Monthly Horoscopes for the 12 Astrological Signs by Tinaheals~ AUGUST 2018~


ARIES- Are you ready to focus on some pleasure? Yes, think of what tickles you and your fancy and you might be given a chance to explore them this August. Think of hobbies, leisure, and recreation. You certainly feel upbeat and positive and leave your unique energy signature in whatever you do. Yummy! There could be glitches till the 19th and you may need to backtrack. Your ruler Mars is retro till the 27th and you’re definitely feeling it. Fear not, life will pick up pace soon. Don’t get bored or mind-numbed. Retrogrades, they force us to look within so we can be done with all the shadow work. There is a Jupiter/Neptune influence that can make you more spiritually aware and imaginative. The Solar Eclipse on the 11th eggs you on towards love, romance and creative self expression. You’re now ready to manifest. August 23rd will see you get back to your usual quick paced life. Venus will give an added impetus in your partnership department from the 6th. New partnerships are on the line as many interesting people will enter your life. Make new connections by networking and you will be rewarded. Uranus was in your sign for 7 years and recently went to Taurus, but due to the retrogradation, he will return to Aries. Once again you will get a second chance to bring innovation to your life. But be careful of recently financial deals. They may not be what they appear.


TAURUS- Your fourth house is abuzz with activity Taurus and this is all about home, family and foundations. You might feel pulled in your personal and professional life as we begin August 2018. The key is to find balance. Six planets are retrograde as of August 7th. That slows things down, but it can give you important cues on what pieces of the puzzle you might be missing. Consider before launching a new venture or project as ideally this month is not about such things. But the Solar eclipse on the 11th may make you want to force things. Don’t! As the Sun moves into your 5th house, Virgo on the 23rd, you can now go out, party and meet new people. Singles have fun! You’re feeling the vibe now. Enjoy! With Venus in your second house from the 6th, focus on your health and day to day activities. Hidden enemies might become friends. Restructure your day and have more fun doing it. Health issues should find resolution. Hit the gym and meet someone special. Mars on the 12th, retrogrades back to your ninth and this will have you reworking legal or publishing matters. You might want to consider completing your education. There is a Jupiter/Neptune aspect which will help alleviate your mood, help building bridges with alienated friends and maybe even find a soul tribe.


GEMINI- My dear Geminis, August has seen a quieter side of you; which is rather unusual. Some of you have been spending more time at home than normal. This maybe because the longest lunar eclipse has pushed you over the edge to seek a life you can only dream of! You might find yourself drawn to your partner and children as Venus enters your 5th house! Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in fiery Leo till the 19th and this is your 3rd house of communication. Clarity will come with regards to communication and existing projects can get a revamp and get moving. Mars remains retro in airy Aquarius, your 9th of publishing, higher education and truth till the 27th and this can be frustrating for long distance travel and other 9th house stuff. But after the 27th, everything gets a boost of energy and your visas and other travel related issues may be solved. You might finally be able to apply for immigration. I know how hard this Mercury retrograde cycle has been for some of you, but the fog is lifting. Misunderstanding of all types can be cleared. Venus on the 6th, enters your fifth house and you now know that, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy?” Find time for play now. Your heart is crying out for acknowledgement of something you want deeply and sometimes you might ignore it. Don’t do that. 8th is a day when some news may come and the Solar eclipse on the 11th is nudging you gently towards a new beginning in the way you deal with communication, siblings and neighbors. Use this time to remember your dreams for they may be of precognitive nature; as your 12th house is surcharged by the mighty Uranus, who is the known as the spiritual awakener. Pay attention to ideas and imagine the perfect new beginning when it comes to your learning pursuits and projects. Mars reenters your 12th house, Capricorn where it is retro till 27th. Again I emphasize that focus on your dreams and your intuition. 19th heave a sigh of relief as your ruler stations direct!


CANCER -This month focus on finding a strong footing as the eclipse season is over. Grounding should be your mantra! You have been activated since the Cancer eclipse happened in July 2018 and now think of your finances, but do not push anything because still, many planets are retrograde. You have probably stepped out of your shell with the last lunar eclipse in Aquarius as that is your 8th house of sex, inheritance, taxes, debt and all things secretive. Don’t try to rush if things are slow. But I definitely do predict some unpredictable moments with Mercury, the NM and eclipse in your second house of finances and personal resources. Think of joint resources. From the 27th things should clear up with that. Alimony, money owed to you shall come back after that time. The solar eclipse on the 11th may have seen a financial opportunity lost, but fret not. Loads more coming up. Venus will be in your fourth house and you love her here, because you are all about home and family. That is what the fourth house is about! Try to be open in communications, because there is a chance of being misunderstood. Venus in Libra is very artistic, so bring that spirit to your home life and see miracles. 7th or 8th can have you motivated to solve an old problem. Mars in your relationship/sex sector can have you reassessing which connections are important. Thankfully Jupiter and Neptune are both in water signs and are harmoniously supporting you in areas of romance, children, creative interests, publishing, travel and sex. Fly with that imagination and manifest what you want with this energy. Inspire yourself and your family. Be the hero you needed when you were a child. From the 23rd you will communicate effortlessly as the Sun is now in your third house, Virgo. The last week of August will end well with the support of a grand earth trine. Work on grounding relationships and setting new boundaries with close ones if you feel like yours have been violated.


LEO- This month is one of the most powerful one’s for you this 2018, Leos. Things may be slow moving and you could be experiencing random delays, but that is expected with Mars RX in your 7th house of partnerships and with Mercury RX in your very own sign. But things will ease up after the solar eclipse on the 11th and Mars starts going direct on the 27th, bringing the much needed clarity in terms of so much that has been murky recently. Mercury has stayed long in your sign, showing you how to rework old concepts and ideas and to make them work for you this time. Hope you have been using this energy wisely, because if you have, then it is time for a huge payout! Venus has entered Libra on the 6th and this enhances your communications making you more appealing to people. You might want to study, travel, and connect with people and network. Solve problems with siblings, class and workmates and neighbors. 7th is good for that. Concentrate on finances, on your talents and see how the universe opens up unknown doors for you. Problems with your spouse should clear after the 27th. You might buy something of value, but wait till Mercury is direct on the 19th. Your words have special power this month, so use them wisely. You might discover something from some stranger that helps you on your path. With Mars moving into your sixth house of daily routines and health, you might find the perfect exercise regime that works. Health problems can be healed. Mars RX cycle in your sixth is about making time work for you. Breathe a sigh of relief as Mercury stations direct on the 19th and see yourself behaving like a boss and pursuing your interests with a renewed zeal. The trine of Neptune/Jupiter will have you look at your family and foundations with a more spiritual outlook. You might receive financial help or borrow money to further your business and this should work. 23rd onwards, you look at things more practically and resolve all stagnant issues. Find peace with your emotions on the 26th with the Pisces Full Moon. You might feel unsettled as Mars goes direct, but remember this too shall pass and breathe deeply. Remember the Universe is supporting you.


VIRGO- August is usually a quiet month for you, Virgos; with the Sun, Mercury and other luminaries in your 12th house of subconscious mind, dreams, intuition, instinct, and secrets, activating these themes! This is not the time to be super busy, but to pay attention to your dreams and intuition. Venus has been in your sign, bringing you some good old loving. Something which might have felt constricted with Saturn in your fifth! Now Venus moves into Libra, your second house of finances on the 6th and this brings focus to income. But go slow. Many planets are in retrograde. You might find that things finally pick up pace by the end of August, but there is a lot going on under the surface. Think of what needs to be changed, within and without. This time is supportive for such deep changes. Remember change is a powerful thing and people are powerful beings. Anything is possible Virgos. If you believe! Hope you have been honing your spiritual awareness with the recent planetary alignments, for there is a huge lesson in it for you. The 7th/8th might bring some new experience in your life which nudges you to a brand new opportunity. Be open to such things. This 12th house solar eclipse on the 11th in the astrological sign of Leo might have been quite mind-numbing and chaotic for you. But don’t fret and start judging yourself. Or worse, reprimanding yourself! Mars moves into Capricorn, your fifth house of romance and creativity and this might see an old lover surfacing. Keep an eye open the first three weeks in August for that. Or it might be that you discover an old passion. On the 19th, you can smile with all your heart, as our ruler Mercury goes direct! Now things lighten up and the burden lifts! Your career prospects are looking good. Try to wait till Mars direct on the 27th to make life changing alteration if you need such. Keep planning and pruning at ideas for perfection. Writers and speakers get an added boost. Even if you’re not a writer, try to use Jupiter in your 3rd to write something. Even if it is a journal! Write your heart out and find healing. Neptune is supportive with Jupiter and this fosters so much healing. It can bring new people, new ideas and new places in your life. 23rd the energy shines in your sign as the Sun saunters into Virgo. You wake up from the slumber, it is your solar return and with the grand earth trine on the 25th, things become serious and practical. Manifestation time! The Pisces FM can bring up emotional debris, but the next day, with Mars station direct, clarity comes in again. Celebration time!


LIBRA- This is a busy month for you Libra, more so than the other signs. August has you concentrating on groups, group activities, friends, social connections, collaborations, networking and all things related. Delays can be annoying, but your astrological ruler Venus enters your sign on the 6th and this has you in a good mood. Now people are noticing you and appreciating you. The Sun will move into Virgo, your 12th house of subconscious mind, dreams, intuition, instinct, and secrets. A time of rest and reflection, for you with this alignment! Silence is golden and you do not always need people to feel validated. You are a Universe, a perfect fractal! Use this private moment to catch your breath and unplug from the matrix. Listen to what arises in your dreamscape. There are hidden answers. The Mercury station on the 19th is definitely chaotic, for all the signs. For you this may involve a friend or a plan that has you ripping your hair in nervous anxiety. But fret not. Things will clear and more so with Mars stationing direct in Aquarius, a fellow air sign. This is such a cosmic push for you. This 11th July solar eclipse in Leo is in your 11th house. What a synchronicity! And it might test your patience, but ultimately, it will give you clarity. Think things through. Do not rush. Do not try to keep the peace for the sake of it. You have to speak up if something is bothering you. The retrograde planets may have you feeling bottled up, but finally by the third week of August, things can move. Things can move like juggernaut. Basically focus on harmonizing collaborations as this is also your strong forte. Working in a team can be very productive. A new romance is possible with Venus in your sign. Just remember not to make any impulsive purchases on your credit cards. 7th/8th is important for as you might get new ideas about an old project or you could gain new insights about a person. This person can be from your past. Around the 12th you might have to revisit your home and family themes as Mars retrogrades back to Capricorn; your fourth house. You could wrap up an old home project or heal some old family wound. Every sign gets a new life with Mercury direct on the 19th and for you; this activates your 22th, of friends and community. You could be attending some events in your community. You might even plan something for your friend circle. Your work, finances and health get a boost with the Jupiter/Neptune trine, so make the most of it. You might be able to find a job which is compatible with your ideology.



SCORPIO- This August is jam-packed with activity in your tenth house of career and work responsibilities. Think of what your ambitions are and think of how you can execute them. Of course Mercury being retrograde in that sector till the 19th is a sign that things might be slow and progress can look to be miles away. The situation will change and rightfully so by the 19th and then finally the 27th is when your ruler Mars goes direct. This will add the much awaited impetus. Both your rulers are retrograde in August, Mars and Pluto, but so are many other planets and this is the reason for the sluggish energy we are all experiencing. But the skies will clear soon. Something about your work life, which was hidden from you, may come to light around the 11th, so watch for that. The yummiest astro happening with you right now is probably the celestial conversation between Jupiter in your sign and Neptune in Pisces, your fellow water sign. On the 26th, with the Full Moon in Pisces which is your area of romance, adventure and children, you can expect to be artistically inspired and sensually tingled. Great night for a date is the 26th for you. Mars stations direct in your fourth house of family and foundations and this should bring the necessary change you have been hoping to take the situation to the next level. Things should pick up if you are looking to buy or sell your home; even rent in a new locality. Your home life and personal happiness will definitely come into focus. August should see you quite busy; network away and waste no time to express your creative ideas to possible funders. Especially at the end of the month, round the third week! What is Venus doing for you this month? She is activating your 12th house of subconscious mind, dreams, intuition, instinct, and secrets. So it is a time to be alone with your private dreams. It is time to allow healing with ancestral issues and pat mistakes can be atoned for. You might be crazily attracted to someone, but not be sure of your feelings as everything seems to be in flux. This is kinda how Venus operates in the 12th, but here, she is strong as she is in her rulership of Libra. This is the zone of celestial Aphrodite, so expect to be intellectually stimulated by someone who has a strong past life connection with you. You might feel forlorn and withdrawn at times, but it is okay. Take the time out to look at all possibilities. Something huge can happen with you working behind the scenes. Mars will move into your third house of communication which is Capricorn by the 12th and this will have you turn your attention to learning. Maybe there is a course you need to complete to upscale your resume? You might face problems with your siblings and neighbors; keep that in mind.


SAGITTARIUS- August might require you to be more present in your daily affairs but that does not take away your day dreams and your philosophy of seeking the bigger picture. Maybe you’ve been bitten by the travel bug? Maybe wanderlust haunts you at night? If all attempts to make this happen is being foiled, then hold your horses. Mercury stationing direct on the 19th will have things picking up pace. It seems like we’re all waiting with bated breath, but you are probably most so. Sagittarians can be impatient because of their expansive (Jupiterian) attitudes. They have to move around looking for the next adventure and stagnation kills them. Mars has been retro in your third house of communication, neighbors and siblings and this might have created some mishaps. Hope you did not speak too brashly and hurt someone’s feelings. If you have, then definitely try to communicate with them after the 19th. Mercury revisiting your 2nd house of income and resources will have you looking at your money situation and there can be retribution if you have been overspending. Think before you spend on that credit card. Saturn/Pluto both retro in your second house and Mars activating it will definitely bring about a change in how you gin income and how you spend your money. Venus is entering your 11th house of community and friends and you love this placement of Venus. For now you are your gregarious self and be flexible; although you love people, but sometimes you can be an introvert! But now you want to express yourself to kindred folks and this can be very beneficial. Get noticed and do it with style. Venus has already activated your 10th house of work and purpose in life. Things are looking good. The solar eclipse on the 11th gives you a boost as it happens in your fellow fire sign of Leo. A sign you have much in common with and this gives you a feeling you taking charge. This is great for adventures, or art projects, work ideas or even a new course. Open your mind now to learn and play with new ideas as Mercury goes direct. The harmonizing energy of Jupiter and Neptune which has been with you since December has been sending you much healing. Friends and associates become important and they might introduce you to someone new around the 7th or 8th. With Mars revisiting Capricorn, your 2nd house, you will need to sort out your finances and if you don’t, then expect some kind of disaster. The Sun moves to Virgo, the top of your chart or your Midheaven on the 23rd and this is great for your overall energy and for you to make the necessary changes that support your lifestyle instead of shoving things under the rug. Be open to alternate ideas when it comes to healing or wellness, even work and you should enjoy a supportive and satisfactory month.


CAPRICORN- My dear Capricorn, with Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your signs, this has been a time of change and transformation like none before, but wait there is more to come. Have things slowed down freakishly? Even though you are the archetype of the hardworking mountain goat, you can still feel impatience. But maybe this is not the best time to feel impatient as Saturn your ruler is back home to teach you all about patience. Do your soul searching now and look within. Intimate issues may surface in the first three weeks of this month and you will have to wade through them, no matter how uncomfortable you feel. Some perfect stranger may pop up and you might want to bond with them which can be quite exciting. Leo is your 8th house of sexuality, taxes, debts and inheritance and the solar eclipse happens there on the 11th. Mercury has been retrograde there as well. Loads of psychic debris can pop up as the 8th house is famous for that. You can expect clarity around these issues around the 19th. This eclipse has you feeling deep and passionate. Mars has been retro in your second house of income and resources, so when he goes retro income may increase. However, before that Mars treads back to your sign on the 12th. This can be a stage of deep introspection and thought before you take action. Backtrack all you want, this is the perfect opportunity, but the 27th and after will see a more outgoing and gregarious side of you. You’re definitely coming out of your shell. Inner change is the motto of August, so embrace it and finally move towards self mastery for that is the domain of Capricornicus. If you meet someone around the first week of August, don’t rush into things as all may not be what it seems. Relationships with your spouse can improve after the 19th. A solar eclipse on the 8th house may see you walking away from something. Venus, on the top of your solar chart from the 6th will see you come out into spotlight and claim your place. Your reputation gets the boost it needs and why not? Have you not slogged your behind off? Socialize all you can, for someone who is attracted to you may come into your vicinity and show you a new way of thinking. This can be wondrous, so let it happen. Do not be stubborn. Move away from the past and the 7th/8th will have you ponder heavily on this. The Jupiter/Neptune conversation has brought you new friends and new dreams. Now use them as motivating forces for your future. The Sun is in your 10th from the 23rd will give you a clear definition of your life’s purpose and this can be a special epiphany. Work with patience and detach from ego during the transition period and everything should work out just fine.


AQUARIUS- Independence may be your philosophy, but that might have been problematic to find as Mars has been retrograde in your sign and will be so till the 27th. Mars is the archetype of our impulse to grow, it also denotes violence and anger. A retrograde Mars can definitely have your temper on hot alert. This can alienate people so be careful. Things may be getting foiled for you, but let this retrograde pass and everything will move forward. The cosmic currents are about ebb and flow; sometimes the energy is expansive and sometimes, it constricts. Many planets have been retrograde all of August and this means a sluggish, introspective period for one and all. Uranus, your ruler, in your fourth is definitely bringing full on focus to your family and foundations, but it retrogrades back to your third house of communication. There is much to be reworked on those ends. Pay close attention to your intimate relationships. This is the time when you need to learn about the agendas of other people and see how a compromise can be reached for harmony and fluidity. You’re more appreciative of feedback in general and this can help you better your communication skills. Venus in Libra is good for you as it is a fellow air sign exchanging energy in sync. Explosion of new ideas, an expansion of your knowledge base and diverse experiences are the hallmark of this energy. This 9th house activation will bring interesting foreigners into your vicinity and there can be attraction in the mix, passion too. But hold on till the 19th, I would say the 27th. Mercury has been in your 7th house where the New Moon and solar eclipse took place. Your marriage and other important partnerships may have been going through problems which can culminate into separation and divorce for some. If the relationship has become redundant, then let it go. Move on. If you want to make things work, then wait till the 19th, to iron out the differences with your mate; strategize and plan for now. Mark your calendar for an explosive and passionate meeting on the 7th or 8th. The much talked about Jupiter/Neptune trine has been amping up your intuition at the most opportune times. Expect magic to happen and it will. The Full Moon culminates with clarity around your finances on the 26th. Listen to your intuition, it has all the answers. The Sun in your 8th house from the 23rd will show you a path whereby you can work through a long time persistent problem. Go with the flow and embrace this very special time.

PISCES- My dear Pisces, your 12th house is on fire. Mars has been in Aquarius for a long time retrograding there till the 19th and this has your subconscious mind, dreams, intuition, instinct, and secrets active. Much psychic debris can surface. Mars is volatile; it is the masculine archetype and the pulse of desire. It can also mean anger, fire and tempers. Mars is here to sort through your ancestral karma and your past lives. Do the shadow work and rebirth yourself. Correct the errors of not just this life, but of past lives. Mars in the 12th retro can support that. August does emphasize on health and work, but this is not the time to swim against the tide. So many planets are retrograde. Your ruler Neptune too! The 11th Solar eclipse is in your sixth house of daily routines, health and work. It also symbolizes hidden enemies. You might need to purge old grievances and find peace. 6th house activation brings a positive change in lifestyles, so embrace it. Get exercising or do yoga. 7th or 8th can see you having an epiphany. The 23rd brings a shift as now you can focus on relationships and partnerships. Health problems can find resolution around the 19th and after the 27th. Venus has been in Virgo, your seventh house of marriage, but now moves into your 8th of sex and secrets, ruled by Pluto who is retro in Capricorn, your 11th house of friends and community. Saturn is also there and in rulership, cementing your ties and bonds with a kindred clan. Support that you need, will be yours. Someone might try to compete with you around the second week of August. Mars retrogrades back to your 11th house from the 12th to the 27th, so iron out all differences with your clan by then and then move onto new vistas. Jupiter is syncing up nicely with Neptune in Pisces and this totally amps up your intuitive awareness. Someone wonderful can accost you randomly and it can become a torrid love affair. It can happen while a business tour or general travel. Even if this person is not your soulmate, this interaction has the potential to change your life. The Sun enters Virgo, your 7th house of marriage from the 23rd and this is amazing to sort out any and all grievances with your spouse. Have a heat-to-heart and it will resolve anything. This can have you working on a collaboration which can yield something miraculous. So go for it.


Blessed- be


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