Pluto stations Direct~30th September 2018: We were born to die~~

In an obscure night
Fevered with love’s anxiety
(O hapless, happy plight!)
I went, none seeing me
Forth from my house, where all things quiet be…St. John of the Cross

The dark night of the soul ends…HURRAH! Looks like the spiritual crisis is over. At least for now. we can see the light at the end of tunnel. We made it to the other side of a Pluto retrograde and we’ve faced those demons of the unconscious. Battled with them. Hopefully defeated them…and now we are to rise up through the ashes…

Okay I am not being cliched with the Phoenix. I know I’ve mentioned it like a billion times…but there is actually no better representation. Even I did not want to repeat the symbology. If you’re fed up, then fuck the Phoenix. Take a long look at your life, because it will soon remind you that you are after all…BORN TO DIE…

Pluto is going to remind us that we ARE indeed born to die. Everything is a cycle. Endings, beginnings. There is an end in every beginning and a beginning in every end. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is certain. Everything will one day wither away. That beautiful face you love, will do so as well. So what is the point of love? Of children? Of jealousy and hate if everything is finite.

Pluto is here to remind us that in its impermanence, everything is bathed in the hues of  infinitude! Pluto helps us discern the unbelievable and often feared powers of regeneration, and this power is multiplied and amplified while the GOD OF THE NETHERWORLD is retrograde.

In Capricorn! In Decan 2! The word Machiavellian has its origins in this decan. Yes he was born with his ascendant degree here! Now I’ve set the context…let’s move on…

Think of how two galaxies sometimes come so close together that they begin a stage of cannibalism. The larger galaxy cannibalizes the smaller one and what happens! The definitive death of the two individual galaxies, but the birth of something new. Something monstrous. Something gargantuan, yet, this structure has lost much, but the loss is more like an assimilation. Much has been destroyed in this process of merging and Pluto is regenerating everything Capricornian since 2008.

Capricorn is Saturn’s domain and interestingly, this station happens after Saturn has landed back to his domicile and is now even direct. This tells us that there will be a Saturnian blessing as Pluto goes direct as he’s in dignity. If you’ve managed to take a peek inside of your soul. If you have and cleaned out and detoxed what’s not needed, then it is time for things to GROW…grow like a juggernaut.

This happens in the 19th degree of Capricorn for which there is an interesting Sabian Symbol. Kinda heartbreaking. Kinda poignant in what it makes us realize.

But before that is you add 19, you get 10, which is rather interesting as Pluto is the TENTH LARGEST BODY orbiting the Sun! Freakyaf or what!

So add that 10 and you get a 1! 1 is about LEADERSHIP! One is about unity! One in the Pythagorean system is referred to as MONAD or the DIVINE! Also hydrogen has the atomic number of 1 and in its monatomic form (H) is the most abundant chemical substance in the Universe, constituting roughly 75% of all baryonic mass. What do you think mean? 1 symbolizing energetic growth here would feel all pervasive, like the hydrogen in the Universe! Hydrogen is kinda like GOD!

There are GOD energies at play people…

Now back to the Sabian Symbol…

A child of about five with a huge shopping bag is one interpretation and the other is THE SUN ON THE CHILD CARRYING A HEAVY LOAD! The second one adds the problematic sun on his face while he is forced to carry this weight. I mean, he must be forced? Why else would a child carry such a huge load? Makes no sense. Life has forced this child to grow up beyond his years and to take authorship of what’s going on. Maybe he has a sick mother at home so he is the one buying the groceries. Maybe he has no parents and is an orphan bringing up his smaller siblings. I mean the imagination can run rampant.

Yet again, we are reminded of taking charge and carrying that proverbial mother load even if it is killing us. Even if we think it is not our job or we are still too young or too inexperienced. Whatever the fuck we tell ourselves, it does not matter. What matters is that we are now confronted with this symbol as Pluto stations direct in Saturn’s domicile while Saturn is in rulership. This tells me that we will have to do it. Makes me lol thinking about the virality of the recent Just do it memes. It makes sense. No matter what, we have to just do it.

I just thought of the TEN OF WANDS card of the tarot. Think of that state of overburden. I think that might be the case right now. Responsibilities, work loads, dead lines all might loom before us and we might be this child in this Sabian Symbol having to carry all this burden with the Sun in our eyes. This means that we are kind of blindsided. The Sun ‘s glaring vision can take away our eyesight which can be a huge issue if we are dealing with baggage. We can fall. We can get hurt. We can have an accident. Why? Because the Sun took away our eyesight. Even if it was momentary. So wear shades if needed. You get the point.

For some, this load will be representative of guilt. Something toxic they are carrying in their soul. Something that needs to be burned by the atomic power of Pluto. Burned? No blasted to shreds. A billion smithereens so creation can start again. After all Pluto wants to create. Pluto’s power is like Shiva’s tandav, the cosmic dance which heralds the foreboding clouds of destruction. And we know that without destruction there can never be creation. So what will you destroy to create something new? And will your creation be worth the destruction?

Pluto’s energy, this diabolic, nuclear energy has been internalized since April when he went retro. Pluto goes retro every year, so this is not terribly rare, but Saturn in his domicile while this movement happens is rare. While internalized, there surely has been a purge. Internally as well as externally. For some, it has been the purging of inhibitions. Especially if this is happening in their 1st house or aspecting the Moon or Sun, Mars/Venus.

Power and control will definitely blink into view in the individual and the collective consciousness. In relationships. In boardrooms. This can manifest as power and control over relationships. Some of us might feel the need to control or be controlled.

Look for Mars and Pluto hard aspects in the chart to know if someone is into self harm or is a potential danger to others. With Pluto’s station, I’m afraid self harm will be on the rise. However, a victim can now decide to shed this habit and somehow finds the strength to do it. It can seem miraculous.

Pluto conjunct your Moon might definitely see you quitting a destructive habit like smoking tobacco. It might have you shifting to a vegan diet. Or eating meet voraciously if you’ve been trying to be vegan or vegetarian. The thing with Pluto shifts is that it has to come from within. For example, if you decided to go vegan for weight loss, then you definitely might switch back to meet. Because the need for change was not deep enough. However, if you decided to choose compassion and kindness and if you decide to not eat animals because it is not ethical to do so, then no matter how much bacon comes before you, you will not succumb. Because you have chosen deep rooted change. To find compassion. To stand by those less fortunate.

It is never an easy choice with Pluto and we’ve all had to choose, one way or another. Something that has been life changing. Even if you do not realize it today, this Pluto retro and station direct will surely impact your life for many months to come. So create change from a space deep within and you can never go wrong. Everything murky aka the Unconscious is Pluto’s domain. Patriarchy, which is a vibration of Saturn/Capricorn is definitely preparing for a rebirth.

Pluto is also obsession and this period has a very Pluto/Scorpionic feel to it. Venus has stationed retro in Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto, so there is this deep, penetrating, raw, animal magnetism in the air. One could definitely curl up to go through erotic novels or plain porn. Whatever rocks your boat. It is definitely a time when we feel the need to engage in sex. But for those pathetic Plutonic souls, this sex has to be deeeeep….kinda like a soul fucking. Does that make sense?

If you find yourself being controlled or doing the controlling, then it is a time to step back and look at what’ going on. I mean you were surely “looking” at what’s going on in 2018 with all the eclipses and the retrogrades! I mean who hasn’t. Our lives have been turned upside down. Figuratively and literally.

Look at your life from 2008 and remember that from that year till 2024, every station of Pluto will bring in new lessons. What’s being served now? Oh and are you prepared? For the impromptu examination?

According to Reinhold Ebertin, Pluto in Capricorn, identifies with an untiring struggle for recognition, power and independence. The dictator. The successful  realization of new ideas, goals and inventions. The acceptance of dangerous positions.

What struck me was the phrase “dangerous positions” and I must say that this 2008 to 2024 Pluto transit through Capricorn has seen me accepting many dangerous positions while everything around me has been tossed, turned and obliterated. It can be dangerous and it has been. Remember danger again is to be understood in a purely subjective context. What is danger to me may not appear to be dangerous to you. But I am sure you will agree, this Pluto transit has been 500 shades of DARK!


Pluto’s main job here, for the collective is to hold institutions and governments questionable for the structures they have established. It is now Pluto asking of the establishment. Is everything working? It surely isn’t! I mean can anything ever truly work or function to perfection? Isn’t everything Saturn has set up flawed in some way? Isn’t everything a representation of perfect imperfections? It will change the Saturnian structures like never before and will  be epic!

Pluto also has to do with inheritance, shared resources and debt. In some way, these will feature heavily at this juncture. What have we done with our inheritance? Have we fulfilled our promises of shared resources or have we duped someone or been duped in the process? Divorce, alimony and the like will see forward motion. Especially if things have been delayed with Pluto’s retro. It is possible for court cases to be settled outside the courtroom, especially if Uranus is involved there. Your natal Uranus aspecting Pluto in the 8th might do just that. If Pluto is your Ascendant Lord, then definitely this one will feel intense. Scorpio this is you as Pluto rules your sign. And Venus is retro in your sign as well. Making hard aspects to Mars conjunct B.M.L!

Let’s do some backtracking to understand where we stand with the dance of Pluto in the skies. When was Pluto in 19 degrees of Capricorn? It was Feb through mid July 2017. It was direct and then went retrograde and then direct on the 17th degree of Capricorn in September and then traveled to 18th and 19th degree through Oct 2017 to Jan 2018.

This was a preparation and a requiem to an older way of life. Heavy Pluto exposure here, very Scorpionic too as Mars is the ruler of this decan and so is Venus. It is known as Taurus Triplicity. That is a stable energy that Taurus brings, but Mars here completes the Plutonic touch as Mars also rules Scorpio with Pluto.

The “HEAT” of Mars makes this a very fiery and competitive decan and can be called the most “authoritative decan” of Capricorn and we already know that Capricorn does the authority thing well. Here, we have a more valid claim for authentic ownership of who we are and who are going to become. Listen to your gut and let it guide you in such times. Information moves back into the feedback look from the future which affects the past. This is actually how time travels.

Between January and April 2018, Pluto moved from 19 to 22 Capricorn. It then retrograded back to 19 Capricorn, where it’s going stationary direct. It will remain in its “shadow zone” through early February 2019, and then enter the unknown zones of 23 and 24 Capricorn which humanity has not experienced since 1773-1774.

So Pluto is moving through the same spans, and hitting the same stations, as it did 245 years ago! We have an equivalence between 2015-2018 and 1770-1774, so it would seem that revolutionary times are upon us over the next 10 years! ~~Aquarius Papers

Now remember, I keep bringing up the GREAT CONJUNCTION of 2020. That happens on the 22nd degree of Capricorn and it is here that Pluto will sit in March of 2019. The GC happens in Jan on the 12th 2020 and this will change reality as we know it…

Change is a powerful thing, people are powerful beings….this will also change the way we perceive time.. Saturn is Time. MAYBE WE WILL UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF WORK PRODUCTIVITY WITH A 4 DAY WEEK WORK SCHEDULE. MAYBE WE WILL DISCOVER HOW TO WORK FROM HOME AND EARN HUGE AMOUNTS.

Crap…the caps lock was on…hold on! I’m after all justified in all this fumbling. What do we do post 2020? Explore a new world!

In 2020, Mercury, the Sun and Ceres will also be joining the party in this 22nd degree or Decan 3 of Capricorn. Much, much on that later…

Let me feed you with some awesome facts about Pluto which will link up to its archetype in astrology. You know how the planet represents our unconscious which is symbolic of our primal states of being? Pluto is as primal as it can be. It is part of the Kuiper belt which houses some of the oldest denizens of the solar system as they were part of the solar nebula which birthed this milky way. Now think how ancient is the consciousness of Pluto! It definitely deserves to be a planet. There are frozen peaks on Pluto as recent findings have stated. What a gorgeous icy world!

Now this Decan 2 of Capricorn is associated to the THREE OF PENTACLES. Earth energy. It is Taurus triplicity, I told ya. Capricorn is earth too, but a more yang earth, because of its ruler Saturn. Whereas Taurus is way more feminine. Venus is her ruler after all.

When I think of 3 of Pentacles or Coins, I think of team work. Do you remember “REMEMBER THE TITANS”? Think of how a team was created in the face of tremendous adversity and polarization. That is the spirit of this card. The focus is not the individual, it is the group.

Takes me back to the SABIAN SYMBOL of the child carrying the heavy load in the Sun. Where is his group at? So there is definitely the need of the group, but the question is, have we found our group? Or are we like the child? Forced to carry on with the weight of our burdens. Like the 10 of wands which refuses to leave my mind.

If Pluto excavates primal fear with his station, in your life, then it is time to engage in deep soul healing, either with psycho therapy or with alternate modalities like reiki or meditation. A tarot consult can greatly help clarify the unconscious because after all the imagery depicts and brings forth clues from your own ATMAN or your HIGHER SELF.


I leave you with something very Plutonic…have you heard of DEATH POEMS?

They tend to offer a reflection on death—both in general and concerning the imminent death of the author—that is often coupled with a meaningful observation on life. The practice of writing a death poem has its origins in Zen Buddhism. ~~wiki

This mediation and reflection on death while one is about to die is peculiar to the eastern traditions. Look at the irony…

Death poems are mere delusion —
death is death ~~Zen monk, Tokō

What do you think? Can you imagine someone jotting down the poignancy of life while entertaining the possibility of self annihilation. Saw a video of a girl who died by hanging on livestream. She was barely 13! That is how we are enveloped by a sluggish malaise and it is time to kick it.

Can we say- PLUTO WE LOVE YOU…Let’s move this shitstorm to the next level shall we?




DROP ME A MAIL bitches


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