Black New Moon in Leo, 31st July 2019: Can you picture it, babe the life we could’ve lived…

“Needless to say, one more time, deconstruction, if there is such a thing, takes place as the experience of the impossible.” Jacques Derrida

Today we seek to deconstruct the complex vibe of the black new moon in Leo in the second decan of this fixed fire sign and under the poignant dark we taste a sense of sadness and regret but wait a minute, there is that impossible Leo artistry and dynamism floating about. There is immense optimism, drama and a sense of childlike wonder as learn that the Leo energy is not quite as simply masculine as it is made out to be. It has overtures of the yoni energy. It is the Goddess pouring forth her bosom of love for all of creation as we are fructified and revitalized.

There is a need to unite with our lovers as this is the sign of romance and sensuality and the quintessential male and female fall in love. One more time and everything is new again. This is is the Hieros Gamos, the sacred union of Shiva/Shakti that evokes a deep reverence within us all and an impossible urge to intertwine our mind, body souls with our counterpart.

The Sun and the Moon are together in Leo and Venus is conjoined, only a few degrees apart, so is her masculine Mars. There is a stellium in Leo, just like the time when I was born. The Sun or the self is vivified by the two archetypal energies the Divine Feminine manifests as the Moon and the Venus. Our emotions are re-birthed, our sensual appeal and attraction quotient is getting a reboot as well and all we can do is wait…and Mars in Leo is an electrifying and dominant presence, with a flair for theatrics and drama. Who doesn’t want a dose of drama this Leo season? Yet nothing happens as we wait…or does it happen?

Wait for the impossible Hieros Gamos to manifest in your life. You are the goddess, the courtesan, the mother and the maiden waiting to receive the seed of life from the Divine Masculine and this will create a powerful surge of creativity and manifestation. Look at the blackness of this black NM in the skies above and feel that dark deep within. Look at it till it engulfs you and you have become it. You now hold the blackness of the black and super NM in Leo, but this blackness is anything but evil. It is pregnant with meaning and symbolism as the soul is now learning the process of individuation.

Leo is the sign of childhood and creativity. The lion roars out of the watery Cancerian depths and is ready to discover herself. Yes I know we associate Leo with the Sun, therefore the masculine. But believe me when I tell you this, Leo is rife with the fertility of the Goddesses as well as her destructive principles. This mother or MATER or goddess is also Nature.

Lions aren’t just connected to fertility via the goddess. Both the Babylonians and the Egyptians associated Leo with the heat of summer. It was seen as a time of death because the heat of the sun dried up rivers and killed off the vegetation. In Egypt, Sekhmet was a lion-headed warrior goddess whose breath was said to have created the desert. Her name means ‘the powerful one,’ and she protected the pharaoh and led him into battle.

Think of the feline goddesses…From Sekhmet to Bastet, to Durga to Innana or Ishtar, we see the lion as their main motif, their main energy force, their totem, their spirit animals.

The lion symbolic of the ID or the animal nature within us and she needs to be subdued.

Think of the STRENGTH CARD in Tarot.


Look at how calm she is as she plays with the lion’s mouth. The lion is powerful and can rip her to shreds in a few seconds, but she is not afraid. The lion is symbolic of her shadow and she is now working through them by facing them, loving her demons, cajoling them to non existence. She knows that she has been projecting her shadows onto eternal situations and people. She knows it must stop, this self deception, this escapism. So she decides to lay her demons to rest and the feminine energy knows how to do so without the masculine brute force and aggression. She has no interest to fight the lion. She knows a little love can go a long way. This is the wisdom of the womb. This is the power of the lion heart.

Durga has her lion, given to her by Himachal, the glorious Himalayas represented as her father and it is only this lion who has the mighty power to carry the goddess to the battlefield and see to her victory. It is through the bravery of the lion that the kundalini must awaken and the goddess emerges victorious. Time to feel that lion heart within and conquer all instincts.

We Bow to Her Who is the Source of Welfare, Who is GreatFulfilled and Abides as the UniverseSalutations to Her Who is the Destroyer as well as the Prosperity which Supports the Earth and Who is the Consort of Shiva (in the Divine Play of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction)….A Hymn to Durga from the Rig Veda

Inanna, in Sumer was called Labbatu which translates to lioness and we know her as a fertility goddess who also deals with war. Like Durga or Shakti. In Babylon she was Ishtar. Inanna/Ishtar are both associated with love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, justice, and political power. Sounds pretty much like the themes of Leo to me.

Inanna-Ishtar was associated with lions, which the ancient Mesopotamians regarded as a symbol of power. Her associations with lions began during Sumerian times; a chlorite bowl from the temple of Inanna at Nippur depicts a large feline battling a giant snake and a cuneiform inscription on the bowl reads “Inanna and the Serpent,” indicating that the cat is supposed to represent the goddess. During the Akkadian Period, Ishtar was frequently depicted as a heavily armed warrior goddess with a lion as one of her attributes. WIKI

Now it becomes much clearer to how the Goddess is associated with the astrological sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun and the Sun in Leo symbolizes that our heart chakra is glowing and warm, ready to receive the wisdom of the Sun. Energy pulsates in our solar plexus and we feel adventurous, open and connected to the beauty and magnificence of this reality. The stellium in Leo is enigmatic as it is forceful.

Leo is also connected to Mary Magdalene as her day is celebrated on the 23rd of July, the day the Sun enters 0 degrees of Leo. It is a clear indication that patriarchy subverted the Goddess vibe of Leo and attributed it solely to the Sun thereby taking away the roundness of the archetype and denigrating it to the extroverted masculine. Do we truly then understand the beauty of the lion/lioness?

Now when we think of Leo, we think of the mane of the lion. But think of his feminine, she has no mane. She is practical and she is the bread winner. It is the pack of the females that hunt and hold the pride together. The lion does what he is known for. Be the king of the jungle, but where is he without his pride of lionesses? Nowhere.

This is the inherent discrepancy we see manifest within males and females with this placement. You can see the extroverted, pompous, showoff lion energy in the males so much more. The Leo female is quiet and lethal. She knows she has her responsibilities and she aces them or dies trying. It can be a hard world out there in the savanna. She has no time for the narcissism and that coveted mane. It would be impractical to her, but it is his identity.

The Goddess with the lion heart was replaces by the Sun which is the birth of the ego and from thence we have the birth of the hero’s journey. We are now ready for Individuation as Jung calls it.

Philosophically, “individuation” expresses the general idea of how a thing is identified as an individual thing that “is not something else”.  I am me, an individual and I know this because I am not you. I know I am writing and you are reading, so we are not one and the same. Or are we?

In Jungian psychology, also called analytical psychology, individuation is the process where the individual self develops out of an undifferentiated unconscious – seen as a developmental psychic process during which innate elements of personality, the components of the immature psyche, and the experiences of the person’s life become, if the process is more or less successful, integrated over time into a well-functioning whole. WIKI

Now this is what happens to the soul when it separates from the unconscious emotional Cancer to the fiery Leo. Now we begin to gain an understanding that we stand as a separate self and we want to be seen, we want to be heard. This is why Leo always craves to be the center of attention. Because in this incarnation, they seek to develop that INDIVIDUAL SELF and they want all eyes on them. The soul has so much to show and so much to express in Leo, yet there is an innocence about this energy.

We are children now and we interact with the world more spontaneously. We are willing to take risks. We are willing to go that extra mile. Why not? We are lion hearts and in Leo we see the archetype of the Hero’s Journey being played out. We have to leave our comfort zone. We have to face obstacles. We have to descend to proverbial hell and return back with our souls and compassion intact.

The Sun in Leo exemplifies this archetypal expression. It is now time to go on that quest. Faraway lands are calling, yes, we have a beautiful trine between Jupiter in Sag and Sun in Leo. Jupiter also goes direct that day and it is 11th of August. Absolutely blissful and abundant! Make those travel plans to go to a place that really speaks to your soul. What is that one place you would go to to lose yourself? A place which has become a part of your soul? Do you have one?

I do. It is Goa and every time I go there, it feels like I am looking for a piece of my soul which is there somewhere. A piece of me so far away. What is it doing there? Is it crazy? If you have such craziness inside, might be worth your while to do some soul searching and one day that lost part of you will come back. In some form, in some way…it is possible if not definitive…

Today, under the fateful gaze of the new moon, Mercury RX in Cancer in the Decan ruled by Pisces begins to station direct and all the delays and failures of July can now finally be mended. If someone was to text you and they did not, it might arrive soon. If someone ghosted you then, now they can come back in contact. Misunderstanding of the past can now be cleared and bridges can be built.

Mercury will soon join the Leo stellium and finally we integrate all the lessons these planets are trying to teach us. That sounded so anachronistic. Planets are not trying to teach us anything, they are finite expressions of the Infinite, just like you and me. They are playing their part in the simulation as you and me need to play ours. Nothing escapes in vacuum.

Feelings do not just disappear for they are energy and energy can never be culled. It just transforms. Things can be nebulous as this is the Pisces Decan and forgiveness is the keyword here. What does forgiveness mean to you? Do you seek it or does someone seek it from you? Release that pent up frustration…forgive and be forgiven. Even if someone refuses to say sorry or someone refuses to forgive you. Forgive yourself and everything changes.

Mercury goes stationary direct at 23 degrees of Leo is A WOMAN AND TWO MEN CASTAWAYS ON A SMALL ISLAND OF THE SOUTH SEAS.

This symbol actually deals with the integration of the Psyche. The woman and two men are emblematic of the three fold aspect of the human personality, the emotions, the mental and the spiritual. The trinity has no external help as they are castaways, so the psyche must work on its own integration. Can the woman or the emotional filter choose only the mental or the spiritual. Ideally it has to be a fusion of them three to find complete integration. And can one woman have two husbands? Can our emotions choose to be intellectually vested or emotional and sensitive? How can the woman choose whom she will wed?

It is worthwhile to meditate on where our emotions are vested? Are we too intellectual? Too cut and dry? Are we too emotionally distraught? Can we find balance and I am sure we can because that is Mercury’s promise. His retrograde brought us tons of codes and upgrades from the world of spirit and now it is time to ALLOW our psyches and souls to express all of that.

The Sun and the Moon are the rulers of this lunation and Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune rule themselves from their own rulership signs of Sag, Cappy and Pisces. The Sun is the electric principle and the Moon is the magnetic principle and magic that deals with the Hierosgamos, maithuna or sex magick can be very potent. Pregnancy spells, attraction spells and love spells are super potent now.

The lioness is therefore the mother or feminine expression of this sign which deals with romance, children, creative expressions, artistry, vanity, pride, arrogance and narcissism. Yes I am speaking of both the light and shadow sides to this expression. The lion is the king of the jungle and the Leo is the queen/king of her world and the house with which it expresses itself will speak the final truth.

This is the 12th house for me and it does have an insidious reputation. Why? It deals with mental institutions and incarceration. Hidden enemies and death. And I have a stellium in there of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn. The 12th is also the most spiritual as it deals with dreams and telepathy, imagination and the surreal, visions and spiritual awareness, fantasy and daydreaming, romance and betrayal, illusions, delusions, redemption and atonement. I have always felt the magnetic pull of parallel worlds. I have always managed to escape into lucid dreams and those dreamscapes seemed more real than my real life. Nothing has contingency when you are a heavy 12th houser.

I live and experience the phantasmagorical. Psychic energy, demons, spirits and other worlds have always been in my mainstream consciousness. Spells and potions come naturally to me as working with sigils and daemons. Thought forms speak to me, they interact with my world and I interact with them. Stories I write, the characters in them come alive in my conscious mind through the unconscious realm of the 12th house. I fall in love with ghosts and spirits as well as characters of my favorite novels. This world bores me and my mysticism comes with a dollop of the Leonine drama, ferocity and courage. I am a lion heart in the world of spirit and that is the way I like it. Maybe I might have been put in a mental asylums in another time for writing this blog, but that doesn’t scare me. I have been a Priestess of many incarnations.

Where is all this actions happening for you? Do you know your natal chart? For a minimal fee, you can get video reports that I have created. Check out if you want videos that explain your natal chart to you.

The FIVE OF WANDS is the Tarot Card associated with this decan and it is also the card of SATURN in Leo which is also my placement. Fives are linked to the Hierophant card of Taurus and we have Uranus in Taurus squaring the Leo luminaries. Here is where we have the shock factor. Fives bring conflict so you may resolve them and connect deeper with your internal intuitive processes. The keywords of this card is competition, hassles and strife. Expect these themes to show up during the lunation.


This NM today begins a new cycle for us humans and this culminates on the 9th of Feb 2020. What will you sow tonight and you have to tend to them so you may reap your harvest after six months.


KEYNOTE: The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act’ if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.

I like what Aquarius Papers had to say…

The symbol for the 9th degree of Leo is “Glass blowers.” In the original Marc Jones class notes on the symbols published in The Astrology of Personality, Rudhyar says this is a degree of ““the formative power of the Soul in moments of emotional intensity,” “controlled self-expression,” and “art as a spiritual fact.”

Conclusion? Accept that this is the time to own your creativity. It is the time to prowl like the lioness and accept that you rule your world and it is your responsibility for what is panning out. You are as of right now, the Queen of your castle and you’re ready for that sacred union.

Blessed be

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