A Uranian NM in Taurus, 15th May, 2018: You live your life as if it’s real, A Thousand Kisses deep~~

“What if everything in the world were a misunderstanding, what if laughter were really tears?” ~~ Søren Kierkegaard

I must confess, my ideas traverse around these lines of thinking. The contradictory, dualistic dance of reality. What is real and what is not? What exists and what does not? Thankfully, Taurus is all about the material manifestation and the physical world. I don’t think I can take more of living in my head. It is time to step out, into my body and into the heart of the soil where all dualities merge into one, where everything is just perfect. There is no lamentation, there is no sorrow, there is no polarized schizophrenia.

I woke up to horrific images of the middle east and the Gaza strip. It breaks my heart, this Israel/Palestinian conflict. It has to stop. And it can with love and peace. How long will children be bombed? How long will people go hungry? How long will we remain silent? Observers? Is that our only task? To be mere voyeurs in the film of life?

“I felt that I breathed an atmosphere of sorrow.” ~~ Edgar Allan Poe

The energy and excitement is palpable in the air, it is Venus ruled Taurus which rules desires after all, but wait, what is this melancholia? Yes there is laughter; is it the shallow kind? There is also silence. A stillness. Yes my people, we are in the very eye of the storm. This is it! This is what we’ve been gearing towards and preparing ourselves, whether we know astro or not. These cues remain hidden in our DNA and is passed down from our ancestors.

DNA is what makes this physical body and Taurus, my love, is all about this body. This is the time to understand body-awareness. Yes, stop for a moment and touch yourself. No, not down there. Just anywhere. Touch your face. Feel your lips, then moisten them. Feel the tongue run through the lips. Bring awareness to that sensation. What does it remind you of? Hold that thought and read on. Take it slow now…real slow…

Desire in all forms, emotional, astral, spiritual is ruled by Taurus and it symbolizes desire in all phases. Even the lowest expressions. The soul learns desire while progressing from Aries to Taurus. In Aries, it has learnt to start the journey and new things. Desire is the root of all evil, according to the Bhagavadgita, but there is also the Intelligent Desire that Taurus teaches us in higher vibrations. Why does the Gita consider desire to be evil? It is desire that keeps us chained to samsara and suffering. Buddha was born in the Age of Taurus and his soul lesson was to teach humanity the nature of desires an how we can transmute desire into spiritual truth and nirvana.

“There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.” The Buddha

But how can we mere mortals survive without desire? The key is to cultivate intelligent desire. Desire can be transmuted into Spiritual Aspirations and then ultimate realization! It is the task of Taurus and this NM to help us transcend the most materialistic impulses into love and light. Taurus will reveal the secrets of desire to bring illumination to our souls.

The keywords of Taurus are I HAVE and this earth/feminine/fixed sign is ruled by Venus and Vulcan, in the exoteric and esoteric parlance and VULCAN’s message is clear to us this NM, “Store up treasures in heaven where moth nor rust can corrupt.”

Yes Taurus wants to store treasure, but will only material treasure fulfill our dear Taurus? Is that enough? Or is there something more that the eye of the Bull craves for? Is it Nirvana? But that is a road less traveled for most Taureans as they tend to lose themselves in the sensual pleasures of 3D.

The May 15 new moon is located at 24°36′ Taurus Sign but the astrological influence comes from two stars with Perseus Constellation as shown below. Perseus gives an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying. The constellation is indicative of events affecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena.~~ AstrologyKing

Do not give into gossip and be careful of lies and deception and to do so, make friends with your integrity and compassion. Self love and love for the earth is a must. Be aware.  Think of awareness that is a thousand kisses deep. Be in your body and feel all the sensations around you. I mean feel them, really feel them…

The energy is very sensual and sexual. I feel electrified. Do you?

Taurus is not just about your body, it is also about the body of the being who houses us in her; in essence it speaks of the dual relationship of energy/matter and mind/energy. The Earth! Yes, Taurus is about this very earth you inhabit and also about the soil, foodsystems, agriculture, sustainability, sensuality, seeking knowledge, acknowledging beauty, hard work, self sufficiency and bodyawareness.

However, since Taurus rules desires, it is also her job to stay away from excesses. Taurus must have a steadfast constitution and iron will to persevere and not escape into consumerism and mindless procuring. Retail therapy taken to an extreme!

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, but in the 3rd Decan of Saturn’s rulership, she may feel stifled. Go out there and pamper yourself a bit, don’t let sadness overwhelm you. Wear green and gold.

Saturn’s influence as the decan’s ruler often means there are great obstacles to surmount on life’s testing path. However, Moon Taurus 3 does not totally prevent success. At this new moon, any fame will come with a certain amount of notoriety. The Moon is susceptible to the melancholia of its Saturn rulership. ~~Darkstar Astrology

There is a certain Saturnian coldness palpable in the air. There is also nostalgia and heartbreak. There is definitely melancholia. Tunes are making me teary, memories are making me weak and there is a sense of loss. But, there is a sweetness associated with this loss. Yes it is heavy, but it also has a vibe of bliss.

“Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.” ~~Victor Hugo

Now let us examine the symbol of Taurus to understand its energies better. The Bull. Do you know that the Bull was used in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization?


Terra cotta figurine of a bull from Harappa without a hump. There may have been many species of bulls used in different parts of the Indus valley. BTW, the IVC is now known to be over 8000 years old, making it the oldest known civilization in the world.

It may be time to rewrite history textbooks. Scientists from IIT-Kharagpurand Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have uncovered evidence that the Indus Valley Civilization is at least 8,000 years old, and not 5,500 years old, taking root well before the Egyptian (7000BC to 3000BC) and Mesopotamian (6500BC to 3100BC) civilizations. What’s more, the researchers have found evidence of a pre-Harappan civilization that existed for at least 1,000 years before this. ~~The Telegraph

Do you understand how archetypal the symbol of the Bull is in the human mind? It is ancient and it can be seen present in all the cultures of the world.

The worship of the sacred bull throughout the ancient world is most familiar to the Western world in the biblical episode of the idol of the Golden Calf. The Golden Calf, after being made by the Hebrew people in the wilderness of Sinai, was rejected and destroyed by Moses and the Hebrew people after Moses’ time upon Mount Sinai (Book of Exodus). In Sumerian mythology, Marduk is the “bull of Utu”. In Hinduism, Shiva’s steed is Nandi, the Bull. The sacred bull survives in the constellation Taurus. The bull, whether lunar as in Mesopotamia or solar as in India, is the subject of various other cultural and religious incarnations, as well as modern mentions in new age cultures. ~~Wiki

The symbol of Taurus has been an archetype imprinted in the human consciousness from the beginning of time and there is another esoteric reason for this.

Have you heard of the Pleiades? Or the Sapta Rishis?

Look up at the skies during the winter season and if you see a constellation that looks like sparkling gems, then you have found the Saptarishi. There are 7 stars and according to the Vedic tradition, they are seven wise men who have attained God Realization and are immortal beings. Yet, according to the Vedas, everything must end after a Manvantara, even the constellations in the skies.

As to the mysterious constellation of the Seven Rishis in the great Bear, if Egypt made them sacred to “the oldest genitrix, Typhon” — India has connected all these symbols ages ago with time or Yuga revolutions, and the Saptarishis are intimately connected with our present age — the Dark Kali Yug. ~~HPB

Taurus is therefore very connected to the present age we are living in and this is emphasized by Uranus’ ingress into that very sign! And Mars will be shortly in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus! Can there be more Uranian energy in the air and of course earth with so much going on in Taurus and Cap! Whoa! So innovation in the physical realm of 3D.

In Bhagavata Purana V., xxx., it is said that “at the extremity of the tail of that animal, whose head is directed toward the South and whose body is in the shape of a ring (Circle), Dhruva (the ex-pole star) is placed; and along that tail are the Prajapati, Agni, Indra, Dharma, etc.; and across its loins the Seven Rishis.”

Meanwhile it is they, the Seven Rishis, who mark the time and the duration of events in our septenary life cycle. The Pleiades (Krittika) are the nurses of Karttikeya, the God of War (Mars of the Western Pagans), who is called the Commander of the celestial armies — or rather of the Siddhas (translated Yogis in heaven, and holy sages on the earth) — “Siddha-sena,” which would make Karttikeya identical with Michael, the “leader of the celestial hosts” and, like himself, a virgin Kumara.


The Pleiades are the central group of the system of sidereal symbology. They are situated in the neck of the constellation of Taurus, regarded by Madler and others, in astronomy, as the central group of the system of The Milky Way, and in the Kabala and Eastern Esotericism, as the sidereal septenate born from the first manifested side of the upper triangle, the concealed . This manifested side is Taurus, the Symbol of ONE (the figure 1), or of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph  (bull or ox) whose synthesis is ten (10), or  Yodh, the perfect letter and number.

The Pleiades (Alcyone, especially), are thus considered, even in astronomy, as the central point around which our Universe of fixed stars revolves, the focus from which, and into which the divine breath, MOTION, works incessantly during the Manvantara. ~~HPB

This excerpt from the Secret Doctrine makes clear that with Taurus, the Spirit is now to move into concrete earth or manifestation and Taurus had to be of Fixed countenance to hold that energy and not move. Kinda like the Bull.

Another ancient Gnostic teaching tells us that our Sun belongs to the Pleiades! There is also mention of the Pleiades in the Bible in the Book of Job. There are many stars in this cluster of course, but in esoteric wisdom we take the Seven Suns that rotate around Alcyone as the group of stars our souls belong to.

If you’ve been doing the rounds in the New Age circles, by now you know there are many who channel the Pleiadians. Like the Leo King or Barbara Goldsmith. Check them out!

Going back to the seven Suns that rotate around Alcyone.

The seventh sun or solar system that rotates around Alcyone is our solar system. That is why when you see the Pleiades you see only seven (Alcyone plus six others; we are the seventh). ~~Gnosticteachings.org

This is why we are intimately connected to the Stars of the Pleiades. Not only us, but our whole Solar System rotates around Alcyone, which effects all the nine planets in astrology!

In the rotation around Alcyone, our sun Ors automatically passes through the whole zodiacal belt. The zodiacal belt as you know is related with the twelve constellations, and the first one is Aries which is precisely, when you see the stellar map, to the right of Taurus. So in its voyage, the solar system passes through the zodiacal belt, or we will say that the radiation of the constellation of the zodiacal belt influences the solar system and the Earth in its voyage. ~~Gnosticteachings.org

Not only do you and me get affected, but Uranus as he moves into this constellation will begin to get activated by the Saptarishi. And every single planetary body, even the Sun or Ors.

The archetypes of the Bull is also associated with the Behemoth, a giant land animal.

Job 40:15-24 King James Version

15 Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.
16 Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly.
17 He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together.
18 His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron.

If you’ve read the Epic of Gilgamesh, then you might remember the battle of Enkidu with the Bull of Heaven.

Enkidu seized the Bull by the horns. “The Bull of Heaven foamed in his face, it brushed him with the thick of its tail—Gilgamesh followed the bull, he seized the thick of his tail, he thrust the sword between the nape and the horns and slew the bull” (Sandars 1972, 88; ANET, 85, 505). The “thick of his tail” does not mean a dinosaur’s big tail, but the tassel at the end of its tail. The Akkadian is ku-bur zib-ba-ti-su, meaning “thickness of his tail” (ANET, 505). “It refers to the tassele at the end of the tail in contrast to the thin middle part” (Ibid., note 29). The horns of the bull are plated with lapis two inches thick, weighing thirty pounds, and holding 105 gallons each (Heidel, 55). This was a huge mythical bull which is associated with the constellation Taurus, the bull (Black and Green, 49). ~~bibleandscience.com

The energy of Taurus is here to ground us and most of us have never experienced Uranus in Taurus and all this begins with the NM in Taurus exacting as I type.

Pluto is making a Wide Trine aspect to the NM in Taurus which is not very potent, but it is a reminder that Pluto is raking up all the debris from our individual and collective unconscious. Pluto and the Moon combo can be volatile, but this can be great for acting, writing or any other art. This can help you dig deep and understand the dark tones of the character you are playing. If your natal Moon is being triggered, then you might compose a soul stirring tune that can light fires in the hearts of the people. Exploration of the shadow side with a facilitator can be profound. Sexual energy must be balanced.

Mars is square Uranus as this NM exacts in the skies and this is volatile. Expect the unexpected is what I find myself repeating.

The Goddess energy is very active, let me explain why…

Think of the goddess Hathor which is represented with horns, and with the Sun between her horns, which is Amon-Ra, the solar force. The goddess Hathor is the same Isis, because remember that the feminine forces of the cosmos are related, or divided in five aspects; the goddess Hathor is what in Christianity is called Mary. Isis, Maia, Isoberta, Rhea, Cybeles, Maya, there are many names. Of course, those women that in ancient times achieved the Self-realization of their Being had the privilege or the honor of representing that force which has no form, it can take any form. The Mother Earth, the Mother Moon, or the forces in the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit. ~~Gnosticteachings

Therefore, this Taurus NM, it is time to delve into feminine mysteries. Worship La Luna as Hathor or Kali. Dance naked as you bring body awareness to the forefront of your mind. Nothing exists. Nothing, but you and me, across infinite space, merged as one! The writer and the reader forever engaged and entangled in the torus of quantum consciousness.

Taurus rules the throat. The throat is the area in which Taurus works.  We find that this mysterious sephirah of the Tree of Life called Daath, Gnosis, knowledge, is precisely located at the level of the throat. “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God,” it is written. Here you see Aurus, or Horus, with the Tau, the cross. You can divide them also as Tau, the cross Tau, and Aurus: Taurus. ~~Gnosticteachings

Understand this carefully, words spoken now will manifest. It is as simple as that. Ask for abundance, love or simply peace. That is what I want- peace for one and all.

Mars square Uranus can be a speed demon in bed or can be very innovative. You may want to unleash the dominant side of you or the submissive. Uranus is also about “coming out”, so this energy can support this endeavor. There can be violence as the Fixed Star Algol is in question, so don’t let things escalate. Accidents too. And if you’re lucky, then just some hot-headedness.

Jupiter RX in Scorpio which is the opposite of Taurus is Trine Neptune in Pisces. This is what will bring us a heavy dose of magick and crazy karmic connections. Spirituality, psychic awareness and meditation is the need of the hour with this aspect.

The Moon is conjunct Hephaistos, the club-footed god of blacksmiths, metal workers, sculptors and artisans.  Alex Miller, Alex’s Asteroid Astrology, shows what this might light up: “Hephaistos represents skill and craftsmanship, artistry; lameness or crippling (or problems with arms or legs which fall short of actual crippling); rejection or abandonment, especially by parents; and mismatched unions, between persons ill-suited to each other.” ~~Astrology Hub

You know what, this is happening big time. Huge numbers are caught in codependent relationships which are not sustainable, all in the name of marriage. Marriage and divorce are two toxic systems in the Kali Yuga and so many individuals are now caught in the system with no escape. But there is more to life than just paying bills and being wage slaves! I think this NM heralds the beginning of that questioning. What does it mean to have a healthy relationship to earth and her resources? We may see the return of the barter system in a way.

Since Taurus is about music and the throat, it now that the power of chanting can be applied effectively for spiritual progress. Think of how words make geometric shapes in softwares. Sound actually has a visual representation. You can concentrate on the symbol of the Shri Yantra, again a symbol of the Goddess to bring your awareness to the earth and to your body and all things Taurus.

Fertility and creativity are also keynotes of Taurus, and light, illumination and sound as expressions of this creative force are connected with this constellation. The “interpreter of the divine voice,” as Taurus was called in ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into Christian terminology and called the “Word made flesh.” The end result of the work undertaken in Taurus, and the result of its influence, is the glorification of matter: the transmuting of the less than perfect parts of ourselves into material that in no way hinders the light of the soul pouring through.~~souldout

I have told you that Taurus rules the throat, it also rules the ears and the neck. This time these body parts will be super charged sexually. Kiss the neck and ears deeply, and this can be surely electric. Taureans love to be kissed and touched on these parts. Rub your hand on your partner’s throat and you may even try erotic asphyxiation. Something that I practice with Shibari. It can be an absolutely exhilarating and wild experience. But please do not hurt anyone in the process.

If you’re feeling a little blue under this Taurus NM, then forget not, that,” suffering and disappointments and melancholy are there not to vex us or cheapen us or deprive us of our dignity but to mature and transfigure us.”  ~~Hermann Hesse

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  1. Very well explained. Need of the hour is to do Sadhana Daily, be aware of happenings around the world. Analyse the situation and projecting our vision of Vadudhaika Kutumbam.


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