A Harvest Full Moon in Aries, 24th September, 2018; Come and take a walk on the wild side~~

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. ~~Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Whether you know astrology or not, know this, that this FM in Aries is a massive conduit to finding healing in the disparities between your individual needs and the needs of the collective. Yes the binary energies are Aries and Libra. Passion and beauty! It is about individualization and about mandating a peace in our relationships. If you think about it, can we humans ever do without relationships?

This FM at the very early degrees of Aries, will affect everyone who has natal planets in the early degrees of the Cardinal signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn! You will feel it as a shift in destiny. It is so fated.

This lunation happens in the Aries Decan 1…ruled by Mars and is called the Mars Triplicity…Mars is very active this FM as we shall see…

Austin Coppock says Moon in Aries decan 1 develops emotional self-reliance but has “a difficult time creating and maintaining emotional relationships with others, especially those relations which place the natives in a position of vulnerability.” …

Yes all this lunation wants from us is to look at our deep vulnerabilities and then finally release them…it is time to connect…to feel…to love…

The Tarot Card for Aries Decan 1 is the TWO OF WANDS-

Gaze at it, while cuddling an amethyst or a bloodstone in your hands…

What do you think the image is trying to tell you…

The Two of Wands glorifies individual courage and greatness. This card taps the same energy as the Magician, but with one important difference. The Magician represents the archetype of power – the impersonal energy of creativity and strength. The Two of Wands stands for that power brought down to Earth and made personal.~~Leartarot.com

There is raw, divergent, pioneering power available…Think of the Starry nights by Vincent Van Gogh…his ascendant is in the 1st decan of Aries…right where we have this lunation…

Aries is the trailblazer, the energy is a firestarter where the Moon is conjunct the wounded healer Chiron RX. This brings up our vulnerabilities. It brings up our insecurities, from this life and the past. Everything seems blurred as wounds rip open and blood oozes through the gaping wounds. But Chiron in Aries does not like to waste time licking the wounds dry. It shakes off the hurt, wipes off the oozing blood and continues its foray into whatever it seeks. This is being called to a challenge by the Sun in Libra. The Sun is like, hello, what about the people in your life? What about your partnerships? What about other people. The Moon in Aries is not to be bothered about such things. The Moon being symbolic of our emotions and our connecting body. It is thinking of itself right now.

Chiron, the cosmic mentor in Aries is retrograde at this time, internalizing the healing process. Do your inner child work. In times like this, we can experience childhood abuse or trauma and it can replay in our lives. Wounding is the blessing.  The wound of the self! There is the possibility of full clearance. Don’t you want to be free? Free of all the bullshit. I know I do and I make a note of this as this lunation triggers my 8th house.

EMOTIONS here run wild, because emotions and feelings get triggered by full moons. It brings to light parts of our psyche that were dark and hidden. The Moon in Aries does not consider others, it is bothered with itself and going into things headon. They are the newborns of the zodiac!

Aries rules the head. The Moon is our emotional body. It is about how we connect. It is about how we process emotions and how we display them. Here the emotions are untamed and they want to run wild. Like a bunch of wild horses.

But the Sun which is the way we want to be perceived, is challenging this notion of the ego-centric Aries archetype. The Sun is in Libra. Libra hates wounds. Libra hates ugly. Libra hates disharmony. But that is exactly what the moon and Chiron are dredging up in Aries. Can there be more conflict between what we feel and what we put on as a show for others. Shall we compete like a bunch of gladiators or compromise like a congress of politicians? What can we do now?

It is time to really think of the depth of the Libra scales. It is time to desire Justice. It is time to use this individualized, forceful Aries archetype to face wounds from the past and then actually bring it out as a force of harmony and change. Libra does change well. It is a sign of cardinality after all. The Sun has just entered Libra as we speak and we have this lunation occurring a day after the equinox hits us with its forceful energy of magick and summoning.

Chiron RX conjunct the Moon also opposes the Sun. The Moon and Sun face offs are also about the reshuffling of power dynamics between the male and female archetypes. Now Chiron supports the feminine side by being conjunct which is standing by the Moon and is opposite the Sun. This will bring up wounding of the divine masculine and the memories of the “fall” can torment them. Men in general may feel affected by this volatile opposition from Chiron and the Moon.

Now we look to the ruler of this lunation. Who rules Aries? Exoterically Mars and in the esoteric tradition, it is Mercury, who happens to be in Libra. Here the partnership motif gets strengthened.

Let us discuss MARS. And then Mercury.

Now Mars rules Aries in traditional astrology. Mars is in Aquarius, just shaking off the shadow of his retrograde, ready to start a new cycle of progressive actions. Mars also rules Scorpio, where we have Venus and Jupiter.

Venus rules Libra, where we have the Sun, Mercury and Vesta. So here, we have a strong Martian theme. He is influencing Venus and Jupiter, two heavyweights.

Mars is sextile to this lunation, in a fellow air sign and this brings harmony. Something the Sun and Mercury are craving for! Sextiles are so breezy and cheerful. Not very potent, say, like a square, but very pleasurable. This is adding to the sizzling electric vibe going on. Ceres is hand in hand with the Sun and Mercury. Ceres is the Goddess of grain. Like Annapurna in India. So Ceres symbolizes nourishment and nurture.

Moon sextile Mars gives the passion and enthusiasm needed to overcome restraint and inhibition …. It gives the warmth and sexual attraction to overcome fears of intimacy or rejection. The competitive yet cooperative nature to this aspect will also help avoid … misunderstandings and arguments. It means you can express yourself with more confidence. Most of all though, it gives the drive, initiative and courage to overcome whatever tests and challenges this Full Moon represents for you.” ~~Astrology King

Although Mars is the ruler of this lunation, it is undeniable that Saturn is the final dispositor of all energies as he stands supreme in Capricorn, a sign he rules and rules like none other. Saturn is conjunct Vesta, the goddess of sexuality and finances, also wisdom. Now Saturn forms a T-Square with the Sun and the Moon and their associated archetypal energies. This is definitely sobering. Yes, sober up and use the archetypes given to manifest what you desire. We seem to have everything.

The T square is dynamic…

The dynamic of the T-square will manifest as, a very subjective need to follow, with great determination, what makes the person feel emotionally secure. The conflict will be manifesting as a need to relate emotionally in a very spiritual way while maintaining all the security structures around the self. The need to share oneself completely, with another, without denying personal self-gratification, will be challenged, as it is very difficult to be generous and selfish, at the same time. ~~ Major Configurations, Elida Natalia Marchison, 1995

Now Mars, I forgot to mention this, is conjunct Ketu or the South Node and Black Moon Lilith. This vibe of Mars and Lilith would see the enmeshment of some serious sexual mojo, except Ketu spoils it all. The FM also sextiles Mars while it is conjunct Ketu and this adds to the dynamic sexual energy electrifying the air. But if you ain’t getting any, you might snap! Hit the gym or do kickboxing. But Ketu can work to diminish this sexual madness…

Whenever you have Ketu conjunct any archetype, be sure to know that Ketu will diminish its energies. Ketu is kinda like a sieve. So if there was unbridled sexual energy with the Lilith and Mars conjunction,or Moon/Mars sextile conjunct Ketu, it will be lessened in some way by it.

But this also means that Ketu forces us to look at reality from a point of view which shows us that we keep losing things as we go along in life. We can never hold on….we have to let go. In Ketu is the lesson of humanity. Of renunciation. Ketu is what makes you an adept. And Ketu is influencing the Lord of the Lunation with a conjunction! Like wow!

Ketu and Mars point makes three sacred Geometry shapes- A Grand Square, A Grand Trine and a Mystical Rectangle! Such is the spiritual potentialities of this FM!

Interestingly, all the planets are on the 2nd degree of their respective signs. Which makes 2 the key number here and interestingly enough, the energy of the Moon is said to be expressed in the number 2! If that does not call for a moment of contemplation, then I don’t know what does!

A full moon conjunct Chiron RX, raking up and being a conduit between the conscious and the unconscious, powered by the planets in the number 2 degree which is of the essence of the Moon! What magick! Reminds me of the equinox and how magickal it was! 2 symbolizes partnership, but also opposition. It speaks of unity as well as division. It is the very energy of duality. The number 2! Partnership is Libra. 2 is also balance and so is Libra. The 2 here is adding such sublime touches.

I want you to meditate on certain basic binaries-

1 Sun/Moon

2. Light/Dark

3. Day/Night

4. Good/Bad

5. Life/Death

Think of what these twos mean for you? You can use journaling to bring light to hidden thoughts.

BTW, 2 is the number of Eve, according to the Bible. Not much of a surprise, because the number 2 symbolizes all things female. Even the Moon. It is the quintessential feminine. So here there is an awakening of the energies of the divine Goddess. Full Moons are the best times to pay homage to the Goddess. You don’t need flowers, you don;t need an altar. All you need is your mind’s eye and the Moon glistening in the clouds above. It looks so distant, yet, there is a strange familiarity with it.

Kind of like our place in the cosmos. Think about it. We are tucked away in some remote corner of the observable Universe and there seems to be no apparent reason for us to exist. But yet, when I look at the images of distant space, there seems to be a recognition in the very depths of my being. Deep space looks terrifying with all its dark energy and dark matter, its violent quasars and supernovae bursts, yet, there is a strange association in our hearts to the cosmos.

We feel it close, the stars above, they shine within us. The Universe is within us and when we stare at the images Hubble sends, we sometimes feel that vibe. Like everything exists now. Everything we need to know is known. Everything we have heard has been experienced by us, in some reality, in some timeline! Nothing is strange, nothing is alien. Everything JUST IS! The cosmos in all her splendor! She exists! And she is within us.

Before the tech era, all we knew of the brilliance of space, was the rings of Saturn and he became our boundary. His rings are so spectacular! One look through a telescope and you have lost your heart forever. That is the beauty of space. That is the hologram in its most amazing vibration! And it exists within!

Saturn makes us aware of the here and the now with this T square. We have work to do. I don’t mean a 9 to 5! I mean soul work. We all have our soul work to do. The North Node in Leo is making sure of that bitches! Live your soul purpose.

Saturn is squaring the Sun, Mercury and Ceres combo. This will bring up questions on who we are? Who we have become? Our self worth? We can surely feel a lot of doubt and restrain with this aspect, especially if it touches your natal planets and of course check for which houses they’re happening in.

The Libra Sun can be cold. Think of the glyph of Libra. The scales and they’re the only inanimate object chosen to represent a sign in the zodiac. This s a pointer to how detached and cold Libra can be in just trying to maintain peace and harmony. But Saturn will force his way into any false believes and will shred them apart.

Saturn is powered by Vesta! Think of the sexually autonomous Vestal Virgins! Saturn, the patriarch is being powered by the archetypal Vestal Virgins. And guess what! In Roman mythology, Saturn is the father of Vesta! So here we have a father and daughter duo powering and tensing up the lunation in fiery Aries.

With Vesta and Saturn conjunct, we may face hard competition in female based environments where they are seeking male approval. This might manifest in a number of ways. Ivanka Trump and her father symbolize this side of Vesta and Saturn. Ivanka regularly has to “compete” with other women to be in the position she is in the white house. She has also had to compete with Melania Trump to become almost like the real First Lady. Melania was ousted from the competition. She was outdone by the Vesta archetype, loosely speaking, Ivanka Trump.

Read this quote by Ivanka on her Saturn(FATHER)

My father taught my siblings and me the importance of positive values and a strong ethical compass. He showed us how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges, and how to strive for excellence in all that we do. He taught us that there’s nothing that we cannot accomplish if we marry vision and passion with an enduring work ethic. Ivanka Trump

Mars, the ruler of this lunation, has a helpful trine aspect with the Sun. This will surely be supportive of what we want to project towards partnerships. Mars in Aquarius knows a thing or two about partnerships and community. Mars in Aquarius is the community builder.

At this Full Moon, Mercury is triseptile Uranus and biseptile Pluto, activating the configuration in a BIG way! This indicates ideas and information exchanged the next two weeks will be important in the larger destiny unfolding both at large and in our individual lives. ~~Aquarius Papers

Now think how much of a synchronicity this is! Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries and Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra and Venus is its exoteric ruler. Now think of these septile aspects which grind and polish our beings so we may awaken to vajra or diamond awareness. So this lunation is one of total alchemy. It is hard work, surely. Saturn and the all pervasive T square makes sure of that. But there is the becoming of the shiny diamond that we can look forward to!

The Sun in Libra is quincunx Uranus in Taurus, adding angst and excitement to the already boiling pot! It is sexciting but freakishly unnerving. Uranus can hit you anytime with a bang on the head! Surprise! But Uranus is the spiritual awakener, so whatever Uranus does, it does for our soul evolution.

This particular period is even stranger than it’s been, since it combines Uranus biseptile Pluto with Uranus’ semisquare to Neptune. So it’s not exactly the Grand Irrationality as we’ve known it, but it’s still a “never-ending revolution” now that the Cosmic Awakener has hit its “fork in the road of destiny” with the Lord of Transformation. I term this phase The Grand Irrationality V.2! ~~Aquarius Papers

I could not agree more…this is definitely irrational energy! I think we need to go beyond the usual rational understanding to understand and interpret these times. It is not to be decoded through common sense or left brained rationalism. The right brain is the feminine. 2 is the number of the Moon and is the degree on which resides the planets involved in the action. What mirth!

Music is what comes to mind…any form of music that touches your soul will help you transcend the 3d awareness and get a more Neptunian vibe.

Let us discuss the Sabian Symbol for the 2nd degree of Aries-

A comedian entertains a group~

What happens when we listen to comedy? We purge our repressions and negative emotions through humor. Things can be said and done in jest which might not be spoken about seriously. So comedy elevates and uplifts, but it is a crucial tool to deal with reality! It’s also said that the comedian is the saddest person, because he looks at and then makes fun of all the darkness. How do you deal with that? How do you make light of serious stuff? Maybe because that is a coping mechanism we humans have deployed to survive in 3d. I mean who can tell…some openly hate comedy. So what does this mean to you?

Saturn in the tense conversations tells me that this comedy will not be performed just for jest. There will be a seriousness to this comedy. It means business.

This type of spread, with all the planets occupying approximately half of the signs with an empty half opposite the occupies half, creates a “special type of conscious selfhood,” which Dr. Jones says “marks the Bowl type of temperament. He goes on to state “Fundamentally it is an extreme self-containment,” which “holds things, and a Bowl individual is one who always has something to bear.” ~~Aquarius Papers

I think at this point we all have something to bear. Ideas, opinions, babies, guilt, shame, dreams…we’re all carrying something or the other! What can we pour from our bowl? Think about this…

The Moon is conjunct the fixed star Deneb Kaitos, in the tail of Cetus the Sea Monster.

“This star gives a pioneering spirit but can make you reckless and headstrong. This may result in disagreements, arguments and conflict.”~~Astrology King


Stay away from conflict…develop yourself to give yourself away to the Universe…that is the final journey through the Zodiac…

You say you love; but with a smile
Cold as sunrise in September,
As you were Saint Cupid ‘s nun,
And kept his weeks of Ember.
O love me truly! ~~Keats










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