A Hypnotic, Blueberry Full Moon in Pisces, 26th August 2018; If the stars were mine, I’d give them all to you~~

I believe in mysticism, with an interior goal, and you are your own temple and your own priest. I don’t believe anymore in religions, because you see today there are religious wars, prejudice, false morals, and the woman is despised. Religion is too old now; it’s from another century, it’s not for today. ~~ Alejandro Jodorowsky

This shimmering FM in tropical Pisces is basically the lunation when everything around us ripens; also known as the Sturgeon Moon, the Green Corn Moon, the Blueberry moon, it will be a welcome break, bringing in alchemy and magick as we move away from the quantum wormholes the eclipses opened up. It is a moment of respite. It is a moment of silence.

The Pisces/Virgo polarity comes into focus and as this FM lights up my natal moon and is opposite my Ascendant, Mars, Venus AND Rahu! This is my moment to emotionally open up. The Moon, remember is our emotional body. This FM wants me to connect in deep, meaningful ways with you.

This makes so much sense, because the FM conjunct my natal moon, has finally given me the opportunity to write in my blog and pen my thoughts in a more personal manner. Writing for huge amounts of people takes away the personal touch that this blog has! It has been so, so long and every single moment my heart wants to open this page and create posts. But believe me, it has not been possible. Writing for numerous platforms, websites, and magazines; for satellite networks too, I have not had the wherewithal to write in my own personal blog. And this is my personal space where I try to make astrology come alive by studying various aspects of the occult and the esoteric from many systems. I combine, mix and match to bring the ancient wisdom into practical usage for the contemporary era.

Time is not linear and today what I want to tell you is that to understand your past, you have to study your future! WTF! How do I do that? If I could know my future, how will that help me uncover my past? These questions provide fodder for meditation as this magickal lunation draws close in the mystical, tropical Pisces and is conjunct the fixed star FOMALHAULT, termed the Northern Guardian of the Earth by the Chinese and in India, this star falls in 6 degrees of the sidereal or Vedic Aquarius and is known for being the bridge to the metaphysical. It is called the “Veiling star” and as the Ancients have told us, this fixed star is here to help us heal the human condition. Psychosomatic and spiritual healing! The Persians named Four Royal Stars and Fomalhault was one!

My Moon is conjunct Fomalhault and I am ruled by the nakshatra Satabisha in the Vedic system. Michelangelo and Da Vinci both had their moons in this zone, so there is a propensity to the abstract, the metaphysical and the surreal combined with an uncanny interest in the occult. I mean that is how it played out in my life.

Now brace yourself- SATABISHA translates to the HUNDRED HEALERS! Satabisha is my Moon Lord! Most individuals touched by Satabisha become metaphysicians(physicians too) and healers and these people are very interested in the cosmos, the skies above! The original skywatchers! If you have any planets from 6.40 to 20 degrees of Aquarius then you are in fact touched by the grace and healing powers of this nakshatra. You will be blunt to a fault, but truthful. You do not believe in mincing your words. Fomalhault or Satabisha gives tremendous creative potential. And I mean TREMENDOUS. But in a sense the energy is of extremes. It is like the number 23! It lands you in such chaos that there is either drowning or creating magick! What do you choose this lunation?

Fomalhault makes you independent and you will not surrender your belief and ideas till your last breath! You are intellectual and if you have benefic in conjunction or opposite to Satabisha, then you will be famous. This is a sure shot pointer to fame! If you have malefics like Mars, Saturn or Ketu, well, then your challenging journey may push you greater heights previously unsurpassed by anyone.

Always keep in mind that Fomalhault is associated with intense and extraordinary extremes and Ebertin said “this star is of quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure. Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked.” Moon conjunct Fomalhault brings “secret business causing much trouble and enmity, but eventual gain after many difficulties.”

I have my Rahu, Ascendant, Venus and Mars opposite Fomalhault or Satabisha. Always check the opposite sign to a fixed star. Because fixed stars affect conjunctions and oppositions. Which makes it tropical Pisces/Virgo polarities and in the Vedic system we have the Aquarius/Leo polarity happening. If things are getting complicated, then skip to the next bit. I also say this in case, the sidereal system does not interest you. But it should, because  it really is very, very accurate, interesting and complicated AF!

In terms of animal totems, I suggest look for the Ox, the female horse or mare. Now let me share this synchronicity on steroid- in the Chinese system, I am a wooden horse. So yay cosmos! Thank you for all the signs! I am awakening to the possibilities of the 100 healers!

Now the ruler of Satabisha is Rahu or the North Node who is now in tropical Leo, sidereal Cancer and the presiding deity is Varuna, ruler of cosmic waters or Neptune who is involved in a grand water trine this lunation and in some other aspects coming up. The Vedic system is pretty tangled and intricate, but is strikingly well rounded once comprehension is achieved. With each day, I find myself digging into the Vedic and Tibetan systems with renewed interest and zeal.

Aum Jalbimbaye Vidmahe Nila Purushaye Dhimahi Tanno Varunah Prachodayat- This is the Varuna Gayatri which you can recite 108 times to activate this ethereal and surreal energy vortex. Think of Satabisha as a Hundred Rescuers, A hundred Helmsmen  or meditate on the hundred shoots of a lotus flower and see the magick!

Now back to the tropical system. This fixed star Fomalhault is associated with the Archangel Gabriel whose name literally means, “God is my power.. and in some texts it means, “Who is stronger than God”. The Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel walk the earth to guide humanity. Much like the Mahayogis and Bramharishis of Ancient India.

Do you see how both the systems are venerating this star- call it Satabisha or Fomalhault, this energy is alchemy. This energy is of ascension. This energy is of the utmost healing that can be brought down to humanity from the higher realms. Get some Lilies for your altar or just put it on your desk. Archangel Gabriel loves lilies and might come to visit you if he knows you are calling him.

Artwork depicts Gabriel blowing the trumpet, even in the tarot. Major Arcana! Think of the JUDGEMENT CARD.


Blank your mind and stare at this card for a bit. Is the Last Judgement coming to mind? Look at the humans resurrecting from the graves to respond to Gabriel’s trumpet call. His trumpet is telling them to wake up. They will be judged according to their karma. Reap what you sow, like never before. Reminds me of Saturn, but this card is ruled by Pluto. Well…Pluto in Capricorn is a simmering effect this enchanting lunation.

The Judgement card and the Death card are inextricably inter-related. Nothing is forever. Reality is a dance of ephemeral shadows, encasing us in flesh, blood and tears.

“Life is but a day;
A fragile dew-drop on its perilous way
From a tree’s summit.” ~~ John Keats, The Complete Poems

I am not going to go into the importance of Gabriel in the Abrahamic systems. There is much on that online, but what I will tell you is that Gabriel reminds me of Lord Shiva. Why? Because Shiva is a sense is about the final pralaya or destruction, which can be termed as Judgement Day. Gabriel like Shiva wears a crescent on his head and both have  deep connection to the moon. So will you invoke Gabriel who is the messenger of love and light. Once you have invited this blessed energy in your being, your heart will swell up with compassion, empathy and love for all of creation. You will feel one with everything. Kind of like the mystical energy of Pisces. ❤

There is a second fixed star’s involvement is this lunation and that is Sadalmelik at 4.01 of Aquarius.  In Arabic it means Luck of the King! The Moon conjunct Sadalmelik gives prominence in occult matters, success in large companies, and is favorable for gain. Although there is a dangerous and ominous component to this Fixed star, it is Saturn and Uranus who brings us harmony with the grand earth trine.

Saturn along with Jupiter is the ruler of the decan in which the lunation takes place. It is Pisces Decan 1. This decan is prophetic and surreal. There is fantasy, imagination, creativity, surrealism, abstractions that are the hallmark of this energy.

But don’t get lost in a phantasmagoria of your own delusions. The Pisces energy can be all about escapism, martyrdom and victim mindedness.

Reminds me of Lana’s lines from the track Heroin…

I’m flyin’ to the moon again, dreamin’ about heroin…

How it gave you everything and took your life away…

Control the impulse to land up in drug induced inceptions- a dream within a dream, within a dream…Think of what is your poison. What is your heroin? And do away with it.

The TAROT CARD linked to Pisces Decan 1 is the 8 of Cups!



Again I urge you to concentrate and try to decipher what it means. Did you see how it shows us the theme of moving away from something that might appear to be of value to the world. But you know better. You know it is time to wrap up the current cycle. Walk away from what is abject and hopeless. In some cases disengage and disentangle from people and scenarios. This card can also suggest spiritual yearnings. It is symbolic of the archetype of the Hero’s journey, but this is about inner awakening. If something is finished, do not linger on…tread on your path. Remember you have miles to go before you sleep…you have to change, you have to move on…think of the river…

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” ~~Heraclitus

I have been speaking about the trines. There is the Sun applying a trine to Saturn and Uranus. Now these two planets are as different as they can get, but in a trine they exchange energy with powerful force. So if you have kept up with the consistent workload of Saturn in Capricorn, then Uranus in Taurus, will bring you a moment of radical epiphany. It might make you uncomfortable, because trines can sometimes be too much energy overload. So the Sun is being cosmically plugged in and charged by these two! Saturn is also trine Uranus! Yipee! Change is a powerful thing thing now and you can smell her everywhere.

There is the harmonious Sextile aspect that is cutesy and refreshing. Not felt too deeply, but they carry the generous optimism of this lunation. Moon is sextiling both Saturn and Uranus. These sextiles can bring about deeper clarity and intuitive insights. But do not cling on to ideas and goals for the fuck of it. This time is about dropping the load.

Mars will be stationing direct immediately after this enchantment of a lunation. Finally skin diseases and infections will clear. I say this because I am working with some street animals who have been severely affected by mange since Mars has been retro, from July 27th. Mars stations direct on the 28th degree of Capricorn, so figure out what that means for you. All I can say is, it will be HUGE!

Mars will be applying a sextile to the wounded healer Chiron! There is so much of the occult and the metaphysical in the air! Think of the 100 healers or Satavisha and the metaphysical Fomalhault conjunct this FM and then study the Sabian Symbol for Mrs Sextile Chiron. The Sabian Symbol is A WOMAN READING TEA LEAVES! Again we have the motif of prophesy! Do not rush anything this FM. Take a moment to know in your heart that there is time…There is time for a smile. There is time for a kiss. There is time to be grateful for this beautiful world.

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” ~~Rabindranath Tagore

The ruler of Satabisha is Rahu or the North Node and dynamic Mars is opposite Rahu at the time of this FM, conjunct Ketu! Rahu is of the nature of Jupiter and is known to increase whatever it touches. But when in opposition to Mars, Rahu can stir up trouble. It can infuse one with new ideas, but the risk taking tendencies can be over the top. Be circumspect in what you do. Mars opposite Rahu can bring unwanted attention of law enforcement officers. No speeding. No road rage. No impulsive bar fights. Mars and Rahu can bring about a forceful declaration of one’s personal identity. Mars’ involvement with the Nodes is said to bring about accidents. This might make you introverted and a conspiracy nut! Yes suddenly you can find yourself questioning militaristic actions that have been taken by the world governments. You may question immigration. There is definitely a disharmony with your ideas and social thinking which can leave you angry, frustrated and violent.

There are two notable Quincunx aspects to talk about.

Moon Quincunx Rahu or the north node. Let me quote myself from an earlier piece..

The Moon in Pisces is QUINCUNX the North Node in Leo and this can be challenging if you are trying to communicate your emotional body to groups of people. They might not see things your way, but that does not mean your way is incorrect. All ways lead to the same truth. You may call water something else, in whatever language, but then water will always be H2O. A rose by any other name will still be a rose, right?

Do you see how the quincunx plays out?

The second one, Mercury, on the 16th degree of Leo is Quincunx Neptune in Pisces which is the aspect of the Daydreamer! And what better day to soak into some gorgeous dreamscapes! Study this quote of Mark Twain…Wit is the sudden marriage of ideas which, before their union, were not perceived to have any relation. – Notebook, 1885

That describes the quincunx to a tee. Mercury is communication and Neptune is spirituality. They seem diverse AF, but what if you find a way to merge them. Just like the comedian does in her gigs! And the Sabian Symbol for this degree of Leo is Sunshine after a storm! Yes things look positive. Things are clearing up!

The Asteroid Lilith orbits in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon.  According to Mark Andrew Holmes, among others, the asteroid Lilith represents the principle of integration and triangulation. She represents things that are deeply buried and repressed that must come to light. And light shall shone on such issues with this conjunction. But the opposition from the Moon tells e that there is much shadow work to be done.

Wildcats shall meet with hyenas, goat-demons shall call to each other; there too Lilith shall repose, and find a place to rest. There shall the owl nest and lay and hatch and brood in its shadow. Isaiah 34 14-15

The Sabian Symbol of 4th of tropical Pisces is – A Heavy Car Traffic on a Narrow Isthmus Linking Seaside Resorts. In “the Astrology of Personality,” Rudhyar tells us, 4 Pisces is said to be a symbol of “linkage in activity of all community values,” “free flow from ideas to consummation,” and “sense of significance in relationships.”

What do we need to do when there is a traffic jam? We need to work together, as a community. We need to increase dynamism in all aspects and functions of social life. There has to be a peaceful interplay of ideas for humanity to work in synthesis.

How do you think you will finally find mobility after being stuck for so long in the traffic jam? I know we are dying to move ahead. The retrogrades have definitely felt like a nightmarish traffic jam, but the energy is shifting and the dark clouds of uncertainty and inaction are clearing. Finally! Couldn’t have been sooner!


Of course the Full Moon (5am PDT 26 August) has its share of Grace – though it’s a Patriarchal Perspective, many astrologers consider the “best” sort of chart to have is one with a lot of Energy (red lines) and a lot of Blessings (blue lines), because such a chart provides both Motivation and Grace. In the previous post’s chart we didn’t emphasize the blue lines, but as you can see there are plenty of them. The long blue lines (Trines) portend the most Effortlessness – actually, the things that are so Effortless that we take them for granted. In the four-Degree zone that the Full Moon Lights Up, we’re Graced with ten of the twelve possible Trines. Grand Trines in Fire (Spirit), Earth (Matter), and Air (Mentality) are Complete, indicating that if we encounter Difficulties they’re likely to be Emotional. As usual, our Vacancy provides clues. For instance, can you recall what you Felt the first time you went braless, or the first time you saw a woman braless? ~~Jbuss Astrology








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