Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, 2018~~It was the first time I felt the sun I knew that you are the only one for me, played it simple As you are…

To thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man. — Shakespeare

But, but, but WHO ARE YOU? WHO IS YOUR TRUE SELF? Do you even know? PLUTO will bring you closer to the knowledge of WHO AM I? But you have to be ready to face the music that PLUTO plays. It is time to stop living on the SURFACE of your IDENTITY! Yes you face the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, but little did you know you are a seed buried deep within the bosom of the earth and one day, you will rise up towards the SUN, defying gravity and you will bloom. Only if you ALLOW!

PLUTO is ATOMIC POWER. It was discovered in 1930 when we began to play with what became the nuclear arsenal of later years. PLUTO is volatile. It is about a RESHUFFLE OF THE MATRIX. Just how we reshuffle the tarot deck. PLUTO RETROGRADE will make that very same move and PLUTO’S sojourn through the sign of the CORPORATION, CAPRICORN, will see such powerhouses being torn and ripped and rebirthed. We are already in the midst of it. It began in 2008.

PLUTO is also a revolutionary like URANUS. He was demoted from being a planet, but he was again reclassified as a DWARF PLANET. So with this energy, there can be a feeling of being dwarfed by the system and even in MYTHOLOGY, PLUTO was shrunk in size by JUPITER. Hasn’t he been through enough already?

PLUTO’S LESSON in your natal char is about letting go…for me, PLUTO is in my second house of finances and earning. Being an animal caregiver and a working mom, I understand how PLUTO in the 2nd can make your earnings disappear. It does allow spaces for regeneration which you only adapt to after a certain level of maturity. So with each year, and with each retrograde, you learn better about LETTING GO…

“No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories.” ― Haruki Murakami

Okay, maybe you want to hold onto those memories…but what of the pain? You have to let it go…REDEFINE YOUR GOALS!

The DEATH CARD in TAROT is the card associated with PLUTO and SCORPIO, the sign it rules and rightly so, because their energies are truly about REGENERATION and total TRANSMUTATION! Letting go… 🙂

PLUTO RETROGRADE brings to FOCUS the unseen, the unknown TRANSPERSONAL ENERGIES of DEATH and REBIRTH to the forefront of the human psyche at this potent moment when the farthest planet starts moving backwards, of course only from the human perspective.

What exactly are these TRANSPERSONAL ENERGIES at play?

Stanislav Grof has defined transpersonal “states” of awareness as such: “The common denominator of this otherwise rich and ramified group of phenomena is the feeling of the individual that his consciousness expanded beyond the usual ego boundaries and the limitations of time and space.”

Thus this time becomes a time of EXPLORATION through such deep realms of the psyche. PLUTO goes retro every year around the same time, bringing our awareness to things we do not usually want to look at. We tend to avoid things that are PLUTONIC, because these things tend to make us uncomfortable. We prefer to sweep such stuff under the carpet, but when PLUTO goes RETRO, it becomes difficult to remain separated from our AUTHENTIC SELF!

This is the time to ENDORSE SELF like never before. This is the time to SELF AUTHOR the SCRIPT of your 3D existence. PLUTO is the best. Maybe not the best, SATURN takes that place, but PLUTO, having themes of DEATH AND REBIRTH comes very close to SATURN in terms of meting out lessons for soul evolution.

PLUTO RETROGRADE will be all about EMPOWERMENT of every downtrodden person who has woken up to the atrocities that are being committed. They have said enough is enough and are now ready for liberation that PLUTO brings.

There is a SPIRITUAL WARRIOR motif at play heavily, with this transit and CHIRON’S ingress into ARIES and this is amplified by the MARS making aspects with PLUTO and JUPITER. Also these is the FIXED STAR Dheneb at play this lunation.

Fixed star Dheneb, Zeta Aquilae is a 3.0 magnitude green double star in the Tail of the Eagle, Aquila Constellation. Dheneb comes from the traditional name Deneb el Okab, which comes from the Arabic term ذنب العقاب (ðanab al-cuqāb) which means the Tail of the Falcon. The Latin name for the Tail of the Eagle is Cauda Volantis.

Constellation Aquila has a similar influence to that of Mars and Jupiter. It is said to give great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen penetrating mind and ability for chemical research. It has always been associated with the sign Scorpio.

Aquila or the Eagle portends changes in the weather and is indicative of those with a penetrating mind and clairvoyance. Ptolemy says that its stars are of the nature of Mars and Jupiter, but the brightest stars have the spectra of Mars and Venus. ~~ASTROLOGYKING

This star magnifies and escalates the SCORPIONIC energies AKA it gives this PLUTO RETROGRADE that much more zing escalating all things that are SCORPIONIC. Now we truly have the POWER of RENEWAL at our disposal like never before.

PLUTO RETRO will have us DIG DEEP, but what exactly is this digging deep? It is digging deep within the soul. It is coming face to face with our souls. Some may call it EMOTIONAL DETOX and yes, it can be similar to a physical detox. You may need to understand what is not working for your system and then you might need to detox from that. You have to give your SOUL a chance to REBOOT. Let’s do this and let’s do it together. Let us find EMOTIONAL CLEANLINESS in society. Is that even possible? Can human emotions be anything but fucking messy?

Authenticity is an aim for a person to face reality, make decisions, commit to them, and take responsibility for those decisions, according to Søren Kierkegaard. For Kierkegaard, authenticity comes from facing reality and forming your own opinion and now, more than ever, it is time to FORM THOSE OPINIONS, not from an EGO-CENTRIC SPACE, but from a space of love and acceptance, for all of creation.

PLUTO retro will put a dent in your ego, if it has gone astray, because this is the time to identify with HIGHER SPIRITUAL TRUTH. Hello, JUPITER is in SCORPIO and that again displays how profoundly we are being touched by the SCORPIONIC VIBE. There is a lunation coming up in the sign in a few days. But with SCORPIO, things can get ERUPTIVE AND TOXIC!

Remember whenever the OUTER PLANETS go retro, we feel this shift of energy as a collective. Of course these transits touch us individually as well, but these TRANSPERSONAL ENERGIES alter and adjust humanity as a WHOLE.

Since December, Pluto moved from 19 Capricorn to 22 Capricorn. It now is going back over that span between now and late September, when it goes stationary direct at 19 Capricorn. After that it will be in its “shadow zone” through February 2019, when it will again enter unknown zones that humanity has not experienced since 1773. It would seem that revolutionary times are upon us over the next 8 years! ~~AQUARIUS PAPERS

Whoa! That took a lot to digest, right? 1773! Let’s look at what was going on before I move to the SABIAN SYMBOL discussion. And as I pressed GO on GOOGLE after typing 1773, you know what caught my eyes? It was the year of the BOSTON TEA PARTY!

The Boston Tea Party eventually proved to be one of the many reactions that led to the American Revolutionary War. In his December 17, 1773 entry in his diary, John Adams wrote: Last Night 3 Cargoes of Bohea Tea were emptied into the Sea. This Morning a Man of War sails. This is the most magnificent Movement of all. There is a Dignity, a Majesty, a Sublimity, in this last Effort of the Patriots, that I greatly admire. The People should never rise, without doing something to be remembered—something notable And striking. This Destruction of the Tea is so bold, so daring, so firm, intrepid and inflexible, and it must have so important Consequences, and so lasting, that I cant but consider it as an Epocha in History.~~ WIKI

I rest my case…do you see how important this epoch of PLUTO’S ingress and journey through CAPRICORN will be? Do you see how much change it will bring? CHANGE is GOOD. CHANGE is necessary. But within the framework of change, we must also find human empathy and compassion. We must rise above the petty, the common, the mundane and AUTHOR a fantastic script of the reality we want to experience. And this is a chance like none other.

PLUTO RETRO will make us aware of STRENGTH we never knew existed. Walls and walls of strength! We will come out physically, mentally and emotionally stronger after this transit. And spiritually? There is the promise of total renewal because the ASCENSION PROCESS is in full swing.

“Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.” ~ Janis Joplin

PLUTO goes retro in the SECOND DECAN of CAPRICORN which is ruled by TAURUS and this has given it a fixed and stubborn vibe. The second face of Capricorn is ruled by Mars and associated with the 3 of Pentacles card. So at this time I would suggest MEDITATIONS with this card.


I want you to gaze at this card and ponder on how you can better your COORDINATION SKILLS. You need to find the basic ingredients needed for success. It might not be easy, but it will be well worth it. You may need to function as a team. You might need to contribute and cooperate with your team. Joint efforts bear fruit. Become a better planner with this CAPRICORN SECOND DECAN energy. Be disciplined and stick to the routine. Cross your T’S and dot your I’s. REVIEW like its MERCURY RETROGRADE. Achieve everything you always dreamt of. You can now be COMPETENCE PERSONIFIED. Map out your strategy.

Austin Coppock in his book 36 Faces ascribed the image of “The Pyramid” to the second decan of Capricorn and he explains, For this phase of creation to proceed according to plan, laws must be carved and discipline enforced. The project, the vision, thus creates laws of action necessary for its proper realization. It is thus a face of discipline, for cathedrals, like the one pictured in the Three of Pentacles, are works whose construction spans entire decades …

Okay! Enough of drilling this into you! This is the time of hard work! And depending on where 22 of CAPRICORN falls in your natal chart, you have to put work in that area of life. It’s in my fifth house of creative expression, romance, children, passion and the like. Right now, all I need to do is forge ahead with my creative content and see what takes shape! SATURN is also very much there and so is MARS! Check surely where this falls for you. You can book a reading with me as well and we can do this together.

The symbol for the 22nd degree of Capricorn is “A general accepting defeat gracefully.” In the original Jones class notes, Rudhyar says this is a degree of “apparent defeat that spells real spiritual victory,” “Bowing to custom,” and “Conquest through conformity to established norm.”

In the Astrological Mandala, he states this degree involves “the realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success.” He offers that this degree is about our ability to turn “apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement,” and says it falls in the span of Dependence, and it’s the second degree of the emotional-cultural level of the scene of Group Performance in the Act of Capitalization. ~~AQUARIUS PAPERS

Now let us look at the meaning of this POIGNANT SABIAN SYMBOL for 22 of CAPRICORN.

Think of defeat or failure? What feelings arise from the depth of your being? Do you feel resentful about the times you have lost in life? Do you feel resigned and hopeless by your defeats? Or do you stand resolute and learn from all your past mistakes? Are you psychopathic about defeat? Do you feel the need to win all the time? And how well do you accept defeat? Do you throw a tantrum or seek revenge? Or do you move on respectfully integrating the lessons?

This degree of CAPRICORN wants to tell you that it is okay to lose because sometimes we find greater meaning in loss and defeat than we do in victory. We are open to other realities and possibilities if we can move ahead from our past humiliations. It is okay to fail. Everyone does, but the lesson here is PERSEVERANCE. Keep at it and one day you shall succeed. Yes one day, you shall overcome…

Two things then you must remember- HARD WORK and the possibility of defeat or loss, no matter how subtle. If you ever find yourself losing footing in this harsh reality, then just remember, that defeat is as good a teacher as victory. If not better. But you must be open to learn.

“While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated.” ― Maya Angelou

MARS will be CONJUNCT PLUTO on the 26th of APRIL 2018 and this is seriously about us facing our shadows. Go back to all that pain, go back to all that trauma, but this time from a place of objective contemplation. Look at them with the eyes of empathy. For all concerned. Especially yourself. Stay with the moments that gave you the most pain. Do not just hover over them mechanically. But feel all of those emotions…one last time, before you ask PLUTO to destroy them forever with ATOMIC POWER. And from those ashes will emerge the PHOENIX!

This aspect will also highlight sexual tension. Brutal af! It can make you totally obsessed about someone. It can lead to jealousy. If you have a partner, try to channel this energy into lovemaking. This is the best way to use this. You can also work out or do yoga.

This brings to focus themes of DOMINATION and bullying. It is fine to find a playmate who wants to be dominated in bed, but it never fine to try and hegemonize individuals because of your innate destructive tendencies. POWER and the MISUSE of it will be quite evident in the world.

In these abject times, we have to rise to the occasion and face whatever surfaces through the volcanic eruptions of our minds. Digging deep like PLUTO wants you to do can be painful. Very painful, but it will also give you tools to integrate that pain from a polarized space. Pain and pleasure re just binaries that can merge into the bliss of awareness. The bliss of spiritual awareness. Keep up the momentum of growth and clear any stagnant energies. Think of the SOLAR SYSTEM spiraling through the cosmos while the planets dance and swim through the galaxy being pulled to the SUN because of gravity!

Why then hold onto what’s irrelevant? Let it go…if it is a person, let them go…

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go. ~~Hermann Hesse


A good text right now would be the BARDO THODOL…Listen to this below…



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