The Longest Lunar Eclipse and Full Thunder Moon in Aquarius: 27th/28th July, 2018~~Every now and then, the stars align, Boy and girl meet by the great design, Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?

People find meaning and redemption in the most unusual human connections. ~~ Khaled Hosseini

This unusual connection that might surface is very much the domain of Mars retrograde conjunct the FM which also happens to be the longest lunar eclipse of this century. There is so much to mention here, so I am lost at where to begin, so let me start by the magical degree of 4 where the Sun and Moon will be in opposite polarities of Leo and Aquarius and when the individual self will need to find harmony with the needs of the collective.

Do not hesitate and give into equivocation! This is the time to process what’s been going on…and find the linkage and progress of your journey from way back in 2003!

Before anything, number 4 is the sign of mankind, of the earth and of solid foundations! Four takes on such importance when we study its relevance in our society and knowledge base. The four cardinal points of East, West, North and South are the boundaries, our very own Event Horizon, of the known world that we operate within and there are four phases of the Moon, which translates to four stages of lunar ascension energies. And what of the four winds and the four elements.

Even all the 12 astrological signs are divided into threes based on their elements which are four. Four rings out as a perfect number of sorts, that’s what Pythagoras thought. The 4th card of the tarot is the Emperor! What speaks more of foundations, completion and stability than this card?

There is also a Plutonic overture to the number 4. Do you know that dead people are blessed four times, but the living only thrice. So Four definitely allows other ethereal energies to penetrate its solid foundations.

This FM is also known as Thunder Moon because it is now that loads of electrical storms take place. Also storms in the seas and earthquakes. In Vedic astrology, this FM and eclipse is happening in Capricorn, sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu and this means wild fires like never seen before. And Uranus In Taurus is also this electrical storms and dangerously volatile earth changing energies. All this is what’s causing the crazy wild in British Columbia and Athens. Outskirts of Athens is burning like never before.

A tense astrological aspect called the T Square is being formed by the Moon/Mars square Uranus in Taurus. Mars happens to be almost at the end of his retro station. This T Uranus is a leg of the T square of this eclipse. Eclipsed Moon/Mars retro is the apex, Sun of course creates the 3rd leg.

Do you know that some astrologers believe this T Square to be a main pointer to fame? Yes T squares provide impossible and super difficult hurdles in our lives, but they can be energy vortices that can completely change and transform your whole existence. Fame is a byproduct when you perfect the lessons of the natal T square and it is possible that famous people will be in focus and some Joes will be famous or go viral!

The T-square activated by the lunar eclipse July is really sitting on a knife edge. Events occur that are just downright peculiar. The tension can push people to do something really reckless and the risk of accidents is very high. Help is at hand with the mature and modulating trine from Saturn. Age and wisdom are the only way to rein in the fast, furious and rebellious nature of Mars square Uranus. ~~Darkstar Astrology

Do you feel this ominous portend? Can you sense this doomsday vibe that is happening?

Eclipses are not considered auspicious in the Vedic system. Metaphorically, the Sun(Self) and the Moon(Emotions) are being hidden or eclipsed from the collective consciousness. This can be a time of confusion, turbulence and much drama if you’re not careful. Find balance between the passionate zeal of Leo and the cold, detached vibe of Aquarius. That is the flavor of the season, that is what is being served up to us by the stars above and sometimes, these stars align…they align for some truly remarkable and memorable encounters to take place. Mars is of course retro in Aquarius conjunct the Moon and the South Node or Ketu.

This is beyond fated. This is so karmic, that I think it gives the word karmic a new definition and seriousness. And Mars is known as Mangal in Vedic astrology and the South Node is known to be of the same constitution as Mars, so this eclipse Mars or Mangal comes center stage and Mars is all about our impulse, our wants, our hungers, our avarice, our anger, our sexuality, our primal sex drive. This is raw and roaring Mars , the symbol of the male and these themes now come into focus.

Listen to me and listen good…In 2003 Mars was closest to earth since it had been in 60,000 years and this time one more time, in 2018 during this eclipse and Thunder Moon, Mars will once again be  that close to earth…

This is a karmic wrap up of 60,000 years. Of course, it is linked to bigger cycles. But this time something huge from 2003 will be culminating. And this connection or this karma is 60,000 years old. Phantoms and ghouls and unresolved souls will wander the earth. It is up to us to help them pass over.

Now I told you that the dead are linked to the number four and look at what the Chinese call this FM- The Moon of the Hungry Ghosts! The hungry ghosts can also be within. Phantasmal experiences abound…Ghosts are forever within us and without us, be it the celluloid, be it a book, be it a kiss…

”I think cinema, when it’s not boring, is the art of letting ghosts come back.” ~~ Derrida

Sometimes it is important for ghosts to resurrect themselves…ghosts are as necessarily as the living and this eclipse will illumine that. The souls will howl at the hungry ghost FM in Aquarius, which is both practical and intuitive in one go. Sensitive and detached as well. True humanitarians are they. But the sensitive and feeling Moon hates being in eccentric, detached Aquarius. She tends to suppress her emotional body, her connecting body, especially with individual one on ones. Now Aquarius has no qualms about connecting, but their connection is built on an abstract concept of community. But the Sun in Leo is generous, warm, caring, passionate about the individual, if he does not let his ego go to his head.

The Sun in Leo is definitely a time of abundance…listen to what the Zuni culture calls this FM, “Moon When Limbs of Trees Are Broken by Fruit”! The fruits of our karma are also ripe for picking. What kind of baggage is breaking your limbs so to say?

The Sabian Symbol of the 4th degree of Aquarius is – A HINDU HEALER GLOWS WITH A MYSTIC HEALING POWER! Yes writing this piece is none other than a Hindu healer herself. Born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Calcutta…so do you see how synchronicity is at play? If you’re reading this, there is something for you in here, from the Hindu Healer herself…are you warm with the glow?


What do you think this symbol depicts?

The “Hindu Healer” has a “Mystic Healing Power”; they are often someone who practices alternative forms of healing, although a medical doctor can also have this healing ability. Often, you’ll find that solving problems logically and rationally doesn’t work as well as employing more creative or spiritual solutions. The message is often to look to your spiritual center for healing power. This requires focus, practice and determination. Using the traditional spiritual methods of healing can lead to profound results.

This FM and eclipse, stay away fro the chemicals, pills and opioids! Step back and revisit the ancient Sanatan Dharma that originated in the banks of the Indus! It is the oldest civilization and its spiritual bend has given the world most of its spiritual thoughts and systems. Which is why India is known as Mother India and Hindu dharma is the core teachings from whence sprung lofty systems like the Vedanta and the Buddhistic subdivisions. It birthed Jainism and Sikhism and has been the womb of this world’s spirituality. So tune into the ancient vibes of India which is more than the stereotypical image of the raja on the elephant. No there are no elephants on the streets and we do not commute in them, but we still have mystical Hindu Healers…

This longest eclipse is total as it is so close to Ketu or the South Node. Just a degree apart! Ketu or the South Node is the area of loss, sacrifice, lessening and karmic payoffs as well as retribution.

Ketu is generally referred to as a “shadow” planet. It is believed to have a tremendous impact on human lives and also the whole creation. In some special circumstances it helps someone achieve the zenith of fame. Ketu is often depicted with a gem or star on his head signifying a mystery light. ~~Wiki

Do you see how the mystery light abounds this lunation! Do you feel the stardust? Do you hear the fairies sing? The nightingale joins in, in the dead of the night! The planets sing too and so do our hearts when such a Martian and potent eclipse strikes at our being and soul.

This Martian energy is doubly enforced! Ketu is Mars like and Mars himself is conjunct the FM and Ketu! Volatility comes to my mind! Especially if you are Mars afflicted or Manglik, you might feel it heavily.


Mangal or Mars in the Vedic system is pretty similar to the Western archetype and represents drive and physical energy, self-confidence and ego, strength, anger, impulsiveness, heroism and adventurous nature. Mangal rules over blood, muscles and bone marrow. He is associated with battle, war and soldiers. Being Manglik or afflicted by Mars may see you job hopping non stop. Not achieving much with your actions in the world. Relationship problems and what not.

And the Vedic Mangal’s iconography has a close link to the number 4 which is the degree on which this eclipse and lunation happens and that is the four hands this deity has. He carries a mace and trident. The feminine energy or shakti associated with Mangal is Bagalamukhi. I have written much about this particular devi of the Dasamahavidyas or the Ten Manifestations of the Goddess! Visit my blog for more.

Ketu is considered responsible for mokshasannyasa, self-realization, gnana, a wavering nature, restlessness, the endocrine system and slender physique. The people who come under the influence of Ketu can achieve great heights, most of them spiritual. ~~Wiki

If you lose something in the material world, remember it happened so because it was for spiritual knowledge and growth. If the Leo/Aquarius fire/water is electrifying and burning you, then hold still and integrate the burn. If this fire does not kill you, it will harden you for sure and make you stronger. The flavor does have a kill or get killed vibe to it and remember this is the Moon of the hungry ghosts and some of them are looking for souls to snatch! Lost souls to devour…

If you’re got stuff in the 1 to 5 degrees of the fixed signs, then this lunation will rock your world baby! It might even add fuel to you going crazy. Mars is brewing some hardcore toxicity in some people and there could be violent outbursts. Waiting for the timeline slip to erase this vibe from the matrix. As a gridkeeper that is my job!

Where are the other planets besides Mars and the Moon herself?

Mercury is retrograde this lunation in the sign of Leo and this can create uncertainty, doubt and hesitation. Travel may be foiled or delayed. Venus is in her fall in Virgo and she might appear a bit too practical, a bit too harsh and judgmental if she is not being the earthy sensual sex queen. Mars also RX is in Aquarius. Jupiter, now direct as of 10th July, is in Scorpio and dear ole Saturn is in Capricorn and all of these celestial bodies will be visible this FM and eclipse. Pluto and Lilith also in Cap!

I have discussed how some astrologers already believe that we are in the Age of Aquarius, so this vibe is something we’re all operating from. It is the inherent collective energy signature of these times and this energy will be further cemented by Pluto’s ingress into that sign in 2023! By then Jupiter and Saturn would have made their way there. This prepares us for the Great Era of humanitarianism of the water bearer, Aquarius. These waters are not H2O. They are electrical sine and cosine waves of information that feeds the hologram.

Each fractal of space and time is an eternity in itself…as we observe the hologram. The show is on and no one has turned off the projector just yet. There is time…time for what? Memories? Are memories real if they are a part of the hologram? Or are you creating new bubble or pocket universes in the multiverse structure when you observe protons and electrons and subatomic particles at play!

Objects in the phenomenal world are called relative because they exist only in relation to each other. ~~Yogananda

Without you, the Observer, there is no Universe…

Now I briefly spoke of Mars and 2003 and the karmic baggage of 60,000 years…listen to this…there are cycles in cycles and this carries on to infinity. For instance, the present Saturn/Pluto dance started in 1982 and the Jupiter/Saturn is from way back in 1842! Every moment in time is connected to another, some more so by astrological alignments and within such sacred spaces can one witness magick happening. This is enlightenment. To perceive the silent moment between all the flux and the change. Some can permanently abide in that silence, for some just a glimpse is enough!

Mars is the closest it’s been to us since 2003. That is important.

Remember Mars in 2003? That was the year the red planet came closer to Earth than it had been in some 60,000 years. Mars can be faint, or it can be a bright planet. It can outshine most stars. But, in 2003, for a few months, Mars was exceedingly spectacular in our sky, outshining all the stars and planets except brilliant Venus. In 2018, Mars won’t be quite as bright as it was in 2003.

Now look at what house Aquarius falls for you. For me it is the 7th house of relationships and marriage. This was the year I met my partner of fifteen years and an eternity has passed. This FM laden with Martian energies is bringing back energies from that time. This also tells me that we have karmic ties from over 60,000 years. This 2003 whatever or whoever came into your life was from a huge and long karmic cycle of Mangal or Mars. And we are both afflicted by Mars!

After you know what house Aquarius is in, you can then go back to 2003 and try to piece together the whole narrative. What ghosts will you resurrect? Are they even important? Or are they redundant as the telephone set you used in 2003! Fifteen years later, so much has evolved, so much has changed. But is there something you lost in 2003? It might come back. With Mars RX and Ketu’s involvement, I do not rule such crazyAF shit happening.

Mars RX so close to the earth is facilitating change at the very core DNA level and for some empaths and intuitives, this can mean the slippage of timelines and memory blank outs. The hum in the ear has become quite a common occurrence if I may add, basing it upon what I hear from you guys. And my experiences.

Spirit, being the only existing Substance, had naught but Itself with which to create. Spirit and Its universal creation could not be essentially different, for two ever-existing Infinite Forces would consequently each be absolute, which is by definition an impossibility. An orderly creation requires the duality of Creator and created. ~~Yogananda


The FIVE OF SWORDS is the Tarot card associated with this Decan of Aquarius. This energy is about deception, letting down team mates or feeling let down and is actually one of the problem cards of the tarot. There is a general ambivalence about situations and people at this time of the eclipse. You might feel like you need someone but you’re also confused about having them in your life. It could be about a potential move to a new place or a new job. Basically there is a fluctuation in the way your perceive the matrix.

Now with this card, there is also a jealous vibe and a feeling of abject bereavement. Maybe someone you love goes way for too long and suddenly you’ve had it to your eyeballs and you explode. As the eclipse hits, you lose it and let your man or woman have it. This will not do you any good. Better be mature about things. If your query is about your love life and this eclipse is touching your 5th or 7th house, then you might face a breakup. Problems will surface surely and you have to put in extra effort to solve them. This is no easy peasy apple pie! This will have you confront all those simmering toxic issues that have been repeatedly swept under the carpet. Keep it in you mind- This too shall pass…

With Mars RX and Uranus in the mix, squaring each other and the formation of the T square, some may actually get hurt by electrocution. So stay away from such contraptions and devices. Satay away from power lines. And stay way from electrical storms.

Most importantly, with Mars RX holding court this lunation, there will surely be an electrifying sexual vibe out there. Uranus is also sexual awakening, so here we have Mars RX, the Moon and Uranus sizzling up our bedsheets with experimental eroticism.

“…This eclipse family changes a person’s direction through the sudden collapse of an existing structure.” “Sudden collapse of plans or lifestyles. Confusion may reign but the long term effects are those of rebuilding and transformation.” ~~The Eagle and the Lark, by Bernadette Brady

Now let us speak of the Fixed Stars. If you’ve been reading my posts you know that the Moon is actually in the constellations Copernicus or Capricorn. The Western Zodiac was invented over 2000 years ago, the Signs have moved nearly 30 degrees out of alignment with the Constellations they were named after because of the precession of the equinox. The Vedic system follows the fixed stars in the sky. The stars we need to focus on are Geidi and Dabih.

Fixed star Giedi gives beneficence, sacrifice and offering. Mars with Giedi causes abruptness, aggression and much criticism. Both Giedi and Dabih give patience, trust, faith, and decisiveness in a crisis. But also “more crises than anyone would wish.” With Mars, the strain may be too much. ~~Astrology King

Again the energy of Mars or Mangal is screaming out so we find balance. There is too much mystery that is shrouded in the esoteric teachings of Mangal or Mars and Mercury…

“As to Mars, Mercury, and “the four other planets,” they bear a relation to Earth of which no master or high Occultist will ever speak, much less explain the nature.”~~ (H.P. Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine” Vol. 1, p. 163-164)



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