Equinox infused Psycho Babble~~ Feel the vibe, Feel the terror, Feel the pain, It’s driving me insane~

The veil between the world of spirit and the world of matter is now equal. There is now a balance with the Sun in Libra. Harmony, balance are the keywords. The equinox portends messages from the realm beyond 3d. If you listen, you can hear the whispers…the whispers of the Autumnal leaves as they convey whispers of the spirits.

Today and yesterday has been straight out of Alice in Wonderland for me. There have been so  many karmic connections, revelations and nostalgia that at times I have been incapacitated. Unable to move, unable to express myself…incessant tears flow ceaselessly…reminds me of a flowing river. You cannot touch the same water in a river twice. Because the water is never same. It always moves and stays in a state of flux. Like my tears…they flow…

Look today, I got lost in doing my makeup…it became a mess as I could not concentrate with what was going on in my visual and auditory field. There was so much information coming for me that I was left unable to cope. Sometimes it gets intense to say the least. My Pisces Moon readily helps with the energy bleed and I lose myself. In other words…in other realities…

What to say…I messed up my makeup and stood listening to my characters speak to me. Yes, characters out of my fiction appear to me sometimes. Sometimes they are characters of fiction I have read about or watched. But they arrive…to chat with me for fuck knows what…

You have heard of the concept that writers, some writers have been known to capture the future in their writings. It is crazy, but not quite. Think of Philip K. Dick. He could write about the future. Many times, he is known to have experienced scene by scene manifestations of his novels. Yes, it does happen because of retrocausality. Time does tend to move from the future to the past. If you think of linear time, then you will be lost. Just think of this simple proposition. The future affects the past. Can you imagine that concept? Does it terrify you? I know it terrified Philip K. Dick.

It happens to me. Sometimes while working on a plot, I tend to start experiencing things I write about. As fucked up as it sounds, it happens to me. When I wrote about pregnancy, it happened to me. Same thing happened with tuberculosis. I wrote about a character who has it and within the month, I had developed the disease. I know how scary this sounds. Look everything I write about does not happen, but some things do.

Another thing that happens to me is that I often times see things from the past. Like in a 700 Buddhist cave, I began to “see things”…I could not just see and feel, I could hear and touch. The experience was real. Like the AR/VR experiences we will have in the future. I am waiting for that to happen.

You know I worked in the AR/VR field. I was what you call a CROSSOVER ARTIST. It was my job to creatively conceptualize the entertainment packages, keeping the tech in mind. It means I had to know how the tech could be creatively used to best display pieces related to the project we were doing. It was pretty amazing and AR/VR is a realm which is fascinating. I have a feeling we live in such a world.

Going back to the visions I see…I have experienced many such incidents where I have been lot to the present, “seeing” and “feeling” what happened in the past or the future. Sometimes if I look into someone’s eyes, I can feel totally lost. Why? Because I recognize them. I have to say that this phenomenon has become more random since the advent of social media.

Why does this happen? What is the purpose? I don’t know. I am so much more adept at handling them now than before. But today….my makeup is messed…my red lipstick is smudged all over my mouth. It’s not like I kissed anyone. I purposely smudged it to see if it made me look ominous. Horror film ominous.

I wanted to write…since my mind is straying to faraway worlds…worlds I do not need to go to…

But words were not behaving themselves. They were not in any way streamlining into an idea. They were chaotic, nostalgic and full of mystery. How could I express myself in this situation? It is the Equinox and Mabon after all. Every witch is awake in her summoning. What have I summoned? Nothing useful. Something random and abstract.

Words mean nothing. Nothing means nothing right now. I want to escape. To unforgotten future worlds from where all this information is bleeding from. There is emotional mayhem happening right now in my life. So much has happened. So much has changed. Was it good or was it bad? Did I do what I was supposed to or did I fail in any way?

Makes sense as on equinox/Mabon you literally reap what you sow. You are going to go home with your harvest. You are going to find peace, only if you allow yourself. For the demons of the past may torture you. If you feel traumatized think of what the future holds. And only your present can change the past. I think as we head towards winter we need to ask ourselves….what has become of our present? What have we spent time doing and has it been a soul enriching experience? Things will not always be perfect. There will be  pangs of separation. Betrayal. Jealousy and passion. Life is a multicolored lollipop and you get to taste all the tastes. So lick away…

The witch honors the earth. The witch honors life and sentience. She knows that this is the time of gathering, so winter is safe. Winter stands for isolation. Winter stands for deprivation. Winter stands for lack of resources. This may very well play out for some. Venus retro in Scorpio will definitely have us reevaluating our finances and how easily it comes to us.

What are we going to do to secure our futures and that of the ones we love and care for? The Autumnal Equinox is the time to think of what lies ahead in the months coming up…and what can we expect.

The spirit world is rife with messages. The energy makes the body electric. My messed up eyeshadow, my smudged redlipstick, a reminder of the potency of this Chironic or shall I say Venusian Equinox and the FM coming up in Aries with the Sun opposite in Libra. Saturn is the stabilizing force here, but today, I feel so darn ungrounded. Maybe a FB live would not have been a good idea.

There is such an electrical sexual vibe to all of this. Do you feel it? Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio are letting us feel this sensual, sexual, yet, philosophical vibe. Sun in Libra is intellectual, so it could be a conversation or a FB comment that can have our heart racing. Mars, Sexy Mars is sextile the Moon/Chiron combo and this has our panties sizzling. Mars is also sure Uranus which can be about electrified sexual moments. Moments of clash transpiring to be the greatest sexual release. Great random sex with a stranger. Lol! Not that I suggest you should do that…nope. Not a good idea! Lol! With all this sexy vibing, we might fantasize about someone we see on social media. Sounds like fun? It is and it should be. Jupiter is Sextiling Pluto baby and Jupiter is in the sexist sign of all- Scorpio! What a pulsating energy signature.

Except these ghouls of this equinox cannot be silenced. They want me to hear them…

And hear them I shall…for these ghouls are my friends. They are my buddies. Are you shocked? Don’t be. These ghouls have no one and most are confused, which is why I need to listen to them. Look I have beaten myself up from a very young age that I am nuts. I am a psycho. I am a schizophrenic. Then I calmed the fuck down…like why am I avoiding them? Everything is quantum energy, everything is a vibration. Ghosts are vibrations. Interdimensional beings. Some are 5D beings that we partly experience due to our 3d awareness.

Then again, after a certain point,  I stopped listening to them because I realized I am going nuts trying to “fix” everything. Because everything cannot be fixed. Sometimes it is best smudged. Makes me look like Harley Quinn, kinda psychotic. Kinda sexy. I would have put a pic up on Insta, except I needed to listen to what they had to say…

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox, the witch knows that the ghouls need to be guided to their new timeline. They need to enter those frequencies where they will carry on with their tasks. The witch knows that there is no death. And in Mabon, she knows this more than ever as she gathers her harvest. Everything will soon die. Hell, everything is almost on the way to death as Sun will enter Scorpio in exactly a month from now. There is an equilibrium right now. Harmony. Balance. Stillness. Autumn can be a time of stillness for our souls if we allow the ghosts of Mabon to speak. They are broadcasting songs of parallel dimensions and the witch knows how to listen…

The Libra season definitely has me feeling sexy and Venus in Scorpio made me buy red lingerie. Red lace, sheer and absolutely sexy. I was going to wear it today, but everything got spoiled…by the ghouls of tonight.

I stare at the almost full moon from my window as I ready myself to listen to the stories…

There is such a gorgeousity and fire to this full moon that is coming up tomorrow…there is a promise of total renewal…

THINK…Form = emptiness, emptiness = form
Emptiness is not separate from form, form is not separate from emptiness…all is nothing and nothing is all. Day is the night and the night is the day…there is no separation and the equinox celebrates that equality.

Why are my bloody thoughts so indefinable, and why so??? Because in the beginning I must realize that I am nothing. My identity is shaped by what I can conceive of for myself; imagine all the poets and novelists creeping through the alleys in the urban atrocities looking for inspiration. What did they hope to find? What kind of bizarre inspiration can reality give fiction? The blurry lines are so annoying…

There is so much in your reality that you’re unaware of. Dimensions which you cannot even fathom! Length, breath, height and time as another dimension, it’s so much more complex and interwoven, this reality. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

Much happens around this world you perceive of as your own, hard, solid, real, but most of it is just as diaphanous as your own self, just insubstantial. Are you even aware that you’re actually “seeing” and rigidly forming constructs in your mind, that your eyes can see1/10 billionth of the total information that rides on the electromagnetic spectrum! Imagine the sheer magnitude of stuff you’re not aware of. What goes on there? What’s happening? You simply have no clue.

Some of us spend our lives trying to study, research and understand this world of beyond…beyond 3d…

What if…Uranus in Taurus has me hopeful…If only you had access to technology that could upgrade your awareness and see that the Universe is not some empty space with matter scattered in it, it’s actually alive; yes, the whole Universe is aware and awake. Even dark energy and dark matter. Everything is conscious.

If you look into what the Indian and Tibetan yogis say about higher states of consciousness, you may get a brief glimpse into this holographic-esque actuality you call life. There are echelons of reality seekers and you may choose from a plethora of their experiences, musings and aphorisms; some meditate, some study physics, some practice astral projection and some smoke DMT, peyote or drink ayahuasca. All this is just tech to open your mind. It is all about silencing that monkey brain.

Imagine life as a hologram and the whole is contained in one; ironically the Universe is you as you are the Universe experiencing yourself!

The fractal nature of reality where a pattern can continue on for infinity and no matter how many times the whole is divided, the part will always contain its totality. Like an infant is a human! It is all expanding into oblivion! Does that even make sense?

You are a whole, an ocean in its entirety, not just a drop. You are everything and nothing. The subatomic particles are not separate, they are one; in a sense that an apple is not your I-phone, and you are not your mother, is true, but at a deeper level of reality everything is entangled.

The carbon atom in your brain is derived from the stars above and is connected to every carbon-based life form, which is connected to every drop of rainfall and every heart that beats right now and back to every star that shines above you, so can we safely say, all is one…why can’t these ghouls just say Shanti, Shanti and find peace…they need to passover…

So I will be off to meditate and listen…how will you channel the equinox energy?

I will see you soon with the ARIES FM article…and of course with gorgeous spells…book your spells now…

Book your session~astro/tarot








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