A Bloody Full Moon in Aries, 13/14th October 2019: What am I to you?

“I think… if it is true that
there are as many minds as there
are heads, then there are as many
kinds of love as there are hearts.”
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Aries is the first awakening of the Ego, the individual I AM takes shape and the soul is ready to explore their minds, their hearts and everything else. What differentiates me from the others is Aries and the others is Libra. Me and Us!

There is tension, irritability and violence palpable in the air today as La Luna glows pregnant in the fiery, unruly, dominant sign of Aries, the infant of the zodiac, the firestarter. One of the most energetic astrological cycles!

Aries, the pioneer, announces himself with his crazy, dynamic look and will stare you down. His eyes are magnetic, sensual and his passion is fiery and can burn you…burn baby burn..this is the season of acting without thinking, so stop worrying, throw caution to the winds and experience something unreal and magetic af! But watch your tongue as you might regret your words later. Mercury is in shadow!

The Tarot card of Aries is the Emperor! Think of structure, authority and then stare at this card. What does the Emepror mean to you? Know this, that the Emperor is here to set things straight and damn right he will. Take back your control. Find some sensible approach to something that is out of whack. Do not tryto control and display hegemony for that is the shadow side of this energy. Think of the card Justice. That is the card that balances the Emperor for it is the card of Libra, the polar opposite of Aries where the Sun is sitting as of now.

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It is happening at 20 degreeof Aries and Pluto is exactly square at 20 of Cappy,the key degrees of this century as this is where the fated Saturn/Pluto conjunction happens.

This is the beginning of the third decan of Aries ruled by Venus and Jupiter(Sag triplicity) and everything played out here happens in epic proportions and natives with this placement will behave very much like a Sagittarian.

The Tarot Card associated with this decan is the FOUR OF WANDS and the Emperor card is card number 4 of the Major Arcana. So four is strong and 4 is a very key number. Celebrate at home. Buy real estate. Celebrate success or a pregnancy. Or moving to a new home, maybe becoming a homeowner. Great for business. Great for romance.


The number 4 is a number of “being”,  it is the number that connects mind-body-spirit with the physical world of structure and organization.

Four symbolizes the safety and security of home, the need for stability and strength on a solid foundation of values and beliefs.

The spiritual nature of number four calls in the need for having or creating a sacred space and sanctuary in your home, a place to meditate and build your innermost foundation of strength and being.

The symbolic meaning of number Four deals with stability and invokes the grounded nature of all things. ~https://gostica.com

The last decan of Capricorn is the pivotal energy at this time and as this lunation is square Pluto in Capricorn, for some it will feel like a punch to the gut, a kick in the groin. 

Everything feels volatile and irritating, but there is a madness to the vibe and it is not all negative. Yes, the shadow projection of Aries can be diabolical, but somehow there is a lingering sense of spiritual awakening happening here.

Since Venus and Mercury moved into Scorpio, the sexual vibe has been intensifying and with this FM in Mars led Aries, the sexual energy will be peaking for many of us as this Decan of Aries is the most libidinal of the zodiac and imagine a FM when emotions are amplified, this sexual vibe can be amphed up in the individual mind and the collective consciousness. But so much sexual energy needs to find a release or else will become highly destructive.

Let us look at Mars who is in fall in Libra, standing opposite this FM and reminding us of the oppositions we face in life and Mars in this placement is not so sexed and libidinal. Not like Venus in Scorpio anyway.

I don’t know if you have felt it, but the physical body can feel execptionally dry with this Aries energy. Aries is dry, harsh and acrid and with Mars opposite, this dryness can lead to dis-ease. Keep dehydrated. If you feel upset, irritable, if you find yourself agruing and becoming headstrong or facing such energies, then take a step back. Take a step back and breathe.

Our Wiccan friends call this the Shedding moon or the Falling Leaf Moon. It holds great reverence to many on a spiritual journey. Many believe that the veils between worlds are the thinnest on this night. Pay close attention to all visions, and messages received at this time. Those wishing to contact loved ones may wish to do so on this night as the bridge between worlds is easiest to cross. ~https://goodwitcheshomestead.com

Believe me, the veils are really thin and for someone who works as a psychic and a medium, this FM is the ultimate for occult magick work. Spells, making potions, trance dancing, automatic writing, ancestor spiritwork, tarot work, astrology…as if these come to life right now. Best time for such activities. Get your tarot reader on speed dial, not your drug dealer.

This is the time when spiritworkers, tantrics and psychics like me come alive. This is our hour and we officially declare this to be so when we have the ingress of the Sun in the sign of Scorpio. This is witchy season, it is my season…

Now this third decan of Cappy has hosted the eclipses we’ve had since mid 2018 and this is the hotbed for all activity, so don’t forget to look up where this falls in your chart. If this is say, your 5th house of romance/children/creativity, then you might see tremendous changes in that area. Lifelong and reality altering changes. You might be able to make money from your creativity, but Pluto sitting there, tells me that something must die before you become the Phoenix.

Pluto dregdes up stagnant debris from the unconsious for us to give thoughts and feelings a form and sometimes we experience deja-vu; like the soul has known this pain and the tragedy at play is hauntingly familiar, but we are unabble to do anything about it. This FM is a Plutonic crescendo which will either elevate us into other-worldly awareness where we can autheticate a painful wound and own it. I think with Chiron in Aries and with this focus on the sign, it is time to own those wounds. Do not rub salt on them, bless them for those wounds have got you here, reading this…

The underworld lies buried and is symbolic of the unconscious mind of a human. There is the shadow hidden there, the shadow of each archetype we play out. Think of a triangle, the apex is the perfect emodiment of the archetype and the base of the triangle is the shadow. The shadow looms large and believe me, every archetype has a shadow. Whether we accept it or not.

What lies dying in your psyche will be brought to animation by the Pluto square and this can bring our own shadows to the forefront and since Aries rules the head and the brains, those organs could literally be fired up with this potent FM.

Whenever we have the activation of the Aries/Libra polarity we see an interplay of themes that deal with the individual(Aries) and their relationship”(Libra) to the world. Aries is ME, ME, Libra is like, what about us? Now too much of both energies can be taxing and toxic, as always a balance must be imbibed.

Libra is the balance and Aries is the extreme if you like. The Sun is in Libra and the Moon in Aries. La Luna wants things to be about her, the feminine wants the repose to bleed and bring fecundity to the world, the masculine is concerned about justice and balance. Pluto squares both the luminaries and creates a T square of tension. Believe me I have felt this tension, in my body, in my mind and my soul.

Mars in Libra will emphasize this justice and balance and will ask of La Luna, what about us? I guess that is why Mars is in fall in Libra. Mars wants to know about only himself, but here, he is forced asif by Venus who rules Libra to consider this “us” aspect. For what is life without the US? Everything is us, a combination of forces in the quantum void that makes consciousness experience this reality. So for today, US it is.

“One day you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you… then you’re gonna hate yourself for letting me go.“Aubrey Drake Graham

Let us now discuss Venus and Uranus this FM. Venus is in 6 of Scorpio. Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra and she is everything we value and is very important in the natal chart for both men and women. For men it signifies the kind of woman he will be attracted to and for a women it reveals the archetype she will choose as a lover. Is she sensual and lustful? Is she a prude? Does she love dangerously or finds love in tiny details at home? The Venus sign will tell you all that and much more.

If this planet influences the ascendant, according to Vedic astrology, the person is of a noble birth (a Brahmin). Venus or the Moon in the fifth house of the natal chart sometimes indicates that the first child will be a girl. ~simonarich.com

I have a conjunction of Venus/Mars in my first house and I was born into an ancient Brahmin family. Look how uncanny this is and my mother has Venus in the fifth, and I am her first child! Awesome, isn’t it?

What is the polarity of Scorpio? It is Taurus and we have Uranus opposite Venus sitting in that sign bringing in the air of radical flux and change in the air. Random love stories will come into life. Sudden attractions abound. Meeting someone online and being swept away is fully possible. This attraction will be absolutely magnetic, but because Uranus is involved, a certain amoount of space needs to be there. One cannot be stifling or overtly possessive.

Stagnant chords can be severed, so there may be breakups.

We many even try to radically change our appearence if this is hitting us personally. Venus is how we dress, what we buy and Uranus brings in the dose of eccentricity. Maybe not the best day to get that tattoo or that haircut, unless you are looking to be surprised.

This Venus/Uranus activation is bringing in massive amounts of new energies and I have been so tuned in that at times, I felt like my body was on fire and this is ofcourse one of the best times to get bodywork or sexual healing sessions. Expect absolute orgasmic bliss. Through sexual healing you can enter new portals and new dimensions. You can access divergent timelines. It is all there for you to claim this Scorpio season and you know what Aries and Scorpio have in common? They are both ruled by Mars and here we have what is called a mutual reception.

Mars is in Venus ruled Libra and Venus is in Mars ruled Scorpio. The fludity of energy between the masculine and feminine is breathtaking this lunation!

There can be disruptive energies at play in your life with this energy if this aspects you in a hard way. You could feel that what you value is undergoing shocking transformation. And Uranus is tinged with a Venusian vibe because he is residing in Taurus, ruled by Lady Venus herself. And Mars is inconjunct Uranus in Taurus from Libra, electrifying and exchanging energy with both the luminaries. This can feel crazy sensual.

I know we keep thinking of Venus as romantic love , but she is unconditional love as well. Neptune is known as her higher frequency, the kind of love that leads to immortality, resurrection and moksha, but Venus is also very much about them. Venus in Pisces is the highest form of this love which is why she is exalted in that sign. Then comes the physical side of this energy which is Venus in Taurus and then with Venus in Libra we have the perfect intellectual coupling! So beautiful, this chemistry!

You know Chiron is on the 2nd degree of Aries and this Moon is on the 20th degree, there is a difference of 10 degrees, which we can call widely conjunct. You can be rest assured that the FM is seeped in Chiron healing energies. But there is also Eris conjunct the FM and Chiron. This is chaos, but there is a theory to chaos. You will see what I mean.

Adding more to the Chironic energy signature, we see him face of with Mars in an opposition as Mars is in Taurus! Sexual wounding as well as sexual healing. Absolutely wild sensual time that can be the best orgasmic release of trauma! Such diabolical and surreal the energies are!

My parents just left and I was feeling all empty as I was going through all the painful memories that I had, yes, the good ones too. But the painful ones kept surfacing and you know what, I did not bury them. I explored the traumas of my childhood and allowed myself to feel whatever was needed and then I realized that the moon is about childhood and the habit patterns we form in life, and with Chiron triggering these aspects, there was bound to be issues with inner child healing. But then Chiron helped me literally bury the past and move on…it is not worth it…it is not necessary anymore.

There are new levels of the game I need to get to. I need to do what I need to do in this simulation and in the others. I validated the wounded inner child and I mothered her. I literally hugged and cried with the childhood version of me. So much of this reflective Chiron work is documented in my fictional piece THE PLAN. Hoping to publish it soon.

Can our discussion be complete without discussing the Sabian Symbol and which is “A pugilist enters the ring”. Pugilist is a boxer who must now fight and fight he shall or be defeated.

This is the social arena and with this energy there seems to be a challenge with social spaces. The pugilist must be ready with his skills and defeat his challenger or else exit the stage. Sometimes we are just not ready fot the curtain raiser and we must abandon the gig or face humilitation. 

Let us not forget that Saturn is 6 degrees away from Pluto who augments the FM with the energy of the underworld by being exactly square the SUN/Moon and the formation of the T square. Saturn is the final dispositor watching the celestials play our their karma and checking them when needed.

There is a mystical vibe of spiritual cleansing that is coming from Neptune who is harmonious to Mercury in Scorpio through a trine and to Saturn/Pluto/Rahu through a sextile. This is about tuning into cosmic guidance and elevating our consciousness. Love is now exalted!

Jupiter is in Saggy and is conjunct Ceres, trining this FM, sextiling the Sun, sexi-sextile Mercury/Venus and squares Neptune, Lilith in Pisces and Juno in Virgo. Jupiter in rulership expands whatever it touches and with the Ceres interation, there is abundance at home and hearth. Trines are easy energy but can be lazy. This means we may not be pushed to utilize this energy like a square and we may end up losing it. But the squares are super powerful and will push the luminaries to make sense of the nonsense.

With Neptune, this will expand on mystical philosophies and with Lilith, our sexual impulses and raw anger at eing left abandoned as an outsider and with Juno, it can be about jealousy and possessiveness. But when squares are utilized, there is profound depth to the lessons the planets teach us.

Do you know that Aries along with Scorpio are Pisces are three signs of death? The soul has to die each time they traverse these points of the zodiac. Why not burn in the agitating fires of Aries so you may rebirth yourself as more peaceful and tolerant.? How can you use this selfsih Aries energy to bring change into this reality. The simulation is waiting for code breakers to figure things out. Who has the hack? The world of spirit.





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Image credit- Nasa ~STARDUST IN ARIES

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