Cancer NM and Eclipse, July 12th~~ RECAP TIME!

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. ~~William Shakespeare

The July 12th Cancer Solar eclipse started a new cycle bringing the eclipses to the polarities of Cancer/Capricorn and this very same eclipse happens to be the only time I missed penning these astro updates for you. In more than 2 years..I have never missed! Yes, this is how transformative it is…

This eclipse brought to focus my family and my place of residence, true to the Cancerian promise and I found myself enervated yet, peculiarly focused at what life has to throw at me, individually and collectively too.

This event that transpired brought about so much change in the cosmos, that even me, someone who writes and creates content was kept from from doing so. The upcoming Lunar eclipse in Aquarius will be the longest eclipse of the century and it will change our reality forever. And this Cancer eclipse motifs will be carried over for culmination and results in 2018 Dec when we will have the 0 degree of Cancer. Mark these dates in your calendar, for you shall look back and see how much has changed in the way you live and the way your perceive reality.

Cancer is the sign of the mother and is the first of the water signs. It is a sign of cardinality, of change, of shift and flux. It deals with our childhood, mommy issues and the home with all its wounding. Family does wound and so do loved ones…what else do you expect in this world of duality?

But being in the lap of your mother still feels safe…for most of us at least…

Cancer is that very safe place we need, to survive the harsh reality. That night when you curl up with warm chamomile tea and your cat under a duvet and you feel comfortable…that feeling, if it could be bottled, will be sold as Cancer. And if you have your mom cooking for you in the kitchen, or your man, then it is Cancer heaven. Cancer rules the stomach. So bring on the yummy food. I have definitely been eating hearty.

Now Venus was in Virgo at the time of this NM and eclipse. This is significant, because Venus, the planet of love and money is in her fall in Virgo. Ask any Venus in Virgo how hard it has been for them in the love department or how difficult it has been to allow the process of self love and acceptance to take place internally. Ask them and find out how problematic Venus can be in her fall. I have already done my research; I have this placement you see. With a Mars, Venus and Ascendant conjunction in opposition to my 7th house Pisces Moon. WTF is that? A recipe for disaster and heartbreak and unrealistic expectations. Yet, if I may add…

I do subscribe to my natal astro, but somewhere I believe I have free will! The hologram is fucking with me you see. It wants me to believe that I am more than just digital data in a simulated universe. But of course I am…I am a part of the giant supercomputer, a very important part of it. For I am the observer who brings this hologram to being, to life and I know I can rise above my Venus in Virgo. Yes, I breathe life into this hologram. Looking back at how I spend my eclipse, I think I will say that it showed me just how much synchronicity is actually at play. The hologram talks back, laughs back even.

The Cancer eclipse NM is a time of feminine celebration and in fact I was bleeding. Not having my computer to write and my videos to create, I turned to intense Kali sadhana and the dasamahivdya meditations and invocations. I completed more than 1 lakh japas of my very own Tinaheals Kali mantra that was given to me by none other than my Goddess. Yes, it was whispered to me when I was barely 7! And since then it has been my constant companion.

The beej of Kali is KRIM…say it as you bring awareness to the deep feminine mysteries of the cosmos. So what if this eclipse is over, the energies will linger for a good six months bitches…

This intense Kali meditation and my menstrual blood brought awareness to my breasts, my womb, my vagina and my stomach. Yes all these precious parts are ruled by Cancer. And as I kept chanting my own Kali mantra to bless the divine lunation, I realized that it is through Cancer that the first race came into being in this Manvantara. That is what Alice Bailey taught and so did HPB. So Cancer is in a way the source, whereas Cap, its polarity is the culmination! This eclipse started something new, something deep and mysterious, something feminine. Blessed by Kali herself..

Cancer has dominion over the stomach, mucosa, ovary, womb, vagina, breast, pleura, peritoneum, lymph system, sternal bone and you might have discovered that they feel extra sensitive. It can be a very good time to bring awareness to them. However, never get operated during eclipses. They can be disastrous. And stay the fuck away from the fridge.

This chaotic eclipse felt like torture, yet, there was a huge grounding influence tht the Grand Earth Trine provided for me. I have so much in Virgo and my natal Chiron in Taurus, thankfully nothing in Cap, lol! But it is my fifth house for fucks sake. Saturn in the fifth is a romance killer!

Trines happen in the same element and are very favorable conduits of energy. What types of energies are at play? Virgo houses Venus, and this brings matters of health, service and yoga to the forefront. Virgo is the sign that hacks everything to bits to learn to put them back. But sometimes it may be impossible. So keep the judgmental Venus in Virgo at bay.

Uranus has newly made Taurus his home. Uranus is the spiritual awakener and Taurus is about finances and wealth. Venus has dominion over Taurus. And Cap is about corporations and structures of Saturn, the old patriarch! What will be discarded? What will be sacrificed for the sake of love? Or who will be sacrificed? Eclipses bring endings, but they also bring beginnings. That fucked up saying, when one door closes, many open…blah! blah! I know it is true, but it is also untrue. Sometimes all you care about is that closed door! But Kali eggs you on to let bygones be bygones…

I think this Cancer NM and the eclipse and my intense sadhana has brought about the tantrika in me. A tantrika is a witch if you must know. A tantrika is the shaman and she is the high priestess of the mother matrix. I used this time to just journal…and thousands of words poured out into sheets of paper like torrents of rain on an overcast day like the midnight azure blue hue of Kali herself. Poems, verses and observations on all my years of Kali sadhana.

The Moon was at least in dignity, she was in her rulership and this made the lunation even more potent. And of course Saturn is also in rulership, so this was a stabilizing influence. Saturn is Shani, the son of the Sun who is very close to Kali’s energies. In the worship and invocation of the Dasamahavidyas, we invoke Saturn as Kali’s consort. Kali is beyond time or kaala and Saturn is the ruler of time. As the consort of Saturn, she is known as Kaalaratri, the great night. And as I sat under the Cancer NM, after the eclipse, I pondered on how much things had changed since Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn. But let us rewind further…Actually much has changed from 2015 and we’re just getting started!

Kaalaratri is the fiercest form of the Goddess and invoking her on such a night, where her consort is active in this Grand fire trine can help you banish all kinds of bs and negativity from your life. You can even banish demons, ghouls and other entities. Spiritwork is the domain of Kaalaratri.

Working with Kaalaratri’s energies need much meditation and stilling of the mind for this form of Kali invokes fear in most. But remember, that if in any form, the Goddess invokes fear in you, then it is a part of your shadow that you’re actually afraid of!

The Saudhikagama, an ancient Tantric text referenced in the Silpa Prakasha, describes Goddess Kalaratri as being the goddess that rules the night portion of every day and night. She is also associated with the crown chakra (also known as the sahasrara chakra), thereby giving the invoker, siddhis and niddhis (particularly, knowledge, power and wealth).

Kaalratri is also known as Shubankari (शुभंकरी) – meaning auspicious/doing good in Sanskrit, due to the belief that she always provides auspicious results to her devotees. Hence, it is believed that she makes her devotees fearless. ~~Wiki

It is time to ask yourself…Do I operate from a fear based vibration?

So there I found myself…invoking the fierce Kaalaratri. You see the Goddess in any form never struck fear or repulsion in me. I always sought to discover the deeper meanings behind the outward symbols. I knew there is a story there and it is up to me to find out all about it!

Invoking Saturn in this case might help us to create something that will truly stand the test of time. What have you created?

I spoke about the Grand earth trine, now how about some psychic and empathic water energy?

A Grand Water Trine will take form with Neptune at 16° of Pisces, Jupiter at 13° of Scorpio and the sun and moon at 20° of Cancer! This definitely puts emotions back to centrestage! Nope you cannot escape emotions love. It is Cancer time after all. Try to study how emotions make you pivot through the 3D world. Are you just a victim? Are you just cold and detached? Are you desensitized? If so, then use this energy to feel sensitive and open your heart again. No I don’t want to hear how many times it has been hurt.

Mercury will be retro on the 26th of July and during this lunation, he was already in shadow and this can make us muddled and confused. In Leo, this can make us say brash things we regret later on. Mercury in Leo is square to Jupiter in Scorpio. Two fixed signs! Stubborn af! Unmovable and this can show as a general lack of restraint in speech and manners. Jupiter can exaggerate. Be it good or bad.

Mercury in Leo also faced an inconjuct aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Adding fog to clarity and inconjunct is a difficult aspect, also known as Quincunx.

Charles Jayne said that in this aspect, people are asked to reconcile the irreconcilable, and thus the quincunx requires a creative leap to blend the two sets of needs and traits.The quincunx, however, is an “it does not compute” aspect. The wants and needs of the two signs involved have no real connection—instead it’s a disconnect. They’re unrelated by element or mode, so there’s no natural point of contact, no easy affinity or resonance.

Mercury is communication and Neptune is spirituality and when they’re in this quincunx, then you can see how our spiritual needs may clash with what we need to communicate. MAYBE OUR SPIRITUAL PATH IS NOT CLEAR! Working with the energies, I have felt that this is the case for many people’s woes. A lack of clarity when it comes to their higher calling. Quincunx highlights this strife and this disconnect.

The more in harmony with yourself you are, the more joyful you are and the more faithful you are. Faith is not to disconnect you from reality – it connects you to reality. ~~Paulo Coelho

Pluto also left his energy signature this lunation. He was opposite, in Capricorn to the Sun and the Moon in Cancer. Each time Pluto opposes the NM, there is bound to be revelations and change. And uncomfortable truths can surface, with the hard aspect with Jupiter and Merc. Since Cap is ll about corporations and Saturnian structures, we can expect resentment and issues with the boss. Or unhappiness with your career. It can be money issues for some. Love for some. For me it was the 5th and 11th houses. 5th house os of romance and children and creative work! Yipee! That was in hold while my baby took all my focus and all my time. We actually got to spend so much time together because of the move.

The NN in Leo, which is our collective destiny was opposed by a retrograde Mars in Aquarius! Lot of anger and resentment. Especially men seemed to be on edge and women who are puppets of patriarchy and hyper masculine, also felt like they had to push on no matter what. The Universe probably stopped this aggression dead in its track, but this aspect brings this hyper macho vibe and this is always destructive.

There is another inconjunct this lunation, I mean was..the NN and Saturn or Shani. This can bring us into conflict with authority or father figures. This aspect, if you’re being touched, has the potential to crash your whole career and belief in your life’s purpose, only to bring you closer to your soul growth. Leo is passionate and Mars in Aquarius can be cold and detached! Leo is creative and individualistic, Aquarius innovates and is community based! Do you see how this can be counter productive.

The glance (of the lion’s eye). Hinders harvest and travelers and causes discord. With moon here, plant, build, marry, but do not travel. ~~Vivian Robson

I hope you weathered the storm and now you’re ready for what the Aquarius Lunar eclipse will bring!

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. Ralph Waldo Emerson




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