Mars RX in Aquarius, 16th May 2018; Love will tear us apart~~

“To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.” ~~Jacques Derrida

Don’t be caught pretending to follow your heart, although the pretentious act takes you a step towards your goal aka following your heart, my love! Prophetic? Or pathetic? You decide.

The key component of this Mars retro of 2018 which happens in Aquarius, is Uranus. Mars had a tense conversation with Uranus who entered Taurus on the 15th and exactly a day from that, Mars made his move into the dualistic, air, fixed, masculine sign of Aquarius.

Mars, the adrenaline junkie is now in rebellious, freedom-loving Aquarius where he will be present for an unusually long time because of his retrograde which happens every other year. 25 months to be exact and is a cycle of 80 days and it spans 15 degrees of the zodiac. At this time, there will be four other planets retro, thereby amplifying this Martian retro intensity.

Uranus here is the light bringer who is electrifying us all with his energy as he steps into Taurus and as Mars moves into Aquarius, ruled by him, his energy is all assertive. Change, flux, reformation, alteration are all key words and this time Uranus is bringing reforms in the department of finances and the physical body, ours and the earth!

Uranus is controversy. With this cycle, we will see A.I robots not only living with people, but becoming their life time companions. Electricity and all things electromagnetic will receive a surcharge, so be careful with them. New sex toys and dungeon equipment will be developed that makes sex unbelievably pleasurable.

Tech, tech, tech and cryptos of course will be in focus. With Mars RX in Aquarius as well as with Uranus in Taurus after 84 years! Our relationship to money is changing folks. The new human will be bio chipped and will use blockchain and P2P or peer to peer transactions when this is over.

We are taking back our power people and Uranus is egging us on. HAARP and other weather manipulation techniques will be exposed and better earth friendly ones will be developed. Humans will soon control the weather. We are already doing it. Check out the viral video where a man makes clouds and brings rain.

Mars in Aquarius when retro will definitely seek more transparency, Jupiter is digging up enough dirt being RX in Scorpio already! Help! Mars squares Jupiter RX in Scorpio as he wades into the retro. This exacts in Nov 2018, but this influence can be felt all summer. However, this can bring about fundamentalism and fanatical behavior and rhetoric where each group thinks their truth is the only truth. Clashes can happen with polarized ideologies and religious groups.

All medicine from now will be futuristic. The devices we use in the medical world will become high tech and unrecognizable. The future will laugh at our bulky devises. But many ethical queries will pop up with regards to how tech should be used and how much tech dependability can a human sustain. Remember the controversy when Dolly the sheep was cloned? Now all that is ancient stuff. The new innovations will leave you breathless. Yes, it will be a technological utopia! Not necessarily heaven on earth, but it is what is needed right now for our soul growth. Look an era of technocracy is coming, so it’s best we understand and work with it. Tech by itself is not good or bad, just like money. It is how you use it or how it uses you, that will decide whether it is positive or negative for you.

The long period Mars stays in Aquarius signals to us how we may better help and improve our communities. And since Uranus is the Rebel and the Freedom-lover, he will also ask of you where your freedom lies? Do you even think about freedom? Do you think it is an impossibility, only a theoretical construct? Trust me, you will discover for yourself what Freedom means in your particular situation and this will happen sooner than later. And this will offer up a clean break from the past.

Frustrations can appear, they usually do with a Mars retro, but if you manage to channelize that energy and continue steadfast behind the scenes, then there is much success to be had. But here, it will be about patience, perseverance and knowing everything you need to about the particular issue. Do not fear if you need to reassess or redo some tasks, again this is usually the case with Mars retro once again, but maybe redoing all that work is what you need. Maybe mistakes will show up and if nothing, you would have rechecked everything one more time, just to be extra sure.

Having a weak Mars can bring about many difficulties in life. Mars is the planet of action and sometimes if you are born with an afflicted or a retro Mars, then you might face loads of issues and troubles whenever you begin a project or even a relationship.

In Vedic Astrology, a person with an afflicted Mars is known as Manglik and this is probably the worst placement to find a mate in the arranged marriage market. There are many penances you have to perform to remedy this Mars affliction. Sometimes, it might even be a symbolic marriage with a Peepal tree or a Shivlingam. However, this Manglik dasha is very real as I have worked through it all my life. Yes, you guessed it right. I am Manglik too.

Now you don’t need Vedic astrology to tell me that my relationships will pose problems. I am a 7th house Moon in Pisces and the Moon makes some difficult aspects too, so I know a thing or two about Manglik and like maladies.

The point here is to understand if your Mars is afflicted and then find ways to work around it. Having your Mars in Harmonious flow enhances many, many facets of your life. And even in Western Astro, having hard aspects with Mars and Pluto are considered diabolic!

As Mars shifted signs on the 16th, there has definitely been a surge in more unpredictable behavior, because that is what Aquarius does. Think of the time of Mars in Capricorn! Ah! An exalted Mars, making us industrious, gogetters and achievers. But now suddenly, we are not sure and this impending retrograde looms larger than ever.

Uranus is uncertainty and here sits Mars, in Uranus’ home, in Aquarius. Yes, it is excitable here, yes, it is innovative and eccentric, but Mars here lacks necessary grounding after his time in his rulership. Think of you suddenly thrust out with a quirky and eccentric, innovative group after being all comfortable and successful in your own home. How would you feel? A feeling of displacement? And that too Mars has already entered shadow, bringing a sense of foreboding to the collective consciousness.

And Aquarius is fixed. There is no flexibility with Mars here and to top it off, he is totally unpredictable and eccentric, unconventional and original with this energy signature. A Mars retro can kickstart your stagnant life or it can make your life move at a frustrating snail’s pace. It all depends on your astro, but this collective foreboding is palpable as we all prepare for the volcano in Hawaii to erupt; we know, this time we can expect unexpected earth changes. Uranus is bringing a massive cleanse to Gaia. It is time for a reset and I think Gaia is ready and so are we.

There are three explosive Mars square Uranus aspects(May 16th, August 1st and September 18th), the first which exacted on the 16th, I think and that influence will remain with us for quite a while and this energy is superbly raw and powerful, but when you deal with so much power, it is important to know how you will use it, this dynamism can be disastrous.

On the same note, this energy speaks of breakthrough like none other. The choice is yours. This energy is also rebellious and suddenly you may find yourself not taking shit from anyone anymore. Even if you take baby steps towards asserting your boundaries, it will still help. Use this energy to break free from whatever restricts you.

This Mars/Uranus when coupled together also speaks of BDSM fantasies. Find a facilitator to understand and work through these deep desires of domination and submission. Do not judge, just allow healing to occur as you face those shadows. The three squares will revisit similar themes and it might take more than one try to sever the ties. Use spiritual chord cutting from people you wish to never meet in 3D. There is a sudden need to shock with this vibe and even act sexually promiscuous. So if you feel like the see through top, then you know why. Astrology King calls his Mars retro article Sexual Frustration! Yes, it’s that bad. lol!

Interestingly, as I speak of healing, I realize that Mars perfects a Sextile today with Chiron at 1 degree of Aries and this speaks directly to engage with the healing process. Face those shadows- Mars and Chiron are functioning so well together in a sextile. Sextiles can be so yummy with all that free flowing synergy.

Now you know who else is sitting in Aquarius? The South Node or dear Ketu! There are three conjunctions that Mars makes to Ketu during his stay in Aquarius. The dates are June 8th, July 20th, September 27th. Watch these dates to see what pops up before you. Karmic connections will show up and you will get a chance to work it out. Start with a clean slate if you can. Some problem can surface from the past, but use Uranian innovation and there should not be any blockages.

Ketu and Mars can bring forth Light Workers and Spiritual Warriors. Ketu is all about spirituality remember? If you remember my previous posts on Ketu, you will see how he is the headless body of the serpent and Rahu is the head. Ketu is from another world, from another dimension and is known as Moksha Karaka or the Spiritual Indicator in a horoscope. Mars conjunct this spiritual vortex will be about us realizing that we are truly spiritual beings encased in flesh and blood. We may not want to face these facts because of the ego attachment we have gathered over the incarnations, but when Ketu activates a certain point, there is no looking back. Think of the 8 OF CUP. Yes, you might need to walk away from someone or something, related to many past lives. Is it easy? I don’t think so. Can we do it? I don’t think we really have a say. Six months Mars will be backtracking in Aquarius and this will create some tense moments for us all, but this can also be about focused spiritual development. Mars in Aquarius is about giving us freedom, freedom to be, freedom to choose and freedom to live.

If you have an Aries or Scorpio strong chart, then this can be the breather you need. Mars, your ruler is now chillin’ and so should you. Aries, especially you. People with Mars retro in their charts tend to suppress their sexual desires and cravings. They may even be confused about their sexual preferences if other challenges are present.

Venus is in tense aspect to Mars and this adds to the romantic drama that you are experiencing. Relationships will be pushed to the brim on Oct 10th as Mars/Venus perfect the square. And then there is a trine, on the 9th of Nov. Trines can swing both ways, so it is really up to you, but the theme here is sexuality, romance, love, jealousy, possessiveness,  unrequited love, obsessions and the like. And control violent behavior and unadulterated rage. Work with someone if you need help.

“All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire.” ~~Aristotle

So what’s your cause to perform the actions you do(MARS)?? Ask your heart and it shall whisper.

The degree of the retrograde is 9 deg and 13 minutes and the Sabian Symbol for this degree of Aquarius is A flag turned into an eagle…

The eagle has aggression and is a predator. There is a dynamic shift in the way we perceive things. An inanimate object becomes sentient life, so there is a sense of resurrection and things coming to life. What can you bring to life in your life? Think long and hard. For it is that time with Mars retro.

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