Saturn Stations Direct, 6th August 2018~~

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life. ~~Steve Jobs

As Saturn stations direct on the 3rd degree of Capricorn, but moving only 1 degree this whole month, I offer him a mustard oil diya to invoke his energy and I chant 108 mandalas of Klim, which happens to be the beej mantra or the seed syllable to invoke his feminine counterpart Kali. Kali, the fundamental manifestation of the Dasamahavidya or the Ten forms of the Goddess, to ask for one thing and one thing only and that is Self Mastery.

You see that is their domain, true self knowledge, true self awakening. Once you master yourself, there is nothing and no one to master. You are the eternal light and the eternal shadow…duality makes no sense, everything becomes married in myriad hues of self understanding and oneness. That is magick!

Shani is black, so is Kali because they represent space and time and what’s beyond. In the Vedic parlance, Shani is an auspicious, but malefic Navagraha. Mars is the lesser malefic and Saturn, the greater; this idea is widely embraced by all astrological traditions.

Zeriǰi in the Zoroastrian astrological system was the demonic name of Saturn and in the Avestan cosmology, we find the planets to be dualistic and were known as nē axtar “not-star” and sometimes also gādog or gēg “bandit.” We may recall that in Akkadian the planets were also called bibbu “wild ship.”

The planets, as stated in chapter IV, 8-10 of the Škand-Gumānīg Wizār (de Menasce, 1945, pp. 50-51), were considered “robbers” or “bandits” in opposition to the stars, which were “givers” (bayānpar excellence (see Panaino, 2013).

Even the Manichean system considered planets to be demonic! The image of the planetary demons is clearly documented in the Mandean literature, particularly in the Ginzā (Lidzbarski, 1925, p. 103, 97, 9-34; Panaino, 1998, chap!!!

But we know that it is not so…

Humans, I think have gone through all stages of emotional attachment to the planets and stars above- love, respect, veneration, fear, hope, anger. We project the whole spectrum onto them. As above, so below…after all!

Saturn is hated, feared, but you cannot ignore him as he metes out justice and his brand of justice is compelling. Is it not? It is time to answer to our dharma and to our karma and come face to face with what we’ve done as he went retro in April and do consider older cycles that tie into this timeline . Studying the position of Saturn by house and sign gives you a good  understanding of your karma at this time. Also look at the retrograde planets and the South Node or Ketu. April, when he went retro, he crystallized his lessons for the collective. We sorta know what to expect or do we from Saturn’s stay in Capricorn?

Think of the myth which cements Shani or Saturn’s position as a great malefic. The Sun goes into an eclipse as soon as Shani is born. He is the son of the Sun, and he’s developed a complicated relationship with his father, just as he opens his eyes. His mother is known as Chaya or Shadow. What do you think this means? That Saturn’s energies encompass the light as well as the shadows. Everything in the 3d world is his foray and we follow his justice.

The linakge of mustard oil to Shani Deva stems from the ancient myth of how Hanuman punishes him because of a useless tussle between them. Shani asked for medicine to be healed and Hanuman gave him mustard oil to alleviate his pain. Why?

Now, now, now…let me reveal the importance of mustard on human civilization and thought. I use mustard seeds and oil regularly for my rituals. Mustard is probably the most potent spice for magick! Read the quote below to see what the Bible has to say…

HE told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.” – Matthew 13:31-32

These metaphorical mustard seeds are seeds of Saturn because it is him who structures the hologram, we perceive as reality. Not only is the mustard oil sacred to Kali and Saturn, t is also poured on Lord Shiva to do Abhishekham or ritual bath to end debts.

Although debt falls in the proverbial jurisdiction of Pluto, and as Saturn stations direct, he is coming closer and closer to Pluto which will lead to the great fated conjunction in 2020, it is not just material debt, I am referring to.

Do you know every interaction, every action, every lover, every human you have interacted with is because of a special kind of debt or HRIN as we call it in Sanskrit. This whole world operates on Hrin which is spiritual debt. So do you see how invoking Saturn not only will free you from material but also spiritual debt. This debt consists of not just this lifetime…it takes many, many of your past incarnation karmic cycles into consideration.

Saturn is known as Kaala or the Lord of Time and his brother is Yama, the Lord of death. Saturn is also loosely called the Grim Reaper.

Shiva’s wrathful form is worshiped as Rudra when we pour mustard oil on him, we invoke the fearless side of divinity. Saturn rules the backbone and the wrathful emanations teach you one thing- that is develop your backbone, develop your SELF!! Again, not your ego…develop the real self. Not the unreal!

Saturn teaches you self actualization, so this is the debt you can clear off. Offer Saturn or Shani, the metaphoric mustard oil to cleanse your hrin, one and all, physical, mental and material!

Also remember that the mustard seed is also the smallest seed ever and this means that no matter how small you are, you have the power to restructure and alchemize your reality.

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

There is also the story of Buddha who asks  bereaved mother to bring mustard seeds from a house where no one has lost a child, husband, parent, or friend and with those mustard seeds he will make her dead son alive again. I do not need to explain to you that this is not possible, because death is very much a part of life. This paradigm consists of this duality which we must transcend. Here again we see the mustard seed taking on Shani’s energy of death and loss. But if you think about death and grief, you will see inextricable interwoven they are with life and peace.

Some tantric texts refer to Shani as the Vairagya form of Shiva. Vairagya is renunciation, and that makes sense because Saturn is known to be a constricting force. It sets boundaries and makes you shelve useless garbage.

Shani is the first guardian of humanity and it is to him, we will go for atonement. He is karmic retribution and now he stations direct in Capricorn, a sign he rules. This is epic. This is karmic. This is super-duper fated!

Shani knows a thing or two about penance, he learnt it from his mother, Chaya who invoked Shiva day and night, without food or water, in the Sun. They say Shani is black because of his mother’s prolonged stay in the Sun. But we know better…don’t we?

This simple myth does well to elucidate how similar actions will be appreciated when we are under Shani or Saturn’s jurisdiction. It is time to understand Vairagya and renunciation. What is important? What is not? It is time to take authorship of your karma and answer to Shani.

Shani is black because he represents us wiping the slate of our life clean. What remains? Only black! The great Void! Everything fades away, the illusion, the separatist emotions, the flux, the change…everything settles down to pure potential. That is the energy right now- pure potential. Check your house in your natal chart to see where this is happening and you will get to see the patterns. If you’re ready to see, you will be shown.

Shani is considered to be the incarnation of Vishnu, who comprises of the holy trinity of Hinduism. Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva! Vishnu, similar to Saturn sustains creation.

“The world rests as the lotus in the palm of my hand, the cosmos revolves around my finger like a discus. I blow the music of life through my conch and wield my mace to protect all creatures.” – Krishna Upanishad

The holy trinity of Hinduism is Bramha who creates, Vishnu who sustains and Shiva, who destroys. Now let us think objectively on this one- yes, creation is a difficult process, but I think sustenance is slightly more complex. Don’t you think? You might create something fantastic, but what of sustaining it? How to make things last in this ephemeral hologram? That is what Shani or Vishnu teaches you…the art of sustenance! It is something we all need to learn. Vishnu, derived from “vis’ in Sanskrit refers to the idea ‘to spread’ and ‘to be present everywhere’. Saturn is very much like this…his energies are present everywhere, just like his Shakti, Kali!

This brings me straight to the Sabian Symbol of 3 of Capricorn where the station is happening and which is  “the human soul receptive to growth and understanding”, which Dane Rudyard calls a degree of “inner and pure motivation,” “the power to remain superior to physical limitations; to demonstrate free will,” and “detachment.”

How poetic is that! How poignant is this frequency of Saturn that he plays for us as we journey through this degree for this whole month! Do you feel open? Receptive to the understanding that Saturn brings to your soul?

I definitely feel an intense yearning to open myself up to see what this energy brings. I feel ready to allow the lessons of this “actional-physical “face” and the social, emotional, and cultural face of the first half of Capricorn”.

Dr. Jones says this is a degree of our “fundamentally naïve capacity for experience,” and of our “equally fundamental dependence on the understanding and support of fellow participants in each moment of self-discovery.” He goes on to say “Here is a delight in normal living, not through its limitation but rather through a reiterated release of selfhood.” ~~Aquarius Papers

Do you see how the Universe is pointing to Self Mastery! No matter how many fancy ideas, words and concepts you use to describe it, it remains the very same point. A rose will always exhibit the same fundamental properties no matter what worse we use to describe it. Yes, a rose by any other name, will always be a rose…

I suggest you gaze at the Tarot Cards The Devil, The Hermit and the World. Place them next to one another and begin to journal. See what archetypes present themselves to you. Think of questions like…

What am I slavishly attached to?

What kindles my fire?

What does materialism mean to me?

How do I make concrete my actions in this world?

Do I need time to retreat?

Is there a guide or father figure that I can turn to?

Can there be father healing?

What karmic events have I set into motion?

Do they serve my highest good and the good of all life?

Am I not allowing something to end?

Here I want to share a recipe for you- Black Urad dal which is sacred to Saturn and of the same frequency.


Try to make this for dinner. Add brown rice and salad. Offer to Saturn before you consume it.

If you’re badly afflicted by Saturn or going through a Sade Sati, then pour some Ganga jal onto the roots of a fig or Peepal Tree where Saturn is known to have his earthly abode. Offer some blck laddoos, made with black til to Saturn or Shani and the spirits that invoke him.

Regardless of what we do, our karma has no hold on us.~~ Bodhidharma

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