A Plutonic New Moon in Libra, 8th/9th October 2018: Real love…It’s like feeling no fear, When you’re standing in the face of danger~~

My sorrow, when she’s here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; she walks the sodden pasture lane. ~~Robert Frost

A very Plutonic NM in Libra stares at us in the dark flaring up our emotions and feelings while we try to pivot through this peak moment of Venus retrograde. A NM is a reset button. Interestingly, Libra is ruled by Venus who is in Pluto’s domain Scorpio and she is RX and now listen to this…

A NM in Libra has not happened while Venus has been retro in Scorpio since 2010 and in the last 50 years it has happened twice. Like does that scream KARMIC to you? Correct me if I am wrong. Are you not looking at the same drama unfolding?

A New Moon in Libra while Venus is retrograde in Scorpio “has happened only twice in the past fifty years. The first time was the New Moon on Oct. 30, 1970, when Venus was retrograde at 23° 23’ of Scorpio, and the second was the New Moon on Oct. 7, 2010, when Venus was at the time stationary retrograde at Scorpio 13° 13’. ~~Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology

And look at the numbers- 23/23 and 13/13! And now it is 16 degrees and is the “tenth New Moon of the Saturn in Capricorn era”!!!

Sit quietly and breathe. Can you sense something? Inside? Not inside the zip of your trousers or inside your panties…lol. Something deep within. Something inexplicable. Something un-namable.

Do you feel the resurgence of pent up emotions and pain? There is no avoiding it now, be it mental, physical or spiritual. Everything can be unearthed and Libra hates that. Deep feelings…NO WAY dude! Listen to this…

It is okay to honor the pain. It is okay to honor the failures. It is okay to accept the heartbreak. Pain is your friend this NM in Libra, because this is a Plutonic NM. ya, ya, it is in people pleasing Libra, but make no mistake…this NM is like none other.

Libra is about partnerships, the 7th house which is about harmony, balance and we want to express ourselves flawlessly with beauty and grace. We want to be diplomatic and we want to keep peace at all costs…but such aspirations on our part look iffy.

This Venusian NM is squared by Pluto in Capricorn and as I have told you a million times, squares are in contradiction. So what could be the contradictory essence?

The Libra NM wants peace and harmony. But Pluto is not having it. It’s not too late, to go back to the issues plaguing us and that is what this square to Pluto is all about. Do not run away now. Face what is coming up and now you shall see the true light. The true light of your heart.

Libra sometimes wants to hide the truth, but I doubt that is a possibility now. It is like the Emperor’s New Clothes. You may go around pompously displaying your new calm exterior, but people will see through it all. The pain. The misery. The suffering. It feels as if the mask has come off. No wait.

The mask has been pulled off and it’s got messy. Messy AF! Don’t run away from the mess you have created. Stand right there, without flinching, judging or breaking down and scrutinize and study the mess in front of you. That is how you clean it. Pluto will make sure you get the cleaning down, my sweets. I know the word empowering has been used to death, but in want of a better word, I repeat. This NM can be empowering.

The Sabian symbol for the 16th degree of Libra is “A boat landing washed away.” and the Chandra Symbol of this degree is “A woman: The lower half of her body is a serpent.”

What happens when a boat landing has been washed away? REPAIR! Yeah right! It is time to look at what has washed away in our lives. I think many of us are feeling washed out. I know I do. You may think that this landing being washed away is a bad thing, but internally it might be what you needed. Maybe you had not built it strong enough to endure the metaphorical harsh weather. Or maybe…the boat landing has served its purpose and now you must build something new in its place.

Interestingly, the Chandra symbol reminds me of a tribal Goddess called Manasa who is a serpent goddess.


But what do you think this symbol says?

Are you allowing your deep impulses to manifest? The serpent is a symbol of wisdom, but here it is like a chimera. Half woman and half serpent. Are we in any way denying ourselves wholeness? Is there something raw and primal that we need to integrate? Are we denying our primal self? Of course with an animal totem, there is a deep connection to nature. Connect to the nature within and without. When you find certain parts within that you want to repress, think of this symbol. For what you repress will only gather momentum if not given proper expression and healing.

Think of the JUSTICE card in the Tarot. Fairness, equality and balance…hallmarks of this season and the main focus is relationships. Voila!

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is about relationships with Libra, but here there is a certain dynamism to the concept of relating and relationships with this Plutonic oeuvre. Forced harmony will never work when there is a square to Pluto. Pluto or Hades, the ruler of the Netherworld. The ruler of the Unconscious!

This is about soul opening by the exploration of inner truth, but it’s not happening easily. There will be turbulence. There will be havoc, but we must persevere if we are to find that peace in the world.

But, but, but…don’t for one minute think that it is just about how you relate to a lover or to other people. Think of how you relate to the world. How you relate to the cosmos? The universe and the multiverses. Yes it can be messy, I warned you and mind boggling to actually place yourself in such vastness. But can you for one brief moment know and feel that the vastness is within. It is within you. Everything and nothing.

That is the realm of Scorpio/Pluto…deep, deep, deep…

This NM is in the SECOND DECAN of LIBRA and “falls on fixed star Kraz in the constellation of Corvus the crow. The Moon here seems to create either mad genius’s or bring out the vilest attributes of the crow. ” ~~Marina, Darkstar Astrology

Duality pronounced and according to Marina, this decan brings out the classic narcissists to play. Scary AF! She does mention, she is scared of Libra decan 2!

The Tarot associated with this decan is the THREE OF SWORDS..


Venus is the feminine and Mars is her masculine. This NM we see a square between them. And Mars is conjunct BML. This will surely set fire to the sheets, but it can also bring about competition and tension between lovers and partners. We generally see a resurgence of the libido with Venus in Scorpio and voila! Squared by Mars/BML. BML is like a mini Pluto, so here Venus is being bombarded by a certain primal force, carnal and pulsating. Wtf do you expect? It can have us craving for deep sexual encounters. Do you feel it?

Rahu and Ketu have been in Leo/Aquarius from May 2017. Ketu or the South Node also squares Venus. This can be the loss of precious material goods or even a breakup. But of course, if it is triggering your personal chart. Generally, with Ketu, there is always subtraction in play. It can also have you feeling like an outcast, but if you manage to understand the deep roots of such feelings, there is a chance to be healed from them. Once and for all.

There is a trine between the two water signs of Scorpio and Pisces where sit Venus and Neptune. Neptune being the higher octave of Venus is all about spiritual love. It can be about Art infused with spirituality. This makes me want to dress us all glam and dance away under the stars, discussing literature or cinema or music…but sadly…just in my dreams. For there is shit loads of work to be done and for me, it is never over. But maybe you can find the time…

Oh and this is the thirteenth and the last NM with Jupiter in Scorpio.


Interestingly, it is the day when Mars is also out of his retrograde shadow. Now we are free. Free to externalize all the impulses we have been harboring inside of us while Mars was retro in Aquarius and Capricorn. Mars is the independent crusader in Aquarius and in Capricorn, he is in dignity, which brought about much important changes and forced us to take action where we’ve been putting it off. Time to walk the talk…

Mars applies a trine to this NM in Libra and being in fellow air sign, this is so harmonious. Trines can be dubious though. It could be like too much, too soon. Maybe you need a moment to breathe. There is no escaping that feeling, when everything around you is reeling in high speed. The hologram definitely seems to respond to Mars in retro which happens every 19 months, so it’s kinda a complete restructuring of how we act in the world. It is time to sit with our impulses and feel them in the very depths of our being. Why do we want certain things? Why do we abhor certain others? Mars applying this trine can definitely help you synergize any polarities you feel, within and without.

Do not for a moment think that only YOU feel out of balance. In a world which has been created by a warmongering, vicious patriarchy, it is indeed normal. This is a system that keeps you at the top of the pyramid if you are male, white and come from money. What of the rest of us? We are here to be exploited and made to feel like second class citizens. So you see how there is inherently an imbalance and this NM may try to correct it in some way. Changes like this do not happen in a day and  it is up to us to persevere and continue to bring this balance hat Libra promises. Think of the scales.

The NM also makes squares to Saturn and Vesta. This can have us confronting limitations in our interpersonal relationships, especially with older men.

The conjunction with Ceres who rules the female reproductive health and motherly love. A good time to get pregnant if your natal planets are being triggered. Be nice to family and children.

In Bengal, today is sacred like none other. It is the day when the Devi Durga awakens to demolish the demon Mahishasura. This is the saga of the awakening of the kundalini and the demon is our lower forces.


The devi shakti is the Kundalini shakti and today is the day when it is most potent. Feel it, even if for a moment in your heart and soul and you will feel the powerful vibrations this day is bringing.

Durga is Shakti. She is known by many names- Kali, Saraswati, Laxmi, Isis…and today is when we invoke her to awaken. It is time to now awaken the Durga inside and communicate what we feel without shame or fear of judgement.

Listen to this invocation to the Goddess…and feel the kundalini stir…

Remember, this NM will be dredging up some deep stuff and the usual “glam up and act polite attitude of Libra will not work. You have to face the ugly truth or demons as we call them. But think…think and think of what magic can happen if you actually face those demons. What if you actually looked at them and felt them. There is so much POWER in that. You can be like the power puff girls and zoom away to untold adventures if you do just that. Face those fears and let the pain guide you…and communicate what you feel. Not just with your loved ones, but with the entire world. The world is our community now. Step aside from national or regional shackles and embrace the entirety of creation and that can be a moment of true alchemy. When you finally see. See that pain is please and measure is pain in the most spiritual sense.

With the Libra NM, we want to be with people. We want to feel them close and we want them to see us as pretty. And you don’t always have to smile to be pretty…you can totally be pretty when you cry. You can be messy, but be real! Get on the fucking woke express!

Communication is of course the realm of Mercury and what’s up with Mercury? Interestingly, my computer crashed yesterday as I was typing this article and I lost all that work. This is highly symbolic, because Mercury is now crossing the tipping point from Libra and enters into Scorpio on the 9th of Oct.

If you know astro, you know that Libra is the midpoint of the Zodiac. It is the point when spirit and matter are said to be in perfect balance and then from Scorpio, we get to the “down under” or the bottom of the zodiac. Here Mercury came in contact with my natal Uranus and my computer crashed. See how the archetypes never disappoint. I mean even though I lost my work and my comp needs repair, I am again reminded how powerful transits can be when they touch your natal planets. That is how you work through the energy. But of course, did I know my comp was crashing while I was writing about astrology? No. But when it happened, I realized that this is  sign. A sign to rethink how I communicate. That is how you put the pieces together and of course, my Chiron is in the opposite sign of Taurus which has been triggered by Jupiter already as he is ready to get to his domicile Sagittarius in November. Oh BTW transiting Uranus is going to electrify my natal Uranus as my natal Uranus will be in opposition to transiting Uranus! Whoa! What a mouthful. But Chiron….what of Chiron?

So there is trauma when Chiron is involved, aka  comp crash. And this time Mercury is having an extended stay in Scorpio. So look for any natal planets in conjunction or opposition to Mercury to see how you might find yourself communicating. Mercury will be in Scorpio until 30th Oct and then it will retrograde crack to Scorpio in Dec 1 st and will stay there till the 12th when it stations direct.

With Venus retro in Scorpio, we will have Halloween. It is that time when the spirits come to play. Actually I have observed that spirit communication is always enhanced from fall. It is like they want to seep through the cracks and appear to tell their stories.

Chiron is RX in the last degrees of Pisces, the 30th!

Chiron is retrograde at 30 Pisces. Before this period, Chiron was not in this “face” of Pisces since 1966-1968. This degree is an extraordinarily powerful degree for dreaming the future into reality…Aquarius Papers

And how exactly will we shape this reality? Chiron is moving from the last degree to the first, from Pisces, which is the last sign to Aries which is the first. What do you think this means? Assimilate the lessons of the past and learn to embrace what newness the future brings. With Aries, we start the journey. This is so beautiful. Although some astrologers find the last degrees of Pisces soppy and problematic, I think not. This is a new start. A new start like none and I am so excited because Chiron is leading us through this journey.

Don’t let the binaries warp your imagination this NM…may you find what you are looking for…

BTW have you heard that what you seek is seeking you….

“They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other.”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook








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