Venus in Taurus~~You got a fetish for my love~~


Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. ~~Ludwig van Beethoven

TAURUS is sensual and ruled by VENUS who presides over the arts and music. So TAURUS is all about music and sensuality. It also rules the throat, making TAURUS MOON/SUN/ASCENDANT people some of the best singers. Yes their voices are mesmerizing. Mostly TAURUS people will have something to do with music and the arts. VENUS’ entry into this sign fires up our appetite for all VENUSIAN things and with this placement, WOMEN are brought into focus.

Polarity makes itself felt as we near the time of this Blood/FM in ARIES, the first sign of the zodiac. Mercury in ARIES is opposite the MOON as well as he is retro, so there is an extra emphasis on thinking and contemplating before we speak. ARIES is brash and loud, egotistical and selfish in its lower vibrations, so be mindful of how you COMMUNICATE(MERCURY) who is teaching us to internalize our outward expressions of communicative brilliance to pay attention to what is truly going on inside of the depth of our being.

This is not the time to RESIST anything and I mean NOTHING. This is the time to ALLOW and EMBRACE NEWNESS. Remember ARIES is all about NEWNESS and how much of that exists in your life? IT IS TIME TO EXIST IN THE MOMENT!

Why would you want to resist change? CHANGE is the only permanent thing we know of, so why be so scared of it? Isn’t it our evolutionary instinct to “figure” it out as Buddha tried to figure out suffering. It is time to understand that this reality is comprised of DUALITY, it is the very realm of duality, so why fear the shadow? Embrace it, accept it, just as much as you accept the light.

Shadow owes its birth to light. ~~John Gay

If you start embracing all facets of experience instead of labelling them, you immediately recalibrate your vibratory energy signature. This helps in the ASCENSION PROCESS. But the key here is that you keep in mind that ASCENSION or 5D awareness is not the DESTINATION. It is a journey and it never stops. No matter what level you ascend to, there are always higher spiritual realms. What is the point of it all then, you ask? It is all about experience and emotions, feelings and sentiments. It is about the realization of love and hate mean nothing when everything is ONE. It is this ONENESS that keep wanting to become many. It is this ONE WHO DREAMS UP THIS WORLD OF DUALITY and we swim in it like little fishes. Who are we? But dreams of this oneness…

Shadow is light as light  is shadow!

Every so-called negative experience is a possible gift from your own HIGHER SELF, a part of the UNIVERSAL FORCE which manifests as everything and nothing. Your WOUND is your GREATEST GIFT. A very special opportunity to realize your true identity and the fact that you are that EVERYTHING and NOTHING. All in one go.

VENUS, the planet of LOVE and FINANCES has now moved into her own sign of TAURUS, the second EARTH, FIXED SIGN that deals with the earth and the physical body. VENUS rules two signs- TAURUS and LIBRA.

TAURUS is a feminine earth sign and VENUS expresses herself with a denser vibe than she does in airy, masculine LIBRA. Although LIBRA is masculine, I have found this sign to be very much in touch with their feminine side due to being ruled by VENUS.

So VENUS is the ruler of the FULL MOON which is about to go exact shortly and I feel it is the right time to talk about a hymn to GODDESS INNANA, the namesake of VENUS in SUMER. And this is no ordinary hymn ladies and gentlemen…it is written by the FIRST FEMALE POET OF THE WORLD! What a perfect time to talk about it, during the LIBRA FM which loves such discussions.

Enheduanna, the author of a number of hymns dedicated to the priestess Inanna, is a fascinating figure. She was a Sumerian high priestess who lived in the 23rd century BC, around 1,500 years before Homer. Enheduanna lived in the city of Ur (in modern-day Iraq), and was a priestess of the Sumerian moon god Nanna. But did Enheduanna also write The Descent of Inanna, a remarkable early example of the epic poem? If so, The Descent of Inanna is not just the oldest epic; it’s the oldest work of poetry written by any named poet, male or female.

As Janet Roberts has observed, ‘Enheduanna wrote a cycle of hymns in the temples of Sumer, a tradition that ends with her death. She also wrote an impassioned appeal to the goddess Inanna to be reinstated in her office as high priestess of the moon god in Ur, and to have her enemies who deposed her, vanquished.’ The cycle of hymns begins with words that immediately evoke that distant world that Enheduanna inhabited, a world of ziggurats and potash, with drums marking time as the religious ceremonies are carried out:

O E-unir (House which is a ziqqurat), grown together with heaven and earth, foundation of heaven and earth, great banqueting hall of Eridug! Abzu, shrine erected for its prince, E-dul-kug (House which is the holy mound) where pure food is eaten, watered by the prince’s pure canal, mountain, pure place cleansed with the potash plant, abzu, your tigi drums belong to the divine powers.


Okay now back to LIBRA and VENUS, remember always that when these two pop up, our emphasis is on relationships. All of our INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS!

And MERC was just CONJUNCT VENUS and this lunation, she is in sensual TAURUS, so our minds will be on ROMANCE, big time! We are now ready to touch the one with love and see them with a thousand eyes…A combination of TAURUS and ARIES.

I collect MOON WATER during every FM and I suggest you do too. You energize this water and then you keep it with yourself for lunar magick to take place. You can put spells on each vial for different purposes. Love spells will be POTENT right now and so will sex magick!

MOON and MERCURY in such close OPPOSITION can be very detrimental to all our cognitive processes. During such tense moments, I am to meet someone for a meeting and seriously I am a bit unnerved! But then again I remember…everything is just oerfect. A perfect fractal of the INFINITE!

Who am I to fret? Who am I to worry? It is not the time to anchor my soul in fear and negativity. It is time to awaken to the beauty of existence.

A practice that changed my life is Ho’oponopono. This is a Hawaiian Huna ritual for forgiveness and love. Release ALL YOUR negative patterns: look in the mirror, tell yourself I am sorry, thank you and I love you. I try to keep this practice up as much as I can. Definitely think of this as a very powerful and transformative tool.

I am sensual and very physical. I’m very erotic. But my sexuality exists on a sort of a fantasy level. ~~Donna Summer….Mmmmm…do you feel this energy?

Listen to me recite a love poem and think of your beloved…


Have a blessed FM in Libra~~

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