Venus in Gemini, 24th APRIL, 2018~~I wasn’t looking where I was going, I fell into your eyes~~

Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it. ~~Hermann Hesse

GEMINI is all about COMMUNICATION and here VENUS is flirty, talkative and cute, but she has no staying power. She is all over the place, all in one go. If you have you natal VENUS in GEMINI, then you are truly lady-like, sweet, polite, genteel and happy to travel, write and express. Yet, conventional education might not be your thing. Local communities and siblings is important to GEMINI. THIRD HOUSE issues.

VENUS rules TAURUS and she loves it there, but TAURUS is so earthy, that VENUS cannot find the lighter and more fun side of her. She is responsible, steadfast and dependable in TAURUS. The homemaker, but now she becomes the flirt.

In GEMINI, she takes on a more fun and games vibe. She may not marry you, but she can certainly wink at you and maybe even a kiss. Who knows? Who has VENUS In GEMINI here and who will be truthful? How many get tired of relationships and people before you can say JACK ROBINSON! Ha! Think sexy MARILYN MONROE. Yes, a GEMINI SUN.

VENUS in GEMINI can be TWO-FACED, flighty, elusive, complicated and contradictory or they can see a situation through a fresh pair of eyes. GEMINI, the TWIN is enmeshed in duality like all the air signs and sometimes, she can see the pros and cons of a money deal or a relationship easily. Only if she observes it long enough!

VENUS in GEMINI, knows that life is not just black and white, it is not 50 shades of grey, but it could be 47 shades of Fushcia! A bubbly thing she is. And this placement of VENUS brings eternal youth! Seriously! These people look much younger than their age.

GEMINI rules the lungs, arms and legs, so a good idea would be to bring HARMONY(VENUS) into those body parts! Quit smoking if you must. EXERCISE YOUR LUNGS. Do breathwork.

GEMINI is an INTELLECTUAL, ANALYTICAL, INFO JUNKIE, so this is definitely a good time to beautify your intellect. It is ruled by MERCURY and you can invoke the energy of them with the color YELLOW in ceremony and ritual.

Since VENUS here is such a cerebral position, she loves CHALLENGES THAT PUSH HER TO EXPAND HER INTELLECT. SUDOKU, puzzles, word games…they will be into it.

You can use the HORSE or the BUTTERFLY as an animal totem and most VENUS in GEMINI’S seem to love butterflies. Just an observation. LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL can be burned or applied on the body. I will be meditating with AGATE, so if you want one, then drop me a mail. AGATE can really aid in stabilizing this dualistic tug of war energy,

Okay, before I say anything more, VENUS in GEMINI loves TRAVEL and will often times be in a career where she can. Another aspect with VENUS here is that she does not pay attention to her heart. She is so busy in gathering bits of info and in communicating them to the world, that she can lose touch with hr heart chakra. She can be cold and superficial and even angry with small things. Although her anger does not last.

VENUS, if aspected properly in GEMINI can have a huge dose of practical common sense. She moves with MERCURIAL SPEED and is like a bullet train. This might help with CRISIS EVALUATION, hacking and other activities we associate with quick decision making.

VENUS in GEMINI is a total fun loving fashionista and she is definitely into new trends and makeup. She is not just a pretty face, she also has her electric mind. URANUS is the higher OCTAVE of MERCURY. Therefore, this URANIAN energy is present in this placement.

If VENUS here gives into the DUALISM of GEMINI, then we might see their DUAL PERSONALITIES come to light, like CASTOR and POLLUX, the GREEK TWINS.

You know what is scary about a GEMINI? One moment you are their bestie and the next, they are spreading the most vicious rumors about you. Which is why a lower example of VENUS in GEMINI could be a dangerous lover or friend. And another vice of theirs is JUDGEMENT!

GEMINI’S often times judge people quite harshly and this can make them turn easily at any moment. They can start things with enthusiasm, but follow through is bad. They can be egotistical and RESTLESSNESS is a key energy signature of this archetype. They may even have RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME! They can be unsure when making a decision and once they make the decision, most times, they will not stick by it.

Basically, words mean everything to the GEMINI, but sometimes their meanings escape him/her and VENUS here can be all talk and no fuck. She loves paying lip service.

The best thing about VENUS in GEMINI is VERSATILITY, but make sure that you are not behaving like a schizophrenic being pulled at from multiple directions. If you feel like this, then just concentrate on the MAGICIAN CARD of the TAROT DECK and you will EXPERIENCE POWER like never before. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW! You can do it!


VENUS in GEMINI is concerned about poverty, illness and other horrors as long as it does not touch their space. Yes, she can be selfish, but not always.

If you’re in love with a VENUS in GEMINI and find yourself wondering if she is only friends with all those women/men he/she goes out partying with? Know this, that he/she is fickle and inconsistent in his/her emotional body and this can result in mindless sex. It may not even be planned but it could happen, because he/she does not stick to anything in his/her life and nothing is taken so seriously.

But this dual energy of GEMINI is needed to fuse, bend, mutate, change, adjust everything we experience, and then pass it on as COMMUNICATION. MUTABLE GEMINI produces changes in space/time to influence our consciousness and that is the soul work of the true GEMINI.

As I write this, VENUS is on the 13TH DEGREE OF GEMINI and the Part of Body ASSOCIATED with this degree is the Pulmonary veins!

The Sabian Symbol: World famous pianist giving a concert performance.

I love this! This speaks of showcasing our talents, skills or unique abilities through some kinda performance! Do not misconstrue this PERFORMANCE and keep your AUTHENTIC SELF locked up somewhere. Sometimes, even you, by just being you can put up a performance. Your truth may be so powerful that it can equate with a performance, because when you speak it, people are as inspired as listening to a piece of classical music.











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