Uranus Ingresses into Taurus, 15th May, 2018~ See the light from above, we’re born to love~~

Time passes, and little by little everything that we have spoken in falsehood becomes true. ~~Marcel Proust

DRUM ROLLS~~Here’s the IT UPDATE on the most talked about CELESTIAL EVENT OF THIS SEASON!! Truth and Falsehoods will come into play and what of the FALSEHOOD that has cemented itself as TRUTH?

Don’t worry, coming up this 15th of APRIL, as the NM becomes exact in TAURUS, URANUS, the planet of revolution and disruption enters that very sign, beginning a new era of us claiming our power and if necessary, revolting with all our might against establishment. You can REVOLT with love…REVOLUTION becomes EVOLUTION.

Earthy TAURUS is not a sign URANUS particularly likes. Why? Because URANUS is ULTIMATE CHANGE and disruption and TAURUS, dear old, feminine, earth TAURUS, ruled by VENUS is not happy with CHANGE. She is not happy with adapting the new. She likes to hold on.

Uranus is electrical energy forms and rules Science and we will see much of that. How can tech really benefit the earth and her denizens? Taurus is very fixed in her work ethics and if they refuse to be flexible, they can definitely find themselves astray, confused, dejected and devastated. Uranus is destroying worn-out values and Taurus cannot seem to let go of those redundant value systems.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~~~Lao Tzu

Things will CHANGE like never before for all things TAUREAN. Talk about CRYPTOS, fashion, robotics, the wellness and makeup industry, medicine and of course FEMINISM! Yes Uranus rules the outcasts and the marginalized, heh, heh…so yes, we are going to see a Uranian revival like never before.

This is our time sisters…The HIGH PRIESTESS.GODDESS/EMPRESS and all the archetypes will see a resurrection. Even the way we see the sex industry will be changed. Jupiter has already been making sure of that one. There is a revolution coming and women will have a huge role in it. The mothers and the whores. All together. All stand as one!

Disruptive changes are to be accepted. As we all know that when URANUS comes back to a sign after EIGHTY FOUR years, all he wants to bring is CHANGE. Even if it is  TOWER MOMENT. The TOWER CARD of the tarot? Those people falling off from the tower which is one fire after being struck by a lightning!

I know this appears scary, but following THE TOWER CARD in the TAROT, is the card of AQUARIUS known as THE STAR. This STAR CARD is about healing and letting the cosmic energies flow through the human dimensions. AS ABOVE SO BELOW, this CARD tells us. You are connected very intimately to the stars above and to all of life.

After the EGO crashes with the TOWER MOMENT, the URANIAN THUNDERBOLT will strike down false pretenses and every thing which is redundant. URANUS is SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and it is coming knocking on our doors! Ready to say hello?

Grief does not change you per say, what it does is, it fosters a revelation of your true self. At no point are you to identify with your grief. At no point are you going to allow it to consume you. At no point will you lose your inherent peace and bliss. This is your lesson for now.

URANUS enters TAURUS and he trines a stellium of planets in Capricorn!

You have to know a bit about TRINES and STELLIUMS…

A trine (abbrev. Tri) is an angle of 120° (1/3 of the 360° ecliptic), an orb of somewhere between 5° and 10° depending on the planets involved. The trine indicates harmony and ease. The trine is a source of artistic and creative talent, which is innate. The trine has been traditionally assumed to be extremely beneficial. ~~WIKI

Some Astrologers even say that thank your lucky stars for all the Trine energy in your natal chart. That is where you will find fluidity, but it is not always the case. TRINES can make us lazy and complacent. We have it easy in that department and we do not seek to better ourselves. It can become a stagnant part of one’s natal chart.

In Understanding the Birth Chart, astrologer Kevin Burk cautions that most astrology books tout the trine as wonderful, but he says the trine is not always the best thing for an individual. Burk writes, “For one thing, trines are always working, which can result in ruts and behavior patterns that are extremely hard to change; and because trines are so easy, we generally don’t take full advantage of them. “Trines represent talent that we don’t necessarily have to work for, and talent that we don’t have to work for often remains unexplored and unexpressed,” says Burke. ~~thoughtco.com

Uranus trines a STELLIUM of planets. Now I remember discussing the STELLIUM with you guys in detail, but for new comers, Let me add a few pointers.

stellium is defined as a group of several planets in a single sign of the zodiac or a single house.~~Astrologydictionary

2017 to 2020 will be the CAPRICORNIAN ERA. Look at the lineup of planets- Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Jupiter and they seek to utterly transform the SATURNIAN 3D structures!

CAPRICORN is now home to some planetary heavy weights like PLUTO, SATURN, MARS, BLACK MOON LILITH, all waiting to look at the angular sky and say to Uranus, “So what talk of revolution do you bring now? Because now we want to support this (R)EVOLUTION and each of us will bring to the table wisdom from what we have learnt in the FIRE SIGNS.” Now they are ready to allow harmonious energy exchange. They want to open up the channels of expression and this will hopefully not be abrupt or sudden. Although with URANUS- EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

This EARTH TRINE after so much fire energy of 2017 is now ready to build the structures on our plans. SATURN in CAP is about 3D solidity, very different from his energy when he is in SAG! He is not in his Fall or Detriment, so he should do fine there, however, the rule-breaking Sag, may not be the authority Saturn’s best friend. Saturn is about rules and structure, confinement and boundaries. If we know anything about SAG, we know they will run the fuck way if you try to impose such on them. But it all changes in Cap. Here, Saturn is in his rulership and finally things can take shape and start to structure themselves.

And since Trines are more a way of being than a way of doing, this will help us JUST BE US even in the most challenging SATURNIAN times.

What of PLUTO? Since 2008, his job has been steady. The deconstruction of the CORPORATIONS, BANKING SYSTEMS, JUDICIARY, LEGAL, HOSPITALS and we can see this happen right before our eyes. Read my piece on Pluto for more clarity.

MARS will add fuel to this mix and BML who is in her detriment in Capricorn is also involved in this Trine and she is the unconscious feminine dark energy. So we have quite a mix for Uranus to face as he enters Taurus. Looking across at him are all his buddies in Capricorn. Wassup dudes?

Now Uranus of course has his own baggage he’s had to work through and deal with…let us discuss his journey.

URANUS has been in ARIES since MARCH 2011! You have definitely felt this move, depending on which house this transit happened and what sign it is and what aspects it makes. If you want more clarity, then look it up or seek help.

Let me give you an example, say ARIES is your FIRST HOUSE, so when URANUS ingressed in there, you have probably experienced a total change in your personality. Who you have become after this transit will be someone totally new. Look back at the change and feel how deep it has been.

Have you felt THE ZEITGEIST of the AGE? ARIES is the FIRST SIGN of the ZODIAC and is all about starting new things. ARIES is the baby of the Zodiac and concentrates all his efforts in the SELF. ARES is a MASCULINE, FIRE SIGN!

On the positive side we have seen the birth of YOUTUBERS! Yours truly being one of them! URANUS is TECHNOLOGY and creating a BRANDIVIDUAL is about sharing one’s ideas and creating a public IDENTITY. ARIES is IDENTITY!

Do you see how so many people found LIBERATION by expressing their personal IDENTITIES to the world through TECH(URANUS)! This is too freaky, because I started my Youtube channel in 2009 which really took off in 2011! And as URANUS culminates his stay here, I have managed to create over 288 videos! This is how accurate astrology can be!

Some feel that the rise of Youtubers and Social Media PERSONALITIES to express oneself has given rise to narcissism. Kids feel tremendous pressure to look good in social media and get the likes, hits and comments.

As a CONTENT CREATOR, I can vouch for how important they can be, but that is not the be all and end all of life. SOCIAL MEDIA can be a very useful tool of communication and while in ARIES, he made you discover your identity and now while in TAURUS, he will bring such crazy INNOVATION to the physical body and the Earth, that most will be left speechless.

Yes, ANTI-AGING systems will come into play and humans can live up to 300 years if things go well. THIS CUTTING EDGE TECH IS ALREADY IN EXISTENCE, BUT WHEN URANUS moves into TAURUS, this will be made available to the masses. This is URANUS’ JUSTICE!

Look at the KARDASHIANS, they represent the narcissism of URANUS in ARIES. Negative attributes like bullying, avarice, killer ambition, overt competitiveness and HUGE EGOS are the shadow sides of this energy and we have seen loads of these.

This whole REALITY T.V SHOW idea may have been around before, but with 2011, came huge hits like THE SURVIVOR, AMERICAN IDOL, THE BACHELOR, HELL’S KITCHEN which changed the way we view content. Things became more personal. Interestingly, the age group with which reality TV was popular was 18 to 49! URANUS represents the YOUTH! And this content captivated them because it was UNIQUE and Uranus loves unique.

Even today, the YOUTH prefers INTERNET VIDEO CONTENT over traditional T.V programming! Thankfully, they have begun to question why it is called PROGRAMMING?

URANUS can be cold and impersonal if not allowed to innovate and cogitate. But enough of cogitation already? What about something concrete?

When URANUS comes into TAURUS, it will be time for us to finally ground our consciousness into our BODIES and deep within GAIA. ARIES is the HEAD, so now time to get out of our heads and come into body-awareness.


VENUS ruled trustworthy TAURUS is a FEMININE, EARTH sign and URANUS’ INGRESS has not brought about this immense hope that finally there will be TRUE EMPOWERMENT FOR WOMEN! Whether we are woke to it or not, this is a new chapter. This is a TURNING POINT!

Something we have to keep in mind, is understanding how we have become slaves to the monetary system and URANUS will ask of us, “FIND YOUR FREEDOM. BE FREE WAGE SLAVE!” Do you see when I am going with this? This transit can help you find financial emancipation. ESPECIALLY if this is happening in your 10th house, which is what’s happening with the LEOS, Sun/Moon/Ascendants. They are facing Uranus in their 10th and this can be life changing period for them as they finally get the recognition they deserve.

Espionage and Intelligence groups will be in focus and these systems are related to Uranus. Cyber groups like Anonymous may become mainstream and many more will surface.

I think psychedelic substances for healing will become a thing because URANUS is a technology that we can use to find healing in our 3D body. There will be psychedelic shamans who use techs like AR/VR and Occulus to induce you to the trance state and while on the trip you will be able to actually interact with the dreamscape. Lucid dreamings can be more mainstream because really powerful tech will become available for us to use to induce this state.

Another thing that I will speak of is how FREQUENCY and resonance will be used to bring on kundalini awakening. So all those meditation modules with frequencies will definitely be used by many and we will be able to easily slip into Theta and Alpha states.

Electronic music can also play a huge role. The musicians may(some def will) discover more refined and sophisticated uses of frequencies which can immediately help elevate the vibe of the crowd at a party and literally create a spiral in consciousness. Parties and festivals can become detox camps and consultation places for many people, addicts and trauma victims alike. Shamans and healers will definitely begin to work with frequencies and psychedelics. They will collaborate with musicians to create such healing frequency based music.

TAURUS can be very sensual, ruled by Venus, so there can be new tech to awaken the sexual libido. And I don’t only mean Viagra. I mean real tech that can take you to the very pinnacle of sexual fulfillment. I will write more about this as the period unravels. URANUS is also very sexual, so expect electrical pulses into earthy Taurus. People will definitely be looking up alternate sexual practices and many times it might not even be about ejaculation. Discover your own tantric sexuality.

What I want to emphasize is that, with this INGRESS, we, as individuals and as the collective might suddenly want to become REAL. Keep it real, bro! Yeah! That could be the refreshing part of this whole transition. I mean no matter who YOU are, just be you. Because there is no one who can be you. It is your job and your alone. Taurus, in her groundedness likes to keep things very real and I think Uranus appreciates that. But that does not mean that you force your REALITY on someone else.

Let me give you an example. I worked under a woman Producer for a while and she is a minor celebrity in her own rights. She was an actress and in one of her films, she posed topless. So you know, this is India where sexuality is totally repressed. She was one of the first women to bare her breasts. Now this is very Uranian and all well and good. But this woman tried to poke fun at other women in the office who would come to work dressed conservatively. She thought because she bared her breasts, she was like the ultimate rule breaker and Uranian archetype, but what she did not realize was that Uranus like INDIVIDUALITY. So if the real you likes a burqa, then so be it. If the real you hates bikinis, then so be it. If the real you loves make up and the world tells you its unreal, then so be it. Stand by your truth, because only YOU know it.

Even the way we use social media may change. More people will be LIVE showing you a piece of their reality and unadulterated. Hashtag No filter! An earthy sense of groundedness may creep back into how we use and interact with social media. There was this shift towards a VIRTUAL SELF or an AVATAR with Uranus in Aries, but now this virtual identity will undergo Uranian transformations. It will be changed forever, so let us see what this brings!!

Remember URANUS met ERIS, the GODDESS of discord in Aries and as he leaves this sign, ERIS will apply a Sextile to Venus and Pallas. This is the very KEY moment when so many women will feel the need to purge the shackles of toxic patriarchy. What a moment when women speak up. You thin #metoo was it? Be ready to see what transpires and Uranus never disappoints.

CERES, the asteroid who is “the quintessential Earth Mother, and rules over food, cooking and nutrition.” This can bring single moms into focus and this time we have to give them a ear.

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” ~~ Rosa Luxemburg

JUPITER in SCORPIO RX is TRINE NEPTUNE IN PISCES which is about spiritual vibes permeating the atmosphere while this ingress takes place and these two planets are the RULERS OF PISCES. Beautiful Paradoxical Pisces! Pisces, of ONE LOVE!

Water Trines increase love, compassion, empathy and intuition. Psychic awareness can be profound, but of course, this is Pisces. However Trines can be too much of a good thing and some might try to use religion against a group or individuals for selfish gains.

Traditionally Jupiter trine Neptune is extremely idealistic and esoteric. It is the archetypical guru, mystic, healer or spiritual teacher. It can herald someone coming into your life who serves as a great teacher or mentor, but there can be a tendency to idolise that person too. This is a supremely glamourous connection, almost fairytale. The temptation to go full-on fantasy mode with this as a transit is easy and it will prove hard to keep your feet on the ground. ~~Darkstarastrology

There is this sense of Neptunian fog in the air as this transit takes place, so be mindful of what reality you are subscribing too. Remember, all of this, is just another simulation!

SATURN RX will be CONJUCT VESTA, the asteroid of home and hearth. This makes us crave home. Security and comfort with loved ones. This can be a delightful time to do something with the family. SATURN/VESTA in CAP will TRINE URANUS/MERCURY in Taurus and this tells me that stagnant communication with family can be cleared. Speak with them and try to find common ground and stability that SATURN/VESTA offer. Uranus is the HIGHER OCTAVE of Mercury, so you have the communication mojo happening. This is about spiritual exchange between you and your family. Be there for them.

CHIRON and JUNO are squaring SATURN/VESTA and this can make you insecure about being able to provide for your family. You might feel that you lack friends or family to help you with things. Past issues can surface. Issues about money or debts.

MARS will enter AQUARIUS exactly a day after Uranus’ ingress into Taurus and applies a Square to the Rebel Planet and this might bring forth a peculiar brand of inventive genius(Uranus) that can be expressed through action(Mars). But this is volatile with a capital V. I think the Uranian energy will pervade because of he is the ruler of Aquarius where Mars is placed. Uranus is spiritual force and Mars is brutal, visceral force. This is where ego talks to conscience and realizes the futility of his ways. Hopefully.

URANUS in TAURUS will be a revolution of our FOOD SYSTEMS. My favorite! Yes there will be marked shift in the way we use and abuse the environment and sentient life for food sources. We will also realize through TECH(URANUS) that what we need in our physical bodies(Taurus) is pure, organic, sattvik food. Science(Uranus) will back the research on how a vegan lifestyle is actually the best for the body(Taurus) and the earth(Taurus).

HYDROPONICS, AQUAPONICS, AEROPONICS and urban agriculture will surely gain wide recognition. We may see urban growhouses pop up which will provide food, healthy and organic, to the local community. All food will be tested. Devices for consumers for testing foo will become mainstream, because most of us will become super conscious of what we eat and what we put in our physical bodies. Eating disorders will be openly discussed and tech developed to help such people.

Animal Rights will be huge, mark my words. The Youth are not going for the exploitative systems of the past an are gaining untold wisdom by becoming vegan. There is a renewed respect for life and sentience which heralds a new era of peace and compassion. Also of tremendous tech dependency.

Last but not the least- the ENVIRONMENT will be on everyone’ mind. The public will become more real about what is going on with the earth and there will be URANIAN EARTH WARRIORS now who will take center-stage in world activism.

Natural Resources will be harnessed and put to use. There will be reforms in the laws which protect Gaia and people will start taking it very seriously. TESLA and Musk have some new things to announce which will revolutionize the way we experience reality. And all these laws and changes are being supported by SATURN, the maker of the laws himself. He is in a trine to Uranus who is busy with all these reforms. Saturn and Uranus are old friends, they share Aquarius’ rulership. They’re kinda used to working with each other. Maybe not, sometimes.

Now there is of course a shadow side to all this gloriousness. Uranus can be egotistical and destructive. Rebels without reason to create anarchy and chaos. But through chaos comes order, that is the lesson of Uranus. There will be dust storms, earthquakes and massive earth changes. This saddens my heart. So many will be displaced.

Taurus’ shadow is about hedonism and materialism. They can be stubborn, like the bull and sometimes can be insecure.


The last time Uranus was in Taurus…

“The United States had just effectively abandoned the gold standard in 1933, which led right into the heart of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. It was an incredibly hard time for materialism.”~~paetratauchertastrology.com

Over 1000 economists sign letter warning Trump of second Great Depression…yes I got it from the mainstream press. What do you think?

China and Russia have their own plans with their GOLD BACKED currency, let’s see where this leads…

Be interesting, original, & unique! Be the lone wolf, do not follow the pack! Rejoice in your AUTHENTIC BEING and take no shit..

What a liberation to realize that the ‘voice in my head’ is not who I am. ‘Who am I, then?’ The one who sees that. ~~~Eckhart Tolle

URANUS will be on the 1st Degree of Taurus and the SAABIAN SYMBOL for that degree is, A CLEAR MOUNTAIN STREAM.

So precious this symbol! It speaks of purity and the unfolding of one’s natural self. Not forced. Not contaminated. The message here is embrace your dynamic self which has its roots in the spiritual. Wow! Such profound energies!

A video I made ~~







2 thoughts on “Uranus Ingresses into Taurus, 15th May, 2018~ See the light from above, we’re born to love~~

  1. The information provide was thoroug and precise to the innerg(energy) eye have been experiencing. Eye think we underestimate the power of the stars and how it effects the universe… DIVINE SPIRIT thank you


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