunrise. Sometimes there is meaning in a few lines. Sometimes, there is meaning in a smile. It depend on how perceptive you are. Use your INTELLECT this LIBRA FM, as that is what LIBRA does best. Be intellectual. Develop your cognitive functions.

This Blue/FM is happening in the 10th degree of LIBRA, the 7th sign, ruled by Venus that has to do with all our INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS and how we relate to the world at large. Libra is about partnerships, romantic and business, even artistic collaborations!

Some of the best musicians have prominent LIBRA in their charts, Throw in a bit of TAURUS there and you can have someone superbly talented. But there is more to the story…

The 10th degree is LIBRA is the end of the first DECAN of this sign and the SABIAN SYMBOL for this degree is ~A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters.

Reflect on this symbol! What does it signify! That a turbulent time is about to end. You have weathered the storm! This is efficient energy! This is competence!

But why was your canoe in dangerous waters to begin with? Use this question and journal. Did you get swept away by the waves or did you go there for adventure? These two options can change the way we look at the symbol. Maybe you took a chance, maybe you decided to be an adventure junkie and canoe in the most dangerous waters. If you took useless risks and put yourself in danger, then it is time to reevaluate this tendency of self destruction.

Did I hear RE-EVALUATE? Reminds me of MERCURY RETROGRADE in the sign of ARIES, ruled by MARS and this FM is in LIBRA, ruled by VENUS! Yes MERCURY is involved in this lunation, but let us speak of the ominous overtures of this FM.

This Blue Moon in Libra has got a bad reputation. Look what the Astrology King has to say…

The March 31 full moon aligns with two stars in Virgo Constellation as shown below. Both stars need consideration because the Moon has already passed over them, unleashing their full potential.

  • 10°11′ Libra – Vindemiatrix Star
  • 10°23′ Libra – Porrima Star
  • 10°44′ Libra – Full Moon

Fixed star Porrima gives a courteous, refined and lovable character with prophetic instincts. Moon conjunct Porrima: Popular, business worries, domestic disharmony and divorce, poor health.

Fixed star Vindemiatrix gives falsity, disgrace, stealing and often causes its natives to become widows. Moon conjunct Vindemiatrix: Worry, many disappointments, loss through law or writings and theft, bad health, failure in business. The Moon in particular with this star causes a fear of losing your partner. Through your own fear you could project the loss. ~Astrologyking

This Blue Moon in Libra is happening in my second house of income and resources and is about 3 degrees away from my natal Pluto! This is huge! And if this is happening to you too, then you might experience some illumination and some reward in your financial department. And stuff gets weird when natal Pluto is triggered! Let’s see what happens…

Now let me discuss the MERCURY RETROGRADE before I move onto the aspects prominent in this lunation. This MERC RETRO is happening in ARIES, the first sign of fire! This is the energy of BEGINNING NEW THINGS and here we have the retrograde happening. Contrary energies are surely at work, because the retro motion of Merc will brings frustrations and delays. For me this is happening in my 8th house of partner’s resources, taxes, inheritance and sexuality. So it is time for me to REASSESS these areas of life. Look at what house and which sign it is happening for you and you will know what to expect.

MERCURY RETRO does not only bring frustrations, it also helps us COMPLETE things. For me, something huge could be wrapping up that deals with my 8th house and I am so grateful for that. Mercury stationary retrograde on March 22, 2018 at 16°54′ Aries.

VENUS is conjunct at this time, bringing the awareness to love, romance and relationships. Twinflmes and soulmates, all of the goodies. ALSO money.

Lovers, friends, acquaintances and all types of people from your past can pop up. New interactions can have a fated feel as they are probably from another life. This happened to me a few days ago with a client who found me online and being underage, he made his mom book a reading with me. What an astute and empathic young man! I was stunned to know his age and his emotional depth. Of course, he is someone known to me in many lives. It was a mutual feeling. This is the kind of stuff that can happen.

Exes will definitely try to look you up. My ex has begun to text my partner about some irrelevant issue, even before Venus/Mars are retro! I have blocked him from my profile, so he finds ways to communicate with my partner to speak about totally random things. I expected his text, but as Mars or Venus went retro, but it happened with the Mercury just as well!

There is a CARDINAL T-SQUARE at play in the skies which involves the FM, and MARS CONJUNCT SATURN. The signs involved are LIBRA, ARIES, CAPRICORN and this will create challenges surely as these three are as diverse as can be!

A T-square stimulates drive and courage, but also tension and conflict. Cardinal T-squares can be very impatient, but also enterprising and initiating.~~CAFEASTROLOGY

The MERC RETRO is adding the ARIES fire to the mix! Do not be brash and watch how you communicate. YOU MIGHT SAY OR DO SOMETHING HEROIC as well. BTW, if you were born with a RETRO MERC in your chart, then this can be an excellent time for you. Productive too.

The DECAN 2 of LIBRA is ruled by SATURN which adds a certain gravitas to the equation.

The FIXED STAR ALGORAB lies on the 13th degree of Libra, in this decan.

This star was included in the Hindu 11th nakshatraHasta, the Hand, with Savitar, the Sun, as its presiding divinity.

Influences of the 11th Hindu Moon Mansion Hasta: A light asterism belonging to the Vaisya caste (merchant/business) and favorable for sales, art, sculpture, learning, marital love, wearing of ornaments, medicine, and purchase of carriages when containing the Moon. Those born on the lunar day will be thieves, dealers in large animals, painters, merchants, handsome and religious. With Moon here at birth native will be active, resourceful, shameless, merciless, and a thief and drunkard.

So you see how there is a certain iffy component to this decan.

Look at what MARINA from DARKSTAR ASTROLOGY has to say…

This is the home of Algorab in the crow, but it’s all wrapped up in finest Venusian silk! This is where victims of the crafty crow come unstuck. You can see your opponents from the more obviously aggressive decans coming. But you just don’t expect such a low down and dirty attack from your divinely adorable Libra decan 2.

Duplicist and deceptive behavior is possible, so be careful!

ALGORAB is notorious…Of the nature of Mars and Saturn. It gives destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying, and is connected with scavenging. ~~Robson

ALGORAB is dangerous. Read this comment below…I got this from ElsaElsa in the fan comments section and it chilled my heart.

I have the fixed star Algorab (from constellation of Corvus the Crow) conjunct my Libra Ascendant to the exact 13 degree and find it eerie that misfortune does creep into my life ever so often, more so than my peers.  I’ve dealt with a difficult childhood, multiple foreclosures, death/loss of beloved ones, financial loss, job loss, crappy marriage/relationships, crazy accidents, crazy injuries, many facets of abuse, you name it.  I find myself having extreme hatred towards crows as they are messengers of an up-coming bad omen in waking life and in dreams.

Shockingly, this decan is ruled by SATURN and in VEDIC ASTROLOGY, the crow is associated with SATURN or SHANI DEVA. Here, this woman must have SATURN KARMA that she needs to work through which is why all this misfortune happens and also her fear of crows shows how far removed she is from the frequency of SATURN. The crows could be remind her unconsciously of previous SATURN RELATED MISFORTUNES.


The crow is considered a SCAVENGER!

However, not just in India, even in the West, the CROW was known to have mystical powers and now Science has proven that they are indeed as INTELLIGENT AS A SEVEN YEAR OLD HUMAN!

J.E. Cirlot, in his Dictionary of Symbols, writes that in classical cultures the crow was believed to hold “certain mystic powers and in particular the ability to foresee the future: hence its caw played a special part in rites of divination“. Others have suggested that the Romans dwelt upon the importance of its cry because it sounds like crascras, which in Latin means ‘tomorrow, tomorrow’. In view of its prophetic reputation, the Raven was said to be the sacred bird and messenger of Apollo, (the Roman god of prophecy), who cast favour upon it after the Sungod triumphantly assumed its shape during a contest of the gods. ~~skyscript.uk

I feel that many of us may play the archetype of the scavenger.

To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname empire; and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace. ~TACITUS

This is the truth of our culture. They have made us scavengers on earth. Picking away at what is dead. Picking away at what they leave behind! Is that what we are meant to do here?

LIBRA does not like to get out of her comfort zone, but I ask you to push yourself. Ask yourself these HARD QUESTIONS for no one else can answer them. No one but you.

The MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY can really make things difficult for us internally and how we express all that stuff. There is a loss of clarity and blame-games, Do not mess around with words. MERCURY also squares SATURN adding to the breakdown of our confidence and the clarity of our thoughts. We can fight with father figures or authority types.

MARS is CONJUNCT SATURN in CAPRICORN which is militaristic energy. Do not wage war today. Make passionate love instead. The MOON SQUARE MARS energy can be productive for this purpose or else it can add to the confusion. WTF should you do now? Absolutely nothing, if it is violent and destructive. Remember, someone may get violent with you. MOON/MARS square can bring about issues of dominance and control and women may land up being controlled. MOON also SQUARES SATURN, so again, I see women losing control. But of course, you create the script of your existence and becoming aware can help you manipulate the energies to your benefit.

MARS/SATURN in CAPRICORN is great to get things done. So even though there is a MERC retro, if your gut tells you to go after a project or pursue a love interest, then do it. There is karma involved here.

VENUS rules LIBRA. I need not stress now important the influence of VENUS is. She ignites our hearts desires and activates the functionality of our minds. She is the facilitator of our evolution and is our inherent wisdom and understanding. She is SARASWATI.

LIBRANS are very sensual people, but not touchy-feely in the TAUREAN way. They are intellectual and need their minds and imaginations to be stimulated. However, a LIBRA individual can be prone to excesses in sexuality. They can flit from people having mindless sex and LIBRANS do not allow themselves to feel any hard and deep emotions. They tend to sweep it under a rug. Sexual depravity can become a motif with so much MARS/VENUS/SATURN. ARIES, the polarity of LIBRA is also very sexually charged.

The body part associated to LIBRA is the KIDNEY, so this will be a good time to watch for it. The kidney is connected to our primal passions as they are situated on the top of each of the adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands are also closely related with sexuality, also the regulation of the sexual drive.  So here we see profound significance: the kidneys in conjunction with the adrenal glands have a direct bearing on our sexual health, our sexual development, the health of our blood, the health of our entire body.

Therefore LIBRA energy is super sexual and must find an outlet to express itself. It does govern LAW, SEX and MONEY.

VENUS is also related to the KIDNEYS. Listen to what PARACELSUS has to say..

The nature and the exaltation of Venus is found in the kidneys in the grade and predestination that correspond to the planet or the entrails. Well then, since the operation that Venus performs is directed toward the fruits of the Earth that must be engendered, the potency of the kidneys concentrates itself on the human fruit.”

VENUS gifts us with PROGENY, she is after all the GODDESS OF LOVE and what is the fruit of human love? A child!

Let me end by giving you a story from the life of Paramhamsa Vishuddhnanda. We all have two LOTUS FLOWERS on our two kidneys. For the YOGI, their color is WHITE and for normal humans, it is a blood red. It is documented in texts, that he has shown thee LOTUS flowers to some people. Even a Swedish Scientist!

 Some lines from Jane Austen to ponder on this FM in LIBRA~

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever. I offer myself to you again with a heart even more your own than when you almost broke it, eight years and a half ago. Dare not say that man forgets sooner than woman, that his love has an earlier death. I have loved none but you.”

Check this video out for more clarity on the sign of LIBRA~





ART BY Christina Schulz, Artist



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