Venus RX in Scorpio/Libra, 2018~ Doomed from the start, We met with a goodbye kiss~~

“Observation: there was absolutely nothing to see on Venus. Conclusion: it must be covered with life.” ~~ Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Venus is in fact teeming with life, not just the kind we might expect….”equalled by none other…” Esoteric knowledge tells us that it is the root causation of earth’s consciousness. It is our source frequency. The stars and planets, they teach us and not just shine! There is a lesson in the five pointed star that Venus draws as she dances in the heavens above…the question is, have you deciphered the code yet? It is never obvious with Venus retro lessons. It is deep, simmering and has to do with shadow work.

As stated by H. P. Blavatsky: “According to the Occult Doctrine, this planet is our Earth’s primary, and its spiritual prototype. . . . Every sin committed on Earth is felt by Usanas-Sukra [Venus]. . . . Every change on Sukra is felt on, and reflected by, the Earth.” (The Secret Doctrine 2:31)

Take a moment to consider what is being said…the Divine Beings of Venusian consciousness feel every single sin committed by humans. The destruction of the earth and its atmosphere. Mass killings and genocide. Rape and murder. Think of what this means, in the new light of the info presented…I have told you time and time again that as a planet starts its retro motion, the energy of that planet becomes way more intense. But not in the Yang or masculine way. This is not extroversion, it is introversion. There is an awakening of the Yin component of the consciousness and Venus is the very archetype of this Yin. So how much more Yin can we get? This is happening in Scorpio and Libra. Scorpio is Yin and although Libra is considered Yang, it is still ruled by Venus, so is Yin in nature. All the energies are resurrecting the energy and vibe of the goddess consciousness, internally as well as externally. We will all feel this, so let us start the journey to prepare ourselves for this one…to understand the higher form of Venusian consciousness.

Shining Venus trembles afar,
Earth’s Higher Self, and
With but one finger touches us. — Ancient Buddhist saying

After about 18 months, here we are, discussing the possibilities of finding ourselves deep in the lurch as Venus stations retro, in the life and death activating sign of Scorpio. It is definitely a nerve wrecker, but a dose of this is what we need because that is that is what the skies above have prepared for our viewing. Tomorrow, which is September 20th, Venus will be the brightest in the skies and again on Dec 1st, she will appear as the Morning Star….bright as bright can be…Lucifer, the bringer of wisdom! Such a bother and headache for Christianity!

The mystery of the descent or “fall” to Earth of the rebellious angels—the solar angels or agnishvattas—is said to be the mystery hinted at in the Scriptures, and “the secret of the ages” (Esoteric Psychology II, p. 93). These Fallen ones have been a source of much confusion and Lucifer best exemplifies their lot. They were Solar Angels who refused to incarnate into 3D and then were “cursed” by the divine laws of the Universe. None can break them. Not even the Solar Devas.

The name “Lucifer” comes from the Latin words, Lux or Lucis (light) and ferre (to bring); thus Lucifer literally means “light-bearer” and is linked to the planet Venus in Revelations XXII: 16 when Christ says “I am the bright morning star”, which is Venus, heralding the coming into full light of the Sun—the Son, the Christ.

Lucifer is not Satan! The story of Lucifer is borrowed from ancient pagan texts.

If you look in the oldest Mazdean allegories, Mitra conquers the planet Venus. Archangel Michael defeats Lucifer in the Christian tradition. Do you see the similarity? Both Mitra and Michael get to usurp the planetary deity of Venus or Shukra.

“What is more absurd and more impious than to attribute the name of Lucifer to the devil, that is, to personified evil. The intellectual Lucifer is the spirit of intelligence and love; it is the paraclete, it is the Holy Spirit, while the physical Lucifer is the great agent of universal magnetism.”~~ Eliphas Levi (The Mysteries Of Magic)

Things might seem doomed from the very start, but there is more to this gloom and doom. Thee is a crazy sense of magick and witchery as Venus, the quintessential feminine or Yin archetype goes retro in the secretive and sometimes deceptive and manipulative Scorpio! What of jealousy? Here, Venus is about flying through the stratosphere with that…she is the very embodiment of Posion Ivy. She is the lethal Femme Fatale! Do not cross her path, for you may never know what happened.

Interestingly, the symbol of Venus that stuck with me was the mirror. From before, I can even remember, I was into mirror magick. Conjuring up wild mindscapes of impossibilities as I stared at my own eyes. They really creeped me out sometimes. What was going on in my eyes. It was like, there existed some kind of parallel Universe where I could peek into. I do not know what demons I conjured, but I can tell you, they were demons of my own mind. Interestingly, mirror magick gave me a glimpse into the hollowness of the hologram. The simulation became evident. There were so many meta-narratives happening in one go….Why do I tell you this?

Because this piece will be kind of a stream of consciousness exploration of the archetype of Venus. Nothing will be forced. A mirror shows us our eyes. If you stare at your own reflection, after the narcissism gets out of the way, you find yourself staring…staring deeply at your own eyes. There is a certain allure in them, a certain magick pervading them. That is the magick of your soul. For your eyes convey what’s inside of your heart chakra. The eyes reflect your soul.

Venus in Scorpio is this deep reflection of your SELF after everything is stripped bare. Scorpio knows sex, it does sex well. Sometimes as a coping mechanism. Sometimes as a conquest. But in a true Scorpio, there will be a reverence of the sexual act. A certain hankering for the metaphysical aspects of the sexual exchange of bodily fluids. Not that they cringe at body fluids. Scorpio rules your sex organs and there is nothing a Scorpio will not do with depth and profundity, especially cunnilingus. They want to connect with your soul, even if this is a one time thing. There is no shoddy, “lift up your skirt and turn off the lights…”, there is an openness.

With Venus in Scorpio, there will definitely be a lot more openness about sexuality and the more taboo sides of it, like domination and submission. The women are claiming their sexuality. There is a need to go beyond the whore-mother archetype. There is the need of understanding that there is more complexity to the female consciousness than just the mother/whore aspects. There are so many shades to being the yin or the feminine. The womb! The pussy that births life. There is mystery in the menstrual blood, there is the ultimate creative power. The power of regeneration of an entire species.

Chemistry dissolves the goddess in the alembic,
Venus, the white queen, the universal matrix,
Down to the molecular hexagons and carbon-chains. ~~ Kathleen Jessie Raine

There will be death- of useless love and obsession. There will be transformation in the present! In the here and now. With your partner and if it can stand the test of the Phoenix, it stays! It is burnt to a crisp and regenerated. I have seen this happen over multiple cases with Venus retro cycles. There is always the motif of fated love. On the dark side, the obsession of Pluto/Scorpio that Venus will channel, can bring in stalker like cravings.

You might want to reunite. Get back with your ex, under any situation. You feel compelled. Remember, Scorpio is very compelling. It can really screw up your emotions due to its own emotional volatility. If you deal with a Scorpion who is yet to become, an eagle, then you face nothing but perturbations. The Scorpio will sting, but what will you do? If you think about it, it is the very nature of the Scorpion to sting and then you get to your own ontological standing. What is okay with your soul? Crush the Scorpion or rescue it again so it can sting you.

Think. This is what Venus wants you to do…and in Scorpio, there will be endings and beginnings. Painful and abrupt. Hopeless and abject. Doomed love stories. Hurtful codependent sagas that dent a hole in your soul to stay alive. They need oxygen to breathe, to keep the hurtful saga in continuance. But will you feed them that fuel?

Or will you hack those unconscious disturbances to bits. Hack them and release them. There is a certain release about Scorpio. It is after all associated with our sexual ecosystem and purging/ejaculation is probably one of the greatest releases known in 3D. The genitalia will be sensitive and be careful of what you pick up as Venus moves through Scorpio. If you’re a sex addict, it is best to stay away from bs drama during the last 2 weeks of the Venus retro cycle, because you never know what you will get. Be careful of infections. Mars rules infections and Venus may stir up such stuff in Scorpio.

When I was barely 16, I discovered Zecharia Sitchin and his work on the Sumerians and Annunaki. That got me looking into Innana and within the next year, I had written a play based on Innana’s descent to the Netherworld. I submitted it to a Youth Theatre group, but I was rejected as the topic was so obscure. I mean who the fuck wants to know about some Sumerian Goddess Innana and her decent to hell! Like wtf! Legit right?

Except, Innana is an archetype. Just like Venus and Scholars have pointed out that Innnana is the Sumerian Venus. She is the predecessor. So my connection to Innana or Ishtar whom you may also call Venus, has been like prehistoric. Even before that I was researching the Vedic, Tantric, Buddhist systems from whom the idea of Goddess worship sprung. Innana or Kali, consider any Solar Goddess is what? What is she?

“The solar feminine is, literally, our ‘light body’. She’s the one inside each of us who leaves nothing uncovered, nothing unfelt. We experience the full range of our actual feelings as her body.” Yet the Sun is expressive, so this is about being moved to take creative action.  The symbology is the intervention of Venus between our earthly existence and the Sun. Venus is the intermediary that takes our requests for love and happiness to the solar deity and translates them back to us.  Astrological Venus represents our values and the way we view the world as well as our ability to love and connect with others, and the Transit of Venus can only happen when Venus is traveling retrograde. The sense here for me is that we are being called to re-evaluate our values and the things in our lives that are most important.”

There is much commonality between the Goddess archetype. There is the mother, maiden and crone. And then there is the dark feminine. But what is the dark feminine? Venus in Scorio wants us to acknowledge that women also deserve to be assertive. They also deserve to voice their opinion without threat or prejudice. They deserve to be heard. They are not the Second Sex, they are your mothers, wives, lovers, sisters and friends. It is time to acknowledge the dark feminine…she is rising and she is not evil for fuck’s sake!

Like each of the seven regions of the Eartheach of the seven First-born (the primordial human groups) receives its light and life from its own especial Dhyani — spirituallyand from the palace (house, the planet) of that Dhyani physically; so with the seven great Races to be born on it. The first is born under the Sun; the second under Brihaspati (Jupiter); the third under Lohitanga (the “fiery-bodied,” Venus, or Sukra); the fourthunder Soma (the Moon, our Globe also, the Fourth Sphere being born under and from the Moon) and SaniSaturn† the Krura-lochana (evil-eyed) and the Asita (the dark); the fifthunder Budha (Mercury).” ~~HPB

The LOHITANGA or the fiery bodied are Djinns according to my research and understanding. The ones born from smokeless fire or the Djinns as they are called emanate from Venus. Djinns are not traditionally good or bad, as they have no binary perspectives like humans. They adapt. They create. But most of us cannot perceive them, for they are hidden from our normal five senses.

Jinn is an Arabic collective noun deriving from the Semitic root jnn (Arabic: جَنّ / جُنّ‎, jann), whose primary meaning is “to hide” or “to conceal”. Some authors interpret the word to mean, literally, “beings that are concealed from the senses”. ~~WIKI

These beings and energies can cause sleep paralysis…so watch your cycle of sleep during this Venus RX in Scorpio…it is the witching hour of dark magick! Protect yourself from negative energies…but Djinns are not all bad. They are of the “smokeless fire…”, like the Lohintangas of Venus! The Zoroastrians called spirits and energies Djinns. Their negative reputation is much more from the Islamic era. Djinns are Solar beings…of very high consciousness.

September 3rd Venus moves into the pre-shadow zone. Think of what changed as Venus took a breath and turned her energy towards introversion. Venus is not just women, she is the Yin archetype of every man and woman. She is the receptive, nurturing, creative power. Right brain, they call it. She is compassion or karuna. Venus is PRAJNAPARAMHITA.

Prajnaparamita is the “Perfection of Wisdom.”

Light comes through Sukra (Venus), who receives a triple supplyand gives one-third of it to the Earth. Therefore the two are called ‘Twin-sisters,’ but the Spirit of the Earth is subservient to the ‘Lord’ of Sukra. Our wise men represent the two Globesone overthe other under the double Sign (the primeval Svastica bereft of its four arms, or the cross image_il).”~~ HPB

Therefore, there is a duality to the archetype of Venus. There is love and light with the Swastika, but what happens when you reverse it? What happened in Germany, after Hitler took this sacred symbol and used it to serve his fervent brand of nationalistic politics. The point is that Venus has much power to interpenetrate our reality. Downloads from there become even more intense during a retrograde period.

In Sumerian mythology, Aphrodite/Venus was called “she who shows the way to the stars.” Venus is our connection to the Solar Logos or Solar deities as already mentioned.

Venus receives twice as much light and heat as the earth from the sun. Thus the planet, precursor of the dawn and the twilight, the most radiant of all the planets, said to give the earth one-third of the supply she receives, has two parts left for herself. Why?

“NO STAR among the countless myriads that twinkle over the sidereal fields of the night sky,” writes Helena Blavatsky, “shines so dazzlingly as the planet Venus.”

“Venus is the queen among our planets, the crown jewel of our solar system.”

“She is the inspirer of the poet, the guardian and companion of the lonely shepherd,” she writes, “the lovely morning and the evening star.”

“For, ‘Stars teach as well as shine,’ although their secrets are still untold and unrevealed to the majority of men, including astronomers.” And astrologers…

Venus is thus image_il the Earth image_il…it’s occult twin! It is the Alter ego of Earth, according to Pythagoras. Yes the same dude with the theorem. He called Venus, sol alter, the third of the seven places of the sun.

The esoteric meaning of this is: “Earth fallen into generation, or into the production of its species through sexual union.” Venus is the most occult, powerful, and mysterious of all the planets; the one whose influence upon, and relation to the Earth is most prominent.

And more so as she goes retrograde, intensifying her archetypal energies.

Venus later became associated with Lucifer as did Isis. The cow’s horn on her head shows that she is forever in communion with mother nature. Lunar goddesses were all of Paramaprakriti or nature.

Ancient Vedic texts tell an anecdote of how Venus wanted to play mommy to earth and adopted our poor dear pale blue dot from her mom, the Moon. The earth “overgrew its parent and gave much trouble…”

According to HPB~

The Regent (of the planet) Sukra(VENUS) loved his adopted child so well that he incarnated as Usanas and gave it perfect laws, which were disregarded and rejected in later ages.

We humans sure know how to disregard Universal laws. Look at the laws we have created. Look at what is going on.

I think we will get energy from Venus to clean up our laws and our legal systems while she sojourns through Scorpio. There will be flux and change, but I think that is the need of the hour. Jupiter, the great benefactor is in Scorpio. Yay! Great news…till November and then he moves into Sag, his home turf!

I wol yow telle, as was me taught also,
The foure spirites and the bodies sevene,
By ordre, as ofte I herde my lord hem nevene.
The firste spirit quiksilver called is,
The second orpiment, the thridde, ywis,
Sal armoniak, and the firthe brimstoon.
The bodies sevene eek, lo! hem heer anoon:
Sol gold is, and Luna silver we threpe,
Mars yron, Mercurie quiksilver we clepe,
Saturnus leed, and Jupiter is tin,
And Venus coper, by my fader kin! ~~ Geoffrey Chaucer

October 6th, Venus is now known as Hesperus as she stations retrograde. In Greek mythology, Hesperus /ˈhɛspərəs/ (Ancient Greek: Ἓσπερος Hesperos) is the Evening Star, the planet Venus in the evening. We can see her shine bright in the night sky, sometimes so bright that if you’re high enough, you might think she is a UFO. This is at 10 degrees of the fixed, water sign of Scorio.

The Sabian symbol of this is -A fellowship supper…it speaks of the ties that bind us. So think of what you want to keep together. Think of shared resources. Think of how you may forget your own worries and commune with fellow humans. Helping another is helping yourself.

By the time, we hit the 12th, Venus is in her detriment in the 1st Decan of Scorio, which is ruled by Mars and is known as Scorpio triplicity. There is a certain macabre side to this decan, but it is also where you get fervent pursuit of goals. Grit, determination and all those keywords that can move mountains, but the energy here must be convinced of her mission. The wound here is the wound of carrying the metaphorical crucifix. It is a point of pain.

The Tarot Card of this decan is 5 of CUPS…sorrow, pain, dread, paranoia, melancholia…You might be feeling totally at your wits end with your emotions. It is over the top! Beethoven has his ascendant in Scorpio decan 1! Think of his agony and ecstasy. His personal struggle with deafness and his creative power which compelled him to create…create masterpieces of Art which would redefine music! That, in short is the kind of power available here. The five of Cups gives you the ability to restructure your emotive brilliance, the fluidity you need to connect and feel.

As Venus treads back to the 3rd degree of Scorpio where she has the INFERIOR CONJUNCTION with the Sun. Again with this Sabian Symbol, we have the theme of community. A house-raising is the Sabian Symbol of this degree. What do you think this aspect points to?? Build something substantial with like minded folk. But you must give up your EGO to work in harmony with a team. It might not be easy…but think of what you can achieve? Fuck that, think of this scenario…think of all humanity loving and respecting one another. Sharing resources. Loving the earth…think of what we might achieve. The house raising is the raising of our conscience if you ask me on a subliminal level. Are we going to finally understand we are not here alone. Are we ever going to realize this?

After hibernating in what you have experienced as your desires, you will now finally get to act on it…Venus stations direct on Nov 16th at 25 degrees of Libra where Venus is in her rulership! Yay! Mark this day and see what transpires. Also think of what was happening 8 years ago. Venus synodic cycles are of 8 years each when she returns to go retro in the same zone. That will be 2010. What was your life like back then? Who was in your mind? He or she may come back to haunt your senses. You may also appear attractive, but not necessarily to your usual types. There may be a desire to mix it up. Go with the flow. You might seek something dangerous, something that makes your heart race. Hey, I’m not judging, Venus is after all retro in Scorpio. Nothing more needs to be said…

The Sabian Symbol for the 25th of Libra is kinda obscure…Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf! Yes, it made me lean back and think of what is being implied. An autum leaf is dead. Yet it is so vibrant. What information is embedded in it you think? This is Libra Decan 3, but so Plutonic. Libra Deacn 3 is not ruled by Pluto, but by Jupiter and Mercury. It is Gemini Triplicity! So the obscurity is not really normal. It is an intellectual riddle which speaks of suffering and pain. There, the Plutonic touch is now complete.

When we touch upon this energy, we have to be prepared to work ceaselessly and tirelessly in spite of what life throws at us. The ship of our lives may be sinking, but we have to hold on. Endurance is tantamount here. We have to wait it out. We have to wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Gaze at the FOUR OF SWORDS. In Tarot, you know that this speaks of the loss of mental clarity. It denotes absolute mental exhaustion and retreat. Maybe we feel humiliated about something. Maybe we gave it our all and yet it slipped by. All we have is hurtful, painful memories….what good are memories…it is time to erase them. Reset.

By the 17th of December, Venus is ready to leave her retrograde zone…10 degrees of Scorpio, where it all started. This is the time to solidify the lessons you have learnt while Innana traversed the underworld of her sister Ereshkigal. Consider her as the shadow side of Venus.

2020 will herald the new cycle of Venus retro…

The Morning star version of Venus is Lucifer, the Light Bringer! Lucifer is not SATAN!

Mother Mary comes from the word MAR which means the Great Deep or the Cosmic Womb! But if you’re digging the low vibes…then there could be shit going AWOL!

It might now bring a shadow side to your romantic game. A shadow side you always had, maybe one you did not acknowledge. Narcissism and ego can be rampant. It is best to awaken the eagle and the phoenix archetype of Scorpio. Think before you do anything…

Venus retro cycles repeat the star pattern and moves backwards through signs. The recent Venus retros are happening in the signs of Scorpio, Libra, Gemini, Capricorn, Leo and Aries and it will take her 1215 years to traverse the whole zodiac.

A never ending dance that creates the Golden Ratio of Phi or 1.618 which is the very embodiment of beauty…we see Phi in everything. The spiral galaxies, plants, flowers, fruits, shells, the human body. Look at Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. That is the perfection of Phi!

“Geometry has two great treasures: one is the Theorem of Pythagoras; the other, the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio. The first we may compare to a measure of gold; the second we may name a precious jewel. ~~Johannes Kepler

The most effective way to use this energy would be to honor the feminine. Within and without. Venus is Aphrodite for whom Homer write the sweetest of verses. Her remarkable beauty awakened wild desires in humans and neither could animals resist her…When she gazed at the animals, she rejoiced in her heart and sent desire into their breasts; and they lay down two by two in shadowy dells…” Venus or Aphrodite is also the desired patroness of prostitutes and nautch girls who in our society would be exotic dancers, strippers and cam girls. As Venus moves through Scorpio, their lives will surely turn way more dramatic! Dealing with customers can be challenging and love might appear. Even if all you wanted was a sugar daddy.

This transit may make patriarchal puppets feel more resentment towards women or the Venus archetype… We can see this play out with the Assyro-Babylonians to whom Venus-Ishtar became fallen and was termed Kilili, bringer of distractions and distress to men. Powerful Venus in Scorpio women will be a cause of much distress to men, but this is expected. More metoo, more exposures. More talk on sexual exploitation and unequal opportunities. Yes it can be distracting and distressing, but imagine what women have to go through….each day as they pivot their way through this toxic patriarchy.

Venus is Freya and her shadow side is Frigg in the Norse myths. The dualistic aspect of Venus here is highlighted and Freya also rules over Friday. Just like our Venus.

Venus is likened to Goddess Laxmi in the Vedic pantheon, the hightst and loftist side of Venus of course. So there is the magick of Laxmi available with this retrograde. Venus in Libra is the personification of Plato’s Celestial Aphrodite who is akin to Laxmi. The Tarot Card that is associated with Venus-Aphrodite is the 6th card of the Tarot or THE LOVERS.

Venus is the most radiant planet in the heavens..look at the crystal African Jasper. Meditate with it during this retro. Get one from me. I energize them for you.

As you know I am getting deeply into Herbal Astrology…I would suggest you work with some of these…Apple, Balm of Gilead, Bergamot, Catnip, Damiana, Dragons Blood, Geranium, Hibiscus, Magnolia, Mugwort, Plumeria, Rose, Rose Geranium, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vervain, Violet.Perfect time for love and attraction spells…

To look at it with occult lenses, it is clear that Venus is everything that is female in the multiverses. She is the yin vibration of the hologram, she is mulaprakriti and is also known as Shakti, the greatest creative power of all.

Hymns of Orpheus to Aphrodite

Child of Ocean amazing beauty, we honor you.

You rule deep earth, encircling heaven, the stormy seas and everything in them.

Mother of sweet marriage, you join the world together with laughter and harmony;

even the Fates obey you. Every eye seeks you. Give us beauty and love.

Delighted by secrets and lavish feasts you are concord and persuasion.

You are beautiful necessity even in the frenzy of the shark,

delicate as sea foam of Cyprus, fragrant as Syrian oils,

bright as golden chariots on Egyptian plains by the sandy bank of the turquoise Nile,

a choir of the loveliest Nymphs sings a hymn to your beauty.

With reverence we ask for the gift of grace


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