Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2018~~Will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful???

The fish goddesses who have leapt from Earth (Virgo) to water {Pisces} unitedly give birth to the Fish God (Christ) who introduces the water of life into the ocean of substance and thus brings light to the world. Thus does Neptune work~  Alice Bailey – Esoteric Astrology


Life is life–whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.” ~Shri Aurobindo

Succinctly put in front is the very ethos of Neptune! And when you think of the brand of Neptunian spirituality, you cannot not think of Aurobindo, the great sage from Bengal.

It is Neptune RX season, a time to travel beyond the fragments of time and space, into the unknown. Into the real Twilight Zone! Neptune is a gas and an ice giant, “the eighth planet of the Solar System, and the fourth largest. Although its mean distance is 4.5 billion kilometers away from the Sun, it is at times farther from the Sun than Pluto due to the latter’s eccentric orbit. Neptune has rings like Saturn. Its largest moon, Triton, revolves around Neptune in the opposite direction of the planet’s rotation”.

Popular Astrology often describes Pisces, the sign Neptune rules and the sign he will go retrograde in, as the “dumping ground of the Zodiac”! This might hold some value when you think of all the physical/mental/spiritual debris the soul has carried on from the other signs and all that seeks release where Neptune or Varuna rules, in Pisces and here, this is not impossible. In Neptune ruled Pisces it is possible to release every single bit of accumulated karmic debris by merging into oneness and transcending beyond duality.

“In this world period, and in a peculiar manner …
Neptune is known esoterically as the Initiator”

– The Tibetan

Neptune is the initiator of our spiritual evolution. It is the final call to Source Code or Godhead! And you know, this is peculiar, very peculiar, because Neptune cannot be described. It is so nebulous and its energies so ethereal, that it is impossible for us in this dense 3D to understand what this “peculiar” energy is all about.

Steve Judd, one of my favorite Youtuber and Astrologer had a clear message while doing his video about Neptune through the houses. He started the video by placing a blindfold on his eyes! To cut it short- that is Neptune!

What your 5 senses cannot perceive, that my friend is Neptune. And while Neptune is retro, try making love with a blindfold, try to slip away from the confines of the physical, let the spiritual energies birth themselves as you join in sacred union. Hahahaha! Oh also try to get your partner to play with your feet as Neptune rules both the feet and the pineal gland! Having your feet licked or rubbed can have your body melting, blood racing and heart pounding like sheets of rain on a tin roof! Pineal gland activation. But I digress.

So, I was googling away furiously, trying to find my favourite piece on Neptune Retrograde online and honestly there was not much out there when it came to Neptune. Everything was just a rehashed version of the last one, so it got me thinking, that I want to invest my time and my energy into discovering much more about Neptune as he turns retro on my Moon which is very close to the degree of the event. My Moon is in my 7th house which will be conjunct transiting Neptune, within a 2 degree Orb.

If you’re following my posts on various platforms, in various formats, then you know what the Moon does for you in Pisces and especially if it is being touched by Neptune, the very ruler of Pisces. Think High Priestess activation! Big time!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity really to channel these very esoteric and occult energies and bring them to you for discussion.

Before we progress any further, let me tell you what many astrologers say of Neptune, the higher octave of Venus! Neptune is very much the heart wrenching breakup as well as the “lived happily ever after” fairy tale ending!

Neptune’s surreal energies have given him adjectives like,”unknown; deception; subtleness; dissolution; mysticism.” Sherman and Frank-Manske speak of Neptune as “illogical, impractical, illusion, amorphous, imposing lack of clarity”. They further elucidate how Neptune distorts our perceptive powers and creates “vagueness, camouflage, ambiguity, obtuseness and mimicry, which may lead to confusion, deception, lying, susceptibility and delusion.”

But, while perusing esoteric texts, working with the energies of Neptune and during channeling sessions, I have been made aware of the profound linkage between Neptune and the Moon and this for me has been a great revelation which helped me through the dark night of my soul.

A great mystery is veiled and hidden in the above relationship, for Cancer-Neptune is expressive of the seventh ray which rules and controls the eighth Creative Hierarchy. This is one of the five Hierarchies whose names are unknown to us and this particular one stands upon the verge of liberation. At the same time it is closely connected with the mind principle as it works out through the solar Angels or through the human hierarchy. It is related to the birth of the fourth Creative Hierarchy in a sense not to be understood by anyone below the stage of the fourth initiation, but it is an interesting fact to remember for it is in the connection between the sixth and seventh rays that that potent ‘desire for incarnation’ was aroused which resulted in the fall of the angels in primordial times.” (EA 217-218)

Neptune is related to both Pisces and Cancer, but he is also linked to Scorpio where Jupiter is RX as we speak, bringing forth much disturbance in the world of cryptos, investments, viruses, debts, it is also bringing in much psychic warfare and we will see a very heightened time as we approach the eclipses in Cancer.

There is one point which I would like to make clear and that is that in the two rulers of this sign(Cancer) – the Moon and Neptune – you have the symbols of a close relationship between the Mother of all Forms and the God of the Waters, that is between the two planets. In this esoteric marriage, you have pictured for humanity a major synthesis of form and of desire-sensitivity and, consequently, a true statement of the stage of consciousness which we call Atlantean.  ~~Esoteric Astrology

Cancer is the sign where humanity of this Manvantara appeared and this makes us Neptune’s christened ones and it also becomes important if not absolutely crucial to pierce through the enigma of Neptune.

Neptune through Cancer, births the Christ Consciousness in every man and woman, connecting each of us to the passion of our own initiatic process, crucifying us on the Fixed Cross of Discipleship, and resurrecting us in the loving and wise consciousness of our Soul. ~~EA


Listen to the frequency of Neptune’s cycle as you align your heart with this vibration which transmutes all into one love, which heals all wounds as it increases our capacity for spiritual awareness! Find you balance as you enter the unknown, mystical, surreal; Neptune your teacher awaits you and this lesson is how all forms change, how everything is temporal, how everything in this manifestation is illusory! Form is illusory, it is mayavic.

HPB calls Neptune Mayavic!

“Neptune does not belong to it [our solar system], his apparent connection with the sun and the influence of the latter upon Neptune notwithstanding. This connection is mayavic, imaginary, they say.”

Neptune is known as Varuna in Vedic Astrology and as Poseidon in Greek and there are commonalities in their mythologies to suggest this. Varuna and both Neptune(Rome) and Poseidon(Greek) were Gods of the Sea. All three systems had a god of the sea, a god of the sky and a god of the underworld. In Rome, this was Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. In Greece, it was Poseidon, Zeus and Hades. In Vedic this was Varuna, Indra and Kubera. Varuna was worshiped in the Shinto religion of Japan.

Varuna is often depicted carrying a noose, he is the Great Equalizer. This symbol teaches us “that life and death are under the purview of God, and we need to respect that and act ethically while we are on Earth. One of Varuna’s themes, both astrological and mythological, is the punishment of liars and those who do not honor contracts.

Varuna is not patriarchal, but rather, an energy that works on our own frequency and responds in a direct way to the process of our soul evolution. Varuna or Neptune, like any other planetary body is a force that we can invoke and it responds. It reveals itself to us from the invisible world beyond phenomena.

The Planetary origin of the Monad (Soul) and of its faculties was taught by the Gnostics. On its way to the Earth, as on its way back from the Earth, each soul born in, and from, the “Boundless Light,” had to pass through the seven planetary regions both ways. The pure Dhyani and Devas of the oldest religions had become, in course of time, with the Zoroastrians, the Seven Devs, the ministers of Ahriman, “each chained to his planet”; with the Brahmins, the Asuras and some of its Rishis — good, bad and indifferent; and among the Egyptian Gnostics it was Thoth or (Hermes) who was the chief of the seven whose names are given by Origen as Adonai, genius of the Sun; Tao, of the Moon; Eloi, of Jupiter; Sabao, of Mars; Orai, of Venus; Astaphai, of Mercury; and Ildabaoth (Jehovah), of Saturn. The Astral Rulers of the Spheres (the planets) create the monads (the Souls) from their own substance out of the “tears of their eyes, and the sweat of their torments,” endowing the monads with a spark of the Divine Light, which is their substance. ~~HPB

Do you see how we are star stuff contemplating star stuff?

Have you ever wondered why we use myth to describe astrology? How is that relevant?

As we anthropomorphize or humanize the Gods, we might see their condition as utterly degrading. And how does that help us?

Annie Besant notes that this anthropomorphism is an inspiration for us mere mortals to work through our individual experiences. The rise and fall of the Great Heroes serve as a metaphor to the human’s journey through the rigors of life.

That one who falls thus may quickly rise again is encouraging. That old Greek allegory in which every time that the hero falls to earth, worsted in the conflict, he gains new strength from it, applies to man. ~~Annie Besant

In the myth of Poseidon, he was swallowed whole by his father Kronos at birth, “but Zeus later enlisted the aid of the goddess Metis who fed the Titan a magical elixir causing him to disgorge the god”. Kronos is Saturn and here we see the linkage of Neptune and Saturn.

“Sirius influences our entire solar system psychically via the three synthesizing schemes—Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.” (C.F. 378.)

But the energies of Neptune and Uranus are often “swallowed whole” by Saturn!

When a planet is retrograde, it is closest to the Earth, so as Neptune goes retro, his energies will be seeping into the collective consciousness way more than it usually does. We in the 3D assimilate Neptune through the Moon as explained above, so once in a while, when these psychic vibes penetrate our etheric field, we tend to escape more into dreamstates and fantasy.

As Neptune begins to tread backwards, there is an increase in our hearts and bodies to connect with that someone special. Because everything has that extra spark of magick! The way he moves, the way he speaks, the way he smiles at you can drive you crazy and why not? Neptune himself was quote the lover. Do you want to know his love story? It’s quite mesmerizing, I promise.

One day Neptune saw the water nymph Amphitrite dancing in the island of Naxos and fell in love with her. He promptly asked her to marry him but unfortunately she refused. However, not discouraged by Amphitrite refusal, Neptune sent one of his servant, a dolphin to look for her. The dolphin found her, and pleaded Neptune’s cause so persuasively that she changed her mind. As a reward for finding and returning Amphitrite to him, Neptune immortalized the dolphin by placing it in the heavens as the constellation Dolphinus. Neptune and Amphitrite had several children. Among them was Triton whose name was given in 1846 by William Lassell to the principal moon of the planet Neptune.

I have seen people randomly fall in love with this influence and it can seem absolutely real, until Neptune goes direct and reality hits you in the face. Hahahaha! Just joking. Take it easy and just let the love vibes permeate your consciousness for now. Who cares about tomorrow right now?

There is no tomorrow. Everything is NOW and let that experience enrich you this Neptune retrograde. If you decide to pursue a love interest which ultimately feels defeatist, then never forget that there was a reason for that love to take shape. Nothing happens in a void. Think of the Great Gatsby.

While speaking with some young people about it recently, I had a revelation. I was always heartbroken about what happens in the novel and the film. What is love? Did Gatsby love Daisy, the flesh and blood woman or did he just project his concepts of romantic love on her. Did he fall in love with the wealth she represented? Her voice smelled like money to him, she was everything he wanted to be, rich, cultured, sophisticated.

“Daisy obviously is human and fallible and can never realistically live up to Gatsby’s inflated images of her.” His obsessive love was not for her as a woman, it was a delusional projection of his convoluted mind which ultimately resulted in tragedy. But aren’t we all like Gatsby in some way? Aren’t we all scurrying around, projecting our dreams, hopes and wishes on to other people and then getting disappointed if they do not stick to our impossible expectations?

Why not evaluate this premise as Neptune dreamily sojourns in reverse motion, churning up deep feelings, desires and longings for a love that does not exist. For a man/woman who exists only in your imagination.

Think for an instance, if you were to exist only in someone else’s imagination and you could only communicate with him through dreams, telepathy and astral travel. What would your relationship be like? Use this to journal. Draw the image of the most perfect love interest you can think of. And no, this is not someone you need to wake up with. That could happen.

Create this person as your greatest creation, kinda like your Pygmalion. Can you not fall in love with your creation? I know I did. The characters of my stories inhabit spaces of my reality and now this will go into hyper drive. Nitro baby! I might get back to working on my fiction.

Neptune…Is an absorbing or abstracting planet. Is connected with the perfecting process.” (C.F. 899.)

And I think, this is about perfecting the creative process in some way. We have to look at how we create things, how we create reality. What can we manifest as so many celestial bodies will intensify the energy by coming so close to our energy fields.

The photonic bombardment never stops. It is this process that helps with the crystallization of our DNA to take us to Christ Consciousness!

“Transform the divided individual into the world-personality; let all thyself be the divine. This is thy goal. Transform the Animal into the Driver of the herds; let all thyself be Krishna. This is thy goal.” ~~Shri Aurobindo

Neptune rules over “Drowning, drug, enemies, dishonesty, illusion, asylum, deception, doubt, tears, telepathy, intuition, ocean, poison, kidnapping, secret society, sudden and mysterious death, odor, dream, aquarium, rain, ice, mystery, fairytale, fog, secret, lie, deep space, dream, mission, magic, illusion, smoke” as well as Viruses and oils, alcohol too! Think of anything that dissolves boundaries, that is ruled by Neptune. Do you see how hypnagogic, anything dreamlike, that is the vibe of Neptune.

I don’t want to scare anyone, but this was revealed to me in my study. Neptune RX trining Jupiter RX in Scorpio can definitely bring in some news about the outbreak of a viral epidemic. We faced a deadly outbreak a few weeks ago in Kerala India where a deadly virus killed many people.

Neptune rules over virus and bacteria (and white blood cells that help fight off infections of any type). It is always implicated in a global epidemic. This guy has to be present in order for an epidemic to become just that. Also, Neptune can also point at a virus that escapes the lab test tube and gets loose among the world population. It can also be a terrorist putting a germ into the air or water or food we consume, too. When Neptune is strong in an epidemic, there’s questions of a terrorist scientist deliberately creating a ‘new’ virus with different DNA structure so it will infect a LOT of people and kill them. Neptune has many facets to itself and it will be impossible to say for SURE that nefarious means are a reason for an epidemic. But, as always with Neptune, it may well come out later with the truth.

Do not panic! Just be aware and take necessary precautions.

Neptune also has a violent temper, so tempests, earthquakes can be expected. The thing with Neptune RX in Pisces can bring about the contamination of the seas. We need to stop eating the fish and stripping the seas bare because we love sushi.

Water in occult terms represents the waters of the womb of existence! Look at Masaru Emoto’s experiments with words and chants on water. See for yourself how water reacts to intention and thoughts. Then discern how we should work with the oceans.


Because of the soil depletion and the thawing of the ice in the polar regions, we may see the advent of bacteria and virus we have never seen. Neptune also rules the immune system and the RX motion can cause immunity disorders. And disease only attacks when the immunity is down. Humans are attacking the immunity of Gaia everyday by their irresponsible ecological decisions.

If you have a strong Neptune signature in your natal chart, then you could become a swimmer, fisherman, actor, magician, drug dealer, fortune teller, shoe maker, anesthesiologist, psychologist, pharmacists or the Head of an asylum! But honestly, when Neptune goes RX, it is the best time for musicians and writers who deal with the occult and the metaphysical, also fantasy.

When we speak of Neptune, we speak of entropy and chaos, so there is the chance for you to get lost somewhere. But there are new vistas that are opening up, new worlds, new dimensions. Fuck that, information from parallel universes are bleeding into one another. They will challenge the way we experience reality, but there what is real and what is the fairytale. How do you know the life you live is real? What makes you real? Don’t ask me. Ask Neptune.

“So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight.” Chapter 7, the Great Gatsby


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